Rankings Jump, Real Earnings, and Links! Project Review for Week 10

By Spencer Haws |

I always look forward to this time each week, where I get to share the progress of the second Niche Site Project! Let’s jump right into it.

Today, I want to share some quick ranking and earnings, and then discuss links.

First, is continuing to move up in the rankings for the keyword, “Best safety razor”.  At the time of this post, the site is currently ranked #15 in Google! (Its made some significant jumps over the past week!)  In addition, the site just showed up ranking for the first time today for the term “best electric shaver”…at #48…sweet!

Also, the site is starting to make some Amazon sales related to shaving products!  As revealed on the call (video below), the site recently sold about 5 different shaving products…here’s a screenshot below:


The site is well on its way!  Great job Perrin!

Expenses and Private Blog Network Links

Going into the project, I made it very clear that Perrin would be required to invest up to $500 into this niche site project.  So, where does he stand on expenses so far?  Here’s a quick breakdown:

That’s a total of $157 invested so far.  The rest has been Perrin’s time, as he’s written all the content.

However, I also revealed that I allowed Perrin to use a few links from a Private Blog Network that Hayden Miyamoto built.  Many of you expressed your disappointment in this move, because you said, these are links that no one else can get.

I wanted to address that briefly.  As it turns out (as revealed in the last post here), you CAN get those same private network links.  So, the only special treatment that Perrin is getting, is that he can access the blog network links about a week before everyone else.  That’s it.

“But everyone else has to pay for the blog network links!”  You are correct.  And to remedy this, I’ve asked Perrin to pay me exactly what it would cost any of you to get the same PBN links using Hayden’s expired domain network.

I’m not going to reveal the exact cost of those links today, but if you want to see the pricing, you can join our live webinar tonight.  I will just say that adding the $157 that Perrin has already invested, PLUS the network links; he still has plenty to invest in his website.

So, while I understand many of your concerns, the Niche Site Project still moves forward! And everything we have done and invested is still well within the original projected investment…anyone else can do the same, there have been no special privileges here.

Watch the Coaching Call!

We did our weekly coaching call, and some minor tweaks we made to the site to help it rank better, and much more.  Enjoy!

 Watch a Higher Quality Version of the Call Right Here!

or Download the MP4 Video File Here

Perrin’s Week 10 Write-Up

The following is written by Perrin…

Ten weeks down! Our call was pretty short this week, but quite a bit happened, so we have a lot to talk about!

First: Status Report

My site is climbing slowly and steadily for its main keyword target: “Best safety razor,” and it’s climbing without any significant backlinks so far. That’s good news! It means the content and on-site structure is good enough to take notice.

Now, for about a week, the site was sitting at 500+, which obviously wasn’t what we wanted to see. So Spencer went through and audited my site, looking for absolutely anything I was doing differently than he normally does with his sites. He came up with three things:

1.     No “www” in the URL. We didn’t think this was the problem, but it was different, so we marked it down

2.     I had no outbound links! What was I thinking? Well, mostly, I was just assuming that my affiliate links counted as good, quality outbound links to an authoritative site (Amazon), but they didn’t. Google sees them as affiliate links, which are low-quality links.

3.     Some of my pages were linking to themselves. Don’t ask me why – lol. I honestly don’t know.

So, I blocked out my Saturday morning and sat down to fix those things. I stuck a “www” at the front, added 3-5 links to authoritative websites in every single page and post, and I took out the self-links. And you know what? I went from ranking 500+ to 96 in one afternoon!

So we were pretty excited. The rankings continued to rise steadily for that keyword, and at the time of this call, I’m currently sitting at 46 with hardly any backlinks (Spencer’s note: Now at 15 just a couple days after Perrin wrote this!) – all of my backlinks are from the 100 base links my outsourced link builder is building – which aren’t super strong and are mostly for link diversity (plus, at the time of the call, he’d only built about 35 links, and most probably weren’t indexed yet).

Even cooler, I’ve made a couple sales! So I’m starting to see the very first trickles of success, which is awesome! And I’m definitely excited to see the site grow over the next couple of weeks.

Want To Build Smart & Relevant Internal Links...Quickly?

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Build better internal links with Link Whisper

Now for the elephant in the room: using a PBN…

As you guys know, Spencer and I decided to use a PBN to get a few high-quality links. We’re using a next-gen PBN developed by Hayden Miyamoto.

I wanted to talk to you about that because some of you guys were pretty mad! More importantly, many of you felt as if PBNs were totally out of reach for you, which makes this project harder to follow. So I wanted to write about a couple of things here:

(1)   It’s not a favor

(2)   My reasoning for using a PBN and

(3)   Why/how anyone can do it

It’s not a favor to me

Just to clarify, this was not a favor to me. I bought a handful of great links from Hayden’s network, and I paid the same price that people on the webinar will be offered. Plus, Niche Pursuits readers will soon have access to the same links. So this was definitely not Spencer doing me a favor (although I was something of a beta tester). This was just me making a business decision – and it’s a move you guys can make, too!

And guys, it’s important to me that you understand this part. A lot of the fun of this project is doing it with the Niche Pursuits community, and I wouldn’t want to use anything everyone else didn’t have access to.

Why I’m using a PBN

Also, I wouldn’t use just any PBN. I would (and am) only use a PBN focused on quality content in which the sites all have good, clean link profiles. I prefer not to associate my brand with spam – anywhere.

Also, PBNs are effective, relatively safe, and you can completely control the links. With the network we are using (which you can soon use too), for the content to pass moderation, it has to be original, and, more importantly, it has to be good. I wrote 5 high-quality, original articles based on my own research to be posted on the PBN sites. I spent time on them and made sure that anyone who came across them would learn something.

So I really believe the articles I wrote (and all the other articles on the network) add value for readers. And that’s great! I mean, links to my site are in the articles, so I’m very invested in their quality.

Why you can do it too

In Niche Site Project 1, Spencer promoted mostly by buying a LayeredLinks package. This cost him about $200.

However, those kinds of links aren’t quite as effective as they used to be. Using PBN links is a good alternative.

For example, if you wanted to build your own network of 5 quality sites (using GoDaddy Auctions or a service like Jon Haver’s), you’d spend about $250 + hosting. If you bought links on a PBN, you’d spend a bit less.

But really, you can even spend less and get the results. Quinton over at The Lost Cyclist, for example, only has a couple of sites in his PBN (about one per major niche site), and he’s making a full-time income! So even one expired domain can drastically impact your rankings (provided you’ve done good keyword research and written good content).

The point is: if you’re planning to build a niche site with a $500 budget (which is my budget), expired domains/PBNs fit in nicely.

However, if you don’t want to spend money, there are lots of great resources out there that teach you out to find good expired domains without spending any money at all except domain registration ($9) and hosting. These methods take time, but you’ll definitely spend less. You can start here:

In short, expired domains fit into a reasonable niche site budget – and they can cost as little as $9 if you take the time to learn to find them. And, personally, I have no (ethical) problem using them because I choose extremely high-quality networks and write very high quality posts for them.

My question for those of you following along:

Where are you ranking? If your site was (or is) struggling like mine was, what did you tweak?

Til next time!

Your Thoughts

As always, Perrin and I would love to hear any comments or questions that you have in regards to this project.  The site is starting to gain some traction, gain rankings, and even make some sales!  We have lots of plans for the future and will be sharing all the details along the way.

If you have anything you would like to add to the discussion, leave a comment below!

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By Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws is the founder of After getting a degree in Business Finance from BYU (2002) and an MBA from ASU (2007) he worked for 8 years in Business Banking and Finance at both Merril Lynch and Wells Fargo Bank.

While consulting with other small business owners as a business banker, Spencer finally had the desire to start his own business. He successfully built a portfolio of niche sites using SEO and online marketing that allowed him to quit his job in 2011. Since then he's been involved in dozens of online business ventures including: creating and exiting Long Tail Pro, running an Amazon FBA business for over 3 years and selling that business, founding, and co-founding You can learn more about Spencer here.

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Hazli Khalim

Wow! Simply wow! PBN links and link purchase is the way to go now. It’s pricey, but worth it. Plus, you’ll get ROI faster once you start ranking, which is the main objective. To make sales. =)


Totally agree. Thanks Hazli 🙂

Stew @ NinjaGorilla

Well done Perrin – great to see the rankings moving and the sales coming in!

Like it or not, PBNs are the way to rank at the moment. They take time, yes, but so does searching for 100s of weak blog comment links.

I also do not believe the cost should be restrictive. – you can purchase domains fairly cheap and hosting for $1 per month. My small PBN of 8 sites cost me $40 in domain names and $15 per month in hosting. Its difficult I know, put sometimes you have to “speculate to accumulate”.


That’s a really good point. A big part of SEO is always going to be deciding how to best spend your time.

Christoffer riis Jensen

That is really really impressive. Congrats Perrin!
Also a congrats to you Spencer as this shows your status as a guru in this field!!

Spencer Haws

I really don’t like being called a “guru”, just sharing what works for me. Thanks!

Sheyi |

Glad to read your niche site is making money already. I will prefer you shoulda hire someone to write your content but since you got time on your sleeves, keep up at it.

With little tweaks, you should rank for your main keyword in next few days. More outbound links, more articles etc.


Hi Perrin,
Congrats on your progress 🙂
As i can see at your website you have placed adsense ads? How easy was to get approved from adsense? What did you do? Any trick? 🙂 Let me know, that would help me. Keep on the good work.

Spencer Haws

There is no adsense on the site, you are just seeing an Amazon banner.

Jason @ Automation Hero

So you really think 3-5 outbound links per page is a good amount? I would assume that would be too many and would stick to 1-2. But I guess if the results have been as drastic as you have explained then that is the better way to go!


Hey Jason 🙂

This is something I don’t know much about, so I just took Spencer’s recommendation. And the results were definitely drastic — ha. We rose from 500+ to 96 in about 6 hours.

Not sure if this is THE best practice for all sites, but it definitely worked for ours 🙂


Or, at least it dug us out of the 500+ hole.


Great Job! Perrin,

As I am building my bike stand site following by what I learned from Spencer’s knife site, it is good to see your site is making some sales already.

I used Layered Links on my bike stand site before, altho the result wasn’t so good. But I finally made my first bike stand sale yesterday from Amazon!

I def going to try the PBN you are using for your shaver site. And I def feel like I need to injet some colors into my bike stand site to make to more colorful…..

Anyways, great post! Spencer and awesome job again Perrin, I will keep following your progress 🙂


Nice man! The first relevant sale is pretty exciting. 🙂


Very interesting that 3-5 outbound links ranked your sites up like that. Looks like I have a project for myself this week.

And for all the PBN haters, trading money for links is nothing new. It’s the same as paying a VA to build crappy Web 2.0s or to submit links to directories. And as Perrin mentioned, Spencer has been open about buying an SEO service before to build layered links.

If you want to link build cheaply, as usual you’ll have to invest more time instead by mining for expired domains.

Investing in a PBN is simply the fastest way to get authoritative links.

Allen L

Congratulations Spencer and Perrin! The ranking numbers are great! It wont be too long before you hit that first page! I am still mulling over the whole PBN strategy in my brain.

I am considering experimenting and setting a limit on the number of days I run without using an expired domain/PBN. Once I hit that mark I would utilize a single relevant expired domain name and see if that single step boosts my ranking.

Your thoughts?


I think that’s a solid strategy. It would really help you limit costs and measure the effectiveness of each domain. All things equal, it might take more time, but you may spend a bit less money, since you’ll only be using JUST enough PBN sites to rank.

Let us know how it goes!

Vladimir Bestic

What’s plugin you use for displaying reviews in widget? (picture + title + desc + star rating)


It’s built into the theme. Theme is called Splash. Another good one is SwagMag, which has the same functionality.

Allen L

For plugins you might check out:

WeReview – WordPress Review Site Builder
Rich Reviews
WP Customer Reviews



Love all the great content on Niche Pursuits…thanks Spencer!

Perrin – I checked out your site and it looks great! Congrats! It’s quite robust in terms of content already, which is impressive. I know you wrote the articles yourself, but how did you become so well-versed in all things razor-related?? Did you just cull tons of information from different sites and summarize whatever info you thought would most benefit the customer? And how did you come up with a rating for each razor? Was that a number you assigned based on what you read on other review sites?

Well, your site looks great and so is your writing style. Keep it up!



I just researched as I went. I’ve standardized my writing and research process at this point (I’m a professional writer by day). It goes something like this:

1. Google a topic
2. Click on 10 things that look relevant; start with very authoritative sources (wikipedia, authorities in the niche, etc)
3. Skim those for links to other good soruces and open a few more tabs
4. Go through your tabs and cut everything by the 5 most interesting/useful tabs
5. Read those in detail
6. Make a rough outline (I just write all the headers for the article — nothing fancy)
7. Start writing! I like to do as much from memory as possible, since it’s faster, and the writing ends up being much more engaging. You don’t want to just paraphrase stuff. You want to use what you’ve JUST learned over the last half-hour to write something unique.

There’s a lot more to it, but that’s my basic process. If you immerse yourself in the writing, you’ll become a micro-expert pretty quickly. You really have to learn about something to write well about it.

I was accidentally rambling about different types of shaving soaps the other day, and Spencer said, “Man, you really DO know a lot about shaving now!” Haha. So mostly, the knowledge is a byproduct of the writing itself. 🙂

Glenys @ Website Tips 4U

Excellent approach to writing content Perrin.
I find that if I write my headings & sub-headings first, as you have suggested, it reduces writer’s block and stimulates the thought processes at the same time. Then when I am doing my research it’s easier to jump to the relevant heading and jot some points down to be expanded on later.
A great list of tips.

And your site is looking very polished. I like the idea of including a teaser image with each of the Recent Reviews & Posts in the sidebar.

Great ranking progress!!


Thanks Glenys 🙂

It’s also about speed for me. I like to write in batches, so it’s really not uncommon for me to sit down on a Saturday morning and write 5,000 words.

That’s really, really hard to do unless you have a good process. 🙂


Great post, thanks for the tips! =)

About the $100 spent on a linkbuilding VA, where and how did you find the outsourced linkbuilde?



oDesk 🙂


Congratulations on the rankings jump! That’s awesome.

In the video, at about 12:15, you started talking about the tweaks you made to the site that caused it jump into the top 500. Spencer, this is the conversation I’ve always wanted you to have! Can you quickly share with us all the items in your audit of Perrin’s site? (or, maybe, make an entire post out of it)? I think for a lot of us newer folks who might be making mistakes that keep us from ranking at all, this would be *tremendously* helpful.

And Perrin, congratulations on getting natural searchers on your Amazon page! That’s fantastic.




Those tweaks are actually in THIS post. 🙂


Yes–those tweaks (changing to www, including outbound links, and removing links to/from your own pages) were very helpful. But what were the other on-page SEO items that Spencer checked for, that he didn’t mention, because you must have done them correctly? Not just the things that needed tweaking on your particular site, but a full list of things that would constitute a full audit—that would be very helpful.

Congratulations again on the rankings increase–that’s awesome.


He was referring to those same ones. We didn’t change anything else. Mostly, I think, it was adding good outbound links. 🙂


Ohhh gotcha. I’m not sure. I believe he was just cruising through looking for discrepancies, but I dunno.


What are you guys using to track your rank in Google?


Long Tail Pro 🙂


Thanks!!…wasn’t sure if you had a service that tracked it for you like Pat Flynn is using for his niche site…


Nathan, you can also try


So Perrin/Spencer,

The outreach strategy and the 100 or so low level links, were they worth the time? Or do you think you could have gotten your rankings with your 5 PBN links?

I really don’t want to do that kind of low level back linking (or pay someone to do it), if I can avoid it.


The base links are important for link diversity and to start engaging with the community.

However, in general, the best links are going to be guest posts and PBN links.

You could definitely save some money by building those first 100 links yourself.

The Point Blank SEO guide should give you endless possibilities:

Stew @ NinjaGorilla

Hi Perrin (just read this again).

What internal link changes do you make? I read that siloing a site can really improving rankings. I tried this on a very recent site and the near instant rankings were impressive.

There are lots of articles out there on the subject but if you have a good page link flow within your site (silos) + also linking out to relevant high authority sites then Google says “Hey, this site must be about razors…I’ll start ranking it for lots of razor related long tail keywords”. I think that’s how Google works 🙂

Spencer Haws

“Siloing” is just using WordPress categories. If you are using wordpress categories, you don’t have to worry about. I don’t think I’ve ever used the word “Silo” on my site – because it kinda takes care of itself. Perrin’s site is already set up that way because he used wordpress categories. You will see that his navigation bar at the top just links to the various categories – this is all that a “silo” is. Done.


I always look forward to Tuesdays because I know a Niche Site project article is due!

I am in the same 500+ hole with my website. I initially thought I had too many Amazon links, so removed most of the links to see if that makes a difference…so far not really. So am going to try some of the tweaks you mentioned and go from there!

Question: Is there a best practice standard of affiliate links per amount of words to use in an article?

Stew @ NinjaGorilla


I have done the following:

Homepage – 10 links per 1,000-1,500 words
Product pages – 3 links per 500 words

Plus, try to get a couple of post/pages in without links


Thanks Stew! Much appreciated 🙂


Oh man, you’re winning our race! :-/ 😀
Congrats to your first sales, Perrin, and to your rankings as well! Great to see this update! 🙂

I’m behind you with sales and rankings but this should help me get more motivated >:)

Good luck!


Thanks Jenda!

Let me know when you start catching up so I can hit the gas! 🙂


When ranking sites do they fluctuate (ex: from 30 to 40, then to 20) in ranking and end up higher at the end or does it steadily increase in rank?


(Correct me if I’m wrong, Spencer!)

A bit of a Google “dance” is typical. And the site is dancing around for a lot my keywords. For the primary article, which has gotten the majority of my attention, has risen more steadily. 🙂


Hey, Spencer—I have a question about rankings. I have a site that I made a few months ago and forgot about–I put up about ten pages, but didn’t build any backlinks or anything. I checked on it recently and it’s not ranking in the top 500. Is that a normal thing, or should it have sidled its way into the top 500 by now? I’m wondering if the site tripped some kind of penalty, or if there are certain keywords where you’re not going to rank in the top 500 unless you have some backlinks.

Stew @ NinjaGorilla


This could depend on a few things:

1) Is the site indexed (assuming so)
2) Title tag optimised for keyword and keyword in description?
3) Search volume of target keyword (lower volume keywords (<500) are often much easier to rank for quickly)

From what I have seen with my sites, for higher volume keywords you have to get the ball rolling with a few links.



Thank you, Stew! I appreciate the reply (and–that’s a relief!). Good luck with Ninja Gorilla—I’ll be sure to stop back!

Steve West

This is a great post, fantastic info!

I also haven’t used any outbound links, but of course it makes total sense, don’t know why I hadn’t done it! I will also spend some time putting some in.

Thanks for the tip 🙂



Spencer Haws

Take a look at Wikipedia for a good example great on-page optimization…they use lots of outbound and internal links. Wikipedia is a good example to follow.


The feeling of the first few dollars is always great! Good job, Perrin.

I know Spencer probably stress it enough already, but I want to personally vote for PBN. It’s the most effective way to move up ranking in Google as far as I know.

I am working hard on building my own PBN (so far in my 20 sites network, just bought another set of 5 sites from Jon Haver yesterday) and can’t tell enough how much benefit I had from my network.

Build PBN today. It’s the strongest base of your future kingdom online.

Keep up the great work, Perrin and Spencer! You rock!


Awesome! 20 sites is just the right size to rank nearly any site. 🙂

Mark Morphew

Hi Spencer/Perrin,

Just a quick questions about the authoritative outbound links, would you make these DoFollow or NoFollow?

I’m about to incorporate this to one of my niche sites


Mark Morphew

No worries, I took a look at the site send can see you are using dofollow links!


Awesome stuff! I know the feeling of making the first few sales in a niche site, it gives you that boost of energy :).

External linking to authority sites is a ranking factor as well as contextual internal linking, it helps rank internal pages.

Jye @ Full Volt

Are you not worried about publicly mentioned the PBN here?

I only ask because it only took me a few moments to find one of the sites in the network, 100% certain, and potentially another one.


and what happen if you find all the sites??
who cares bro¡¡¡


We discussed this a lot and looked at several possible solutions. In the end, we decided to let it ride and betting on the basic goodness of people. 🙂

Jye @ Full Volt

@Eric: I assume you didn’t really think much about what I meant.

@Perrin: It’s good to see it was a topic of discussion originally, and I do hope that is the case.

Stew @ NinjaGorilla


Fully agree with you. Some of these “private” networks are becoming very “public” as the interest in PBN is growing rapidly.

We should be taking care when it comes to PBN “security”. Besides giving away loads of niche ideas, a negative SEO campaign can be done easy and cheaply.


Spencer Haws

Nope, not worried. All the “networks” are separate from each other, so if you find one site, perhaps you can find other sites, but you can’t find our other networks, because they are all 100% separate. Different people on different networks.

Jye @ Full Volt

@Stew: Agreed.

@Spencer: That is good too hear.
I wasn’t looking for anything purposely or search further, so i wasn’t sure on just how separate the networks are.


yes PBN are a great way to go, i have several clients that buy links on my network and ive taken some sites to number 1 in a few weeks from 1 link…however i must state that for anyone setting up their own PBN, the cost isnt always cheap as there are a lot of people doing this now and the competition for high PR/PA links have skyrocketed unless you have systems and tools in place to scrape certain data like haydon does. he has developed a great formula but it is a time consuming one at that. simply put the links i h sell on my ezy rank site are mainly in the health /diy and hobby niche so it really depends what kind of site and what niche your building as to what kind of network you wish to establish but i do agree over time it can be cost effective despite being time consuming. mine has taken 4 months to totally set up with niche related articles/themes/separate hosting and so forth


Very good!!! I am glad that this community exists. Perrin – I would really like to show you the site I picked back up and used to follow along with you n Spencer. I would post it here, but i dont want to skew traffic #s.

In any event, great job and keep up the great work.


Email it to me!

You can use the contact for on my site 🙂




Aside from the links from the PBN, how much link building on your own have you done?

Jon Haver

Perrin, thanks for mentioning me. One thing that is important to note that you mentioned and I think may be missed is that expired domains/private blog network links are part of a broader promotion strategy for your site. Not a silver bullet you are relying on.

I find some people are hoping it alone will propel them to #1 rankings but even if it does for a short period of time it is not sustainable. However…powerful relevant links from expired domains are a great way to accelerate rankings.

Great update and seeing rankings/traffic/income already is a great sign!


Thanks man 🙂

I agree. Currently, PBN links are the centerpiece of my strategy, but it’s also being supplemented by guest posting (have two on their way!), blog commenting, etc.


Enjoyed the webinar, but here’s my main concern with Hayden’s PBR. Maybe someone can shed some light on it for me.

In the webinar, Hayden said that once the PBR goes mainstream (which if it’s of great value, it will), that’s when a PBR loses its steam and “expires”.

Granted, his criteria is much more strict and he’s got it down as good as anyone can get it (quality content, value, etc), but my main concern would be getting penalized later down the line.

Can we get some dialogue on this from Spencer/Perrin/Hayden?

I’m all about quality, and while this can work while focusing on other link building and content, I’d really like to get an idea as to how and if it could potentially hurt me based on what we know.

Thanks amigos!


I meant PBN – too much fun this weekend.


A few of the really smart things Hayden does with RankHero is to (1) isolate the networks from each other, (2) limit the seats to 50 people, and (3) use good editors to moderate incoming content.

What’s that mean? Even if one network goes down, it shouldn’t affect the others, and each site should stand up to a manual review. And really, just looking at the sites after I posted my content on RankHero, they’re very high-quality blogs.

Also, limiting the seats to 50 people per network limits everyone from juping on the bandwagon and blowing it up.

So, after rambling, here’s my 2 cents. I’ve still started to build by own network (2 domains so far, content written, still figuring out hosting). In the meantime, it was a great way to keep my site growing, and I’ll probably still use it if a site ever needs quit injection of link juice. 🙂




Makes sense, Perrin. Thanks.

So basically if you want to be smart about it, just like @Jon Haver said, make it “part” of your overall LB strategy, but don’t focus mainly on it.


No prob. 🙂

And it depends, really. Guys like myself, Jon and Spencer tend to prefer diversified linkbuilding strategies, but Hayden, for example, *only* uses PBN links. It really depends on how much you want to invest in your network and protect your sites (both your PBN and your money sites) to make them long-term assets, I think.

Spencer Haws

Our network is much higher quality than others out there, that’s why we mentioned this. We are staying ahead of the curve as best we can to make the sites provide value – google likes that. In addition, there are multiple “networks” in the service, so if something bad happens to one site, its completely separate from other networks. Hope that helps shed some light on how it works.


Hi Spencer, Was interested in purchasing RankHero however had a few questions

1. Are the links from the home page of the blog
2. Would the monthly credits carry over if not used in a specific month?

Apologize if this has been covered. Thanks.

Spencer Haws

1. Yes – stay on homepage for about a month.
2. Yes


Thanks for the response Spencer.

So if the posts are pushed off the home page after a month would that not take away the high link juice that the link was passing by being on the high PA homepage?

Also how many domain can I build back links to?


Hello Spencer, Your feedback on the questions above would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Spencer Haws

Yes, the PA would be lower once the link goes off the homepage, but still beneficial. You can link to unlimited domains.


How fantastic, congrats on your first sales! Are the PBN links you’re talking about the same as the service with the monthly payment that was discussed in the Webinar, or is what you’re doing a one-time cost?

Oh, and does the PBN keep getting bigger?

Thanks for any info.



Same network, but I’m only going to pay for one month for now. After seeing the site rise so quickly, I’m not sure it needs more than that, especially since I have a guest post or two on the way. 🙂

Spencer Haws

I allowed Perrin to essentially have one-months worth of links. So essentially it would be like him signing up for one month, then cancelling. The links are still 100% permanent, even if you cancel.

The networks don’t get bigger, but we do add additional networks.



Quick question on your link building strategy:

You are targeting 2 different keywords (one easier, and one tougher) on 2 different pages.

How did you split up the link building between the 2?
– 50/50?
– all to the easier one in hopes of bumping up your Domain Authority in the process?
– something else?

Thanks man, and keep grinding!


50/50 🙂

It’s worked out well so far. I’m currently #15 or so for my target keyword and #48 for my competitive keyword.


Perrin and Spencer
Could you make a video on how we can find and build PBN links?
I would like to learn all of the steps of doing this method:)



Neither Spencer nor I (definitely not me! lol) are experts in this field, but Hayden is!

There are tons of great videos here:



“NoHatMedia hasn’t created any events.” it says when i go to that link. Do you have another link that works?



Many people think that PBN is the only solution to rank in Google these days. However I found this is not the case. Solely relying on PBN link building is not a viable long term strategy. Yes you can make a quick buck by climbing up the top ranking. I have money sites ranking in no.1 spot in a few weeks using my own PBN. Post penguin, some of these sites started to tank. Heck, I have been pointing 50 high authority expired domains to my money sites and some sites are still unranked. It started to get more and more expensive for me to maintain due to myself buying new domains and setup new PBN. Yes, PBN is the strongest link you can get in terms of link juices to propel your rankings, but they only add as a support to your backlink profile. Start focusing on providing quality content first before thinking about acquiring these expensive links. If your website content sucks, your site will still fail even if you have high authoritative link profile.


Spencer, I love that you continue to show real numbers and help people with these niche websites, and don’t worry about the competition or those who would try to rip off your idea.

Thanks and keep up the great work.


Hey, sweet blog! Congrats on the $20k last year!

Your income streams seem super diversified. Can I ask which of your eBooks brings in the most sales? I’m guessing it’s the big one?

Spencer Haws

Thanks Paula!

Rick Atkins

Another niche site, another success story…..looks like this shaving site is well on it’s way to providing a consistent stream of income.

Trevor E.

Just out of curiosity, how much weight in your rankings shift do you think was in result to the “www” redirect and why? If this is a factor, makes me wonder why WP defaults to the non “www” in url upon setup.

Spencer Haws

It was probably not a factor at all. You can rank sites either way. Going without the www is fine, I just always do it with; so we changed it. That’s all.


I don’t mean to sound dumb, but what do you mean about going in and changing stuff over to www. in your site?

Stew @ NinjaGorilla


In WordPress go to Setting>General, then change “WordPress Address (URL)” to www.

I think thats what it means.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for answering this, Stew 🙂

Trevor E.

Thanks Spencer, I hadn’t read anything about that being a big deal so I was wondering if there was any strategy behind it. Great stuff you guys are pumping out in the Niche Site Project – Thanks! Waiting on your next podcast! 🙂

Stew @ NinjaGorilla

Hi Spencer. Just managed to catch up on the webinar. Great content – you managed to add valuable information about PBN’s that I had not heard before (link injection, etc).

Keep up the great work!

Ryan Cote

Great progress Perrin, congrats. And great call on the authority outbound links. This is something I forget to do a lot too.


Looking good. But look how little you get from Amazon for all that hard work. Would it make more sense to make a drop shipping site?


I’d like to try that in the future, perhaps. However, I don’t know the first thing about drop shipping, and an affiliate site is much easier to set up.

Could be a fun project down the road, though!


Congrats on making your first sales!

A few suggestions;

– cloak your amazon links or give it a ‘nofollow’.
– take a look at your meta descriptions. If you improve them you can get a better CTR. Make them more catchy so people are curious about yuor website when its shows in the SERPS

Keep up the good work!


Thanks 🙂

To my knowledge, cloaking links is against Amazon’s ToS. I’ll look into changing them to nofollow, though. Thanks!

Spencer Haws

Great points yskan, I agree!


This looks like a great project. I have a one month old site (110,000 exact match searches) that ranks at the bottom of the first page of Google. I’m not good at link building but still managed to get the site some few backlinks. For the last few days I have been trying to outrank a weak niche site that ranks number two for the same keywords but haven’t been successful. The said niche site has only four not spectacular articles, less backlinks than mine and looks spamy.

Any idea why google is ranking that niche site so high while it looks less superior to mine?



What about the link bait? Is it still in the works?


Hey Garrick,

I’ll be updating you guys about this in the next post!

For a sneak peek, though, I created some link bait, and it helped me secure two guest posts in my top 10 target blogs. Not bad!



That’s cool! Keep up the good work


Great Post,

I have tried to sell few item on my site but i am not getting enough traffic . How you guys manage that ? Please tell me more how can i sell Amazon or CB content.


You’d have to create useful content then promote it to build links or have a private network of blogs closely related to your money site all with quality articles with contextual links.

Aim to create something helpful that’s related to the product you’re selling. In Perrin’s case he’s selling shaving razor’s, he can come up with a bunch of articles that talks about how to choose the right razor for your face or a list of razor’s that celebrities use, something in the same vertical.


Perrin and Spencer,

You mentioned ordering one month’s worth of RankHero, was this the 5 links or the 10 links that you split 50/50 with your 2 main keywords?

Spencer Haws

Perrin got 5 links, the rest are mine 🙂


Hello Gentlemen,

I and my group are following this project since its inception. Thank you for all the insights, tips and perspectives you have shared.
I hope you might clear up a couple of questions. First we found a kw that has “list” at the end of the phrase. It looks promising but want to be positive this modifier does not pose a problem.
Secondly, I have found for one of our kw searches only 7 websites in the top 10 in google (the last three are missing). How should we interpret this? I hope you can shed light on these two questions. Many blessings.


Just after building this site I got 3 Page Rank. i did not do any backlinking and promotion. I also got lots of traffic. i wonder, how!

I think it was a blessing from God.

Julian Watesh inspired by your post. I will implement some of your methods to my sites. Great job

Denis Roussel

Perrie I noticed that your latest article ( has the “253” as the extension. For SEO benefits, you should change that to the article keyword. i’m sure it was a small detail forgotten on your end but just wanted to point it out. Good job by the way on the site.


This usually happens if the blog title is added after the body content, seen this issue several times with my own posts.


Good stuff. Hope you can get to the first page soon.! Good luck Perrin!


Hi guys,

I am sorry if its off-topic, but I really need some help.

I would have a question to Spencer and Perrin or any experienced webmaster who could help me here..

So I have created a well keyword researched website with amazon products. Everything was going perfect i have reached 22nd, 20th position for my keywords. My website is quite new and it was lunched on 21.10.2013. I have started only high quality link building campaign around the week after the creation and on 7th of November my website disappeared from SERPs completely.

I have done some research, however in most cases people were getting their rankings back after two weeks… My site is still indexed in Google after I type site:””. Also quite interesting fact is that on Webmaster Tools my ranking for 2 or 3 keywords are changing usually going higher one position every 3 days. However my impressions are still 0.

If someone could take a look and give me some advice would really appreciate it. Thanks!


that happened to me too, my site went from 17 to 59. i panicked but then life got in the way for a few weeks and when i checked again it came back and was sitting at 22 where its been ever since. i haven’t built any new links in over a month because Ive been busy but once it came back it continued to sit there and didn’t drop again. i think there’s a very fair chance your blog is simply doing the google dance and will return in a little bit. good luck,


hello , english is poor..i like the article..


Hi Spencer/Perrin,

First of all, big props to what you guys are doing and have done with NSP 2.0. I’m a fan for life and a big believer in this model.

I have a question re: Google SERP rankings for a new site. I’ve now published my initial content 7 days ago and have been slowly link building since then, but see absolutely no movement in the rankings. All the posts are indexed (site:xxxxx), but not ranking for their respective KWs (500+).

Do you have any idea as to what might be causing this?

I’ve optimized onpage, included internal and external links, etc. Do I just need to be patient and build more links? I am not sure what else to do! Thanks for your advice!!

Spencer Haws

This sounds pretty normal. Google has changed a bit now, and a new site may site at 500+ for a month or two. Be patient and keep doing what you are doing.


Thanks, Spencer for the words of advice. It really means a lot. I guess my anxiety came from seeing case studies like yours and Perrin’s and others where the sites started to rank within a week or two of launching.

Some of my secondary KWs have started to rank, and I will just keep trusting the process and go forward with content + link building for my 2 main KWs. I hope to share my success with you and your readers!

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