Preparing for Website Promotion: Niche Site Project Week 8!

By Spencer Haws |

As I look back, and realize that its been about 2 months since we started the 2nd Niche Site Project…I’m blown away!  Over the past 8 weeks, Perrin and I have covered so many different topics related to creating a niche website, including:

Now that the site is up and running, its time to start thinking about promoting the website and getting some traffic!  I’m going to briefly cover some of the ideas that we will be looking towards for promotion and link building.

As you may recall, I was attending PubCon most of last week.  (I wrote about about a couple of my experiences from PubCon here and here).  Because I was out of town, Perrin and I did not have a chance to do a formal coaching call last week…such is life.

However, we WERE able to discuss several important ideas via chat and email that I wanted to cover with you today.

Promotion and Building Links

Perrin’s last assignment was to start finding 10 or 15 authority blogs related to his niche, so that he can start making some connections.  He’s done this.  In fact, I believe he has already started doing some basic blog commenting on sites that are relevant!

For this project, we are going to take a 2 step approach to marketing the website.

Step 1 is going to involve some of the tried and true ways of getting links.  I could go through and list dozens of different ways that you can get the “general” types of links, but someone has already done that!  Jon Cooper over at has put together a huge list of link building strategies that covers just about any way you can get links to your site.

We are simply going to make our way down that list and start building some links.  We will likely outsource some of this (more on that in the future).

Link Building Course

In fact, when it comes to link building, Jon Cooper has always put together some great resources.  I got his Link Building course about a year ago, and I am constantly referring back to it.  I HIGHLY recommend that you get Jon’s complete link building course, if you’ve ever wondered how to get great links.

The course covers real life examples for email outreach to others, and goes in depth into all the link building strategies you will need to get great links to your sites.  In addition, there is a HUGE list of actual sites that you can go to and get links from right now.  This spreadsheet alone is probably worth the price of the course; I use it all the time.

Step 2 will involve more blog outreach and connecting with people in the industry.  To get started here, I’ve asked Perrin to set up social profiles (Twitter and Facebook) so that he can start gaining some social traction.  Then when we come up with our witty, funny, or super amazing link bait material (infographic, video, awesome article, or something) we will mention it to the movers and shakers in the industry that we have already contacted previously.

Hopefully, this small push from existing contacts will help the campaign gain speed and get more exposure, links, and traffic.

I wrote a bit about creating a link bait campaign just a couple of days ago in my article about Paying for Links vs. Paying for Content.

So, even though we didn’t have a call, we did a lot of planning.  This should give you a good idea of where we are in the promotion process, and hopefully gives you some good ideas of how to start promoting your own niche site!

Our call next week will include more details on step 1, building a base layer of links.

Perrin’s Week 8 Write-Up

The following was written by Perrin…

Eight weeks down! Eighteen to go. Right? Something like that. And this week was really fun. It was the week of the big reveal. I was pretty nervous for you guys to see the site, but it went great! Everyone seemed to think the work was passable, and there were a lot of great suggestions and constructive criticism, which I really appreciated.

So, what did I do this week?

I finally had a little breathing room on the writing side, but there was still a lot of work to be done. My biggest time commitment by far, though, was changing all my links to affiliate links. When we were signing up for an Amazon account, we ran into a problem: I live in a state in which Amazon Associates doesn’t operate (due to some crazy tax laws or something). So we had to figure out a work-around, which took some time.

In the meantime, of course, I couldn’t just stop the presses. I was still producing lots and lots of content, and all of that content had to include Amazon links. So, during the writing, I just included regular old Amazon links. After figuring out a solution, we finally got an Amazon Associate’s account approved. Which is great!

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I had to go through and change every single link by hand. I tried about half a dozen plugins, desperately looking for something that would change all the links automatically. Nothing worked. So for all you entrepreneurs out there, there’s probably a market for a working plugin that does this!

Eventually, I felt like I was wasting too much time and changed them all by hand with the help of the EasyAzon plugin. And it took hours. Lol. It was so awful. But I got it done!

I discovered a few great biological productivity hacks along the way…

I also made a few discoveries that helped a bunch. It has absolutely nothing to do with SEO, but they really awesome nonetheless, and they have given me a major productivity boost, especially in the morning. Here’s what I’ve been doing:

·         The Insanity workout (crazy and brutal but super fun)

·         Paleo (awesome nutrition plan that has tons and tons of benefits; plus, I get to eat a lot!))

·         Bulletproof coffee (Look it up; it sounds so weird, but the mental boost you get is insane. And it’s tasty! You don’t need to buy the brand – I just make my own)

·         Closing the computer and getting good sleep!

SEO is computer-based work. It’s so easy to hole ourselves up in the office and never move, eating Doritos and drinking Mountain Dew. Over the last few months, making major changes to how I eat and exercise has had a massive impact on the speed and quality of my work. The best parts are (1) the overall clarity of thought and feeling of well-being, (2) better moods, and (3) the crazy energy boost from bulletproof coffee.

Did you know some of the best professional gamers have workout routines and diets specifically designed to cultivate brain activity? It’s true, I learned that from Jonathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel himself – probably the most prolific gamer of all time.

I think Spencer will tell you the same thing. You may not know this, but he just completed a marathon (go Spencer!). He’s pretty passionate about running, so he knows what it means to be fit. Wellness is important, and it can have major positive impacts on all areas of your life – even (or especially) SEO!

Next on the agenda…

Up next is link-building. This should be super fun, since I have no idea what I’m doing – ha. Really, building links is totally uncharted water for me. I’ve only tried it once or twice, and I’ve only seen mediocre results. I’m stoked to learn from Spencer here. So far, we’ve been talking basic strategy, and I’ve been hunting around for a few blogs in my niche. There’s definitely a lot to learn, and a lot to do!

My question to you guys:

How do you try to stay fit? How does it affect your work?

Til next time!

Your Thoughts

Perrin is right!  Having some sort of physical exercise is critical to not only staying healthy, but also staying sane.  My exercise of choice is usually running…and I did indeed run a full Marathon just a few weeks ago. (In a time of 3:32:29 in case anyone is wondering).

Overall, hopefully this post has given you a nice update where we are, and what some of our promotion plans are for the website.  Perrin and I are doing some early preparations like getting to know the blogs and people that are important in the niche, and also thinking about a larger link bait type campaign.   You can of course do the same for your own niche.

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts or comments on the subject.  Perrin and I will both be around to join the discussion…thanks!

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By Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws is the founder of After getting a degree in Business Finance from BYU (2002) and an MBA from ASU (2007) he worked for 8 years in Business Banking and Finance at both Merril Lynch and Wells Fargo Bank.

While consulting with other small business owners as a business banker, Spencer finally had the desire to start his own business. He successfully built a portfolio of niche sites using SEO and online marketing that allowed him to quit his job in 2011. Since then he's been involved in dozens of online business ventures including: creating and exiting Long Tail Pro, running an Amazon FBA business for over 3 years and selling that business, founding, and co-founding You can learn more about Spencer here.

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Donald W

I am very excited to see how your link building campaign turns out! This is something you can get quite creative with and it will be interesting to see what methods you use!
Personally, I have found that not staying up all night long working on sites benefits me more than stay up does because with good rest comes good productivity! I still don’t eat right but hey the sleep thing is a start

Good luck and keep up the awesome work!


Totally. It’s hard, isn’t it?

I almost had to train myself to go to sleep because if I wasn’t actually working on my site, I’d be thinking about it, which would keep me up! Ha.

The Insanity workout helps get me to sleep, tool, though. That stuff wears you out, man. 🙂

Shane @

I’m right there with ya bud.

It’s easy to lose sleep over a big project, especially when you’re excited about it.

While sleeping, I’ve actually found myself dreaming of working on some of my more interesting projects. lol

Anyways, sites looking great! Keep it up!

Josh Escusa

Lack of sleep has actually been killing me as well. I know everyone says that you’re more productive when you get good sleep, but I find myself getting more stuff done late at night and I don’t want to lose that. Eventually after about 4-5 days in a row of that, my body ends up crashing and I start to see the negative effects.

I tried doing insanity once, but I only got through 3 weeks of it. To keep myself from becoming a slob, I do Mixed martial arts. For the past year or so, it’s been limited to home workouts though because I’ve been a little low on time, but starting next year i’ll be picking it up again.


yeah¡¡ i like to work late too, the product that i use is NRG from herbalife works very well, also i work out with the 90 days from kris from bodybuilding, and some times with DTP that is very hard but get results like crazy.
For the recovering hours i use my secret suplement, a mix of green tea and a mix of juice, 🙂 it is a secret that simulate that your body got sleep, it the same that uses jef from playboy in the 80 when he sleep only 2 hours a day, but i am not crazy i only sleep 4 hours a day 🙂

Michael Chibuzor

Promoting the niche site is the most important thing after keyword research. I believe you’ll do a lot better at link building if you start compiling a list of best electric razors.

You could also write a long list of top most handsome celebrities with smooth shaves. Something like that!

You’re doing great Perrin and I’m happy for you. Thank you Spencer for making this challenge public.


Thanks for the update Perrin & Spencer. Looking forward to seeing your traffic stats as you implement your link building strategy.
Are you seeing any sign of visitors yet? I would imagine it is too soon, other than the traffic that would be coming from your interested followers here.



….but it was mostly you guys — ha. We’ve only had a couple organic searches so far. 🙂

Spencer Haws

Most of the traffic is definitely from the followers here, we’ll give it a week or so and hopefully start seeing some natural traffic.

Enstine Muki

Hi Spencer,
Life is a series of events, taking us to and from areas unplanned 😉

Whatever the case, you guys are still together trying to put things up. While I’ll be checking out Cooper’s link building course, I’m excited to see the result of your link building campaign.

Spencer Haws

Thanks Enstine!


I’m curious, what is the process for getting Amazon working while living in a state that they do not allow. I live in Missouri, and they just recently shut us down, which was unfortunate because I was just starting to have $500+ months.

I would love to hear a solution for this, if you could elaborate?


Spencer Haws

I opened a new Associates account under one of my business entities and am allowing Perrin to use it. Its not a solution everyone can use, unless they form a business entity in a state approved by Amazon and open the account under that. Another solution would be to use skimlinks: . Skimlinks is an affiliate of Amazon and pays you a kickback for generating sales.


Skimlinks same as Viglink won’t pay out Amazon affiliate commissions to people living in banned states anymore. They send out emails to affiliates a few months ago.

Somesh (

Perrin, what was your workaround for the Amazon problem. I’m sure there are others who would like the answer.

Spencer, thanks for the linkbuilding link. Great stuff there.


i have the same problem i am from latin america, i have a payoneer account vitual US bank account, but i can´t get paid, i put my real direction like in the card, how can i solve that??

Spencer Haws

See my response to Chad.

Martin Smith

Well done Perrin and Spencer, it looks like thinks are going well. I’ve been looking forward to this stage of the project – it’s the part that I have the most to learn from.

I was surprised to see that there was no affiliate ID in your Amazon links when I took a look around your site (good job on that by the way). Did you try this plugin before rewriting all your links? I haven’t used it myself, but on first inspection it looks like it would do the job:

Also, will you be using a plugin to “globalize” your Amazon links? I have had some success out of Amazon UK in the past.

Paul Hill

Marathons and Bulletproof Coffee…Everyone is turning in to Pat Flynn 😉

Nice work on the Marathon Spencer – 3:32:29 is a great time. Really well done! I go to the gym every morning before work and have been doing a lot of rowing lately. The 10 minute sauna afterwards is great for planning out my day and coming up with new ideas.

Best of luck with the website and and the training Perrin…learning to relax is tough but if you don’t find a way to shut down it really will lead to Insanity and Shaun T will be nowhere in sight 🙂

Spencer Haws

Thanks Paul! And for the record, I’ve been running for several years…MUCH longer than Pat Flynn ;). So, I think he’s copying me!


AND I found out about bulletproof coffee from Bulletproof Executive (pretty cool site). I love you Pat, but I’m my own person! 🙂


I don’t know how you brewed that Bulletproof coffee, but I can guarantee that using a french press or pour over cone will make it even better!


Big time. I switched to French Press years ago and never looked back. 🙂



I was so happy (this sounds totally mean, doesn’t it?) to read that you live in one of Amazon’s “banned” states too and I’m thrilled that you found a workaround.

Do you mind sharing your workaround with us?
Please don’t say you just moved into another state 😉



Spencer outlined this in his response to Chad (above).

Basically, he created a new ID through his business entity. Obviously not everyone can use Spencer’s business.

However, you CAN file an LLC in a state of your choosing to create your own.

If you live in Illinois, things may be looking up. Paul (a NP commenter) emailed this to me today 🙂


That is great news for Illinois and I hope it’ll rub off on other states. I’m in NC, but was thinking about forming an LLC in SC to get back on Amazon’s affiliate program.

Thanks Perrin for your great documentation of the process. You’re an awesome student and we all learn a lot thanks to your thorough notes and great questions to Spencer.


Thank you!


Looking forward to hearing about llink-building strategies and their results. This has been my greatest struggle so far.


Spencer and Perrin,

It is awesome you guys take fitness seriously. Important for everyone but especially those of us sitting and typing away.

I’m in week 7 of the new T25 program. Good for old guys like me (56) and anyone that is pressured for time.

Don’t know about that buttered coffee, though. – Landon

Spencer Haws

Great to hear that you are 7 weeks into your workout program…keep it up…definitely important!


Nice! I was thinking of doing T25 after I finish Insanity — just to maintain.

Do you like it?


Yes, I really enjoy it. Shaun T. is really good at getting you going.


Perrin, thanks for the bulletproof tip. I would love to hear about the Amazon workaround because of my state’s issues. Thanks, Cooper.

Josh Escusa

As far as switching links goes, if you tag the urls, then I believe you can use the “search and replace” plugin to find the urls and replace them with the new links.

This will likely work best if you are using the same affiliate link/product over and over. If you’ve got tons of different links that only appear one or two times each, then you’re kinda screwed.

I’ve used it before to transfer sites that I sold to new buyers. It worked like a charm and I was able to to a mass switch of affiliate links for them.

Hope that helps!


Wish I knew that before! lol


Hey, Spencer and Perrin–

Perrin, glad to see the site’s coming along, and Spencer, congratulations on your marathon! I don’t how much your readers know about marathon times, but the 3:30 neighborhood is LEGIT.

Someone above mentioned traffic to Perrin’s site, and I’m wondering—Spencer, do your new sites pop in and out of the top 500 results for the first month or two? It seems like in your first niche site project, the survival knife site didn’t bounce around too much. Is it common for sites that will eventually do well to fluctuate in ranking?

Jeff Coleman

This project you’re sharing is great, thanks for the updates and strategy tips.


I am with you about working out. I’m going through my second round of Insanity.

I’ve been more focused, productive and sleep better. Top that off with losing 20 lbs and dropping blood presure down to health levels.

It’s amazing what 30-60min of working out can do for you topped with eating better.

I’d be interested in an alterntive way other then skimlinks as well. I currently live in Nashville but if I ever moved back home to Minneapolis Minnesota Amazon droped all their affliates in the past also.

Would suck to build up a bunch of Amazon niche sites then have to move home and loose it all.

Thanks for all you guys do it’s keeping me moving and building my niche site. I may not be writting as much but I’m not far behind!


Nice! Do you follow Shaun T on facebook? Dude brightens my day every day!


Sure do him and Scott are great guys. You see the recent video of him doing 300 power jumps in 3 minutes? I think I maxed out at like 50-60 in 1 minutues during the very last fit test of round 1 and procceded to die.


Hey Perrin, great write up. I agree with you that it is very important to stay healthy as your body operates a lot better this way. I still hit the gym 3-4 times a week, and run when my knee is not giving me issues. The days I miss the gym are usually the days I feel more lackadaisical. Most of my days are spent in front of a computer (9 hours at least!).

I have a question in regards to the Amazon tax deal. I am currently in CA where Amazon affiliates are allowed, however I am relocating to my home state of NC within a week. NC is also a state that will not allow for the Amazon affiliate program due to tax laws. So how did you find a way around doing this? I would be very interested to know!

Thank you in advance for your time.

PS – Thank you Spencer for the link building tips and course. I plan to invest in that once I settle back in NC.


We covered this in the comments above I believe 🙂


Perrin – Thanks for the reply. I guess I should have looked at all of the comments! That was one of my idea’s as well.

Kind Regards,



Sure thing. Best of luck! 🙂


You said you spend hours changing the amazon affiliate links why?

I am using the same plugin (easy azon) and I though you can easily change the Id and it will automatically update all your links?



I didn’t use it at FIRST 🙁

So the original links were just regular old links.


Spencer, thanks for the link to the link building strategies list. Great resource!

I’ve been following this project since the start and it’s been super helpful for my own niche site endeavors. I started my own niche site around the same time. I’m currently ranked #6 on Google for my target keyword and traffic is growing everyday. I just added adsense to my site and today I finally made my first bit of income! (Ok, the amount is super small but I’m still pretty stoked about it).

Good luck with your site Perrin, it looks great. I’m already looking forward to next week’s update.


Nice man! Congrats on seeing a few positive integers after the ol’ dollar sign 🙂


Thanks for the coffe tip! Will give it a try using butter and coconut oil.

This resource is invaluable and I’m learning some great stuff!

Looking forward to the back link strategy.

Will you also focus on social media – i.e Facebook?


No probs!

Yep; we’ll definitely be leveraging social media.

Also, try putting a bit of cinnamon in that coffee 🙂


Im supper exited to see what the best and most effective link building strategy is or will be!


Michael Kawula

Great thoughts and a ton of windows open now.

For me a game changer working from home in front of the computer crazy hours was also the Paleo diet. I started the 21 Day Sugar Free and did it for 180 Days plus (60 strick no booze :()

Not only fit but mentally less peaks and valleys throughout the day. Constant energy and more focused.

Recommend it to anyone looking for more focus and to be healthy (sleep much better also).

Good Luck

Jye @ Full Volt

Nice work again guys, I’ll be keeping an eye on the SERP movements.
I’ll also +1 for Jon Coopers course, it’s an invaluable resource.


I really appreciate this nice site project and love what you guys are doing here!!! Keep up the good work.

And o boy thanks for the bulletproof coffee hint, let’s see how this will work out! xD


Thanks for the biological productivity hacks Perrin, and congrats on the marathon, Spencer…that’s an awesome time. Is that your PR?

Now that I’m focused on building an online business, I let my exercise and nutrition fall to the wayside. Shucks, I suppose Flamin Hot Cheetos and a Pepsi is not the proper way to fuel my late nights. Boo!

Spencer Haws

Yes, that is my PR. That was my 4th marathon…

Adam Finan

Linkbuilding is such an important part of the process and time consuming! I was in Bangkok recently and so many guys were into the Bulletproof coffee! Haven’t tried it yet but today might be the day. I’m all for Yoga to start the day and become focused..


Apart from the Amazon images, are you paying for the others? Or are you getting them from a free site? If so which one?

Phuong Le

A good niche for one may not be the same for another because it takes personal interest, passion and knowledge to sustain long-term. Best to consider your own scope of interest including hobbies and skills


A quick question:
I am building links from social networks, nad services like twellow and twittercounter. And I’ve yet to see any of them arrive at!

Whats the problem? The links are dofollow, hasn’t ahrefs found them yet? It’s been a couple of weeks…


Have you tried looking at Open Site Explorers social signal section? You have to be signed in, but you may be able to see them there.

Comments on blogs should be showing up, however, unless they were moderated out.


So, how did you actually go about finding bloggers in your niche? What were Spencer’s instructions, and what where Perrins challenges regarding this? I would love to know about these.
And, a big thumbs up to both for doing this project.


We’ll be covering this in the next video. 🙂


One more reason to look forward to it 🙂 Thank you.

SJ [email protected] Bad Habits

Thanks for a great update on how your new site is going. I find your process endlessly fascinating. I am using similar methods to build my new site, but I love to see how you are doing yours.

Keep up the good work, and keep keeping us informed! 🙂


Nice work guys. Ive used the same methods to create my Christmas movie site. Im nowhere near finished and work on it little by little when I have a chance. Oh yea and link building sucks lol wish it was as easy to press a button and bam your done. Anyways cant wait to see the next updates keep it coming!

Arbaz K

Thanks for the article.
I am working on some sites for the new years and I am going to get something from here and test it on my sites. Its the best time to test out something new and profit from it.
Thanks for the article and keep on publishing the updates 🙂


Thanks for outlining the strategy. I checked the rankings of Perrin’s and for Best Electric Shaver with Best Safety Razor are nowhere to be found. Site is indexed but not for targeted keywords. Is it normal at initial stage? I’ve the same problem with my new launched site (1w old) – site is completly indexed, but isn’t showing anywhere for targeted kws.


For Best Safety Razor is allready on position 116.


94 now!

It was actually 500+ until Spencer brilliantly pointed out a few things I was doing wrong (which we’ll cover in the next call I’m sure).


Lindsay Collins

I have a bag of Bulletproof Cofee here. I was super excited to try it. It made me puke to be honest. I couldn’t even finish the cup. I used MCT Oil and Unsalted Organic Butter.


Ha. Sorry you didn’t like it, but definitely feel free to send it my way! 🙂


I live in NC, a state where Amazon does not accept associates. I was looking into forming an LLC in Delaware or Nevada but was worried about providing a physical mailing address for the LLC. If I understand it correctly, I would need to pay a company who provides physical mailing addresses for a monthly (or one time) fee.

I thought about just picking an address out of Google in that state, since nothing that I’m aware of actually gets mailed by Amazon. But then the mailing address for tax documents would be wrong.

Am I over thinking this, or can someone comment on this scenario?

Spencer: You have found a very hot topic that you could expand on with this Nexus Law state deal 🙁



Were you able to figure anything out with this? The answers above seemed to be only able to say either use someone’s account other than your own, or create an LLC in a different state. Though I travel for work, I am about 3 hours from the state border here in Maine. I have tried to create a different way of generating income via Google Adsense (first click last week!) but don’t know if I will be able to actually generate anything from it.

Hope you had some luck and were able to get something going. Would appreciate a reply if you (or anyone else who reads this) could share anything that works.

Alex CS

Nice one! Looking forward to seeing how this develops.

By the way, how do you make your own bulletproof coffee?


Good luck Perrin! and to both of you 🙂 looking forward to you next post

Dev pandey


I just started with my blog site. I am also looking for the ways i can proceed with the traffic building process. I hope this gonna help me a lot..




Hey guys, I’m really enjoying this case study. Great job Spencer and Perrin! I didn’t read all of the comments, so someone else may have mentioned this, but to change Amazon affiliate Id’s you can just do a find and replace in PHPMyAdmin and there are some plugins for this too!

Spencer Haws

Great idea Emma!

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