Where to Host Your Niche Websites

By Spencer Haws |

One of the primary steps to building a successful niche websites business is finding a good hosting service.   For many of you, this may seem like an elementary step, and in fact it is.  But its a critical one to ensure the long term success of your business.  Especially as you scale your business to include more niche websites or as you build larger sites, you want a WordPress web host that can handle the additional load.

I personally have used 3 different hosting services, and I am by far happiest with Bluehost.  So, in my post today I want to discuss first what to look for in a good web host for niche websites specifically, and then why I feel like Bluehost is the best service to use.

What is Needed in a Webhost?

If you are going to be hosting multiple niche websites on a hosting account, you want to make sure that it has a few basic features.  One of these basic features is the ability to install WordPress with a push button installation.  Many hosting companies offer this through either Fantastico or Simple Scripts or some other script.  I prefer Simple Scripts over Fantastico – which I will show in my video below.

Also, you need to know how many “Add On” domains are available in your account.  Bluehost allows unlimited Add On domains.  However, if you are installing WordPress on each of these domains (my preferred Content Management System), then you are limited to 100 SQL databases (you use 1 database for each WordPress install) on your account.  Most people never get to 100 websites, so this is probably not a worry.  Even if you were like me and had more than 100 sites, I would not recommend having them all on the same hosting account.  I have several Bluehost accounts for my websites.

I have also used, and quite honestly I wish I never had.  I did it initially because I saw that they allowed both unlimited domains AND unlimited SQL Databases.  However, after using them for a while, I learned that you are indeed limited by something called “inodes”.  This wouldn’t be a big deal as I figured I could still fit 200 or so sites on the account, but I soon discovered other issues that just made Bluehost so much better.

Bluehost is a Good Company

I recommend using Bluehost for your niche sites, for several reasons – one of them being that they are a reputable company.  They have been around for a while now and its not like you are buying cheap goods from some greasy guy with shifty eyes in the back alley.  Bluehost stands by their product and they have EXCELLENT customer support.  Whenever I have called in, they have quickly answered with almost no wait time and have been able to just as quickly resolve my questions.

Hosting Features – Bluehost vs Hostgator

In addition, to being a great company and having quick customer support, Bluehost also has some features that Hostgator simply does not offer.  These features are really what sets Bluehost apart in my opinion.  After you build a couple of hundred websites, you start to notice some of these little things that you probably wouldn’t notice the first time you buy a hosting account.  Hopefully some of this information will help you make a more informed decision.

I have decided to make a quick video that shows me in both the Bluehost cPanel and my Hostgator cPanel to visually show you the differences.  But first I will just spell out here what I am going to show in the video that follows.  But trust me, its much easier to just look at the differences in the video.

Easy WordPress Installation

First of all, both Bluehost and Hostgator have a push button easy WordPress install.  But Bluehost uses Simple Scripts which I like MUCH better as opposed to Fantastico.  I will show you why in the video.  However, I am always annoyed by the fact that Fantastic on Hostgator always installs an older version of WordPress.  So, lets say the current version of Wordpres is 3.2; Hostgator will do a “new” installation with version 3.1!  So, as soon as I install WordPress I have to then go and update each installation to the really new version of 3.2.  Can’t stand that – total waste of time.  Bluehost ALWAYS installs the most up to date version.

Easy Login

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When I go to there is a login button to push – making it very easy to login to my cPanel.  When I go to, there is NO LOGIN BUTTON.  Annoying.  For Hostgator, you have to remember your special login URL, something like: or  Quite honestly I can’t always remember which site is my login site for Hostgator or remember my special login URL.  Others probably can, but I just find Bluehost logins much easier.

Easy Updates

On Bluehost, you can update ALL of your WordPress installations with the push of 1 button.  On HostGator you have to click on each site individually to update the WordPress installations.  If you have dozens of sites, you just lost an hour of your time.

Unlimited FTP

Bluehost offers something call “unlimited FTP” which Hostgator does not.  Of course you can always use traditionally FTP programs on either hosting service, but I have always found this “unlimited FTP” much easier than setting up FTP accounts, etc.  I have found it to be another huge time saver – and as you will see in the video Bluehost offers it where others do not.

Get Bluehost

Overall, this is my honest review of where I feel like the best place to host niche websites is.

So, if you need a web host, check out Bluehost today for only $6.95/month. 

And yes, this is obviously an affiliate link – so I get paid if you sign up for Bluehost.   I only recommend services that I actually use and love, so if you feel like my information is valuable enough for me to earn an affiliate commission – please do so by buying Bluehost through me link above.   Thanks!

If you have something to say, or ask – share your comments below!




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By Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws is the founder of After getting a degree in Business Finance from BYU (2002) and an MBA from ASU (2007) he worked for 8 years in Business Banking and Finance at both Merril Lynch and Wells Fargo Bank.

While consulting with other small business owners as a business banker, Spencer finally had the desire to start his own business. He successfully built a portfolio of niche sites using SEO and online marketing that allowed him to quit his job in 2011. Since then he's been involved in dozens of online business ventures including: creating and exiting Long Tail Pro, running an Amazon FBA business for over 3 years and selling that business, founding, and co-founding You can learn more about Spencer here.

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Hi Spencer,
agree with you about Hostgator Fantastico poor script for older version.

I’ve used Hostgator and Hostmonster till date for all top niche sites and found Hostgator a better choice.

but now need to check Bluehost as well 😉


Definitely, check out Bluehost – its been great!


Bluehost and Hostmonster are the SAME company, operated under different names. Same management, same support.


Great video Spencer.

I’ve never used BlueHost but may give them a try soon as I need to diversify my hosts again. Hostgator has been good to me though.

Another thing to consider, though I have no proof of this, and not sure how I can test and prove this, but with HostGator, when I create a new niche site, it gets indexed by Google in 24 hours or less 95% of the time.

I have a bunch of sites on Hostmonster ( my first ever host) and I recently decided to set up a new niche site with them, and it took 7 days to get indexed by Google. So I tried a couple more sites and they took 4 and 5 days to get indexed.

Not sure what to make of that, just putting it out there….


I have never noticed a different in indexing speed with Hostgator vs Bluehost. Both are pretty quick.


The way hostgator treated me the last time I had problems with my sites, no way, I can never go back. I am looking into blue host. How many sites do you host per the 6.95/month. Is it all the hundred of sites or just a few.

And hostgator has not even refunding me for hosting for an account they closed down in March.

Thanks will be into blue-host. Can you request for a coupon for us to make it 5.95..just asking.


Sorry to hear about the bad experience with hostgator. And to answer your question, 1 hosting account will indeed host 100 sites with Bluehost.


I agree Spencer…

I have never been a big fan of Hostgator, and I actually use Host Monster for many of my websites. It was recommended by a business colleague, and seems to have many of the same features as Bluehost.

Great video!


Matt, I think that HostBlue and Hostmonster are related if I’m not mistaken, so makes sense they would have the same features.


Thanks Matt!


Great info; thanks for taking the time to put this together!

I’ll be looking into a new host sometime in the near future. I set up my first few sites on a Godaddy grid hosting account, which has actually been pretty good, but I want to try someone a little more personal for my next projects. Bluehost looks like a good choice.

I love that they have a one click upgrade for all your WP installations. That’s one thing that always annoys me when I need to do it for each individual site.


yes, the one click upgrade is definitely a time saver.


Thanks for this
Where do you buy your domains?
How do you transfer them to BH and whats the cost for that?


I buy my domains on You don’t transfer the domains to Bluehost – you simply point the nameservers to bluehost. Its very easy to do and free of course. So the only cost is to purchase the domain on Godaddy, then just the regular monthly cost to host the sites on Bluehost.

Green Hosting

Hi Spencer,

I have used BlueHost and was quite happy with them – the only thing I would comment on is that most major hosting companies have now gone “Eco Friendly”, meaning they buy alternative energy credits equal to or grater than the amount of energy required to power their servers and other electric costs (including cooling). Hostgator for instance buys 125% credits, as does a number of other popular hosting companies.

Blue host at this time is not 100% “eco friendly”, but I am hoping they will be soon at which time I will gladly sign up with them again.

Thanks for the post.

to buy


I’m currently using HostGator, it’s okay, but also looking into other options for speed. Yoast recommends WestHost. Anyone have experience with them?


I’ve heard mostly good things about Blue Host, but thought I read something negative recently, not sure what it was though. Maybe on the warrior forum?

Do you know if when you do the one click upgrade to all wp blogs, if they are backup and you are given the b/u info? I do get that with Hostgator, so maybe that’s why HG does it separately?

I save all my log in pages in favorite folders, separated by type of company/service and use Roboform, so I don’t have to remember anything. 🙂 In this business there is no way to remember all those pages and passwords!

Thanks for the info.


Michelle (The IM Koala)

I’ve been using Hostgator for a while, and I’m pretty happy with them, but the unlimited FTP concept over at BlueHost really got my attention, so I have a few questions.

1. Does “unlimited FTP” mean that your FTP usage doesn’t count against your monthly bandwidth allotment?

2. In order to have this single, unified control panel on BlueHost, do you have to have all of your domains on a single account (and thus, a single IP)?

3. Does simple scripts even give you the *option* to install to a new domain without the “www?” I actually prefer not to use that subdomain, so I’d hate to be with a provider that required its use.



I don’t believe unlimited FTP counts against your allotment.
2. Yes, they are on the same IP.
3. I think by default it adds the www. Afterwards you can just change this in the WordPress admin area to take it out if wanted. This is what I do with my hostgator accounts, but I am adding the www back in! :). Its certainly not required by Bluehost to have the www


Hello Spencer,

I have oer 50 sites on hostgator and I didn’t have any issues yet (fingers crossed)…
I’ve bought 2 hosts on warrior forum for $11 dollars each per year( yes, less than 1$dollar per month) the name of this company is hostthename,I don’t know if they have this offer yet,but I doubt, I’m hosting just one site,so far no problem I’m still waiting for this company grows bigger and get some reputation.
My next host choice is Bluehost, and yes, I’m 100 % sure I’ll buy from your link as a thank you,I’ll post here when I do that…
I also started to buy domains on namecheap, I heard a lot bad things of godaddy,like they can stop your site for silly things, they control you all the time.

Do you think will be any issue upgrade wordpress without back up the sites?



Its a good idea to backup your sites; but I have never had an issue with the upgrades.


Hostgator is A+++++

I feel pretty much at ease with all of my websites on Hosgator. I did not feel this way anywhere else, lol.


I used to use blue host and never really had any problem, if a friend wasn’t hosting my stuff I would still use them. also you can get around the one mysql per site, but a little techy and risky as changing the wp_ in the data table to different pre set can allow more than one WordPress to use the same database. but if it crashed the world would end lol… good review


I have accounts with Hostgator, Acenet and Liquid Web. And I opened a new Bluehost account last week, primarily just to handle a handful of sites…and one busy WP-based one in particular.

You made some good points, although some probably apply more to a bulk site builder like yourself. I have about 50 sites, but I need so many things updated when I log into my blog…plugins and the like, that I don’t think of updating WordPress on individual blogs as a major time-sink. I don’t really have many “set it and forget it” sites.

I don’t know what unlimited FTP is, but I would never use a CPanel-based FTP anyway. I use FireFTP for moving files around (it’s a Firefox plugin) and am very happy with it. Clean and simple.

Regarding the Domain Manager, that same function is offered in Hostgator the minute you click on Add-On Domains. You see all your sites listed…can add, delete, etc.

I’ve had great luck with Hostgator. I’ve previously had an account with Bluehost (as well as with their sister hosting company, Hostmonster), and back then, found them to have some resource-sharing issues. But I’ve heard good things about them since, and decided to give them another shot.

Bottom line: Based on my experience (and I’ve had accounts with probably 50 hosting companies over the years), both companies are pretty solid.

Tiptopcat @ The PLR Boutique

I have used Bluehost from the beginning and I think it is a fantastic service. I have absolutely no idea about the backend of domain hosting and so whenever I have had a problem, the live chat people have been really helpful and solved any issues I have had (like accidently deleting a website – oops).

I recommend them 100%

Tiptopcats 🙂


I also have Hostmonster. I believe BlueHost is their parent company as their features and cpanel are pretty much identical.

However, every once in a while hostmonster offers hosting for $3.95 a month. So I jumped on that and am very glad I did.

Cheap hosting and zero complaints. Good stuff.


Thanks for the comparison. But here’s the question, is this enough of a difference for those of us on Hostgator to make the switch and deal with the hassle?


As I showed, I didn’t hassle to close my hostgator account. Just when I need new hosting, I go with Bluehost instead – that’s probably a sufficient way to go about it for most people.


I used 1&1 for a while but I couldn’t do a lot of stuff like one click WP installs etc. So I switched to Bluehost based on another comment here.
If I could go back and use your affiliate link I would 🙂


Thanks 🙂


I have accounts with BlueHost, HostMonster and Hostgator and for my niche sites I have found BlueHost and HostMonster to be superior and am currently in the process of moving my Hostgator sites as I will not be renewing my Hostgator account.

As others have already pointed out BlueHost and Hostmonster are ostensibly one and the same, so you cannot go wrong with either, especially at $4.95 per month on one year subscription.


I use Bluehost and have never had a problem with them. When I was originally searching for a web hosting company I was continually recommended to use Blue Host.


I used Webhostingpad before, but now i have two VPS servers wich i use, they are good for speed, but is a litle more involved and technical than normal hosting.


Check out IndiaNets:

..for multi C Class hosting. It’s more expensive than normal hosting, but you get a much wider IP spread and you reduce and obfuscate your google ‘footprint’ somewhat.

I own many hundreds of sites (I peaked at 600-700 last year but have dropped back a little now) and I rarely put more than 10 sites on a single IP address.

IndiaNets are a small and friendly outfit that I’ve been with for years and their servers are spread our over many US data centres, so you get a variety of A & B class too. They’re cheaper than many of the other ‘SEO’ multi C Class hosts and they’re very reliable with full CPanel/CRON control etc.

I think it’s around $150 per month for 50 IP’s with 5 sites on each – so 250 sites. You can start from 5 IP’s though

Always be aware with HostGator etc that although they offer unlimited add-on domains, as you add more WordPress installations, you are loading up MySQL further and further, which is a key reason why most sites take so long to load. And WordPress Add-ons often bloat out server-load as well. HostGator is famous for killing peoples accounts without notice when you pass 50 WP sites – as you start to max out their SQL load – especially if you’re using posting services like Unique Article Wizard.

‘inodes’ cause a problem with HostGator because it imposes a limit on how many individual files you can operate (and WordPress has loads of small files which bloat out a site.) I’ve moved away from WordPress now and use a proprietary PHP/HTML system without any SQL backend which vastly speeds up page-loading times and hugely reduces server-load.


Jay – thanks for the info! Those looking for more advanced hosting – Multiple Class C – will be interested in your comment and experiences! I also have some multiple class c hosting which I will be discussing in a future post.


Thumbs up for Bluehost. I’ve been using it since October, 2010 and I had I think 10 minutes of downtime or less.
I recently added an addon domain and it was really easy. Their customer support proved quick in responding to my emails and also via chat. Moreover, they gave some very useful advice.


Great detailed content. Thanks! I’ve been using Bluehost for several sites, and am pretty happy with it.

I have a question. While bluehost cand handle, say, 100 sites easily, it sounds like you add accounts faster than that would entail (I.e. You have other reasons besides a limit on # of sites per account).

Some I might imagine:
– separate personal identity from niche sites
– the number of sites in one account becomes unmanageable at some point (pages of domains or something)
– accounting
-different accounts with different features (don’t remember this being an issue on bluehost, offhand)

What are your criteria for including sites on one account vs. not? When would you suggest a loyal bluehost user should add a new account rather than an addon domain?


Great question. I started out by just throwing 100 sites at a hosting account. However, I try to keep 20 or so (maybe more or less depending on circumstances) – primarily to reduce my footprint to Google. I try to keep as many things separate from each other as possible so that they can’t tie all of my sites together. Such as different hosting, analytics accounts, etc. This is really just a precautionary measure should Google decide they don’t like one of my sites for some reason – it makes it more difficult for them to apply a penalty on all my sites vs a penalty on the one site.


Hello Spencer I have heard you talk about the mixing up of analytics and adsense accounts. How do you have the multiple adsense accounts. You obviously never acess the different adsense acccounts from the same computer correct. Could you go more in depth into your structure
of setting up on each server and how you spread your ad sense out.



I do access all my adsense accounts from the same computer. Perhaps I can do a more in depth post about these questions in the future.


Great post Spencer,

I started out with JSHosts, a small company based in UK. John Slane has always been very helpful with any issues and the price is very cheap. Due to Google paranoia I started looking around and set up an account with Hostgator so as not to have all my eggs in one basket. I found issues with HG sign up procedures (photo ID, my a**e) and so it didn’t go through. I ended up with WebzPro and so far I have no issues with them. However upon checking the cPanel I find they too are lacking on the points you mention. I’ll keep BlueHost on the list for the next time I need to add additional hosting.


Thanks for the detailed post. You have answered a few questions that I had about Bluehost, especially points that I have not been able to find elsewhere. I currently have HostGator, but may look to Bluehost to test out the difference myself.


Hi Spencer. I have only used Bluehost, however I really like it. I started by using the Simple Scripts one click install and have since moved to manual installs. I find it just as easy, since I would want to FTP my plugin and theme files anyway, I might as well just create a database and drop the WP files into the file while I’m there. I have found the Simple Scripts group update to be unreliable. If you update WP from withing a particular site, it doesn’t always register with Simple Scripts. I have several sites that I know are using the latest WP installation, but Simple Scripts still gives me a warning every time I login to cpanel. I love the unlimited FTP interface because I don’t need to install a client. This is great if say you’re blocked at work from downloading software. I’ve tried using Filezilla but found it a bit confusing. Adding domains is pretty easy and having a login button on the homepage is nice. I will be sticking with Bluehost.

I am looking into automating things a bit more lately so I’ve been looking at the ManageWP plugin as an alternative. I think you mentioned somewhere that you were trying this out. Also, I’ve been looking at the Clickbump Jumpstart Pro plugin for easy WP configuration. If anybody has any real experience using either of these I would love to hear it. I am interested in seeing a post about your experiences using different themes. What theme do you primarily use for your niche sites and which one did you choose for the recent authority site? Thanks.


I am using ManageWP and love it! I plan on doing a full post on this when I have a chance. It makes the updates of plugins and wordpress a cinch. Its still in beta, but what I’ve seen its excellent. Definitely recommend it.


Thanks for the info about ManageWP. I’ve been waiting for something like this for a while. I checked it out and noticed it has a cloning feature! I’ve been manually cloning my blogs (then changing the themes) so I can easily get all settings, plugins, etc. exactly how I want on each new site. This has been a time consumer, so ManageWP has definitely caught my attention.

Have you guys used the cloning feature yet? If so, how well does it work with BlueHost/Hostgator? Thanks!


If your site / sites get a lot of traffic on Bluehost, they’ll throttle them.

I used to have several of my top niche sites up there, which got a combined 8,000 to 10,000 unique visitors per day, on WordPress with a caching plugin.

I kept noticing that my site wouldn’t load very well in the admin area of wordpress when I’d be working on it. I did a tech support request, and they told me to check the control panel where you can see how much your site has been throttled.

I was astounded to find that it was getting throttled for long periods, many times per day.

First, I immediately upgraded to a faster account. I’m willing to pay more for sites that get good traffic and earn a decent amount. But it didn’t help!

I still have a Bluehost account, but I don’t put important sites there anymore, and moved them away to different hosts.

I use Hostmonster, Hostgator, Liquid Web, Media Temple, Justhost, Site5, Dreamhost, and a couple of others.

Until recently, my best experience was with Hostgator, followed by Hostmonster. But I’ve noticed that my sites slow down on Hostgator around lunchtime sometimes these days. After a support request, we determined that it wasn’t any of my sites slowing things down. It was evidently some other big site on the shared server. I imagine that will correct itself over time, but it’s kind of annoying.

I don’t want all of my sites hosted with the same host or on the same IP classes, because I feel it is safer to diversify. Some of my sites are in the same major category, although different niches. But that means that my costs jump dramatically if I have to buy a higher hosting level for all of them.

I appreciate that other commenter’s mention of that other hosting site that does multiple IPs. I had never heard of them.

I hadn’t considered how much more convenient Bluehost is vs. Hostgator until Spencer pointed that out. Good points. If it weren’t for the CPU throttling issue, I would rank them best also.

I enjoy your blog and emails, Spencer! I purchased your software too.



Lars – I agree with your points. I have about 5 different accounts with bluehost, 1 with hostgator, and another account with a Multiple Class C IP hosting account with So, I totally agree that you don’t want all of your sites (if you have a significant number) all on one hosting account or 1 IP. Also, obviously as your sites grow in traffic or you have additional bandwidth needs people might need to move to a bigger plan – but most people will have their needs met with Bluehost.


I bought hostgator after lot of analysis last year. I have reseller account. I saw some bad reviews for blue host which don’t allow lot of traffic sites. Where as hostgator support this condition. Blue host is still great if you are not making one huge website on shared environment.


Hey, nice post .

Regarding log-in, you can make a shorcut via firefox just right click under the navigation bar (where you enter url) click add bookmark, put your log-in url here and the name of the shortcut.

Bluehost does seem good by the way, however it sounds a bit expensive to me since I don’t have alot of cash to invest, I was wondering if it’s a one time payment or a recurring also ..

I was also curious about cheaper webhost such as ipage, has anyone had good experience with them


Hi Spencer .. Unrelated but I’ve just gone through my home pages after using a SEO site to make a few minor changes .. However they don’t cover inner pages and I wonder if you knew of anywhere these can be checked online .. preferably free !

thanks and keep up the good work 🙂


I am using Hostgator and had no problems so far…

Tim Hightower

I currently use HostGator and you raise some considerations for switching. I appreciate your insight.

Tyler Herman

It amazes me that every single blog on the internet writes “best host” posts for their affiliates. I’ve yet to see one that actually talks about good hosts. Blue Host and HostGator but suck. A lot.

Sushil Gupta

Hey there.. I was wondering what if I host my niche website on blogspot? As on my context, my website will be of some pages.. few pages actually… do you think hosting on blogspot ( will be a good idea.. will it be favored by Google? What are the demerits and merits of it?

Spencer Haws

You can try. But having your own domain gives you more control. You own it and are not reliant of blogger.

jason M

So Blue host charges 3.95 a month, but if you click your affiliate link, we have to pay 6.95 a month

thats low man, real low

Spencer Haws

Jason – Its an affiliate link to bluehost, that I don’t control the specials. Sometimes my affiliate link offers the best price. Sometimes it doesn’t. I’m not purposely charging you a higher price. If I had control over it, it would always be the lowest price. Besides Bluehost doesn’t always offer the $3.95 price, and when they do, its only if you sign up for 2 years +.

R. Anthony Rodil Solis

Just an FYI, Bluehost, Hostgator, HostMonster and many others are now owned by the same major corporation; EIG.


Also, most of these lower priced shared hosting plans are on shared servers. Depending on your goals and strategy is great for starter sites, low traffic, etc..

However, it’s not great for security or performance. The reason being, all customers on the same shared server are fighting for resources. So when you think Bluehost or HostGator is faster, it’s not about the company but more about how many websites or customers are on that same server.

If you want better security and performance go on a virtual server. You have an isolated environment and dedicated resources.

Think of it as your own computer and just you on it.

Anyway, just sharing a little bit of info. Great site Spencer!

– Anthony


I personally use for all of my domains and hosting. It’s has easy control panel features,great for WordPress hosting, Plus support has 24x7x365 customer care service that really works.


I prefer Hostgator. if the only issue is login.. all u need to do is know the name of your website and type forward slash cpanel not much to think about there.
No single person needs 50k ftp accounts.. what would unlimited help with? sorta overkill.
I get Google Credit, Free 800 number, quick install with WordPress, auto updates etc…. just too much to list here.


I used host gator and go daddy host gator was easier to configure options in my control panel but took a long time to contact them. I also use go daddy kinda different at first to access my control panel lots of different logins. And clicks but there ok. They call you back if there busy and they help. I have never tried bluehost. I looked up but can’t remember what turned me away I think it was the price. I’m sure they are great.

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