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Building a Quality Link Profile

Today’s post is a guest post by Tyler Herman. Tyler is a web designer, internet marketer, and has some great insights into quality link building.  As we all know with recent updates in Google and more updates sure to come, quality content and links are now vital to the success of your online business.  Tyler [...]

Link building for Micro Niche Sites vs. Authority Sites

Establishing links to your sites is almost always essential to rank anywhere in Google.  In a few rare exceptions, you can find extremely low competition keywords that require no link building whatsoever. For most sites; whether you are creating micro niche sites or a large authority site; some sort of link building will be required.  [...]

Should You Buy Branded Domains?

Should you build niche sites that target branded keywords in the domain? I’ve been meaning to address this topic for a long time.  I’ve been asked by several people whether or not buying domains with brand name keywords in it is a good idea.  For example, is an example of a branded domain.  Home [...]

Post Penguin Niche Site Experiment

At the request of Trent Dyrsmid, I’ve taken down his guest post that was here originally.  The outpouring of comments from people that disliked Trent’s methods was a bit overwhelming. Neither I nor Trent wanted to take the time or energy to step in and respond to all of the comments.  I will say that [...]

7 Ways to Monetize Expired Domains

Last week, I wrote what I considered a “controversial case study” on expired domains; but as it turns out, everyone seemed pretty supportive!  The controversial part was really in the fact that I discussed the potential to link from these expired/reclaimed domains to your other existing niche sites.  This is definitely not a “white hat” [...]

Building a Business Around Seasonal Niche Sites

This is a guest post from Arbel Arif.  Arbel does several things in the online business space; including buying and selling domains, and building profitable niche sites.  In particular, I found it interesting that he has been able to build a decent income from a network of sites surrounding Halloween.  I’ve never tried to target [...]

Finding Expired Domains: A Controversial Case Study

Is linking to yourself evil? Today, I am going to discuss the topic of using expired/reclaimed domains to link to your other niche sites.  This is a controversial topic, so I want to give you fair warning.  These practices may be considered gray hat or even black hat. Anytime that you venture to manipulate the [...]

Clickbomb Defense: 3 Plugins to Prevent Clickbombing

So, in my last post, I explained that I have a new Adsense account and some of the things I am doing differently to keep it.  One of those things I am doing is trying to be less aggressive in my Adsense placement.  Having an extemely high Click Through Rate can be one reason why [...]