Niche Site Project 2 Update: Google Traffic, Better Rankings, and More Sales!

By Spencer Haws |

Hey everyone, I’m excited to bring you another update for Niche Site Project 2.  Its been a couple of weeks since our last update, and a lot has happened!

Christmas seems to be coming a little early for Perrin and his site,!  The site has aged a bit and Google is loving what it sees and rankings have picked up across many long tail keywords.

The past couple of weeks, Perrin and I have basically just stayed the course.  We haven’t done anything different that what we’ve already covered in detail.  And luckily the work Perrin has put in is starting to pay off.

Overall, I’m REALLY happy to see the results of this project!

Perrin has provided a great write-up of what has transpired over the past couple of weeks with this project, so I’ll let him take it from here…

Perrin’s Week 15 Write-Up

15 Weeks down! Long time, no see, everyone! It feels weird to only be updating you guys every other week, but it’ll definitely make the updates more exciting, since so much more happens in two weeks. And I think that’ll be especially true for last two weeks!

Let’s get started with a status update.


I actually haven’t reported on traffic yet – mostly because I didn’t think I was getting any. However, the site started to earn money (more on this below), and Amazon was showing plenty of clicks. Something was clearly awry. I still haven’t totally figured out why, but Google Analytics hasn’t been correctly reporting for me.

Even after uninstalling my plugins and installing Google Analytics manually, it still only shows me at 10-15 visits per day. Based on what I’m seeing everywhere else (mostly Amazon), I just know that’s not the case. We just made those changes 4-5 days ago, though, so I’ll give it another week or so before I make any changes.

So, for now, I’m kind of forced to use Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) to estimate my traffic. And GWT says I’m doing great!

According to GWT, for the last 30 days, my site’s gotten about 3,000 clicks from 27,000 impressions. One of the most encouraging aspects of this, though, is that an increasingly small portion of my traffic is coming from people searching for “A Penny Shaved” or some variation. In fact variations of “A Penny Shaved” only account for about 300 of those 3,000 clicks, whereas two months ago, it was basically 100% of my traffic. Now, almost all of my traffic is coming from shaving-related keywords.

The other cool thing here is that the number of queries has gone way up, even in the last 30 days. My site was only showing up for about 40 queries. Last month that number was around 300. Today, according to GWT, my site is showing up for 448 queries. That’s super good news to me. It’s a small indication that I’m bringing in good long-tail traffic, which has been my goal in this phase of the project.

Lastly, my primary keyword, “Best safety razor” represents about 1,000 of those 3,000 clicks. Pretty sweet!


My rankings have improved nicely since the last time we talked. In fact, I’m doing better than I’d hoped! Check out this screen shot from Long Tail Pro.

Week 15 Rankings
Click to Enlarge

Last time we chatted, I was on the front page for (I think) three of my keywords, and most of my other keywords were on the bottom of the second page. I’m now on the front page for seven of my keywords. Seven!

Remember when I was little-kid-in-a-candy-store excited just to have one on the front page?

Almost all of my other keywords are on the second page now, which is super encouraging. Many of those words have jumped almost 10 spots in two weeks.

For my primary keyword, “Best safety razor,” I’m at #3. I’m almost certain I can beat the #2 spot, but that dang LifeHacker article is sitting at #1. We’ll see. At this point, since I’m finally starting to see some good long-tail traffic, I’m really not too worried about it.

You’ll also notice my homepage keyword on there: “Best electric shaver.” I honestly didn’t think I’d be ranking so well for that keyword at this point. Remember, it had a KC of 42 when I found it. And I’m now on the second page — #14 to be exact. If I happen to get on the first page, that could give me a nice little boost in traffic, I think, especially since it’s such a high-volume term. Think it’s worth another round of Rank Hero articles?

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Now the fun part 🙂

Last update, I told you I’d made $39.43 in November. Well, today, only two weeks into December, I’ve made… $138.45! Like… what? That’s just crazy to me!

Week 15 Earnings
Click to Enlarge

It’s so funny to have treated this mostly as a hobby and then to suddenly be earning real money from it. And, it’s super, super encouraging. It’s much easier to put extra effort in when you know your process works.

So, right now, the site is making between $10 and $20 a day. Some days more, some days less. If it breaks $200 this month (and at this rate, it surely will), I’m going to really hit the gas and fill it out with content.

Lastly… what HAVE I been doing these past two weeks? More link bait + outsourcing.

Last week, I set up, researched and executed my second round of link bait. The process was the same as my first round of link bait, but my targets were a little different. In this round, I targeted semi-relevant sites (mostly about men’s fashion) with very high page authority. Most of my targets had a homepage PA of 50 or higher.

But I essentially did the same thing. I wrote a “Top Lifestyle Sites” resource page, wrote nice complimentary blurbs for each of my targets, and then reached out to the webmasters to tell them I’d given them a shout-out. Then, if any responded positively, I asked if they had a guest posting or blogroll system.

My results were mixed. About half of them said “Thanks!” and then never responded to anything else. Another said “Thanks!” and told me they do take guest posts but then stopped responding to emails.

However, one of the last ones gave me a blogroll link on his blog, which has a homepage PA of 61. So that was a pretty big score. A PA of 61 is huge, and this guy is pretty relevant; he sells his own shaving eBook right on his site.

Anyway, I learned a valuable lesson. If you want to get the most out of your link bait, don’t go too big. Most of the sites I was targeting probably employ people full-time to go through all their emails, and those people don’t have decision-making power.

The one link I did get was from a private blog owner. So, next time, I’ll go for big, but private, blogs.

Outsourcing Content

And… lastly (I know, it’s a long one! But I just haven’t talked to you guys in a while!), I tried my hand at outsourcing content. And… it failed. Kind of.

I posted an article request on iWriter with very, very detailed instructions. It sat there for about 3 days before someone decided to take a whack at it. They wrote 1,200 words, and almost all of it was fluff. After reading it, I couldn’t remember a single detail about the products reviewed because most of the reviews said things like, “Everyone wants the best ingredients, and this product has the best ingredients.” In other words, nothing substantial.

So that was a bust. Instead of posting a couple of good articles, liked I’d hoped, I ended up just writing one myself. Next time (this week), I’m either going to try again with a premium writer, try TextBroker, or find someone on one of the freelance forums to write a batch for me. We’ll see! I haven’t put too much energy into this yet, so I’ll have more to report in a few weeks.

All in all, this has been a super exciting couple of weeks. I feel like my site is, like, doing stuff! On its own! Finally! And that, my friends, is an absolute blast. I’m really looking forward to giving you guys an end-of-the month report after Christmas.

Til next time!

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By Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws is the founder of After getting a degree in Business Finance from BYU (2002) and an MBA from ASU (2007) he worked for 8 years in Business Banking and Finance at both Merril Lynch and Wells Fargo Bank.

While consulting with other small business owners as a business banker, Spencer finally had the desire to start his own business. He successfully built a portfolio of niche sites using SEO and online marketing that allowed him to quit his job in 2011. Since then he's been involved in dozens of online business ventures including: creating and exiting Long Tail Pro, running an Amazon FBA business for over 3 years and selling that business, founding, and co-founding You can learn more about Spencer here.

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Ray H.

Very nice! I might have missed it, but have you guys posted on your backlinking or link baiting strategy for this site? I had to rebuild mine due to a google penalty (shoddy seo practices on my end, but man it hurt, as it was starting to see results)

Anywho, good luck, and keep these updates coming!

Spencer Haws

Yes, we have posted in-depth about our link building process. Read all the posts here:

Ray H.

Thanks Spencer!

Min Ad

Just created my niche site 3 months ago! It makes 250$ last month! I just build link using base link and plan to buy link from PBN! Is it safe if i use PBN link for another new site? Thanks

Spencer Haws

Congrats Min…that’s a great month! Yes, PBNs can help new sites.

Nick LeRoy

Great stuff Parin. Nothing is more motivating then seeing the money roll in!


Wow, that’s some great progress on the revenue front! I’d be very happy and excited about that as well. Keep up the great work.


Thanks, Chris!


Great job Perrin and glad to see that you’re starting to see the benefits of your hard work.

Is there a way I can contact you via email? I had a question about one of the services that you used.


Yep; just contact me through the contact for on A Penny Shaved, then I’ll just email you back from my personal email. 🙂

Or you can just ask it here! I’m sure we could all benefit from the Q&A.


Nice results.

Just wished you would have held off on using RankHero to see what the natural increase would have been.

Then added RankHero later to see if it further increased the rankings.

Would have been a nice case study for both processes.

Spencer Haws

I think its still a nice case study. If it works, its something everyone can still learn from.


I wasn’t trying to be negative with my comment. I just meant from a testing stand point, it would have been nice to see things staggered a bit to try the determine the effect.

I’m not against spending money to make money. I’ve used several link building strategies in the past. I wholeheartedly agree you’ve got to spend some money. I think the $500 threshold was an appropriate amount to start with to build a larger authority site.

This project has definitely been valuable, even at it’s core. Action = Results.


Agreed, the average person setting up a niche site like this hasn’t got $197 to spend over a RankHero at the get-go. I have many niche sites and ecommerce stores and still wouldn’t spend $197 at the get-go on a new site.

overall though Spencer and Perrin the rest of this project has been great with some information and tips that many can take advantage of


Thanks, Mark. 🙂

I agree; for some, building a site with minimal investment is necessary.

Honestly, though, I think anyone seriously getting into niche site building should expect to invest at least a little bit of money.

However, I think this site particular site (in this particular niche) could have done okay with link-baiting alone, since those tactics have produced a pretty nice ROI.

Spencer Haws

Mark, I agree that its important to be frugal; however, going into this project it was clearly stated that we would invest $500 into this niche site project. Even with the Rank Hero investment, Perrin is still below that $500 invested. So, it was a calculated investment, and I made it clear in at least 2 posts before this project ever started that we would invest $500 into the site – it was a requirement for the students applying.


Personally, I have no problem spending $197 on a quality link building. I did that with LayeredLinks on my very first niche site, and that site makes a pretty good amount of money currently.

But, I don’t create a lot of small niche sites. My focus is creating sites that I would want to visit myself so I invest a good amount of time into them so they can become successful. That is one of the reasons I have no issue spending that kind of money whether I’m settiing up my first one or not.

In my opinion, if you’re going to be successful doing any type of marketing online, you have to be committed. Sometimes that commitment takes money. If someone isn’t willing to spend $197 to make their business successful, then they might want to re-think attempting niche website marketing.

With that being said, I would wait to see how the site is progressing after an initial link building with strategies such as linkbait, etc. Because if the site doesn’t necessarily need it, then there’s no reason to spend the money.

Dave Nicosia

Great job Perrin! I’ve been following along silently since the beginning, mainly because I’m so busy myself.

My own site was doing great back in October (launched it the end of July) just like yours is now, then I got penalized by Google which wiped out my rankings completely. I had been creating everything with quality in mind and only used white-hat linking but still got penalized somehow … but as of yesterday my penalty was lifted and although I missed the last few weeks of holiday commissions I’m back in the game now and my traffic is coming back fast.

I was ranked #3 for my main keyword in October (5400 searches/month) and now I’m back at #9.

Congrats again man and I’m looking forward to better and better updates from you!


Nice! Yea… penalties happen. The good news is it was lifted. Hope you start seeing some of that old revenue again as well!


Hey Dave –
Do you have a theory on what the penalty was for? You said you only used white hat linking…so over optimized anchor text maybe? Just curious…

Glad to hear it’s moving back up!

Dave Nicosia

Hi Doug, thanks a lot! I’m writing up a detailed post about the situation right now, but I think it may have been a combination of things that gave my site a certain “profile” that Google didn’t like. Check back at my site my name is linked to in a week or so if you want the details. It’s coming back now, but hopefully it sticks!

Dave Nicosia

Doug, Here’s my theories … I hope the link here is OK, please Spencer if it is not remove it!

– Dave


Awesome work, Perrin – good to see you climbing the ranks and making some money!

No doubt your strategy will continue to pay off. I can see this becoming a pretty solid earner.

This has given me a bit of a kick to start some more manual outreach.


Thanks, Curt!

Yea; the manual outreach was invaluable for me. Definitely worth it.


Great new Perrin.
Have you looked at for an analytics alternative?


Nope; I think we’re going to try Piwik this week, however. I’ll keep Clicky in my back pocket. 🙂


I had a similar situation with GA and it turned out that the GA Javascript code was displaying twice in the source code: once from a plugin I had uninstalled, and a second time from where I manually inserted it.


Thanks man 🙂

I’m sure that’s what it is. I’ll poke around today.


Hey why dont you just install statcounter or clicky!


Not sure if you find a good solution yet. I used WP SlimStat plugin for WordPress. It’s free and is pretty good.


Great stuff.

One of the biggest frustrations is outsourcing content. I find I need to spend at least $25 per article for anything decent, which can impact ROI – but if you’re making a few hundred per month, you can afford 2 articles per month.

Spencer Haws

I agree Jon. A higher price for articles is really the best way to ensure quality content.


Yes Jon, that’s why I asked Perrin about his approach to article writing back in the days.

I agree with your point, the only writer I’m working with on a constant basis gives me what I need, but every time I try to give very clear instructions, examples and sources of research. So I actually do half of pre-writing myself, to help her be in the right track.

IWriter – usually using them for cheap unique content for PBN postings. Sometimes I notice good articles (I usually just give very basic instructions there) and save the writers into Favourites.


This is probably something I’ll do as I build out my PBN. Thanks for the tip!


It’s worth it to pay the extra money because if you’re going to be continually adding articles, it’s going to grow the site into more of an authority site and in the end you will earn more money.


Hi Jon,
I’m with you and the others. For my newer sites, I’m paying about $15 – 18 for 500 – 600 words. It is pricy for sure but I can publish the articles without any changes. It’s better than what I can write.



I use textbroker, 3 star. Luckily I found someone pretty decent so I always place a direct order to him now. But I’ve also had one that’s not so good. Suppose you take a gamble unless you write it yourself, or as you said…Pay a lot more.


@Dave Nicosia how have you lifted the penality?

Dave Nicosia

Adrian, I’m still looking into it, but I tuned down my on-site optimization a bit, removed all amazon affiliate links from my homepage, and I had a comment I made on a blog with a link back result in over 3000 backlinks (in a recent comments widget) – so I left more comments there to bump mine off the list and it took Google about 3 weeks to update Webmaster Tools that most of the extra links were gone. Not sure if it was just those 3000 extra links or not, but my penalty hit 3 or 4 days after those links got indexed, and the penalty was lifted about 3 or 4 days after I saw in my Webmaster Tools that the extra links had been removed.

I also have a WordPress site with a custom theme I coded and all content is written by me, and I consider it to be of high quality.

I’ll be writing a detailed blog post over the holiday about the whole ordeal.


So it doesnt matter if you post articles in a huge batch at once like all on the same day on a new site? What plugin are you using to show the star ratings?


I don’t know if this is still the right answer or not, but the last I heard, posting several at once was no big deal, but posting 100 at once is kind of weird to Google.

Not sure if this is the best/most correct answer, though. Spencer?

Spencer Haws

That’s about it. Ideally you can drip feed/post articles on a regular basis, but putting 10 up to get the site started isn’t going to hurt anything.


Congrats Perrin on your success and thanks for the updates!




I have had a TON of success with articles from Textbroker I have only tried to reject one article out of hundreds written. I find that the articles are pretty high quality, I can submit up to 20 jobs and have them all completed within a day or so, and the price is pretty good aswell.


I agree! That’s who I use and they are great. Just make sure you are hiring 4 or 5 star authors.


What about 3 star authors?

Spencer Haws

I have the most success with textbroker as well; in addition to finding good individual authors on elance or odesk.


What about 3 star authors?


Awesome news Perrin. This whole niche project really got me excited and decided to start my own. You are the man. I will definitely try the link bait process and see. Hopefully it works out. From what you seem to be doing, you will definitely take the #1 spot very shortly.



And good luck; sometimes getting started is the hardest part.

The Niche Pursuits community has been super motivating, encouraging and educational for me, so you should definitely come back often. 🙂


Really cool to see the site grow… must be even cooler for you!

I’ve had similar issues with Google Analytics not accurately reporting my traffic. In addition to webmaster tools, I’ve added Clicky… which also has the benefit of real time stats. They have a free version, which gives you up to 3000 daily page views… which you may surpass soon at the rate you’re going.


Congrats, Perrin and Spencer! This is super motivating as I start to build my next niche site!


Wow, great to see the site is making a substantial income now! This is very encouraging to see Perrin. Most your other linkbait webmasters didn’t respond to you, but I have to say the guy with PA 61 link, thats pretty massive link value right there. Even with most of the PBN I’ve seen, there are not much legitimate PA 61 domain to be found.


Hey Perrin – Well done, man! It’s great to see you have significant growth this month. It’s impressive to have 448 queries and trending up. Keep it up!



And same to you! I know you’ve been killing it this month. 🙂


Congrats man! Looks good, how long did it take you to start getting traffic? I started mine a few weeks ago and have slowly been putting reviews on there. Think all my traffic so far is me :/


#1 for ‘best safety razor’ on my end so congrats.


Thanks dude 🙂

Traffic takes MUCH longer than a few weeks, so don’t sweat it. Took 6-8 weeks after the site was built for me to really start seeing traffic.


no probs, ok thanks man!

Chris Naish

Well done on your earnings and growth Perrin, nice to watch. 🙂

Have you tried statcounter for your tracking at all?

With regards to outsourcing articles I usually use the content authority. The support staff are very good and will usually help out personally if you want a writer thats a good match for yor requirements.

Almost always been happy with their service but you get what you pay for of course.


Thanks, Chris. 🙂

I’ll put them on my list. I’ll be trying out a few different places in the coming weeks.


Awesome update Perrin, great quote about happy to work hated when you can see a positive return on your effort!


Nice work on your keyword rankings and bringing in some cash! +$100 could easily become $1,000 if you keep at it like you are.

Sorry to hear that outsourcing to iWriter isn’t working out. I’ve had some bad luck before with outsourcing articles as well – getting back copy/paste text, poor English, etc. Personally I’ve had the best luck with Elance. Sometimes paying a little extra (but not too much) is worth avoiding the hassle of having to re-write each and every post your freelancer sends you.


Hi Parrin,

Just a quick question I have asked before but have never had a reply?

Is there a reason why you have made all of the links on your site DoFollow?

I’m just curious if this is something you have intentionally done for SEO benefits?

I’ve been following this from the start and have made my own niche site however all of my outgoing links I have made NoFollow


Spencer Haws

I’ll just throw this out there; I never have made my links no follow – almost never anyway. I’ve heard the argument for “no follow” but in most cases I see no reason to do it.


Cheers Spencer for your feedback – I was just curious, I’ve heard the argument for the pros and cons of both but just wanted to hear your side.

All of my sites are NoFollow for the outbound links – it would be a great experiment to see if there is any real difference in having NoFollow or DoFollow outbound links.

For example if you link out to authority sites (Wikipedia etc.) and the links are NoFollow would Google disregard those links or would they still count? ..

I don’t really want to pass my precious link juice over to Wikipedia if i don’t have to 😉

Spencer Haws

Do follow works, I see no reason to switch to no follow; seems very unnatural to me. And yes, having outbound links (do follow) actually does help with SEO, shows you are a valuable resource.


It has a benefit for on-page SEO, particularly if you link out to authority sites in the same vertical. Matt Cutts also mentioned it in one of his Q&A videos to spread some link love to other sites.


Hey Mark,

I don’t know much about that, and it wasn’t a conscious decision on my part. I just left the theme as-is and starting writing content. 🙂


Great job Perrin – I love hearing about your successes! I’m so glad the site is earning well – I’m sure you’ll do great over the next week for Xmas shoppers!


Thanks! I hope so 🙂


Hey Perrin!

Your inspiration is great. Seeing you get from a couple dollars per month to more than $100 for just this month is incredibly motivating. Thanks!

Other beginner niche website builders and I probably have the similar problem of being too impatient when starting to see results. Especially when one is creating one for the first time, that person doesn’t know what to expect, and seeing people get quick results can get demotivating when they don’t see similar quick results themselves. So it’s great to see that all your hard work is paying off even after a couple months now.

Maybe in the future, you can write a post or section about creating niche sites and when to expect results from them? Like certain number of views in a certain number of weeks, when do you start seeing rankings, etc. I know it really depends on each site, the keyword, the content, SEO, and back linking/marketing strategy, but I’m sure such a post would help lots of beginners out.

Keep it up Perrin!



Thanks, Grace!

I think that’s a good topic, and it was something I was curious about myself. It could be difficult to write about, though, since, as you mentioned, it varies from site to site.

I’ll give it a think and maybe add it to my write-up in a couple weeks. 🙂


Congrats Perrin … Your niche site is progressing really well ! $138 in two weeks is pretty impressive…. Hope it crosses the $200 or $300 mark by the end of this month!


It passed $200 today! Pretty stoked 🙂


Wow … Congrats brother ! If the same thing goes on, you’ll definitely cross $500 mark by the end of 2013

Spencer Haws

Oh snap! That’s awesome!


Great work Perrin. Good to hear that 🙂

Donald W

Hey Perrin,

Awesome news and a big Congrats. Keep up the great work! So will you leave the resource page you created up and keep the webmasters that didn’t link back on it who just said thanks?


Thanks, Donald.

I’ll definitely keep them on that list.

Getting links from those lists was only one of my goals. My other goals were to (1) provide value for my readers and (2) demonstrate to any other webmasters that I’m part of their community.

Also, I really do appreciate someone taking the time to read my email and say thanks, so that’s worth it for me. 🙂

Donald W

Ok cool, I figured you would and it makes complete sense do that. Just thinking of new ways to build links and hadn’t tried this before.

I appreciate the answer and Happy Holidays!

Tung Tran

Congrats Perrin 😀 You’ll hit $1000 a month very soon 😛


Thanks man! I might go the Tung route and sell this site at that point… we’ll see. 🙂


Perrin, so are you just leaving the site alone and letting it age, which is pushing it up?

Congrats btw!


Great results, guys! Congratulations!
But remember that now it’s a holiday season, and the picture will not be so good in January. One of my niche sites, which usually brings about $200 per month made me over $600 in November and over $1700 now in the middle of December. I’m almost sure that the income will fall back to about $300 next months. But anyways, good job, and I hope you’ll continue growing. And me too 🙂
My question to you, guys. Where and how you find the writers who create you a good contend for $15-20 per article? I only can find the writers from Philippines and India for that price, but the quality is not so good. The American writers (native English-speaking) ask at least $40 per 500 words article.


Totally; I expect it to dip a bit after the holidays. However, the funds should give me some money to reinvest. 🙂


Very nice to see the traffic and income report. Just wondering exactly how many rank hero articles you’ve used so far.


Way to Go, Perrin! Good to read the updates and follow track of your actions.

About Spencer’s coaching… on what base did the two of you communicate the last couple of weeks and for how long (daily 1 hour, weekly 2 hours, etc.)?

Cheers from Amsterdam,


We chatted on some level pretty much every day, even if it was just to say “Whoa! Look at that money!” Ha. The coaching has always been thorough, but it’s also been pretty informal, which worked well for everyone.

I had many, many more questions at the beginning of the process, but we still kept each other in the loop in this phase as well.

Spencer Haws

For the most part, its just checking in…so very little time is spent coaching anymore. Probably an hour a week?

Matthew Allen

Awesome job Perrin! Pretty cool that your “hobby” is now giving you a ROI for your time. I know you’ve been putting a TON of time into this. It’s going to be sweet when you’re “done” and the $500+/month just keeps rolling in passively!

Are you eager to start your next site, after you get to that point?


I am! I’ve been doing some keyword research to look at new markets. I’ve also revisited old sites with my new-found knowledge and am in the process of decided if they’re worth pursuing/expanding.

My next one may be a much bigger site, though. Something that looks more like an authority site. That’s just kind of my taste, I think. I’d like to make a living with one or two or three big sites that are all monetized differently.


The writers at Elance are generally better, so I hear. 🙂

Lindsay Collins|

That’s amazing. I can only imagine how good you feel Perrin. Now that you know this site has huge potential and that you can do it all over and over again.

My site is 2 months old now, but I was a little slow in getting links because of my full time job and not wanting to rush with a bad strategy.

This month I’ve managed to make $6 in Adsense and make 1 sale in Amazon, but still not ranking well at all for my targeted keywords. I do have some powerful links being created this week though and I expect a nice jump in ranking and earnings after that. Good luck!

Pratik Unadkat

Great to hear that Perrin. Congratulations to you and Spencer, you too. Perrin has definitely made himself a great enthusiast student and it is definitely great to see someone climb up.

Keep it up.



Congratulations Perrin, it’s great to see your site doing so well and very motivating. I joined the party a little late and started building my first niche site a few weeks ago. Following this project has been incredibly helpful and I’ve learnt so much from listening to all the coaching calls so thanks for all the inspiration.

Mark N.

Congrats Perrin and Spencer 🙂 One piece of advice, regarding this part of your post:

“So, right now, the site is making between $10 and $20 a day. Some days more, some days less. If it breaks $200 this month (and at this rate, it surely will), I’m going to really hit the gas and fill it out with content.”

I would personally wait a little bit with this. Most Amazon Affiliate sites seem to experience an EXTREME increase in sales in December due to the holiday season; not to sound pessimistic, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the actual revenue would have been 25% of what you are seeing right now if it weren’t for the time of the year (particularly considering your niche, which lends itself to the purchase of many cheaper items).

So I guess what I’m saying is that I think it’s a good idea to wait a little and see what happens outside of December, before you decide to invest too much based on the December earnings.

Either way, great going!


Nice to see Perrin getting closer to the finish line! This is inspiring. 😀 Keep it up!


Nice work! I took your link bait strategy and reached out to a manufacturer of a product I had made a niche site for. They actually placed my site on their homepage!


It works! 🙂

The IM Cynic

Hi Perrin,

Thanks for the update, good reading as usual.

Re: your analytics problem, I wonder if you are using an outdated plugin to display the analytics code – the code on appears to be non-standard.

Maybe you could disable the plugin (assuming you’re using one) and hard code the code (copied from Google Analytics) into your template, or failing that, disable the current plugin and try a new one.




Hi Perrin,

It’s been great to see your success, I am also building my niche site, but I am in the starting phase.

I have 2 freelancers who are really good and writing 1,000 word reviews for me with targeted keywords and so far im building up the content before I start the website and slowly drip the content in.

At the moment I have going through stealing my competitors links. I wish to share this knowledge with you, I am sure you will know but still thought I will let you know how I am doing.

I am going to some my high ranking competitors using majesticSEO and finding the high PR sites they are getting back links and compiling a list, so far got a couple of EDU sites and good PR sites that are dofollow.

I don’t know if you are tring this method? Once my content is dripped into my niche site I will wait a month and slowly start back linking to these sites I have found.

I am hoping this niche will be successful as my previous niche hoping to earn £500 a month with my new niche, have to aim high!

Your earnings are great to read, it won’t be long till you reach your $500 goal.

Keep up the work, if you want to share more ideas would love to hear from you.


Goran Gligorin

Hey guys!

Great to here the site is doing well. One of my sites is slowly starting to gain traction and was interested in some stats your getting. For example what are your avg. time on site, bounce rate, % new visitors and pageviews / visit like?

I have so much ideas what to do with the site, but am just holding off to see if it gains real traction and starts earning enough for me to start optimizing the user experience.



Perrin,You’re great!Your site is so wonderful!
I’m from a non-native English speaking country,so I want to outsource all of my articles,where do you think can find high quality articles?Looking forward to your next amazing post!


Guess who was on the first page of google today for the word “Best Electric Shaver” ?? hmm? Congrats


Really enjoy reading your updates! If you want, you can guest post on my site. Just let me know! It’s pretty related to your site and it just got a backlink from a PR8 site with Alexa of <1000.


Nice! Where can I email you?

Thanks 🙂


onminiclip at g m a i l dot com 🙂


Hi Perrin,

Congrats on your ranking but beware of over-optimized your backlinking for secondary keywords. Google is smart nowdays. It happen to me and my site was wipe out.

Anyway, looking forward to your next update. Hope you hit 500.00 soon, man.

Happy new year and best wishes.


Hey Perrin, when I checked just now, you are ranked No.1 for the keyword that you are targeting. Finally I am glad that all your hard work get paid off.


Hi Perrin

I don’t know why i am getting rejected from Amazon associates. Help me to get approved


Happy new year to everyone here. best wishes for year 2014.
I have a question regarding domain name. I choose a niche 2 keyword and in monthly search result it is 5k+. EMD is not available. If I add “review” or “reviews” the search goes down to 500. What should be done in this case ?
Thanks in advance.

Spencer Haws

I just replied to your same comment on another post, here’s the copied answer: I would advise maybe not even including the keyword in the domain. For example, Perrin’s site:; is targeting the keyword, “Best Safety Razor”…the domain is Its ranking #1 or #2 in Google for its keyword. You don’t need keywords in the domain anymore.


Hi Perrin & Spencer,

I see your site is doing well on Google UK site BUT what I noticed is that your products link to, are you not loosing potentially hundreds of UK customers buying from Amazon?


Hi Perrin & Spencer,

Happy New Year!

A quick question on rather basic thing. Wondering if it makes sense to add geo targeting in google webmaster tools for com/info/net domains? Using EasyAzon plugin gives you an opportunity to target customers worldwide, so wondering how this geo setting to “USA” affects my ranking in UK/Germany, for example. I have set up one of my “com” domains to target US and now i’m seeing 90% of keywords are ranking in Google US (167 keywords) with only 4 on Google UK.

Thanks in advance for your reply.


Great update Perrin, it could be great when you can see a positive return on your effort!

Karl Steinmeyer

Hey guys, thanks for putting out an amazing case study. I’ve got a quick question for you about pagespeed,

how important is it?

Have you touched on a good resource for helping with this?
(apennyshaved looks like 64m 77desk)


Spencer Haws

Yes, page speed is important. We use w3 total cache and wp to improve speed – both are wordpress plugins.


What’s even more crazy is your recent updated feb earning of: $1368

Well done 🙂 I am delighted for you it is great that you can create site from scratch and achieve such great results!

Spencer you should start a niche site creation service I would be the 1st to buy 🙂

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