November Income Report: 120-day Old Sites and Authority Site Earnings

By Spencer Haws |

I can hardly believe that it has been a full-month since I posted my most popular post on my blog ever; Income Report for 90-day old sites! That blog post totally took me by surprise as I was not expecting the response that it got at all.  As of right now, it has received 265 comments which is more than I have received on any other blog post.  Since there appears to be some interest here to see how these newer sites of mine are doing, I am going to post a 120 day report on these exact same sites.

As a reminder, I created 20 small niche websites in the month of August and so now these sites are all approximately 120 days old.   In addition, I am going to share the income report for my “Authority Site” which was also created created right around the same time.  You can read all my past posts on my authority site right here.

How I Created These Sites

In a nutshell, I used the processes that I discuss in great detail on the Niche Websites Hub to create these niche sites.  In particular, the most difficult and more important part of the process of building these niche sites was finding the right keywords.  Once you find the right keywords, its much easier to rank well in Google and to make money.  I used the software tool I created to make keyword research easier; Long Tail Pro.  Honestly, I don’t think I would have ever found as many great keywords as I did if I was not using Long Tail Pro.

I try not to over promote Long Tail Pro on my blog here, but the reality is that if you don’t get keyword research done properly, you will fail; and Long Tail Pro helps you to easily find, organize, and analyze keywords very quickly.   You can definitely use other keyword tools, but I and many others prefer Long Tail Pro because I built it specifically for niche website marketers – so I wanted to mention it since this is indeed how I found the keywords for the sites I built in this report.

120-day Old Sites Income Report

Below is a chart of the earnings of these sites that I created in August 2011.  In my last report, I ordered the sites 1 through 20 based on their October earnings.  I have kept the names of the sites the same: so “Site 1” on this report is the same website as “Site 1” on the last report.  However, they are now ordered by their November earnings, so you can see the changes in earnings, etc.  Overall, you can quickly compare the earnings from Oct. vs. Nov. as well as rankings.

As you can see, my top earning site from October was also my top earning site from November.  I saw a drop in earnings of about $31 is all for site 1.  Towards the end of the month, the site dropped in rank to around 15 or so, but appears to have bounced back (its been between 9 to 12 for the past few days).  As a reminder this top site was targeting one keyword that gets 14,800 exact match local US searches per month (which is the ranking listed above).  But the site is also ranking around 10th or 11th on Google for a much bigger keyword – which was unexpected.  This bigger keyword gets nearly 200k exact match local searches.  So a good deal of my traffic is coming from the unexpected bigger keyword.  In addition, I added about 20 articles to site 1 as I hope to build it into a bigger site.

Site 16, which earned $250.16 in November saw a big jump in earnings because of its increase in Google ranking.  It was only the last day or so in October that it started ranking #1 in Google, so even though you see its ranking as #1 for both months – only the month of November shows the true earnings for being at #1 in Google for the entire month.  In addition, this keyword is getting MUCH more searches than 3600 per month now as its becoming more popular.  I can’t go into too much more detail without giving away the niche, but I expect the keyword to at least get a base of 3600/mth for the long term, but will have spikes in a somewhat seasonal fashion from time to time.

Also, all of the rankings marked with an asterisk (*) in the month of October had just moved to those spots at the end of October.  So, you will see a big difference in earnings even though the sites were ranked the same on each month; its really because the sites were not ranking as well for most of October.

How Did I Get My Sites to Rank?

I did not do anything extraordinary to get my sites to rank well.  The most important thing I did to get my sites ranking so well, was to pick easy keywords to rank for.  Its all about the keyword research.  But I also did some link building, which I have discussed in detail in my Ultimate Link Building Guide for Niche Websites right here. In a nutshell, I distributed articles using 2 services: Unique Article Wizard and MyArticleNetwork.  I have started using Build My Rank as well, but I have not used it at all on these new niche sites.  I have only used Build My Rank on some of my older niche sites at this point.  These are all affiliate links, and of course I would be honored if you decided to purchase based on my recommendation.

This is the exact strategy that I used to build links to these sites, nothing more.

My Authority Site Project Earnings

Now I want to move onto the monthly earnings report for my Authority Site.  Last month, I reported the ranking of all 3 domains that I purchased for this project.  As you may recall, I actually built 3 sites all targeting the same keyword.  But I have only added additional content to 1 of them (the one earning the money).  This will probably be my last month to report on all 3 domains as I have clearly chosen the site that I am going to focus on at this point.  I may report in 6 months or so on the others, but I think just reporting on my “real” authority site is sufficient.

Rankings in Google:

Site 1 – 36

Site 2 – 27


NichePursuits Rating

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Site 3 – 14

Site 3 is the one I am building all the content on and has also been my highest earner of the 3.  Here is the earnings for the 3 domains for the month of November:

Site 1 – $5.78

Site 2 – $9.52

Site 3 – $118.98

I am VERY happy with the earnings that I am seeing on my new authority site!  Earning $118.98 is pretty good in my opinion considering that I am still only ranked 14 in Google for my primary keyword.  Here is a breakdown of the earnings over the past 3 months so you can see the growth at a glance:

September Earnings – $3.56

October Earnings – $20.55

November Earnings – $118.98

I can attribute the rise in earnings to the additional content that I have added to the site.  The site now has about 65 posts on it all targeting different keywords that receive around 200 to 1000 exact match searches per month.  I am starting to rank for a few of those keywords, which is where I am getting the majority of my traffic.  However, I do get a few visitors per day (2 or 3) for my primary keyword, which is a good sign actually because I am only ranking 14th.  Once I break onto the front page and hopefully top of the front page of Google, the search volume should increase significantly for this keyword.

My linkbuilding for my authority site has been pretty minimal this month.  I had my VA submit a couple of articles to MyArticleNetwork and UniqueArticleWizard, but that was it.  During December I am going to focus more on linkbuilding and getting my site to rank better.  Up until this point, I have been more concerned with getting quality content on my site.  Now that my site has some great content and has aged a few months, I feel a bit better about getting more aggressive with my link building.  So, we’ll see what happens this month!

Your Thoughts?

Overall, I am very happy with the earnings of my 120 day old sites and my authority site.  I want to mention as I did last month, that I usually don’t do quite this well with new sites, this is definitely an above average group of 20 sites.  However, this is really the results of my sites – so I’m sharing what the upside can be like.

I would be very interested in hearing your thoughts and questions in regards to my earnings report!  Did I miss some details that you are curious about?  Do you have any additional ideas that you would like to add or have discussed?  Let me know with a comment below!

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By Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws is the founder of After getting a degree in Business Finance from BYU (2002) and an MBA from ASU (2007) he worked for 8 years in Business Banking and Finance at both Merril Lynch and Wells Fargo Bank.

While consulting with other small business owners as a business banker, Spencer finally had the desire to start his own business. He successfully built a portfolio of niche sites using SEO and online marketing that allowed him to quit his job in 2011. Since then he's been involved in dozens of online business ventures including: creating and exiting Long Tail Pro, running an Amazon FBA business for over 3 years and selling that business, founding, and co-founding You can learn more about Spencer here.

Want to learn step-by-step how I built my Niche Site Empire up to a full-time income?

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You keep me inspired man! I’m using longtailpro and love it but finding those keywords is tough. Maybe I’m being too strict but everywhere I look I seem to be finding competing niche sites there already.


Thanks Ryan – glad you love using Long Tail Pro! Its possible that you are being too strict, I don’t know – but there are definitely lots of great keywords out there…


Hi Spencer,

Was anxiously waiting for this post! 🙂 Earnings give motivation but moreover there is so much knowledge in it as well.

Wishing you success !!


Thanks Akbar – best of luck with your own sites as well!


I totally agree. I was looking forward to this post as well. This type of information gives me the motivation to work on my niche sites and to linkbuild on them and learn more.

Andrew @ Social Web Q and A

Congrats on the earnings, and thanks for another detailed report! I’m starting to better understand the importance of good keyword research. It makes everything else so much easier!


Yep, keyword research is the most important step for sure.


Hi Spencer,
Thanks again for the great info’!

What do you think of this:
It looks to me you might be making about $1000 per month if you throw out site #1. So let’s say your making on the average $1000 per 20 sites you put out there.

What is you put out say 80 per month using VAs using your current strategies? Wouldn’t that give you at least an additional $4000/month?


Hey Dean – who says I haven’t already done this? 🙂 . I have built lots of sites (way more than 20) since I built these 120 day old sites. I also already have a full-time VA and other contract outsourcers that I use. This income report is only for those 120 day old sites. I have lots of additional sites as well.


Haha – yeah you have hundreds of sites that produce money. The ultimate dream job. At least for now. Haha. Making money on auto-pilot is great!

Bryan @

Very nice to see that you were able to not only keep that income consistent on these websites, but increase it by nearly $200. Great, great results!

I didn’t realize the power that UAW and MyArticleNetwork really have (since I’ve only ordered some blasts before – never done them myself). Looks like I might need to step things up a bit.

Can’t wait to see how your other newer niche sites do in the coming months, too. Congrats again on the increase in earnings!



Thanks Bryan – Yep, UAW and MAN make it much easier to quickly build lots of links to a lot of sites. Best of luck with your own sites!


I really need to get a list of 20 sites and blast it like you did. I think that’s the biggest problem is I’ll do one here or there. I need to set a plan and blast 20 of them out.


Browie, I agree that just getting some sites up and running is a great way to both learn and to start getting some earnings rolling in.


Yeah just start slow and work your way up. That is what I did. I procrastinated for years and the finally I just went crazy and worked like mad and now I have around 20 sites up and running.

Now all I have to do is focus on linkbuilding like crazy like Spencer has. However he has full time VA’s and “fancy software” that I don’t have the money to pay for. So I am learning and doing it the old school way with just a bit of software such as TheBestSpinner and LTP (because it is awesome).

Good luck.

Vic Dorfman

Sweet numbers, Spencer!

What’s your link building strategy going to be for your authority site? Do you intend to linkbuild to each individual page?

Good vibes~

Vic Dorfman

Also had one question re: MAN and UAW. If I use spun PLR articles that are basically off topic from the sites I’m linking to, will I still rank OK on average, or do you recommend writing topic-specific content to submit to UAW/MAN?


Yes, you can still rank well using off-topic PLR content. That is what I have done for most of the sites listed above. I used spun PLR content that was mostly off topic and submitted it to UAW and MAN.


Question – why are you using off-topic spun PLR articles and not taking your original articles and just spinning though instead? Is spinning the original articles on your site going to hurt it?

Like taking an original article from your niche site. Spinning and then using it for article marketing, social 2.0 sites, etc?

Even if its like 50% unique content?



Bad idea. You never want to take original, great quality, on page content and spin to submit to places like UAW or MAN. Plr content is dirt cheap, there is no reason to use the good stuff.


Hey Matt –

Thanks for the input. My original content was expensive. I’ll take the route of PLR cheap content and spin it and use it for my 2.0 sites and article directories.



I would take the Plr, dump it into TBS, do an automated spin (not aggressive) and then upload to MAN and UAW. Call it a day. You are only looking for a link from those networks, not traffic. Just remember to spin the anchor or hou’ll get too much of the same anchor.

Save original content for on-page first, BMR second.


Okay – this sounds easy enough.

Now as for the anchor text. Should I use the keyword within the anchor once and then a random anchor text link?

I am sure this is probably answered in one of Spencers other posts but I forget.

If I don’t see an answer here I’ll try and find that video Spencer made.


Read the “Anchor Text Variation” section of my post here:


I like the way Spencer has multiple articles each with different anchor text and linking sites.

I do mine slightly differernt. I only use 1 article, but spin the anchor with syntax. For MAN – it would look something like this: {Exact Keyword~ love this exact keyword}. Sometimes I only have 1 link per post.

Don’t have 2 links to the same site in one post, from what I have noticed – G picks the link that comes first in the code.

Either way works great, I just try to limit the number of articles I have to post….






Yes, I am starting to build links to the individual pages of the authority site – I will continue to do that for any new content that is added.

Kent @ Make Extra Money Online

This is what I do too. I do social bookmarking for each new post. Now, I am using UAW, but only distribute 1 or 5 posts a day. Google will find and index them slowly which is nice!

When I have time, I could even build the 3 tier links back to those UAW posts. =)

Some of my inner posts are in PR2 or 3, kind of amazing!


Can you mark the sites that are exact match domain? And the ones that are exact match plus (


Spencer –

Awesome results as always and thanks for sharing. For niche research, do you pay attention to keywords that have extremely high number of gov or edu links? Do they play any role in your decisions to go/not-go for a keyword assuming all the other factors are good?



I don’t look too intensely at this. More important are the links coming to the actual ranking page. So, I look at the # of links coming to the page. However, if the page you are trying to beat has .edu and .gov links – this would definitely be harder to beat.


Very inspiring post Spencer! I’m in the process of putting up 10 new niche sites this month… If I get results anywhere NEAR what you have posted above after 90-120 days I will be thrilled!


Awesome! Best of luck Matthew!


Hey Spencer –

Again these are some amazing results. Now if only my niche sites could perform like yours I’d be jumping for joy! Thanks again for the wonderful post!


Thanks Michael…best of luck!


Good solid earnings-do you have staff working for you also (I see a reference to a VA).

Building 20 sites and promoting them in a short space of time is easier said than done..


I use a full-time VA to set up my sites, add content and do link building. I also outsource all of the content creation to or authors on Elance. It definitely takes having a system in place to built that many sites in a month.

Clint Wilde


Great job and thanks so much for posting your results and how you did it! very motivating and helpful.

Go Cougars!


Thanks Clint – best of luck with your own sites! Cougars looked good over the weekend!


Thanks for sharing Spencer.

It seems that cranking out lots of sites is necessary, in order to find 1 or 2 winners that will make some real money.

Almost half of the income you got last month was from 1 site.

I have found the same thing with my sites. I have 1 site that makes more than 30 others combined.

I now realize that some niches get more clicks than others, even with the same theme and adsense ad positions.

The 1 site that gets more clicks than others is in the training / ecudation niche for health care field.


Very true Tom! Some sites just do better than others, even though you might rank the same, they look the same, and get the same search volumes and have the same CPC. Some keywords just get more clicks depending on the state of mind of the visitors.

Also, I have 6 sites that made over $100 in the month, so yes its lopsided to the top 1 site, but there are lots of other great sites there as well. Its definitely a numbers game as I have written about in the past.


Great job Spencer, keep up the hard work.

I can’t wait to hear more about your progress with your authority site as I am sure that is going to be a big time earner in the near future.


Thanks Adam…I hope so!


Inspiring results Spencer!, thanks for sharing with us!.

Let me ask you a question please.

I have been following your guidelines for creating niche websites, in fact, I have developed one that was published on November 16th, main keyword has only 1600 searches a month, CPC > $1. I started doing linkbuilding (UAW and some social bookmarking), it was incredible for me to discover that today this site hit page one on Google, position number 10 to be specific.

Although the site is on the first page of Google, due to the low monthly searches for its main keyword, it hasn’t received any visits yet.

My question is, how do you exactly measure a website’s potential? should I start adding more content right now to my site? or should I wait to see if it keeps climbing in the SERPs and add more content after it reaches position 1-3 and starts making money?

Thanks so much Spencer!


Once a site is created, I measure its potential by the earnings its receiving. If you are not getting any visitors at all and your are on the first page of google, that’s not a real good sign. However, maybe everyone is clicking on the top 3 results. Give it 90 days of linkbuilding to see if its moves up at all.

The Controls Freak

Daniel, just a quick thought… What are you using to see that you are on the first page?

Some people haven’t realized exactly how smart Google is now-a-days and will place websites and pages in different spots if you are just Googling your search terms.

I don’t have any fancy software at the moment, but I use Google Webmaster Tools to give me a good idea of where I am placing at, both for my individual pages and for each search term. It is good to see how many impressions I get vs. how many clicks.


@ the control freak, your correct if you do a search off your PC and are logged into any google app that will effect your serps results over time.

Indeed manual serps hunting through goolge is going to give false results.

Either use scroggle or something like the rnak tracker in market samuri to get a good idea of your serps.

There are many otehr serps checkers out tehre which dont relly on your PC to do the checking.

So if @daniel is doing that he could be getting a false positive. Also ofcourse google do give new sites a bit of a boost to help out when they are young. 90 days is the timeframe to really see where your at.



I use several methods to check my rankings and to avoid personalized results.

Method 1: use
Method 2: normal search on Google, then add &pws=0 to the end of the url to turn personalization off.
Method 3: software (rank tracker)

Best Regards!


Thanks Daniel!


Hi Spencer

Great work and lots of usefull information. A few questions if i may

1) Which adsense layout (as per your other post) are you using to gain the $118 per month? I realise its not just the layout but curious.

2) have you been able to determine why this one won out of the 3 of them is it to do with the domain name structure? as in EMD + prefix or suffix or something completely different.

3) with your link building strategy how many links does that generate back to your site in the 1st 30 days, 60 and 90 days? if feels as if it could be a torrent of links?

4) you appear (apologise if im reading this wrong) to not be concerned with diversity of link types? Or do you add more diverse links later on ina roll out?

Thanks for your time and insights. It provides a huge boost to many peoples motivation to see you doing well.



Hey Steve…thanks!
1. I am using layout #2 as shown here:
2. I don’t think it has anything to do with the domain names, and I never suspected that domain name structure would cause any difference. I believe it just has more to do with unknown factors such as how Google reads the quality of the site, keyword density, overall text on the site, and other things difficult to detect. Im sure if I built more links and added more content these other domains could perform just as well. I’ve just picked the one that was peforming the best early on and went with it.
3. Not a lot, because many of them are not indexed well. For example, my top earning site listed above (site 1) has 42 links according to Open Site Explorer.
4. I’m not real concerned with that. Perhaps with my authority site I will get links from different types of sites. But the reality is that I will naturally get lots of other links that will round out the link structure.


Hi Spencer,

Thanks for taking the time to reply. You must be swampped every time you do one of these post.

Thanks for the insights.

Link diversity concerns me. I have this gut feeling that with the keyword niches your in the comp is low enough for some factors to not be an issue.

It interesting your take on the one that works and that if you built more links to the ones that didnot you believe they would do well.



Dang, site 16 really improved. Good to see they’re all earning some kind of money.

Few questions:

1.) Any idea on the total cost for this project?
2.) Do all of these sites have the same theme?
3.) Do you see any of these sites becoming authority sites, and developing them further?


1. Total cost: around $1500 to $2000. I’ve already doubled my money easy.
2. No. All different themes.
3. Perhaps Site 1.


Crap I think I should change up some of my themes then. I put them all on the same theme with custom graphics.


You have done it again, Spencer!

Your report is the monthly steroid patch for us… keeps us
I have used the UAW submission service for one of
my site and it is now ranking #3 for the main KW after few weeks! definitely it works!

BTW, I asked this before… where do you get all the images for your post?
Do you have membership for all those stock photo sites, for
unlimited downloads?..which one?


Great Guatam – glad to see that UAW is working for you. There are lots of free images that can be used. Google search: royalty free images for a good start.

A newbie marketer

I follow your stuff religously. Infact I’m a fanatic of nichepursuits. There’s not many bloggers out there that they’re content is so engrossing. Your on my top 5.

U da man



Thanks Nigel! Glad I could crack your top 5 man! Best of luck with your online business…

Casey Dennison

Another great month Spencer! You are right about this bunch of sites. 20 sites bringing in $2,000 a month..Good going! I was wondering yesterday about an update.


Thanks Spencer for such motivational post again!!!!

#1. Keyword research
#2. Original Content + Backlink Building Strategy = Ranking

To reply to the previous comment, I use clickbump ce5 + templates. I love them and got used to their system. I also use thesis.

You have to test what makes more $$, text or banner or both.

Usually a big block before the content or embeded and a skyscrapper on the sidebar.

Good Luck to all of you guys!


Fantastic post man. Love how you set up the same sites and showed how they progressed. Very helpful and extremely motivational. Thank you sincerely for all the information.


You’re welcome Allen!


Hey Spencer,

Another inspiring post! Good to see the income from the sites going up.

Loving the Long Tail Pro by the way – so much faster then all my other keyword tools! Though I’m now trying to take it easy and not go into the keyword research frenzy that got me into trouble with the big G last time. 🙂

One question which I believe somebody has asked you before: what kind of numbers in terms of competition do you expect to see when you’re deciding whether a keyword is a go or no go – I mean, are all/some of the sites in the list focused on the keywords that have a few 0 PR sites with less than 10 backlinks in the top 10? Or have you found that the link building method you use allows you to outrank PR 1-3 sites with a hundred back links to the ranking page?

Keep up the good job man. You’re an inspiration to many of us!



Yes, all the sites above have at least a couple of the top 10 competitors with no PR and less than 10 backlinks. Perhaps some of them have pageranks of 1 or so – the links to the page is the most important though.


Sorry this is a duplicate question on this thread but my other question got buried and I really need to know the answer as I am building site links for my niche sites tonight.


Question – why are you using off-topic spun PLR articles and not taking your original articles and just spinning those instead? Is spinning the original articles on your site going to hurt it?

Like taking an original article from your niche site. Spinning and then using it for article marketing, social 2.0 sites, etc?

Even if its like 50% unique content? According to the spinning software.



You can use on topic PLR content too 🙂 However, Matt nailed it. Never spin your own content and distribute it! Lots of reasons for this. 1. Your spun content might outrank your original site if the article directory you post it too is any good. (it happens). 2. Google still might see some duplicate content out there and could decide that yours is not the original (not likely, but possible). You want to keep your own site as fresh and as original as possible – don’t go spreading it everywhere.


Okay – thanks Spencer.

Good to know. I just did that technique for one of my 20 sites. I won’t do it again. But again at the same time I don’t think I’ll take down all that work I did. Took awhile to do. Didn’t distribute it to article directories though so it should be okay. Just did social 2.0 sites.

Thanks for the knowledge.

Time to get me some PLR articles to spin!


Thanks for another inspiring post Spencer. Sometimes I feel daunted with reports of your success and the dedication this business needs. But you rock man! And I’m stoked to be doing following in your heels. 🙂


Thanks Miggy!


Nice work Spencer! (like always)

This is some very inspiring stuff!

I started up 5 niche site following your guide and using LTP (of course) to find my keywords. Order some content for each site from Textbrokers (very impress with the quality of articles they provide) and just started backlinking with UAW last week.

Got another 5 more niche sites ready to build just waiting on content but I’m excited mannnn!

Hopefully I get some winners out of these niche site…shooting for 20 sites like you!

BTW do you only run 1 set of MAN & UAW blast for each site and leave it alone since you first started backlinking them? Or have you be occasionally send more blast to these sites through the 90 days?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Well, congrats again on your success Spencer!


Best of luck with the sites Dencha! I run 3 articles on MAN and UAW each. Then I essentially leave them alone for 90 days.


Thanks for the reply Spencer,

I’m currently just using UAW and sending 3 articles per blast. I’ll look into MAN once I make some extra income from these sites.

BTW did you say you spin all your PLR articles then submit them to MAN & UAW?

I’m just submitting them without spinning except for the titles which I try to get at least 5-8 spun titles (manual spinning sucks).

Maybe I’ll need to invest in TBS but spinning articles takes so long to complete just to get it unique and readable.


Not all the articles are spun, some are. But others I just submit as they are except the titles as you.


Hi Spencer,
how does UAW differ from My Article Network in your experience?

thanks in advance


Also, would you recommend both are they targeting different niches?

thanks again for the great content



Hi Spencer – thanks once again for some fantastic content! You’re awesome for sharing this info. Would you be up for sharing the method(s) you used to find your ROOT keywords for these 20 sites? Honestly, that’s the hardest part for me – all the techie stuff is a cinch, but when it comes to finding good root keywords – that’s not quite my forte 🙂

Thanks again!



Hey Jon – I agree that root keywords can often be difficult to come up with. I have a few niches that I like to explore now based on my success, but that doesn’t help you – except when you find a couple of niches that are working – dig deeper! However, I did write this post on getting seed keyword ideas: . Hope that helps!


Your income reports are very helpful! Of course, we always want more when it’s great stuff.

Could you do a 90 day report on the sites you built in September? If you’d prefer not to take on that extra work, I understand. My main interest is to know if your September sites are earning at a comparable level to your August sites, or whether your August sites are more of an anomaly. Thanks.


I will have to look into doing something similar for my September sites. However, as I already stated, my August sites are doing better than normal – so it is a bit of an anomally. For the small niche site strategy that I employ, if I can get a site to earn $1/day on average then its a winner. So, with that as a base – the typical 20 sites would be closer to $600/mth. So, these are definitely doing better than normal.


Did you employ the same strategies for the September and October sites as you did for the August sites, eg, one article per site?


Yes, for the most part I did.


Hey Spencer! Thank you for this inspiring post!

Have you ever tested out submitting less than 3 articles per site to UAW and MAN by spinning the anchor text to vary exact match, phrase, and non keyword anchors?

I think this could really save me some time and money, but I want to be sure that my anchor texts are sufficiently varied and building natural links.

Also, (based on the ultimate back linking post) have you moved your max submissions down from 10 on UAW? (I’m currently testing out 2 max submissions per day)


Emily – nothing wrong with your suggested strategy – go for it! For my newer sites I am going to slow down the distribution rate – it was at 20/day before. Not 100% sure what I will put it at now…maybe 10?

SEO Adelaide

Spinning the anchor text is definitely a smart tactic.

It’s what I do, so it must be smart… hahaha 🙂

Dave Starr

You know it’s surprising how much we learn to “expect” for results in this crazy niche world.

Put these results in perspective with any other “dirt-based” method for reading/investing. 10.1% per MONTH increase? That’s over 130% per YEAR. Anybody’s CD’s or IRA or even day trading, Forex or “shudder” real estate ventures providing an ROI anywhere near that?

Anybody still hanging on to one of those old-fashioned JOB’s expecting a 10.1% raise any time soon?

Yeah, didn’t think so … Rock On, Spencer.


I agree Dave…thanks!

The Controls Freak

I may have missed the info in one of the previous updates…

Can anyone tell me if Spencer has mentioned if he uses a Static Page for his domain URL or does he use a blog format that show full or partial posts of his latest articles?

Thanks to anyone who can answer.


Static Pages.

Ralph | Facebook Marketing Strategy

I think the majority of the people (myself included) are a bit “scared” for a lack of a better work when it comes to the cost of building an adsense website.

There are many tools etc out there but it’s very easy to spend 250 dollars without a single return.

But since we get excited by your success (and others) and think we can duplicate this success very easily, which is not the case. We see that you (Spencer) has a lot of success even he has sites that are a bit less successful but you have the income to absorb that cost..

Its a numbers game in the end…..Great job tho Spencer !

Kent @ Make Extra Money Online

Spencer had a few year experience building Adsense niche sites. He does have some “failing” sites as we all do.

I guess once you build 10-20 sites, you will have better “luck” and success.

When you have $100 a month, you could scale up and make $1K, and grow from there.


I don’t know of any other business you can get started for $250! Trust me I started on a dime. I build my business doing the work myself for years late and night and writing all my own content. Others can do the same. You don’t have to spend lots of money, you can spend lots of time instead.


Just bought LTP. I believe you recently switched over to SEO Moz from YSE. Do you find any differences in the stats SEO Moz gives that would affect your filtering on the number of backlinks? Do you still look for <10 backlinks?


I’m interested in this as well (Interpreting SEO Moz links). Just bought LTP last week. Until then, not a whole lot of action on my part. Just a lot of dreaming. Since purchasing LTP, launched two sites (2 articles each). Keep up the great posts!


Awesome Jason!

Calvin Chiong

Dear Spencer,

I love to reading you post. All you post rich of content and help me a lot on web business. I’ll continue to follow you and you are my great mentor!


Hi Spencer,

Can you share the type of hosting service used for these 20 sites? I tend to easily hit the maximum file limit of 50k with my current host with only 10 domains…. Thanks!


Pretty sure he uses Bluehost for all his sites (see sidebar~)


Yep, I use Bluehost as my preferred host (although I do have others)


Hie Spencer,

Can you also add another column showing many page views a month your sites get?


If I ever do this chart again, that’s a good idea.


Hey Spencer,

Quick question, Are your best performing niche site by any chance 3+ word keyphrases?


Hmmm, I guess that might be the case. I have some 2 word phrases that do well…but I think in general most niche sites are created based on 3+ word phrases – then are just WAY more of these available.


Hey Spencer,
Awesome earnings! Its good to see that most of the rankings are still stable.
What caught my eye was site #16 and site $4. They have a cpc of only 0.38 and 0.18 respectively and yet they are doing very well.
I’ve found a keyword that gets about 8100 exact searches and a cpc of 0.60. I always go for something higher than a dollar but I’m starting to have second thoughts. Would you recommend going after this keyword?


Yes, I would recommend going after it for sure! (That is if its actually low competition).

[email protected] money online in kenya

That is truly inspiring Spencer. I am following your teachings closely and I am already seeing a leap in y profits. I have also unearthed a low competition niche that I plan to build a site for. Will see how it goes.



Glad to see a leap in profits…congrats!

Kent @ Make Extra Money Online

Nice to see your another killing month. To all your old income sites, did you see growth or decline in Nov?

I am wondering if you go for Information or Physical Product Niche in general?

I love to build a few authority sites as it’s easier to rank for new posts. Also any Google algorithm may not slap the ranking easily as mini-sites. It may go even stronger. Another plus is to save time/resources in backlinking.

Just wanna tell you that I got UAW via your link. Thanks for showing us how you use it. I’m testing out and see if ranking moves up. I tweet and test different ways using it creativly. You could adjust even 1 post/day only – which is kind of cool.


I like information niches. My older sites were about the same in Nov. as before. Thanks for purchase through my affiliate link! Best of luck with either your niche or authority sites!


I’ve watched all your videos and almost every keyword you talk about is about a physical product. So I assumed almost all your sites are about physical products. Have you recently moved to favoring information niches? Can you give examples so I can understand exactly what you mean by an “information niche”? Thanks.


Hmmm, most of my sites actually are probably information based. “Nursing salary” would be an information site. (Im not in that niche).


Why not invest time on site 15 and 20……….you will be making $3k from these..what you think????


Hmmm…perhaps, but Google is telling me something different. I am not ranking easily for these keywords, so I am focusing on where the money is coming from. But you are right, that perhaps if I had more valuable links these could turn into something more significant.

Steve Wells @ How to Pick up a Girl

Awesome insights – thanks and congrats on another successful month. I have two questions so far:

1) You said you use AdSense and affiliate products on your niche sites. What’s the earnings ratio for site #1 for AdSense and affiliate products? I mean, is there a specific affiliate product that makes the most money? I still have to fight the prejudice that you can’t really make “good money” with AdSense. Three weeks ago I began to use AdSense on 10 of my niche sites, most of which are on Google Page one for the targeted keywords, but I only made about $50…

2) What’s your opinion on promoting Amazon products such as TVs etc?



I use Adsense exclusively on all the above sites. I have very few sites overall that I use affiliate products. Even so, I usually make more from adsense than affiliate products on those sites. Google Adsense paid out over $8Billion last QUARTER – still think there is no money in adsense? 🙂 . I am not an amazon affiliate expert, but sounds like a good idea if you are promoting TVs.


Thanks for sharing this information Spencer. The 90 days earnings – I was surprised and you surpassed it at 120. I have been much more consistent in my work efforts since reading your 90 day post – so thanks for the motivation. Please keep it up.


Hey please post an article on “How not to get banned from Adsense”

I daily have sleepless nights due to this. I am facing Adsense Phobia.. 🙁


Here is a short post on how to not get banned from Adsense: DONT CLICK YOUR OWN ADS!

That’s about it.


Hey Spencer (and everybody) check out my strategy: I decided to start this authority style site in a popular niche where the top keywords of course are way too competitive so I decided why don’t I just clean up the low hanging fruit sort to speak like Nate Rivers likes to do and go after the ones with as low as a couple hundred searches a month and start backlinking. Now of course you may think well with Nate he is selling a product so his profit is higher which is true, but whats cool about this niche is that the CPC is consistently over $11 on all the keywords i’m targeting!And yes I know that’s not what I actually would be getting but it still will be A LOT more than the usual $1 cpc minimum that we look for right? If I can get in the top 3 with 50 or more posts, that is a MONEY MAKER! let me know what you think.


I’m incorporating a mixture. My plan is to have a legion of smaller sites that will make enough money to cover the costs of creating a few large, more competitive niche authority sites. It may take a over a year or two. But if just one of those pay off, then it’s worth it. Going to try to reinvest almost every penny back into more articles and sites for at least a year.


Aaron – sounds like a fine strategy. That’s essentially what I am doing with my authority site. Except I am targeting 1 primary keyword that gets higher search volume. All my secondary keywords are the low competition/low volume variety that you mentioned.


Spencer – Sorry to hijack your income post with a LTP link competition analysis comment, but I thought the community would find it helpful.

First I want to say that LTP is awesome, a great tool!

It’s a shame that YSE is gone. I always felt the link data from Yahoo was the most accurate. I have pro accounts with both OSE and Majestic.

Open Site Explorer is a good tool, but I have a suggestion. When using LTP to perform competitive link analysis, the number of links from OSE isn’t completely telling. The default OSE filter setting is to show all links, internal and external.

A much more telling number is the number of linking root domains. It’s simple to get 50 internal links, easy to get 50 external links, but takes much more effort to get 50 linking root domains (that all get indexed and crawled). A great mod to LTP would be to pull in linking root domains, not total links. You can always through the URL into OSE and see the number of root domains, but it’s just an extra couple of steps. To truly make LTP the one-stop shop it was with YSE data, linking root domains would be a huge plus…not to mention a cool selling point 🙂

Here is an example. This url: in LTP shows 28 links. In fact, all of those links are internal, because there is only 1 linking domain. So that page is ready for the picking.

Hope that helps!

Kent @ Make Extra Money Online

Hey, Matt. Thanks for bringing this up. I second taking “linking root domains” as the no of links in LTP.

As a loyal customer and regular user, I’d like to see this fix too. 🙂

Spencer, shall I file this as a bug/feature request via LTP customer support ticket?


Nope, Matt already sent me an email. Thanks Kent!


Glad you are loving Long Tail Pro! We are looking at adding this option in LTP as well.

Kent @ Make Extra Money Online

Regarding to your authority site, do you use Static page or 5/10 recent pages on the front page?

Sorry that I may have missed this info on your posts or comment. Thanks!


I have a sticky post on the homepage and then a fresh article below it on the homepage. The fresh article gets updated with a new one each time I make a post.


quick question,
So I’m interested in going in a niche that is very “education” focused you can say. So how heavy does google count edu links cause from my competition analysis of the niche that I’m thinking about entering, most have links from edu and gov sites. Is it impossible to compete?



Of course it depends on the keyword. But just based solely on .edu links – yes its possible to compete.

Lim Fang Yee

Hi Spencer, while everyone is amazed with your earning. I am amazed with how you find time to reply EVERY single comment on your blog. It is just amazing… ;p


Thanks Lim! I try…


Hey Spencer,
I wanted to check in on the status of using Build My Rank.
I really want to know if its working out for you.
Please let me know your thoughts.
Thank you


So far so good. I’ve just been trying it on some of my older sites at this point and it seems to be decent…nothing earth shattering, but the results seem okay.


Thanks for the awesome post Spencer! Based on your earnings report I think the biggest take a way here for people just getting started is the expectation of a home run on their first at bat. Your earnings…within a couple of bucks reflect the Pareto Principle aka the 80/20 rule. Which means 80% of your earnings is derived from your top 4 sites (20% of 20 sites). I wonder, if you look at the traffic generated by the keywords within each site…would it make sense to increase the link building efforts on the top 20% of keywords generating 80% of the traffic?

Also, have you ever done a post on a day in the life of Spencer? And what would you do if you did not have UAW or MAN?



Hey Ron – Agreed! I’ll have to think about your suggestions. Also, I haven’t done a post on the day in the life. Without UAW or MAN, I’d find other services or software – there are lots out there.


Hi Spencer,

Bit off topic however with regards to using Long Tail Pro, i’m based in Australia and i’m finding it difficult to interpret the cpc. I have set campaign to United States however the search terms still come up locally showing Australia. Now this doesn’t worry me so much because I basically look at the global figures and if they are higher than 4k + then there’s a good chance that the majority of that comes from the US. However my issue is with the cpc as it has completely different figures.
Can this please be fixed? Because at the moment i have terms in australia paying $1 and the google keyword tool based on US search shows payouts of $5-6. I really don’t want to have to double check all the cpc for the kw using the gogle keyword tool.

Finally great report as always spence!


David – send in a support ticket at I have something that will fix that issue for you. As this is really not the place to discuss it, please send me a ticket and we’ll get it taken care of. Thanks!



This might be off topic but I have been thinking about these two questions for quite some time.

Do you think different WP templates could bring different PR/SEO results and do you see any differences in PR/SEO when using a css/html template compared to WP templates?

Really appreciate your time!


hi spencer
i am stucked in the keyword research part! joe from adsense flippers says that informational keywords are not good. there will be nobody advertising on adwords for them! so avoid informational based keywords! he said this on a video chat with vic of smartkeywordresearch dot com which you can easily find on adsense flippers! but you are telling us that most of your sites are informational based and specially the 20 sites that you made in august are all informational based if i am not mistaken. if not please tell me which site is product based out of the 20 sites????!! and i have found a keyword from a root keyword i got from amazon! it gets 1600 searches local in us per month and has 1$ cpc plus full adword competion and very easy google first page competition! i beilve i can rank no 1 for it! but the downside is there are a ton of ads! when you search on google fot this keyword, you get a ton of ads and SHOPPING RESULTS too and you will have to scroll down to see the no. 1 ranked website, my question is will you go for this type of keyword? and i am sure you have some sites which are product based. doesnt google display shopping results when you search for those of your sites????? and if so doesnt it affect your earning? havnt you ever had a site you built in which the keyword shows half page ads and shopping results??
please spencer help me as usuall it is my last stumbling block! i am on my way to join you!
thanks in advance!


Thank for your sharing report that motivates me. my niche site moved up to page 1, spot 2 in nearly one month and now it is dropping from its position nearly 1 week, it means that I do not see it anywhere. How can I do it back? do you meet this matter before?

Sheyi Shobayo

Spencer, I want to read your full income report. From all source.



Hi Spencer (and niche pros reading this blog) –

I have a quick question. When using PLR articles and spinning them to submit to article directories and web 2.0 properties how unique should the spun articles be?

I’ve been shooting for around 40 – 50% lately. Should it be higher or lower (or is that just right)? Just want to find the sweet spot so I don’t spend too much extra time or too little time getting the articles spun right.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Spancer,

Do you only use AdSense or do you use other platforms like Bidvertiser, Kontera etc.



Yes, I have used others including Kontera, Infolinks, Chitika, and others.

Mark Armstrong from Modern Seducer

There are so many services and software that do article marketing. May I ask why you picked UAW for your article marketing? Same question for the build my rank. I literally see dozens of services offering to do back linking services to help build rank in google.
Mark Armstrong

Ray Smith

Hi Spencer,

I just bought LTP, and it’s been terrific! I have a question, though: when you put the * next to the 480 volume for sites 3 and 13, what do you mean “Also, all of the rankings marked with an asterisk (*) in the month of October had just moved to those spots at the end of October.” Moved to the 480 volume? Also, the 480 means there were only 480 local searches for those keywords per month? Thanks.

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