Themes, Plugins, and Content Strategy for Niche Site Project 2: Coaching Call 5!

By Spencer Haws |

Perrin and I were able to get another coaching call in recently, and some major progress has been made on Niche Site Project 2!

During our last coaching call, Perrin was supposed to find a brandable domain (not an exact match domain), set up hosting, get WordPress installed, and start working on his first 2 articles.  I’m happy to report back that I have an A+ student!  At least for “homework” completion, he is at 100% so far. (Okay, he may have been a little late on the deadline, but its done as of this post…which is what really counts!).

So, the niche site is up and running live with a great domain and now more than 2 pieces of content!  However, we are still not going to reveal the domain or niche today…because we want just a little bit longer of a head start on the project.  I do fully expect to reveal everything in about a week or so.

Coaching Call 5

To watch the coaching call from this week, please view the video below!

During this call, we focused on three main areas:

Here’s a breakdown of the Notes/Presentation that we went over in detail:


  • Themes and Plugins
  • On-page Optimization – content strategy
  • Looking for Secondary Keywords

Themes and Plugins


On-Page Optimization; Content Strategy

  • 1% or less of the targeted keyword
  • Use Keyword in Title of the Page
  • Within the first paragraph – use the keyword phrase
  • Also in the last paragraph.
  • Internal linking structure
  • Outbound links to quality sites
  • Build relationships
  • Pingbacks or trackbacks

Looking for Secondary Keywords

  • 15 to 20 secondary articles
  • Target keywords 200 to 1000 search volume per month
  • Low competition


  • Finish homepage article
  • Find 15 additional keywords
  • Install plugins
  • Pick a theme
  • Work on Logo/Header design

Perrin’s Weekly Write-up!

The following was written by Perrin…

Five weeks down! 19 to go! Man. That doesn’t seem so far away any more – 19 weeks to go before this project is done. Pretty crazy! Time really flies when you’re having fun. But, truth be told, I’m also feeling the crunch a little bit. I think I’ll feel a lot better when I see a few dollars rolling in, but for now, there’s definitely a bit of pressure.

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This week was crazy for me – not necessarily because of the site, but because my job-job is super hectic right now. It’s our busy season, so I’m in 60-hr workweek mode. I was at the office pretty late several nights this week, so it was hard to find time to squeeze in some SEO.

So I missed my goal by a bit. If you don’t remember, the assignment this week was the write the articles for the two primary keywords. Being super short on time, I was only able to write one. I really do think I could have written two normally, but there were a few things I didn’t count on.

1.     Learning and using the table plugin. I decided to go ahead and mimic Spencer’s strategy for This weirdly took a lot of time. It’s not a super difficult plugin to learn or anything, but it just took time to find, install and figure out. In the end, it wasn’t a huge deal, of course, but, what I’d thought would take me an hour or two ended up taking me several hours. And on a an already-crunched time schedule, it made things a bit tighter.

2.     The amount of research needed to do a “Best [x]” article. To really write a quality article comparing the best of a particular product, you have to do a lot of research. First, you have to find which ones are the best ones, which is really pretty hard if you don’t know anything about the niche, which usually means you’ll have to do a lot of background research as well.

Then, for each product, you have to figure out how to review it. Why is this hard? First, if you’re new to a niche like I am, you’re probably not sure what’s important to your customers yet. So you have to figure that out by checking out forums and reading/watching customer reviews. Then, you have to research each individual product well enough to review it, which can be tough.

So, if you’re following along and you’re in a product niche, as your write your first few articles and familiarize yourself with your new niche, you can expect to do a lot of research.

But there’s good news, too! A lot of the research you’ll need to do is front-loaded, so once you get it out of the way, you’ll probably have an easier go of it.

I’m also really happy with the article I wrote. It’s a 2,000-word beast, and I think it has a really good buying guide. There’s just a lot of value compared to what I’ve seen on other niche sites. I’m happy about that. I want people to come back.

Now that this behemoth is out of the way, I feel like the writing will be a bit easier. We’ll see!

My question to you guys:

Do you have another, regular, full-time job? If so, how do you balance it with SEO? Where do you fit it in?

Your Thoughts

Perrin and I would love to hear any thoughts or questions that you might have!  So, feel free to jump in and join the discussion below.  Thanks!

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Spencer Haws is the founder of After getting a degree in Business Finance from BYU (2002) and an MBA from ASU (2007) he worked for 8 years in Business Banking and Finance at both Merril Lynch and Wells Fargo Bank.

While consulting with other small business owners as a business banker, Spencer finally had the desire to start his own business. He successfully built a portfolio of niche sites using SEO and online marketing that allowed him to quit his job in 2011. Since then he's been involved in dozens of online business ventures including: creating and exiting Long Tail Pro, running an Amazon FBA business for over 3 years and selling that business, founding, and co-founding You can learn more about Spencer here.

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I just want to thank you both again. It is always super motivating and helpful to follow your progress Perrin.

So far I haven’t had a niche where I compared the items and had to find the best ones, but I can see the effort his takes.

But I’m confident, that the hussle will pay off in the end for you!


It takes more than you think! The good news is the writing has been significantly faster for other articles 🙂

Spencer Haws

Best of luck Markus!

oloyede jamiu

Yeah, Its very interesting that Perin is doing great. I am happy to follow along the progress of this PROJECT.

Oloyede Jamiu

Liz chapman

Hi Guys, thanks for yet another awesome session! I am following along with my own project and finding these sessions so helpful. I have identified a lot of other keywords but they are very similar to each other and to the main one(s) – like different ways of saying the same thing. Will you be touching on how to use that sort of keyword next time as I would find that really useful. Also how you source pictures for your sites would be great to know. Looking forward to next week’s installment!!



However, for now, I did ask Spencer about this during the week. Here’s the jist:

If you have keywords that CONTAIN other keywords (e.g. “Best dog collar” and “Best dog collars”), target the latter, and you’ll hit them both.

If you have two similar keywords that do not contain each other but are still very similar, target the best and work the other one into the article where you can. But, from a content perspective, it usually doesn’t make sense to write 2 separate articles.

(As always, correct me if I’m wrong, Spencer 🙂 )

Spencer Haws

Sounds good!

liz chapman

Thanks, Guys – very helpful as usual! And any comments about where you source pictures from? Or will that be covered later??

Jye @ Full Volt

Nice to see the progress guys.

I know where your coming from job-wise. I have the same problem at the moment and it can definitely be a struggle to balance your online business/work/SEO with your standard full time job, which in my case is SEO/Marketing as well.
I generally catch public transport so that I can spend the hour trip to and from work completing some of my own stuff and I’ll also set a night or 2 aside each week which I devote to it.


Totally! I hear that. I’m working on this stuff on nights, lunch breaks and weekends. But I’ve never been scared of a little hard work 🙂

Jye @ Full Volt

That the sort of work ethic needed in order to succeed.


I am working 12 – 14 hours a day six days a week a the present. This leaves just a few hours each week to do site work (as you can see from my skinny personal blog site). However this is a motivating factor in becoming an internet marketing student.

My goal is to replace a lot of those hours through niche sites. I love working from home and look forward to creating more time to be with my family and friends.

Right now most my research happens late at night just before falling asleep. I am thankful for Longtail Pro in this regards as it saves me much time.


Quick question about on-page optimation. When you say 1% or less for the targeted keyword , you mean keyword-phrase or single words out of that phrase as well?

Let’s say my keyword-phrase is – best paint for wood –

would you try to avoid the word “wood” or “paint” ending up with the a higher density than 1% as well or just when they are mentioned together specifically in the same order as the targeted keyword-phrase?

plus another question i thought of when i heard Periin mention links in widgets (sidebar),… Are the anchortext words in those links counted as part of the content on that page and become part of the density as well?

That could very easely lead to a high density since keywords for other innerpages are usually related..

Good luck in recovering your sites Spencer, i’m sure more than just bestsurvivalknifeguide got hit…

Matthew Allen

The exact keyword phrase is what should be 1% or less, not single words. If that phrase is off by even one character, it won’t be recognized as that keyword and won’t be counted towards your keyword density for that post. No – keywords in the sidebar are not counted towards your total count and thus aren’t included in your keyword density calculation.


Matthew’s got it.


Ok, thanks for answering,…, just leaves me with the question why it gets included in most of the density checkers i use, like SEO quake. Are you sure Google handles it differently?

Spencer Haws

I’m talking about the entire phrase, not single words.

Garrick Dee


Best of luck in the project.

BTW did you follow Spencer’s format for the table? 15 products on the front page and then a mother list of 50 on a separate page?


Nope. I chose a different table plugin and picked as many products as I could find.

In my niche, there’s a pretty clear divide between higher-end products (kind of), and lower-end products. Most of my customers (I think) are interested in the luxury-ish stuff — not the super common stuff. So I’m not focusing as much on those.

For my secondary keywords, so far, product names have only accounted for 2 articles. All the rest are “Best [X],” “How to [X]” and “[X] vs [X],” so right now it’s looking like reviews are only going to make up a small portion of my content, which is okay, since the other ones are product-based anyway.

Josh Escusa

Looks like this is really coming along! Great job on pumping out that 2000 word monster post. I can’t stand writing about topics that aren’t of my interest.

I’m looking forward to finding out which theme you pick out. I just started using the Thesis theme for my sites and I’ve become a huge fan. It’s fast, easy to customize, and the forum has amazing support.

Keep it up. Things really start going once you get that momentum.

Danielle Stephens

Looks like Perrin is making some great progress. I’m really excited to see the niche you guys picked after you spent so much time on the keyword research!


Hi i have a question what. what plugin if any are you going to use for amazon affiliate products? and if your not going to use a plugin how you going to do it?

thank you


Right now, I’m just planning on using Amazon Associate links (text, image and table links), similar to BestSurvivalKnifeGuide.

Spencer Haws

I’m currently using easyAzon plugin: Not sure if Perrin is going to use something different.

Fred Owusu

Great information guys. I just can not wait next week to see how the site looks. Building niche sites never ends! Always trying to find keywords that’s worth the time.

Perrin, it’s great you are doing this. Even though you have a busy schedule, you are rocking it man. YOU DA MAN!

Life gets in the way but you are doing great.



I think you just kind of have to squeeze it in where you can, ya know?

This week (after the call above), I was a lot less busy, so I was able to crank out a bunch of articles, which is nice.

Also, I think it’s really important to enjoy your leisure time. I just moved in with my girlfriend, so I’m trying to make sure we’re having fun and doing awesome stuff, too. In some ways, it even helps motivate me to do SEO: it’s my ticket to being about to hang with her and/or do awesome stuff ALL the time!

the rookie

Always good stuff, but —-
I know you want to give everyone the keyword but I hope you don’t not until hes ranking and made a little money from this.

True it would be cool to really follow along knowing and I think everyone appreciates your transparency but I also think the fans here won’t mind waiting. Your still giving great info (probably tough not give it away on accident). But Id hate to see skewed results because people figure it out and help you or hurt you.

Glad to see this is starting to progress now.


That’s kind of the gamble. Eventually, we’ll need to reveal it, but, it’s also true that we’re going to get a ton of links just because it’s a public project (both hurtful and helpful).

We’re playing it by ear, although Spencer’s done this before, and to some extent, we just have to accept that it’s the nature of the beast, ya dig?



Could you give us a couple examples of keywords and their corresponding brandable domains. Any example would do, any keyword that just comes off the top of your head at the moment will do. Just need an example to get an idea.

Spencer Haws

Sure, type in ANY keyword and you will see what I mean. I typed in “chocolate gifts” and #2 is – a brandable domain…every other result is also a brandable domain.
Type in “cheap BBQ grills” and you see: .
Most results are always brandable domains, its rare to actually find EMDs in Google results. Hope that helps.


Thanks for the examples, I get it! These are definitely easier to do outreach with rather than

The thing is though, if you use those types of brandable names then you’re abandoning the technique of using keywords or partial keywords in the domain.

Is this the new strategy now (ie. no more keyword in the domain)?


Great stuff Perrin and Spencer.

Looking forward to more of such posts. I’ve also started my own niche site and it’s currently just hit Page 1 🙂




What type of linkbuilding did you use?


Nothing substantial as of now…just a few highly targeted and relevant blog comments in the same niche


In the video you told him to finish his homepage article. So does this mean that it is going to be a static homepage?


i was hoping an order template for outsorce the content, you said 500$ will be spent, but his guy is writing the content, make perrin order at list 1 article to show us the correct way to do it, and perrin if you don´t have the time OUTSOURCE¡¡ and spencer teach and give us an example of how you outsource the content THANKS


This is a great idea. I think I’m going to finish up my first 10-15 articles this week. Maybe I’ll order a few after that.

Or, maybe, we’ll wait to see if it ranks and use outsourcing as the proverbial gas pedal.

Spencer is a wise and mysterious man… I’m not sure what Spencer has planned… [cue X-Files music]

Matthew Allen

The WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast has a built-in sitemap generator – which many say is superior to others. There is absolutely no need for the Google XML Sitemaps plugin if using SEO by Yoast!

I still like and use the Niche Website Theme for many of my niche sites. Very easy to place ads anywhere and I’m seeing some pretty good click through rates. Only problem – it isn’t mobile responsive.

I’ve been using Genesis themes for my blogs and even tried a niche site with it. Their mobile responsive child themes are second to none, in my opinion. Customizing Genesis themes can be a little tricky though – but their support system is excellent.


Just wanted to say this. Don’t know why you use both Yoast plugin and XML sitemaps.

Also you can Noindex, nofollow posts/pages with this plugin easily. So you don’t really need the robots plugin or you should want to exclude complete directories. But you can do it also manually it’s just 1 file on the server so.

But good luck, my English website isn’t ranking anywhere not sure why. I will see what happens next weeks and going to try another one.

My Dutch website is doing alright over 1000 unique visitors the last 2 months but not converting that good with affiliate marketing. Made about $20-25 last month which was the best month so far.


I forgot to mention that in the call, but you’re right. The WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast does have automatic sitemaps.

The bad news is… it doesn’t work with my theme!

I ended up buying a product review theme because I really liked the style and layout of the review posts, but that particular plugin messed it all up, so I had to disable it.

Kind of a bummer; I really do like that plugin. 🙁

I’ve been meaning to try Genesis theme. Looks really cool and flexible.


Hey, Matthew—

What do you mean when you say, “mobile response”?


He said mobile responsive… that means it does not have a mobile site that would be different from a normal site in that it is formatted for mobile touch devices such as smartphones and tablets. It may still work on those as a regular site, but a mobile-reponsive theme would generate code to optimize the site for mobile users. Hope that makes sense.


Hi Spencer,

I have a site in a niche where the majority of the long tail keywords have the main keyword included. I have noticed that after ranking at page 4 for a couple of weeks, my site is no longer ranking for the main keyword (the site is not in the top 230). Does Google see those log tail keywords as the same as the main one?

Thanks for your advice,



When do you have to worry about your page speed?
I just tested my speed from a server in my own country and it loaded it 1.65s so I think that’s fast enough?

I use this tool:

I use a free theme at the moment.


Good to see this project is coming along nicely. I use Genesis theme i like it so much because there are so many great looking child themes. I found that for a new starter want to buy paid theme, Thesis may be harder to customize but once you get the hand of it, it is a very powerful theme. Genesis is a easy theme for new starter to configure.


This coaching call was especially helpful to me. I got a lot of practical info from the give and take. Thanks guys.



I do also have a full time job which can take up a significant amount of time, but what I have been doing is I will take a week to plan out the website, and content strategy, as well as put together article templates.

After that, everything is completely outsourced as far as content. The only thing I will do is proof read the articles, add some pictures, and then add my affiliate links into the article before I post it.

I also have outsourced the link building to a certain extent as well.

I have put aside a few thousand dollars and put a budget on each site I plan to do initially this year, and just stick by that budget. I figure that sacrificing a couple thousand dollars and not going out as much or spending it on frivolous things will pay off in the end if I can get 4-5 successful sites going (which hopefully I can turn into 40 or 50 sites down the road).

Without outsourcing, I don’t think I could do it right now.


Nice! Best of luck!

A few thousand seems like quite a bit for a single site, unless it’s really big. How big are they?


Love to see new CC!

Add. website speed – I have great experience with Page Speed which Google (Webmaster Tools) recommends.
I’m using Firebug (addon for Firefox) which you can use for tweaking CSS in real time and it has Page Speed in itself so it’s really great and I highly recommend it 😉

Anyway – Looking forward to next CCs and other news about your niche site, Perrin, Spencer!


First of all, you guys have fantastic sense of humor. While i am watching and listening to the videos, i dun get bore.

I have few questions regarding on page seo.

1- how many internal links are considered too much in a post of 500 words ? Let suppose a paragraph has many words which can be interlinked. Can it be an issue for google ?

2- how many Outbound links can we make in a 500 words post. Is there any maximum limit ?

3- Some people say that linking to page itself with keyword in anchor text gives good seo value as an on page seo factor. Is it correct ?

4- Should we bold or italic keywords in post ? Does it give any benefit ?

Sorry for many questions. 🙂

Spencer Haws

1. I think 3 to 5 internal links is normal. Over 10 might be alot…but it also depends on the article, so it could be more.
2. About the same as 1.
3. I would link to its own page
4. Nah


Hey, Spencer and Perrin!

Glad to see everything is coming along so well. Re: the job, I hear you–I’m in grad school, I have a full time job, and am determined to make this online thing work!

A lot of great stuff in the video–very detailed, which is awesome. Spencer, thank you for going over the plug-ins you use–very helpful.

Perrin, you mention at one point that you found a YouTube video that you added to one of your pages. Is that a legit thing, legally, to do? Can we re-use any video that we find on YouTube?

Keep up the good work, fellas—


Ha. Oh, grad school. I had three jobs when I was in grad school. I know that feeling, man.

Re: YouTube: Yep. Anything on YouTube is public (unless the user makes it private, in which case you wouldn’t be able to see it anyway), and they offer embed code on every public video.


P.S. I’d add that, from a branding perspective, you probably only want to use high-quality videos from people you aren’t directly competing with.


Perrin – You’re doing awesome! I do have a FT job, working as an SEO Executive for a consultancy – so fitting in the “SEO” is fun for me, but I always find time every day after work starting at 6:30 and work for at least two hours each work night on my niche site project, and at least 8-10 hours on the weekend at a Starbucks!


Nice! I’d love to hear more about what it’s like to work as an SEO consultant! I’ve thought about potentially moving into that field someday 🙂


Hey Perrin, I was curious what kind of sites did you had before this one?
Is it mentioned somewhere, url maybe?

I am going to start a new one, because my last one isn’t ranking anywhere. But finding a great keyword is for sure the hardest part.

How long does it take you guys on average to find one?

In my own country it’s easier but the search volumes are a lot lesser. And I want to use Amazon because the stores here are converting like shit between 0,5 and 1% conversion on clicks.


I can’t give away my other sites, unfortunately. After learning a bunch here, I looked at them and realized they’re mostly good niches; I was just going about it the wrong way.

So, I’m going to tweak, improve and grow those sites.

I do have one site that’s not a niche site, but more of a business idea. That one, I may share with you guys soon. 🙂


Hi Perrin and Spencer,

I have a question: Content wise, how many articles will the site have when launched, and how frequently will you update it?



15-20. And not sure! 🙂


Quick question – how are you building the site “pre-launch”? Are you building it on the domain but blocking the google crawler until you have everything tweaked, loaded, and ready to go? Or are you building it on a home wordpress server and then transferring it all at time of launch?

Spencer Haws

We aren’t doing any prelaunch. All the content is up and live, there was no launch.

Spencer Haws

There is no launch. We just made the site live and release one article at a time. Nothing fancy.

liz chapman

Hi Spencer

I loaded Tablepress today and have had a lot of problems with it (I’m using the Nichewebsite theme) – none of the buttons seem to work eg insert image, insert rows, save changes – have you ever had this problem before? Would it help to delete tablepress and reinstall?

Any help welcomed please!!

Many thanks


Liz…go over to Youtube and type in Tablepress. You’ll find many tutorials there. I used them and helped me a lot.

Liz chapman

Thanks, Larry – appreciate your help! Will head over there and have a look. It did seem to be broken as most of the buttons were just not working but will see if I can find anything to help there.

Spencer Haws

Never had issues like that.

Donald W

You may want to try clicking in a cell after you select the button. I thought they weren’t working the first time I used it as well but it turns out you click the button then select the cell you want to populate.

Hope this helps!

liz chapman

Mmmm – just watched a youtube demo of Tablepress which seems to confirm mine is not working. When he pressed “save changes” a bar came up confirming changes had been saved – mine does not do that. I can add a new table, type in the cells but not save changes or add rows or columns. When I insert in a page it shows the blank table – probably because it has not allowed me to save changes once I have added content to the cells. The buttons look to depress but that is all. Any one experienced this before at all? I have tried three or four tables and it does the same each time.


Tablepress ended up being kind of a pain for me, too. Instead of spending a bunch of time to figure it out, I stayed with my original table plugin: Websimon Tables. It doesn’t have the sorting option, but it’s a bit easier to handle.

There are lots of other table plugins out there, too. 🙂


Liz…Sorry to hear you’re still having problems. The only thing to try is to delete the plugin and reinstall. Maybe you got a corrupt install, it does happen. Good Luck.


You should try using another theme to test it out. Don’t worry, all of your settings for the suggestions here will be saved.

It could be the theme and Tablepress not jiving together or Tablepress and some other plugins.

With WP you sometimes have to test things when problems occur. It could be another plugin interacting with it. Try turning off all plugins and just work with Tablepress. And then turn your others back on one at a time if it does work.

Lindsay @

I think Perrin was such a good pick for this project. I think it;s good that he had some knowledge about this stuff before this started, but also able to learn a lot too. I think I know what his keyword is based on though :p

Casey Dennison

Great progress, Perrin! I too work a full-time job – from 8am to 5pm – and have a 5-year old son (with one on the way) and a girlfriend, so my plate pretty full, nowadays.

What I have been doing is working on my online projects during my lunch break (which is 1-hour), and I’ve started to go to bed early so that I can wake up 1 or 2 hours before going into work to work on my projects (while it’s peaceful and quiet) for a bit.

The weekends are also great, because I can get up early and get some more work done, and maybe a couple more hours later on after my family has gone to bed.

So far, it’s working out pretty well, and I’ve been able to actually get stuff done.

If you have any gaps like this in your day, you can probably do the same – with great success!

Most people say that they can’t find any time in their day to work on their online stuff, but if you work a typical 9-5 job, you most likely have a similar schedule and can probably sneak in at least a couple hours a day.

Hope that helps,



Thanks. And that’s awesome! I bet your life is kind of fun/nuts right now doing all that with a kid running around.

And I totally agree: if you want to make it happen, you can make it happen; most everything else is just an excuse 🙂


Following you on niche site duel #1 and now as you walk Perrin through in duel #2 has been a real encouragement and motivator!
I started my first website back in 2006 and it would sit for months without any new content and the content that I did post was mostly from article directories. It worked for a while, but in the last couple of years it has dropped out of the SERP’s.
About a year ago I started following you and Pat Flynn as well as some others. I have a couple of other websites that I am building up the right way.
My questions is this, my first website could actually be a pretty good “branded name” and now, using Long Tail Pro and following your process, I have found some other keywords that I can target and would have a good chance with some long tail keywords. Should I leave the posts that are already there from the article directories and just write a bunch of great new content, or should I trash the bad content and start over?
Your input would help myself as well as anyone else out there who started out on the wrong foot and wants to get back on course with their website!
Thanks a bunch! chris

Spencer Haws

If you can start with a new site and branded domain that might be better. Not sure how penalized your old site is; but if it is, you might just want to start fresh.


I am kind of following this project and i am at a very similar stage and just writing the articles alongside my normal work.

The way i have worked it is strategically place my holidays for the rest of this year. I had two weeks to take, so i have combined it with when i am quiet at work which is the start of the month so the beginning of October and November i have booked off. October is been used to write the articles, research the articles etc…. The week in November will be used for my link building strategy. Then the Christmas holidays can be used for optimization. This allows me to focus on my site, it takes a bit longer but i am doing it justice by putting in a lot of time which is worth it in the long run.

Its a strategy i am trying, so it may not work, but if it does hopefully i will have a niche site that’s worth doing!

Good to see your content is coming along, it took me a while to figure out what customers actually wanted in it.

Hope your enjoying it as much as me!

Jawbone Up Sleep

Wow! It’s been 5 weeks already. I’m following closely on the progress and love every post written.

Deep down in me, I hope to just skip everything and read the last chapter, but I know I have to wait patiently for another 20 weeks before I can truly see the results.

Keep coming!



I’m kind of curious when you mentioned in the podcast that the volunteer of this case study agreed to be ready to spend $500. With Perrin writing the content, which other areas do you expect to be spending the funds?

Spencer Haws

Link building, themes, graphic design.


I’m glad to see that I’ve been using almost all those same plugins. WP-Optimize is another one that I like to use to keep the performance up.

Have you ever noticed any slowness with Digg Digg? I used to have it, but then went with Sharebar instead.

Spencer Haws

Never noticed a slowness with Digg Digg, but doesn’t mean its the best.


Afternoon everyone!

Perrin – I work full time and use most evenings, from 10-12 as my “power hours” (I actually stole this term from Spencer when I read it in on one of his posts a while back)

The strange thing is that I have no trouble whatsoever finding the motivation to work on my online projects unless I am too shattered to keep my eyes open

My issue is that the more I learn about building an online income and the more time I invest into my extra curricular activities, the harder I find it to stay motivated in my regular job.

I guess this comes from working in a position that is a job as opposed to a passion. I have “seen the light” and cant wait to be able to leave it behind and concentrate on only my passion.

I also have to be thankful for having a patient partner who believes that my hard work will pay off and one day provide for us both. She has willingly let me sit in front of a screen night after night and never complained. In fact she gives me a lot of the motivation I have to make this a success!

Best of luck with the project, I am also creating my own niche site albeit it a couple of steps behind you.

You are both really helping me and everyone else, so a massive thanks for your efforts!




Thanks for this. Totally agree! The better and more involved you get with SEO, the harder the 9-5 becomes.

I’m glad we both have awesome partners! Mine is the same way. She’s a keeper. 🙂

Spencer Haws

Best of luck in those “Power hours”! I definitely remember the many late nights/early mornings I spent before I quit my job!!

Glenys @ Website Tips 4U

I have no doubt that your disciplined application to this niche project will pay off Perrin.

Another very thorough session covering your content strategy, thanks Perrin and Spencer.


Hi Spencer

about themes can i use niche website themes??

Spencer Haws

Yes, the Niche Website Theme is a great theme to use. Its what I’m using on my survival knife site.


what about the CTR theme??
this would be a amazon site or an adsense site??

i would like which is better CTR theme or intellitheme, for an adsense site, i mean for CTR earnings.



I think Niche Website Theme is a good theme. What would make it great is if it was mobile responsive. And support doesn’t think it’s an important issue although they said a lot of customers have inquired about it. I looking to ditch NWT and find a mobile responsive theme like Weaver II Pro.


Hey Perrin,

I suggest using the Genesis Framework with Dynamik Child Theme. Dynamik used to be the Catalyst Framework, but they teamed up with Studio Press (makers of Genesis and focusing more on the Dyamik aspect (which is super customizable).

Good luck!

Grant Baldwin

Looks like this is a good plan for a site. I’m really excited to see what you and Perrin end up doing!


Ya, I have a full time job and work on this mainly in the evenings. I still haven’t made a dollar but the process is fun. Good luck guys.

Kamrul Hassan

Brandable domain for long tail keywords? Why the guest could not mention his Domain Name, so that we all could check out his site.

Ray H.

I’m enjoying following along with this project—very helpful, please keep them coming!



I’m searching all the fay for a good rating Plugin. The one u use on apennyshaved looks very good – which one is it? Or is it just integrated in the premium theme?



This is some awesome info guys. I know this is an old post, but I wanted to check it out anyway – and I see there is still some relevant info. I’m new to the niche site world, so this post has given me some great info to help me with the site I’m working on.

Some other good plug-ins I personally like are Shareaholic for Social buttons and Contact Form by BestWebSoft.

Keep up the great work guys!



I am currently following the project and doing my own along the way.
I made the website and has now uploaded about 16 articles. My site was ranking 80 in google and then it suddenly vanished and is nowhere in google results. It is however indexed and i am getting 4-5 visits per day from secondary keywords only.

I think the only change i did was to install wordpress yeast seo plugin.

what should i do now?

P.S the kc in longtail pro is 32 for the main keyword

Suzanne Williams

Perrin, I’ve known ya since college. Who would have thought that computers would be your way in the world? I’m sure your poetry professors didn’t see it coming. Congrats. xo


Thank you for the logo!


Hey Perrin!

I had a question, maybe been answered as this project is pretty much done here…

When you guys talked about 1 main article (higher searched kw) and 1 secondary article (you kw to target low comp), where are you putting that secondary article?

The main article is the static post but where is the second?


Spencer Haws

Its just a regular post.


Hi Spencer, great project! I am half way through mine, I have one question though, if you could please answer, when I find keywords in LTP, should I write a unique article per kw found or could I mix in keywords in my article, could you explain this a bit, thank you

Spencer Haws

You can do both.

David Longacre

Hey Spence and Perrin,

Had some questions as I am currently starting my content creation process. My niche there are big volume best of keywords I want to go for, but the actual products themselves get searched a lot so I want to make a landing page and review each product. I am using Perrin’s similar setup, but tweaking it a little bit.

As I am also using some tweaks that a couple of my competitor affiliate sites are doing. By just putting a blog type format of reviews on the home page that way they can see the reviews right away and click on the product they like.

Questions are how long should your product review be in words? I have seen people say short reviews are great because it leaves them hanging and makes them click to find more info and buy. However, your’s and Perrin’s have lengthy review’s.

Also it is better to “have best of” content on the home page to try and rank for the keyword or better to just go for the products searches and list the reviews on the homepage?

Mine is not amazon affiliate site so they dont have the power of amazon to look around at amazon reviews and landing pages they have.

Also the table at the top I really like, but without being amazon and having a table and people clicking links straight through to the amazon. Will they get enough info just to purchase right from the start?



Hello Perrin! Do you know if there’s a plugin that can remove the author, date and category of my posts? I noticed your posts doesnt have the author, date and category information. Thanks!

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