Turning Seed Keywords into Niche Website Keywords

By Spencer Haws |

First of all, I wanted to say THANK YOU to all the great seed keywords that were submitted on my previous post here.  I actually received 113 seed keyword ideas!  Obviously I was not able to use all of those, but I do appreciate the enthusiasm.

The point of me gathering all of those seed keywords was so that I could then show on video how I go from a seed keyword to finding winning keywords that I could build a niche website on.   Trust me that the chasm between seed keyword and niche site keyword is often a bigger gap than some people realize.  However, in this very long video that I made this morning you will be able to see how I do just that.

I took the 113 seed keywords you submitted and randomly sorted them in excel.  If I were to choose the seed keywords myself I would have skipped over a lot of these.  But the point of this experiment here is to show that I don’t have some magic source of seed keywords that I go to in order to find great niche site topics.  So, I took all the seed keywords (whether I felt they were good or bad) and used Long Tail Pro to generate additional keywords and then begin the process of narrowing those down.

I created Long Tail Pro for the reason that I was not happy with other keyword tools out there like Market Samurai (and other tools).  Most keyword tools are not built to look at lots of different seed keywords quickly.  What I do on this video that took me an hour and a half in Long Tail Pro would have taken easily 10 hours – simply because you can only enter 1 seed keyword at a time on Market Samurai.   Anyway, the point is that I created Long Tail Pro for scratch to meet the needs of niche website creators like myself.

Watch the Video Here!

You also hopefully find useful the video because it shows how I think about keywords and how I decide if I can rank well for these keywords quickly in Google or not.   So, all said and done I literally compiled the seed keywords this morning that you suggested.  I then went through the process that I showed on video generating and looking for great seed keywords for about 1 hour and 18 minutes.  In that period of time I found 16 keywords that I felt I could rank for in the top 10 of Google.

However, I then decided that a couple of these were either brand names or had no advertisers, so I would NOT target those keywords.  Some of the keywords were borderline as to whether or not I would target those because I would only be on the bottom of the first page (if at all).  So, I ended up with 6 keywords that I feel good about building sites on.  Those keywords are:

The keywords that I would MAYBE go after (these have potential but seem slightly more difficult):


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Other keywords I decided not to do:

Overall, I don’t know if I will actually ever build niche sites on these keywords because this information is now public.  I imagine that as soon as people see this, these markets will suddenly be flooded with niche sites.  So, while I WOULD usually buy up domains for at least the top 6 if I hadn’t have made a public video; I do not plan to build sites on these at this time.

Click Here to Watch Me Doing Keyword Research

Overall, I hope you enjoyed the video and please leave your comments below!  The best part is that I was able to make the video, find these keywords, and add this blog post, all before lunch!




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By Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws is the founder of After getting a degree in Business Finance from BYU (2002) and an MBA from ASU (2007) he worked for 8 years in Business Banking and Finance at both Merril Lynch and Wells Fargo Bank.

While consulting with other small business owners as a business banker, Spencer finally had the desire to start his own business. He successfully built a portfolio of niche sites using SEO and online marketing that allowed him to quit his job in 2011. Since then he's been involved in dozens of online business ventures including: creating and exiting Long Tail Pro, running an Amazon FBA business for over 3 years and selling that business, founding, and co-founding You can learn more about Spencer here.

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Thanks for the video, its 38 minutes video and in your email you mentioned “i hour and 18 minutes”!


Watch the video and you will see why. I did indeed spend 1hr 18minutes doing keyword research.


This is a great case study Spencer, will watch the video tonight.

BTW, I have a question regarding LTP. Currently it’s using Yahoo to check backlinks. However, I’ve been reading that Yahoo is closing Siteexplorer near the end of the year.

Are you planning to use Majestic SEO or similar service to replace it?



You are referring to the fact that Yahoo site explorer is shutting down their API – they may never close the actual Yahoo site explorer. Either way, the answer is YES we do have an additional link source available to switch to immediately if they ever do shut down.


That’s what I meant :).

Casey Dennison

Awsome man. Loved the video and the list of keywords. I researched playground equipment myself just to take a look but you seem to have done a better job with it. Good stuff and i like your process!


Thanks for the video,
Did you find google asking repeatedly for the captcha or not returning data at all? I have experienced that many times and it adds up in lost time. Thanks


No. I only had to enter in the one captcha which I mentioned on the video when I checked the title competition.


It’s happening to me too…I’m in trial mode but eager to get full version because I’ve already fallen in love with it. I know it’s google asking the captcha but is there any tip to stop it asking repeatedly? All I have been doing is closing LTP and restarting… thankfully it loads the same campaign but (I’m new to it) I’m afraid when I re-open it and my work will be lost…(?)… ok so far
So maybe that’s all we can do if it happens.. close LTP and re-open?

When I installed it first it was really slow but I re-installed it and it now works perfectly (apart from the captcha thing)
Advice which I found here:

In any case, I can’t wait to get the full version

Spencer Haws

You are getting captchas likely because you are searching for “google title competition”. If you uncheck that box, I assume that will resolve the issue. If you still want the data, reduce the number of keywords or increase the delay between checks. Finally, file a support ticket at if you continue to have issues.


Thanks Spencer yes I had that clicked… the google title competition. Dying of a cold here but still dying to get the pro platinum in a few days… I was even singin a longtail pro song earlier (maybe it’s a flu symptom)

Spencer Haws

No problem :). Hope you get feeling better!


Cheers Spencer .. very useful and I haven’t been doing too much wrong though a few extra bits I’ve picked up … It also confirmed what I suspected .. that I need to get backlinks which I haven’t really bothered with .. didn’t really want to put my hand in my pocket to do it but think I’ll have to … on a budget and if you had to pick only one method .. where would you go ? Matt McClear still ?

thanks again


Yes, I have used Matt Laclear recently. I am also trying out and UAW.


As I’m on a tight budget … what do you think to this kind of thing? I’d be interested in your opinion.

Think I’ll try it with one site and see what happens .. covers enough links for me .. don’t need thousands.


Here’s a suggestion for your tool, in terms of usability. Since it takes 5 seconds between it checks competition for each kw, I also find myself doing other tasks while running the tool.

The thing is that sometimes I forget it’s running on the background LOL, so it would be useful to have a checkbox that when it’s checked, LTP pops up a messager or does a sound announcing that it’s ready. It would be like a pomodoro timer.

What do you think?


Another suggestion! In the video you discarded a kw because it had not enough competitors in google adwords. Since LTP doesn’t do this checking, I guess you had to run GKT to check this.

The GKT, when you export the keywords list in CSV format, puts a column showing the adwords competitors with a value between 0 and 1. What you could do is include this as a filter so we can be able to search for kw with a competition higher than 0,50 for example, which I think would be a decent value.

Another good idea would be to include trends value, so we can spot if a kw is seasonal.


Hi Spencer,

your is very good work. One question… Your software works for any language and country?

Thanks so much.


Yes, it works in different languages and countries other than english.


Hi Spencer,

Really interesting video and to see how the overall process from the seed keywords to the evaluation if it’s good or not.

It’d be visual appealing if the LT Pro has some colors that alert some complicated areas in terms of competition like red or green or similar.

Visited LT Pro and it’s only few pages, do you have an idea when it’d be available online?




It will be available soon.

Clint Wilde

Great video. It’s great to see the steps you to through to find your keywords. One question: Is there a reason you are only checking yahoo backlinks? is there a way to check other sites backlinks as well?

Thanks and Go Cougars!



Clint – Yahoo is the most comprehensive link data source available. Google and Bing do not provide link data if that’s what you mean. Yahoo is the industry standard.


helpful video….i bought LT pro couple days ago, it is fast and after dealing with the Adobe air crashing in past when using Market Samurai it was nice that LT pro is really stable with Adobe air…1 suggestion would be to hyperlink the url’s in the search competition so we can see what the competing sites look like when looking to make final decision to pursue a niche…just saves a little time.


This is actually already part of the software. Just click on the hyperlink for the URL you want to see and it takes you to the website exactly as you stated.


Spencer – thanks for demo! Definitely a helpful walk-through. Much appreciated.

One thing I noticed in this experiment is that the majority of the keywords above are products. In your experience, have you found more success from product-based keywords, or more information-based? Or would you say it’s really sixes?

I think you touched on this a while ago – just wanted to get a fresh perspective. Thanks!


Information keywords can be great! Since I didn’t pick the seed keywords, I was somewhat limited in showing more information based keywords. Although the first one: auto mechanic salary is a good info based one. Both info and product based keywords can work well.

John | Prostate Cancer

Great video. This is what people charge money for as a product, but you are doing this for free. Awesome, dude!


Thank you Spencer for doing a detail run through about your process of zeroing on a KW from seed KW!

Do you find the CPC data you got during KW research
are close to the actual Adsense clicks you get
when you build the sites ( I know you get only 68% of the
Ad revenue)?

Any way, good tips to post next to my monoitor while I am running LTP!



I would say its similar. In some cases its a very good indicator in others its not as accurate. However, generally speaking if a keyword shows a higher CPC than another, the one with a higher CPC will indeed pay more on your site.


Now I want to get a copy of Long Tail Pro. lol


Hey, great video!

Straight talk is a cell phone carrier. I think they are sold out of walmart but also operate online.



Ah ha! Makes sense – I suppose I would have figured that out before actually building a site on it. I was in quite a hurry just getting this video made.

Akbar Sheikh

Hi Spencer,

Great video, more importantaly coz i own your tool “Long Tail Pro” which is a great software to use and this video has been one great review of the powerfull functionality of the program.

Dino Vedo

Why did you choose auto mechanic salary? did a quick search an both exact match domains are taken.. the .org and .net and they are ranking in the top spots..

Havent checked the other keywords but would def. not suggest doing it..


Dino – I’m guessing you want to stray people away from this keyword so you can steal it?? 🙂

Actually I explain in the video why I think its great. Just because the exact match domains are taken is no reason to pass on a keyword. In fact seeing that the .net is ranking #1 with ONLY 32 backlinks is VERY encouraging to go after this market. If an extremely thin adsense site can rank #1 with only 32 links to it; and several of the other 10 sites have an even weaker link profile than that – then surely someone like you or I could build a site that also ranks in the top 10.

If you are passing on keywords like this, then you are missing out on lots of opportunities in my opinion. Hey but then again, that’s why we all go with our own judgement based on the data that we see.


Very nice video! Using your software! Awesome!

How do you know there are no advertisers? Just by a low CPC under 1 dollar?

Also, being a newbie here, can you explain the difference between the Y! Links and the Y! Page Links?

Thanks so much!


I should have show this in the video, but I copied and pasted each keyword into google and looked at how many sponsored ads there were. The keyword didn’t have any ads.

Also, Y! Links are links to the entire site. Y! Page Links are the number of links to the ranking page.


Maybe you can show some more results in your application to get view about advertisers?
Like Estimated Ad Position and Estimated Daily Clicks are both 0 for “maplestory mechanic” in Adwords Traffic Estimator.


Hi Spencer,

First time posting, but have been reading for a few weeks now. This was a great video and something that really clicked for me. I definitely appreciate you laying everything out for us. I have been doing KW research for about a month now with no real keywords sticking out for me. I’m desperately awaiting your release of LT Pro to cut down on my research time, as I have very little of free time between classes and work. Are you expecting an Oct. 5th release as stated previously on your LT Pro sales page? Can’t wait! Thanks again for posting this video and for all the other great posts you have on your site!



Nice video Spencer!


Thanks Ben!!


Hi Spencer,

I agree that that is a good tutorial.
Using L.T. Pro is a new experience for some.

1. Can you give us a Cons and Pros using it with, say, Market Samurai. It will helpful for those who in tight budget but eager to automate the process in finding good keywords.

2. Finding good keyword is a good start. But it’s a tiny part of big puzzle in building profitable niche sites. Do you have a plan to create future videos on how to have a good and long term business?

Again thank for the video,


1. The primary difference is the huge time savings that Long Tail Pro offers over Market Samurai. What you saw me do in the video would have taken several hours more with Market Samurai. So how valuable is your time? With Long Tail Pro you can search for multiple keywords at once, automatically search for exact match domains, and pre-filter your data. You cannot do this with Market Samurai.
2. Keyword research is the biggest piece of the puzzle by far though. But yes, I do plan on doing posts and perhaps videos in the future of other aspects of niche websites.


Awesome video on keyword research using LT pro. One last question: When you gonna launch it? I miss the beta launch…


It will be released tomorrow – Oct. 5th! You can get on the pre-launch list right here to be notified:


hi spencer
i appreciate what you are doing. i never made money online and i am thinking about asking one of my relatives outside of my country to registor a domain name so that i can realy start making money! so i am very serious about it!!! the reason i cant registor a domain name is because i am poor and even my country doesnt allow credit cards to be spent online or nowhere out of the country. i am from africa…enough about me!
but i want to remind you here that you chose keywords above like swing sets for kids and auto mechanic salary
i checked them and i saw a .com for both keywords and they even have built the websites! when did they registor the domain ? it was like a month before this post! so i think you chose the wrong keywords because they are already saturated! it is not after this post that they were made. they were built a month before this post….so i think if u were to registor .net version of these u will still be subjected to competing webstes which greatly reduce ur reveneu
bye thanks


Semir – Getting an exact match domain is preferred, but certainly not required. I have always stated that if the top 10 competitors are weak enough (as I showed was the case with the 2 keywords you mentioned) then even if you don’t have an exact match domain you can still make plenty of money. My highest earning site ranks #1 in google and is not an exact match domain.


Hmmm, I like more brandable domains because this is where Google is heading, think long term not just for tomorrow.

Jenny Nassour

Thanks so much for posting this video Spencer! It’s so helpful to have you narrating your thought processes as you analyse the data to give us an idea of how to interpret the information that comes up around the key words – especially regarding what is “beatable” when it comes to the number of backlinks the competitor sites have. 2 questions:

1 – You mention that you look for pages with less than 10 backlinks, just as a reference point, how many backlinks are generally achievable by doing it through a dedicated VA/provider or MyArticleNetwork or UAW? (it would just help to know if there are sites with more than 10 backlinks but still less than what we can produce)

2 – While we are waiting for Long Tail Pro to be available, are there any other free tools out there that we can use to analyse competitor site backlinks? I have got SEO Quote but often get “error” for the links to the domain and page. I also tried Blekko, but its a little time consuming and not that easy to navigate.

Thanks so much for your invaluable insights!


1. You can certainly beat sites with more than 10 backlinks to the page – this is just a quick sort of litmus test. An article submitted to UAW will probably get you anywhere from 20 to 50 indexed backlinks. So, this is not difficult to achieve.
2. You can use SEO for Firefox a free plugin by Aaron Wall at

Glad you liked the video!


Thank for your video that I learn more from you.


Great information thank you Spencer. Would you use both adsense and links to the physical products mentioned at say amazon on your website or just one of these.



Yes, you can use both. Probably a good idea.

Randy Layman

Thanks Spencer for a very good video.

A couple of questions.

1. On the keywords you selected. Would the steps in article writing consist of 8-10 articles with one utilizing the exact keyword selection and the others utilizing cousin keywords?

2. Two of the keywords are similar in composition. led flood lights and led desk lamp.

Utilizing your concept of article writing, you would use the keyword “led flood lights” in one article for the LED Flood Lights niche site. Could you then use “led desk lamp” as one of the cousin keyword articles?

The second part of that question is IF you could use the cousin article concept ie “led desk lamp” is it possible to use that same article as the primary exact key word article for the niche site LED Desk Lamp?


Hi Spencer,

Great video! I bought the Beta of LT Pro. VERY GOOD!!

Side note: what’s your policy on replying? I left a couple of questions on posts related to selecting hosting under the Hub section of your site. No reply. It was only a couple of days ago though.

Also, after making my comment/reply to a post it appeared to be auto-posted but now they don’t seem to be there any more. Maybe close comments on posts if you have no intention of following up.

Suggestion: Perhaps add the plug-in for users to subscribe to posts to be notified automatically of updates to the post. Much easier to keep engaged.

Best wishes on the launch!



Hello Spencer,

LTP, the best keyword search tool,period.

You mentioned on the video about a keyword (without advertisers), how many sponsored ads showing on google are good enough to you a make a site from a keyword???

I found a great keyword with 2 sponsored ads on google first page(not too many, I’d say),from the second page is not showing sponsored ads, I made a site from this keyword, but inside my site, there are loads of different ads from adsense. Could you share your thoughts about it?

Thanks for this amazing software my friend.



1. The good or maybe better way to look at is the advertisers’ bars inside your Keyword Tool instead. Seeking how many advertisers bid for one keyword or two on Google pages is not recommended. The reason is that the bidders use geotargeting feature. First half bar (aka 5/10) is enough sign that the keyword is good. Full (10/10) is ideal.

2. As the norm Google displays at least 3 (or 4) adsense inside our post/page unless you set it up other way. It still displays them even there are less advertisers who bid for the right keywords. That’s the reason why you sometime got less revenue because you have un-targeted bidders. Providing a keyword with enough advertisers (7/10) will guarantee that you would have targeted bidders. Hence more revenue.



Great video Spencer, thanks! I bought the beta of LTP and it does indeed ROCK!! It was nice seeing exactly how you use it, which I believe you had explained elsewhere. I did pick up a tip or two anyway! Thanks!


Hi Spencer,

You said each niche website will contain 5-10 posts in the beginning, mwanwhile you will prepare orginal article (say 3 articles) for ezine, and you will need 8-13 article for each niche website, each article cost you $8, and you have to spend some on building back links, is that mean you would spend over $100 for each website?


If you target keywords with 2k searches and go even when you can’t be #1 but just first page, you will often get few % of that traffic. Especially if not in the top 5.
So let’s say you get 5%, which is quite realistic for the 5 to 10th spot nowadays. (i know you’ve checked the latest slingshot research about that)
That’s 100 hits per month, if 10% of those click that’s just 10 clicks which can rarely be more than $10, most of the time will be about $5 bucks per month. Let’s say the long tail traffic will double that, so you will be make $10 to $20 (optimistic) per month.

At least that’s my personal experience, i have bunch of sites like this.
So isn’t 2k searches per month too low to be worth it nowadays?


Hey Spencer, I have yet to use UAW myself but I use a FIVERR gig for it pretty often. I can see it working since Im constantly getting pingback notifications to my blogs. My question is how long does it normally take for Google to register those backlinks to your site? It looks like indexing 2.0 links linking to your site or linking to your site from another doesnt take long at all but updating your SERPS to reflect those new links is what takes awhile.


After a bunch of research and reading today, I finally took the plunge into the adsense niche pool. The first item I purchased is this tool. I researched the keyword that was to be my first niche site. Turns out I was doing the research incorrect and what I thought was going to be a great keyword was really only a keyword that was going to get ~300 local searches. So this Spencer you’ve already saved me money! Plus whatever I would have lost had I not gone with the purchase. Excited to get started!

Tung Tran

Hi Spencer, Have you ever thought about check Seo Competition backlinks by Majestic SEO: Site Explorer?


hey spencer- loving the long tail pro so far. I noticed in your video there isn’t an “advertiser competition”. What does this mean in the long tail pro? thanks


Billy – This feature was just added today! Unfortunately, looks like you got a copy before I updated the user manual. However, I made a blog post on the Long Tail Pro blog that explains everything you will need right here:


Your long tail pro tool looks interesting, I am saving up for this. I just have a question, dont you get banned by google when you do keyword research like this? I remember getting banned when I was using micro niche finder before..


Thanks Spencer,

I have had problems picking the right keywords to target – and not judging the strength of competition very good.

Your video helped and I also love longtail pro…It’s on my wish list.



If you target keywords with 2k searches and go even when you can’t be #1 but just first page, you will often get few % of that traffic. Especially if not in the top 5.
So let’s say you get 5%, which is quite realistic for the 5 to 10th spot nowadays. (i know you’ve checked the latest slingshot research about that)
That’s 100 hits per month, if 10% of those click that’s just 10 clicks which can rarely be more than $10, most of the time will be about $5 bucks per month. Let’s say the long tail traffic will double that, so you will be make $10 to $20 (optimistic) per month.
At least that’s my personal experience, i have bunch of sites like this.
So isn’t 2k searches per month too low to be worth it nowadays?


Well, I still think its okay to go after these terms. A #1 spot will get up to 42% of the search engine traffic (according to outside studies). Also, you will get search engine traffic from MANY more keywords than just the one you are targeting – perhaps even most of your traffic will come from other terms. So I still think its okay to go after these keywords.


Hey Spencer,
thanks for extermly usefull post & video. I’ve got a querstion.
Why do you avoid brand names in keywords for niche sites?
I’m not talking about Pepsi or Toyota, there are much smaller brands with lower competition. Let’s say “military gore tex jacket” (just an example, I did’t analyze this keyword deeply) – it have pretty low competition and 1600 searchers. Why not to use it for niche site?


Michael – I have done a few branded domains, but try to avoid if possible. The reason is because companies very often send out cease and desist letters if they find your site using their brand name. They essentially shut down your site. So, its a big risk that’s just better to avoid if possible.



With the exception of “auto mechanic salary”, it looks like all the keywords you chose are physical product specific keywords where the searcher is probably looking for e-comm sites and large retailers for those products.

Considering you build content sites monetized by Adsense and don’t sell physical products, wouldn’t that be a serious post panda ranking hindrance? Or do you not worry too much about the intent of the searcher for the keywords you target?

I haven’t entered any product specific niches with Adsense sites lately myself, so I’m just curious how well you’re doing in terms of ranking for product keywords?



Is that a ranking hindrance? I do worry about the intent of the searcher – lots (most?) of my sites do not focus on physical products. auto mechanic salary is probably the best example of what kind of keyword my typical sites target.


Very new to this so reading comments left by others and your replies is helping a bit.
I can see that searching 5 KWs at once is an advantage but am still learning how to make sense of the findings.

With so many people in this business the goal posts must move constantly meaning constant attention is needed for each website..Yes?


Not necessarily each site. I have sites that I haven’t touched for over 2 years that still earn money consistently. But constant attention is needed to either create new sites or find different keywords.


Hey Spencer-
I loved the video and bought LTPro after watching. One question – I was following along and doing the step-by-step with my keyword. When I checked the Competitor Analysis, I do not have the Y! link or Y! backink to page columns. Do I have to change my settings to get that? Obviously that’s critical info if I’m trying to decide to go after the keyword or not.


SEOmoz Links are now used.


Hi Spencer, if I purchase LTPro + Platinum tool, should I also buy Moz OpenSiteExplorer pro membership to make LTPro works fine and can calculate KC? or just with free membership, LTPro + Platinum can work fine and calculate KC?
I ask this because Moz pro membership is expensive enough for me.. 😀
Thank u..

Spencer Haws

You don’t need to pay for anything on Moz. You just need a FREE user account. That’s it.


ok Spencer.. thanks.. 🙂

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