Year to Date Income Report – September 2011

By Spencer Haws |

I am going to divert from my usual monthly income report and actually post some year to date numbers.   I wanted to do this because I hit a MAJOR milestone with my Google Adsense earnings from my niche sites, and I wanted to share it all with you.   However, before I jumped into that, I wanted to give you all a quick update on the latest with my business.

As you are all aware, I recently launched my new keyword research tool Long Tail Pro.  I am very happy with the product I have created and even happier with the fact that other people love the tool as much as I do!  I do not divulge my income numbers from my sales of Long Tail Pro simply because I want to focus this site on niche sites.  Having said that, I will mention that it is not cheap to hire programmers, maintain, and otherwise invest in a software product.  But I had already made back all of my initial investment, including all development costs, while the software was in beta.  So, now that I have officially launched the software to the public, I am seeing some nice returns – enough so to safely say that this is going to be a long term business that I continue to invest in.  I will leave it at that.

My Recent Niche Websites

The software project has obviously taken up a lot of my time, but luckily I have found a great VA (that I hired on that has been helping me build lots of niche websites at the same time.  In the month of September, I built 31 niche websites – yes 31!  I am just now getting a couple of the sites to rank and get a few clicks here and there – these sites will take another month or 2 to really mature and start earning well.  I also built 22 niche sites in the month of August – and I am seeing a FANTASTIC return on these niche sites.  In fact, just one of these sites that I built in August is making me about $30 per day already.

Here is what happened with my $30/day new site.  I am ranking for a higher traffic keyword than I was expecting.  Essentially, here is an example of what happened to give you an idea.  I was targeting the keyword “cheap laptops for sale” (not really, just an example).  I started ranking on the first page for this keyword, but I also started ranking for the keyword “cheap laptops” which gets MUCH higher search volume!  In fact, I am only ranking like 10, 11, or 12 (depending on the day); but this higher traffic keyword gets nearly 200k searches per month – so I am getting a ton of traffic just being on the second page.  Anyway, that is often the beauty of niche sites – you often rank well for what you were targeting (which I am), but sometimes you also rank well for bigger keywords – which is really why this site is making $30/day now.   Anyway, that’s really just a sidebar – but I just wanted to let you know that NICHE WEBSITES ARE ALIVE AND WELL!   I am still investing heavily in this business and love it!

My Authority Site Project Update

As you are all aware, I decided to start over with my authority site project.  I deleted my old site and created 3 new sites all targeting the same keyword.  They just barely staring appearing in Google over the past week or 2.  Here is their positions in Google: 93, 97, and 142.  So, not a huge difference at this point, so I will just start building a few backlinks to each and see what happens.  If I get one that clearly starts ranking better, I will build more content and links and invest in that site going forward.  I will keep you all posted as this occurs.

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My Year To Date Income Report

Here is my income report from my niche websites year to date.  I am actually going to just show my Google Adsense income on this report.  I started pulling numbers for other sources, but it was becoming difficult as some only have reports going back 6 months and I would have had to do some real digging to compile a complete list.  Anyway, the whole point is to celebrate the fact that I hit SIX FIGURES in Google Adsense in the month of September for the year!

So my total Adsense income from 01/01/2011 to 09/30/2011 is: $103,064.70

As a reminder, I just quit my job in March of this year – but I had already built up my income quite a bit before I had kicked my day job to the curb.  But this is a major milestone in my business to hit six figures in Google Adsense income in 9 months!  I’m excited to see what the future brings with my niche websites.

It truly is satisfying to achieve an income level that I have never reached in my life.  Not only do I thoroughly enjoy building niche websites, I am finding some great monetary success doing it.  This additional income is also opening up other opportunities for me as I can invest in other projects (such as Long Tail Pro) and try to achieve other business success in different areas.  Who knows, maybe I will eventually get to that iPhone App that I have been talking about!

Anyway, its a bit of a different income report this month, but I wanted to note the milestone and hopefully you still found some value in reading it.  I would love to hear your comments and thoughts below!

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By Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws is the founder of After getting a degree in Business Finance from BYU (2002) and an MBA from ASU (2007) he worked for 8 years in Business Banking and Finance at both Merril Lynch and Wells Fargo Bank.

While consulting with other small business owners as a business banker, Spencer finally had the desire to start his own business. He successfully built a portfolio of niche sites using SEO and online marketing that allowed him to quit his job in 2011. Since then he's been involved in dozens of online business ventures including: creating and exiting Long Tail Pro, running an Amazon FBA business for over 3 years and selling that business, founding, and co-founding You can learn more about Spencer here.

Want to learn step-by-step how I built my Niche Site Empire up to a full-time income?

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Well done Hos! Congrats on the success. You’ve certainly earned it. Keep up the good work.


Holy smokes Shooter! Is that really you?? You really were quick on the draw (:) ) – first comment. Thanks man! Let me know when you are ready to step up your game!

Steve Eason

Congrats on the awesome milestone. I hope to be able to announce the same success sometime in my future.

Also, those are some great results with your sites built in the last 2 months. I hope that I’ll have similar success with some of the sites I’ve been building in the past 2 months myself. Nothing quite near the $30 a day figure, but one day we’ll get something working well.

Thanks again for the update!


Thanks Steve! $30/day is definitely not the norm with these types of sites so quickly, but it certainly doesn’t feel bad when it happens. (Found the keyword with Long Tail Pro by the way – which I know you are faithfully using….thanks!)

Akbar Sheikh

Hey Spencer,

As i am the first one to post here, you can imagine that your website is always open on my computer 🙂 Well this is truly amazing and i am sure you have many more milestones to achieve. Wishing you success…..


Thanks Akbar! Glad that you keep my site open…that’s awesome!


Congrats Spencer! Your success is quite the inspiration! And the failures…well, letting us in on those details are priceless lessons for us all. Thanks for the super work you do and letting us in to watch and learn.



Thanks Paul – I’m sure I will have more failures to report – but its nice to celebrate the successes as they occur.


I was wondering what your success to failure rate is. Of the ones you put out a few months ago how many are not performing?


Congratulations Spencer! That’s a great milestone to hit indeed!

Casey Dennison

Very nice Spencer! The hard work pays off and that is a lot of sites to bang out. These kind of storys are what keeps me in this. Knowing that there is still success in niche sites will keep me working on my own. I have had a lot a failure so far but i started a new sits last week and i have been trying out some new tools and following your post on the back link process and so far im already seeing great results. Thanks for sharing this post. The information and success stories are the reason i will keep coming back. Thanks!


Great – best of luck with your new niche websites. Like I said, there are still winners out there.

Andy Eaton

Awesome milestone. Congrats


Sheeeze that’s pretty amazing. Nice job Spencer! Obviously you’ve put in tons of hard work over the last few years to hit this.

Very happy for you


Thanks Gabe! It has indeed been a lot of work over the past several years. This is definitely not an overnight success business. Its been a long time in the making.



Excellent results. Just in case Adsense shut your account down for no apparent reason, what would be your number one ad network you would replace it with.

Still dying to know that one 🙂


I would get another adsense account probably 🙂 . Form a new business entity and apply again. But I have had an adsense account for over 5 years and have never been shut down. I can’t see why Google would do this unless I was no following their terms of service. If I had to though, I would approach advertisers individually.


Well i just have to say that’s the results when you work hard and learn from errors.

I’m not even close to your new site but i have built several sites that soon or later should achieve some nice success if i keep pushing.

I would like to have a healthy competition with you! 😉 even that you are lots of laps forward me but I think i could do this at least shortening the laps! Let’s see what will happen on the future.

Keep doing like that or better.


I would be happen to have some competition from you Aldo – its just benefits us both!


Deal! , Let’s see how close my few dozens of sites will bring me too 😉


Congratulations! That is amazing and very inspiring. I was having a rough day with my Adsense sites — just feeling a little hopeless — but your post inspired me. Thank you! 🙂


Jessica – glad that this could inspire…thanks!


Congrats Spencer. You are definitely a driving force behind my recent successes.


Hey Spencer,

Awesome milestone – congrats!

To crank out 20-30 sites per month, do you ever focus on “how to” or “informational” type niche sites or do you try to only focus on product-based niches?

Just wondering how strictly you adhere to other advice I’ve seen to focus on products because those are people more likely to “purchase” (by clicking on affiliate links or even on adsense ads) rather than focusing on “tire-kickers.”


Sure I focus on how to or informational sites sometimes. There are some EXCELLENT informational niches. If the CPC is there, I go after it. I don’t care if its based on a product or not.

Fiverr Arbitrage

absolutely amazing! Congrats!

Just a quick question – How are you paying your VA ? Weekly / monthly / Other ? About how much ?


I think is weekly. I pay around $4/hr for my VA in the Philippines which is an acceptable rate for that part of the world.


Don’t you feel even a bit guilty paying that little when you’re earning such huge amounts yourself? You could even just give your VA one of your smaller sites for a regular income. Spread the wealth a little Spencer, you’re obviously a nice person and your VA obviously gives you way more value than $4/hr.


I know it appears to be a low wage from a US perspective, but your comparing apples to oranges. Let’s see what it would look like if you converted the apple to an orange and compared two oranges.

Based on payscale dot com, $4/hour equates to approximately the average median wage of a college graduate with a bachelors degree. I use this as a measurement because cost of living is based on what everyone else around you makes, not currency conversions. This allows us perspective. Now transfer that to the US. The average median wage for a college graduate with a bachelors degree in the US is approximately $60,000. So, no he shouldn’t feel guilty.

In contrast, I recently hired a college student in San Francisco for $8/hour to help me with my site. It didn’t work out because that barely covers a cup of coffee in SF and I never heard from them.


I didn’t want to get into this Chris, so thanks for shedding some light.


Chris, you don’t need to be condescending. I know it’s an acceptable rate (even if Spencer hadn’t already mentioned it). My point is that Spencer can *afford* to give more, or donate/replicate a couple of niche sites for the VA. It’s about proportional creation of value rather than just ‘the going rate’ in a particular country.


I think if his Va can make that many sites for Spencer in a month, he can also build a nice portfolio for himselve, in his spare time.. 😉


Its a free market economy the VA has options to:
1. Ask for a higher salary
2. Create their own niche sites and profit

Welfare isn’t needed and that mentality isn’t doing the VA any favors a capable one can easily do one of the above options.


How many hours did it take your VA to crank out 31 sites?
So what is the cost per site?

I am almost at 20$/day but with only one site (took me about 7 months).
I have 20+ other sites that don’t make me a dime..(yet)

to your success!


Building the sites really only took probably less than a week for my VA. I have someone else write the articles, so he is just putting everything together and then spends the rest of the month link building or doing other tasks that I have.


Congratulations Spencer on achieving a significant milestone in your income. Of course, wishing you a lot of success to come with all of your projects.

I love that you are cranking out niche sites at a great rate whilst being able to focus on other projects. That’s fantastic leverage and something I am hoping to emulate!


Thanks Kaz! I feel like I should be doing more sometimes, but it all seems to work out…


Congratulations Spencer on your success with Adsense, with the expansion of your niche website portfolio and with the development/release of your Long Tail Pro product (that’s pretty awesome that you made back your investment in this project while it was still in beta!).

BTW, you’ve inspired me to “shift gears” and change direction on what I’m doing online. I’ve deleted a couple of sites that weren’t working, found a few new niches, made a decision re: which one to pursue first and registered an EMD for that 1st niche site. I’ll be researching/writing content this week so I can launch the site w/ 10 articles. Then do it again for the next site in the same niche.

Keep up the good work!



Hey Ray – hope the shift works out for you! Remember to always do what makes sense to YOU. You are always the best judge of what strategy will work for yourself.


Nice work Spencer! As usual, you are an inspiration to the rest of us to keep working hard


Well done mate. Great to see you building your business. Role on the 7 figure year!


Nice Job Spencer.

Its amazing that you can get the traffic from other keywords. Even the ones you are not targeting. Would you say that we should get an EMD but target “phrase match” on the sub pages?

Anywayyys Congrates


Ron – well I am partially targeting these keywords. In the example, my real target is “cheap laptops for sale” but “cheap laptops” is part of that phrase. (not my real keyword) There is nothing wrong with targeting phrase match on sub pages.

Dave M

HUGE grats Spencer! That’s awesome! So I’m curious (and if you don’t mind sharing), what was your monthly total this past time?

Carl Reid

Congrats on your new achievement! 6 figure income from Adsense is truly impressive!


per comment about about targeting product vs. info words. I was curious if there is a post on here about type of words to target for keywords like targeting words with commercial intent. Or is is just a roll of the dice on what keywords/niches will get clicks or not.


I wouldn’t say I “roll the dice”, I look at CPC and advertiser competition – this tells me if advertisers are paying for the keywords and hence whether or not I can make money. I don’t limit myself to just product keywords or just “info” keywords. If the CPC is there and the advertisers are there, I build a site on it.


Congratulation Spencer you are a great source of inspiration !

Chris Miller

Congrats man! That’s a huge milestone! Did you keep track of how much you had to invest to bring in those numbers? I am mainly curious about the hiring of writers for so many sites.



Thanks Chris! Yes, I do indeed keep detailed records (darn taxes) of all my expenses. I don’t have the numbers in front of my, but the pure profits are close to 75 to 80% of that number.


I want to be just like you!
Thanks Spencer.


Someday Ben, someday.


And I wanna be the girl version!
(Just a 10% girl version would be an awesome start!)


Lol, I can honestly say that no one has ever wanted to be a girl version of me before. Thanks…I guess 🙂


Hey Spencer, Way to go!
It’s a coincidence maybe but I built exactly 31 last month too.
I set the goal of 30 in 30 and hit 31 so I would feel good about it.

Great job. I know what you mean about ranking for other stuff I got a reverse ranking.
I put up a site w/0 content lost track of it and came back 2 weeks later to find it #3 for it’s keyword and say “conditioner and shampoo” (example not real) and found I was also #3 for “shampoo and conditioner” which had about 2.4 times more traffic. I was happy with that.

Great job, knock em out!!!


Great job Patrick! That’s an awesome example that you provided – its always great to find yourself ranking for keywords that you weren’t expecting to rank for.


Spencer, meant to ask you, are there any discounts on Long Tail Pro at all?

Killer income report – already six figures and the year’s not over!


No discounts, but I do have a temporary bonus running right now that you can check out right here:


Congrats Spencer on this 6 figure milestone!

You are a real inspiration in IM!

..I have started getting some consistent clicks for my adsense sites. but I have a long way to go way to go.


Thanks! Best of luck getting some MORE consistent adsense clicks.


Congratulations that is a great achievement. After all the hard work it must be very satisfying.

On average how much would you say it costs to launch your typical niche site?


Its hard to say because I pay a VA for time to build the site and build backlinks, so its not a fixed cost. However, its probably around $50 to $75.


Hi Spencer,

Impressive income, I want to get on the same level someday 🙂

by the way, I’m just checking some keywords with LTP, yes I’m looking for some treasures.
I’m loving this software, it’s so fast to give me the info I need.

Hey guys my greatest hero in music got married once again, today. Sir Paul McCartney

Congratulations, sir

Best Regards,


Thanks for faithfully using Long Tail Pro! Yes, I saw that Paul McCartney got married – I am a HUGE fan as well! Love some of the stuff he did with his “Wings” band – along with just about everything else.


Very impressive, Spencer, congrats!! One day I will get there, but you’re one of several that gives me inspiration whenever I see how well you’re doing, so thanks!


I would love to know your costs per month as well. It would be great to see what to expect as monthly “overhead” for a business like this.

Thanks Spencer!


Ok so why am I spending all my spare time reading “Adsense 100k BluePrint” instead of following you ! WoW! I’m really impressed. Great going.

Justin | AdSense Flippers

Awesome, Spencer…congrats on your success!


Thanks Justin!


Hi Spencer its great to see another milestone in your IM Career…U are an inspiration to people like me… It would be great if you can make a post on how to apply for individual adsense account (apart from your personal account) as a business entity ?


Great idea – I can definitely do this in the future.

Jenny Nassour

Well done Spencer!!!

Really glad we can share your journey with you, it’s very inspiring to hear about your successes, hopefully many more happy and financial returns to keep coming for you 🙂


Great milstone Spence! Very happy for you!
You definitely show what is possible with niche websites and give us all something to strive for.


Great work Spencer.


This is cool spencer.. hopefully ill be like you someday… great job and keep posting.. it really motivates


You are really successful blogger in short period. I just started to learn how to make money from blogging and sometimes I sometimes do not feel confidence in earning.

Thanks for your updating info.


Hi Spencer,

You said that you are ranking of page 2 with a high volume keyword of 200K and getting enough traffic to earn $30/day.

Therefore I am thinking that when I can’t get a keyword that meets the criteria of a few backlinks i the first 10 sites, would it logical to look further in to the top 20 sites.

Also, how much do you send on each site for content? 6-8 articles x $8 =$64 plus how many articles for backlinking plus domain $10. You must be spending at about $100 per
site. Is that right???

Well done to put up that many sites in one month. You really deserve to reach the 6 figure milestone.




I think it’s really important to track the costs. Agreed that with 8 decent articles from somewhere like Content Authority it is going to be around $70 or more. Then domain purchasing, web hosting, back linking and maybe an image or two and you’re probably well over $100. If they don’t generate much income then it can be quite costly, particularly if you were doing two a week.


Well sometimes I start my sites with less than 5 articles, but lets say its 5 articles. That’s about $35 for the articles or so, $10 for the domain. That’s $45 to get the site up. Then I pay my VA by the hour and – so its around $70+ per site.

Sheyi Shobayo

Hi Spencer, I religiously follow your posts always and you do motivate me too. I am on my way to set up at least 50 niche sites too and hope to make some money and if not i will set up more until i get what i wanted.



Hi Spencer,

I was wondering what to do against being banned by Google for Adwords.

I used a Voucher about 6 months ago (if not more) for a month to get some traffic to a new site of mine.

No worries there, after a month the voucher was depleted and the account was still active but I decided I would learn more about adwords etc.

I checked the account a bit later and still all good.

Fast forward to 6 months later when I wanted to start another campaign for a new website. I found out my account was banned for “Hacking / landing page” policy.. to be honest I don’t even know how to code…

I’ve tried to email google, and they just hide behind their policy and even when I told them that their timeline is off and I didn’t receive one email regarding this issue as a warning or notification.

I’ve Googled ( oh the irony) what I can do but it would be easier to change my identity then get my account re-instated.

Any words of wisdom?



Hmm, I have certainly done some PPC in the past, but its been a while and I was never banned. I don’t have any direct ideas as to what may have caused your issues.


Hey Spencer,
Congrats on the success. Really liking Long Tail Pro which I bought on the weekend – purchased 3 domains on the first night!


AWESOME! I love to hear the success stories – thanks for sharing Will!


Hi Spencer,

congratulations on your success! My biggest challenge is now to actually organise the backlinking campaigns. I find it REALLY HARD to keep track of what I’ve written, bookmarked, submitted and what I’m planning to write, bookmark and submit!

How do you do it? Do you use your own spreadsheet or (like I do right now), handwritten notes in a notebook? Bit overwhelmed right now 🙂


Web Design Adelaide

Awesome stuff Spencer. I’ve got a couple of successful niche websites but need to roll out a ton more.

You keep me inspired 🙂


Simply awesome Spencer. Congratulations! As I crave to become like you in a few years I still have one question about the strategy for your niche sites.
1) After you identify your “money word” for your exact match domain, how do you go about selecting additional articles for your site. Do you run them through the same tests as your main keyword or are they just related keywords to beef up your site?

2) Also is your backlink strategy done solely on your main keyword or do you have to create backlinks for the additional subpages? I know you mention 5-10 additional articles so I’m wondering if you do any backlinking with them.

I am so inspired by your updates and I hope I eventually get it and start seeing some consistency in my Adsense earnings.


1. I do keyword research but its not as rigorous, the primary goal is to “beef up” the site.
2. Its primarily on the main keyword to start. I will do link building to other pages ONLY if the site is a real success.

Best of luck!


Very impressive Spencer. I am going to try and shoot for about 10 niche sites a month minimum to start to get myself up and rolling and then go on from there. I hope it works out for me as well as it has for you in the long run.

Keep up the awesome work.


Sounds like a great plan. Best of luck Michael!


Any idea on the amount of expenses to generate that revenue?


Spencer – nice milestone!! Congrats.

Regarding your August websites – sounds like you’ve had a lot of success already from those. How many searches a month & CPC for the keyword on the $30/mo site?


The keyword I was targeting gets around 10k searches per month and a $1.40 CPC. I am ranking 10 or 11 for that keyword. The other keyword that I am unexpectedly ranking for gets about 190k searches per month and has a cpc of $0.86. I am ranking top of second page for this term. Most of my traffic comes from this second term. The amount I make per click is not that great, but I’m getting pretty high amounts of traffic already – so hence the $30/day.

Shae Bynes

Hey Spencer, just stopping by to say congratulations! That’s fantastic 🙂 Your hard work is definitely paying off!


Well done Spencer!

Could you an outline what you have done so far to achieve this tremendous success?



Hi Spencer,

Found your blog through a link on James (Average Genius)’s site.

Your numbers are inspiring to say the least! Congratulations on reaching such an amazing milestone.

Would you be able to give an idea of how many sites you have in your portfolio?


Hi, curious to know if your still using the same back linking strategies outlined in your link building post for your new sites developed in August and September?

Do you still focus mainly on article distribution or are you focusing more n blog network posts?

Are you still using the same paid services for link building?

I tried out BMR trial and had a big jump in my rankings. I plan on doing the same with Blog Blueprint trial and seeing if it gives me another jump.

I have only done manual article distribution to about 10 popular sites but would like to try out a distribution service like UAW. Are you currently using any article services for mass distribution?


Calvin The

Hi, Spencer

Such inspiring posts here! I will spend my whole day to learn about how you make it in 9 months actually.
Congratulations for the achievement, Spencer!

Would you mind to explain me what VA actually is,

And are you really the only man owning business, while articles, backlinks are not your job, what you do are finding the keywords, hiring staffs and control their work for this business growth? Or am I wrong? 😀

A great pleasure to have several words from you.


Quick question – when you are building out these niche sites like this, are you loading up all of your articles all at once, or are you scheduling them to post?

The only reason I ask is that I’m about to start beefing up some niche site creation this month, but I don’t want to add up too much content too fast (as it threw one of my newer sites I created for a CB product in the sandbox quick).

BTW – congrats on the big milestone with Adsense. I can’t wait until I hit those numbers someday 🙂



Yes, I usually start the site out all at once with 4 to 5 articles. If I have more than that, I space it out.


Thanks for the reply Spencer! Just one more quick question – since you give these sites roughly 90 days before you judge whether or not they will be worth something, are you just slowly building backlinks during that time or are you literally just letting them hang out and age for a few months?


What would you do if google closed your adsense account? I made the mistake of using some spun content on my long tail local term pages. I hit the $1k/month mark, triggered a manual review, and they disabled my account;(


I have 4 adsense accounts, been using for adsense for over 6 years and no issues. I’m in for the long haul 🙂


How do you have 6 accounts? Setup multiple business accounts? Do they all go to the same address?


How much are you paying for your VAs?

I found one great guy for $7/hr and not so good for $4/hr

Phil Jensen

Nicely done on the earnings and congrats on the $30/day site.

First time on the site…I’ll have to make my way around all the articles, looks like there’s lots of great content to check out.




How do you feel about facebook and twitter in marketing niche sites? BTW, got your software, runs fast! I have MS and use both at the same time. I use LTP as the initial tool and then MS for any deeper analysis. I am really impressed with the speed of LTP, recommend it definitely.


niche site? That’s fantastic
i must learning from u

Mark Kelly

Glad I found your site through Pat Flynns site I will definitely be following all your updates via RSS quality stuff here time to make up for lost time.


Thanks Mark! Glad to have you as a reader!

Rina As

I love to read success story, What you share through this post really motivate me to follow you. Hope to be like you
Nice share..

Ruby Ashby

Have just found your wonderful site. Thank you for all the great info you are sharing. Just one thing for total beginners like myself is it possible to see an example of just one of your niche sites so that it makes everything seem clearer.

Lindsay Collins

Hey Spencer,

Your site is absolutely great. My plan is exactly the same as your only you have already done it 🙂

I’d like your opinion on something. A guy who is apparently really good at keyword research for these sites told me that he would rather have a product/service keyword that is more targeted with 500-700 searches and a $1 CPC instead of an information keyword that gets 2000 searches and a $1 CPC. His reasoning is because the product/service website will convert a LOT better than any info site for example a website with information about [turtles]. Also the keyword with 700 searches should usually have less competition?

Would like to hear your thoughts on that please.


Maybe. But when your conversion is simply a click on Adsense does it really matter ? – both have their good points. Its hard to give a definite answer that products are always better than information based sites. Some of my best sites are info based sites.

Ken @ Tree Stands USA

Congrats on the $100k mark. I used to do niche sites but moved over to ecommerce. The panda updates have dropped my traffic down so my niche adsense sites only make about half of what they did in 2010.


Sorry to hear that, hope your ecommerce sites are doing well!


wow that a big income, so your average up to 10k? i can buy a new car with this money 😀

Paul Caparas

I actually found this blog from the SPI blog from Pat and I want to say congrats to your success to your niche sites! Now I am going to check out your new Long Tail tool.


Hi Spencer,

Thanks so much for sharing this information, it is a real inspiration for the newbie blogger (me!)

Very much appreciated.



Just found your blog via twitter.

I have a couple of questions, if you dont mind. And if you already address these in other blog posts, feel free to point me that way.

1. Do you host all 200 of your niche sites on one hosting account? Do you split up between different hosts? I’ve got around 30 niche sites all sitting on one hostgator account at the moment and I wonder if I would see any improvement by splitting things up between multiple accounts.

2. Do you outsource your backlinking for all of these sites or do it by hand? If you outsource, do you have any recommendations? I’d really like to breathe some life into some of my older niche sites that need some backlink love, but I dont have the time to manually build links myself.. But I want to make sure that if I pay someone, I will see some results.

Feel free to email me on my blog if this is too much to answer in a comment reply.

Looking forward to reading though your entire blog. My ultimate goal is to also quit my day job and do this full time. I’m getting there, but still have a ways to go…



Glad you found my blog Mike! For your hosting question go here:

I use a VA to do my linkbuilding. I found a good VA on – he essentially uses Unique Article Wizard and to distribute articles for me.

Hope that helps! Best of luck being able to quit your day job!


Very Nice!!! Good job man. Will you be going to affiliate summit?


No, don’t think so. Would love too.


Wow. That’s a huge Adsense Income! At first I thought it was only a hundred, but when I check it again… it was a hundred thousand. I wish I will reach that level too in the near future.


nice progress dude.. 🙂

Matt Huston

I currently have a two column Joomla website, however I don’t like the sidebar being on the right. Is there a way to either convert a two-column jJomla website into a three column one, or at least move the sidebar to the left?.

Financial Samurai

Spencer, congrats on this milestone!

One word of advice from a personal finance blogger, try and SAVE at least half of the income after taxes and operating expenses.

If you can live off half your income and save the other half, you will be set up for the rest of your life if you do so for the next 10-15 years.



Spencer Haws

Great advice!

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