Monthly Income Report for July 2011

By Spencer Haws |

I am a little late about getting this income report out due to my week long vacation with my family to Seaside, Oregon!  We had a blast spending time on the beach, hiking the scenic trails, and hanging out in the small beach town.  Anyway, I’ve had a nice break and I’m ready to dive back into my day to day work (I guess that’s what I call owning niche websites?).

Overall, I started sharing my monthly income reports just a few short months ago, and they are quickly becoming some of the most popular posts on my blog here.  That’s great!   I share these income reports to simply show what is possible with niche websites and internet marketing.   I do not share my income to somehow imply that I am better than any of you out there or to “show off” my income.  One of the downsides I feel to the internet marketing community is that people are not listened to unless they can prove their income sometimes.  This is unfortunate.  Just because someone isn’t making a full-time living online doesn’t mean they can’t have exceptional ideas.  In fact, most breakthroughs will come from “out of the box” thinkers or even outsiders completely.

So, I feel like if I am able to show you what’s possible, this can give you a little boost of confidence to know that not only is it possible to have a real business online, but I show you the exact business that I am in to make this money.   This confidence can often be the difference between giving some extra effort and quitting.

What Did I Do in July?

During the month of July I kept myself busy building niche websites, working on Long Tail Pro, creating an authority website, and a few other things.

In the month of July I built 14 niche websites.  Obviously I haven’t seen much income from these sites yet, but I expect them to grow over the next 90 days in both traffic and income.  To get these 14 sites up and running, I had a virtual assistant help me.   Essentially, I did the keyword research, bought the domains, outsourced the article writing to Textbroker. com, and then had my VA build the WordPress blog, install plugins, and add the articles to the sites according to my instructions.  I created a few videos for my Virtual Assistant to follow along to see exactly how I wanted each site built.  She did a pretty good job on this.

However, I also tried to show her how to spin and post articles to (the primary blog network I am using for links for these sites) and it took her A LOT of my instruction to figure out how to do it.  I also found a lot of mistakes as I went over her work, so having a VA ended up not saving me as much time as I had hoped.  So, I decided not to work with a full-time VA at this point – I may try it again in the future.

My Authority Site

Also, in the month of July I started what I am hoping will become an “authority” site.  I wrote about my plans in detail for this site right here. Essentially, I found a primary keyword I wanted to target, and then a couple of hundred long tail keywords that received between about 200 to 500 exact match searches per month.  I was able to do all of this keyword research very quickly with my keyword research tool – Long Tail Pro.

I have ordered about 60 articles from, and I have around 30 or so currently up and running on my new site.  I am happy to report that I am starting to get some natural search engine traffic from Google already!  The first article was published on July 21st, so the traffic is pretty small, but actually better than I was expecting this early on.

For the first week of August the site is averaging about 15 to 20 unique visitors a day from Google.  The traffic is coming from long tail keywords (no traffic yet for my primary keyword).  Some of the traffic is from long tail keywords I was targeting and other searches are not keywords I was targeting but just happened to mention within my articles.  Anyway, I expect good things as I continue to add articles and build the site!

My Software Project – Long Tail Pro

I started selling the beta version of Long Tail Pro in the month of July.  This is a project that has been in the works for a long time.  I think development for the current version of Long Tail Pro began in January.  So its been about 6 or 7 months in the making (not to mention a good chunk of money).

I have received some REALLY great testimonials and other feedback from people that I respect, so it really feels good to see a product I have been working on for a long time receive high praise.  The software still is in beta version, but I expect it to be coming out of beta in the month of August.  If you are interested in viewing some demo videos of the tool and reading a few of the testimonials, you can do so here.

Since this is an income report, I will mention that I have been VERY happy with the sales volume of Long Tail Pro in its very first month of beta sales.  As you will see in the report below, I am not disclosing how much money I am making from Long Tail Pro simply because its my blog and I don’t want to! You’re cool with that, right?   But in reality, the purpose of my blog here is to teach about niche websites and how I make money from niche websites.

So, I plan to always fully disclose the income that I generate from my niche websites.  However, I am not teaching how to make money from selling software as that is a completely different business model.  So, I would like to keep this portion of my income private as it is not directly relevant to the discussion of niche websites.  Hope that is understandable.

I am just willing to say that I am very happy with my decision to build and sell Long Tail Pro at this point.  I expect to become even happier with the income from Long Tail Pro as I release the full version out of beta and start to actually promote it other than on this blog (which I really haven’t done yet except for 1 post on the Warrior Forum).

Income Breakdown for July

I was very close to having my best month ever with Google Adsense.  In May of this year I pulled in $15,362.62, so I was very close this month.  But you will notice that my Adsense income increased quite a bit since last month.  I can’t pin point the exact reason other than something odd happened in the month of June that decreased my Adsense income significantly.  My income numbers were down even though my positions in Google essentially stayed the same in June.  Then right around mid July, the Adsense income jumped significantly back to where it was before June.  I really think something odd was going on with Google Adsense during June and early July.  But I am happy to say that things are back to normal, and so far August is looking very good.

So, here is the breakdown:

July Income from Niche Websites

Google Adsense: $15,222.93 (+ $2,710.69 from June)

Kontera: $93.84 (- $6.93 from June)

Niche eBook Sales: $85 (- $34 from June)

eBay Partner Network: $5.07 (- $9.88 from June)

Clickbank Sales: $40.04 (+ $40.04 from June)

Adbrite: $1.90 (+ $1.90 from June)

Total Niche Website Income for July: $15,448.78 (+ $2,701.82 from June)

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To provide a little more detail on how my top 5 niche websites performed this month, I am including the graphic below.  You may recall that I posted the change in earnings from May to June for my top 5 sites.  Well, this shows 3 months of earnings for my top 5 sites and how they have fluctuated.   The positions in the search engines was essentially unchanged for these 3 months, which is why I believe something odd was going on with Google Adsense ( I also read on the Google Webmaster Forums from several other Adsense publishers experiencing the same thing).  Anyway, here is the earnings breakdown of my top 5 sites:


July Affiliate Income

This is a new category I am creating for affiliate income that I generate through the Niche Pursuits blog.  I don’t put much effort into generating affiliate income here, but I do have a few links on this site that actually earned me a little income, so I thought I would break it out separately.

Clickbank sales: $93.35

Commission Junction: $90

Total Affiliate Income for July: $183.35

Other Income for July

In the month of July I was approached by someone who REALLY wanted me to do some consulting for them on keyword research.  I told them like I tell everyone that I really don’t do any consulting (I prefer more passive income sources); however, this individual was persistent and finally offered me $200 for an hour of my time.  Well, I found an hour of my time at that rate to do some consulting :).

I also received an email from someone wanting to buy one of my niche websites.  I believe they found the site after doing some keyword research and wanted the domain primarily.  This was a site I built a long time ago and frankly was probably going to drop soon.  I had only made about $25 in the past 6 months (which I fully disclosed to them along with traffic figures).  After some negotiating, I was offered $250 for my site.  Within a day the money was paid and I had transferred the site to this individual.  That site was  The theme has been changed as well as the content since I sold it, but this was the site that I sold.  Ironically, I have used the zBench theme on some of my sites in the past (which is the theme the new owner is using), and the Adsense placement is very similar to what I would do.

1 Hour Consulting: $200

Niche Website Sale: $250

Total Income from ‘Other’ Sources: $450

July Income from my Long Tail Pro

As mentioned previously, I will not be disclosing the income I generated from sales of my keyword research software Long Tail Pro.  But I felt like I at least needed to list it here, so that everyone knows that this is indeed an income source.  With the addition of this source of income from Long Tail Pro, my overall portfolio of income is better diversified.

Long Tail Pro Sales: Undisclosed

Total Income from All Sources

Niche Websites: $15,448.78

Affiliate Income: $183.35

Other Sources: $450.00

Total Disclosed Income for July 2011: $16,082.13 (+ $3,350.09)

Future Plans and Your Thoughts

I’m never complacent with what I did “last month”, so I have big plans for the future.  Obviously I will be focusing a lot of my time on my software and my new authority site.  I will be sharing more details about my large niche site project in the coming weeks and months.  However, I also have big plans in terms of promotion for this blog and perhaps another project as well.  I have put very little time and effort into promoting this blog and I really have all of you to thank that anyone even knows about me.  Thanks for spreading the word!

I may actually get started on my iPhone App business that I have shelved for the past couple of months.  I really don’t know for sure what this month will bring, but I am excited to grow my existing business as well as try a few new things!

Anyway, I appreciate the fact that each of you are here following along with my progress!  As I stated above, I hope this income report provides both the motivation and knowledge that there is money to be made in the niche websites business.

I would love to hear your thoughts, comments, or questions that you might have below.



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By Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws is the founder of After getting a degree in Business Finance from BYU (2002) and an MBA from ASU (2007) he worked for 8 years in Business Banking and Finance at both Merril Lynch and Wells Fargo Bank.

While consulting with other small business owners as a business banker, Spencer finally had the desire to start his own business. He successfully built a portfolio of niche sites using SEO and online marketing that allowed him to quit his job in 2011. Since then he's been involved in dozens of online business ventures including: creating and exiting Long Tail Pro, running an Amazon FBA business for over 3 years and selling that business, founding, and co-founding You can learn more about Spencer here.

Want to learn step-by-step how I built my Niche Site Empire up to a full-time income?

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Outstanding!!! As always great to read your monthly report and cheers for sharing. Sorry to read the VA didn’t work out.

Best Regards



Thanks Andrew! Yep, I may try again in the near future with a new VA…


Hey Spencer,

Definitely don’t give up on the VA for spinning/link building. One of my VAs is devoted to just that and she does a terrific job. The Best Spinner training videos are very good, so be sure and check them out if you haven’t yet.

Congrats on a very good month. Breaking records is a very nice feeling and I’m sure we are both looking forward to much many more new records in the future.



Incredible month. It’s great you tell your story on what you’ve been doing every month. I only hope to be there one day.


Tom its certainly possible to get there. There are no guarantees, but the business is a valid one.

Justin | AdSense Flippers


I was excited to see what you made with LongTailPro, but respect and completely understand your decision to keep it private.

Another fantastic month! It’s amazing how popular income reports are, eh? I really like your info on the authority site you’re building. We’re building a couple right now as well so it’s great to compare notes! Best of luck to you and your continued success!


Hey Justin:
Yep, I decided not disclose the LTP income for a number of reasons. I just don’t want to have to deal with the issues it would bring up if I did. But I will say I am happy with the sales of Long Tail Pro! In fact, once I open up an affiliate program I’m sure it will do much better – especially if guys like you join 🙂

I would be interested in hearing about your authority sites as well. I’m excited to start building out some more content for mine this week – as I was on vacation last week and didn’t have a chance…


Thanks for sharing Spencer and completely understand re LTP … After a few blips (it is beta after all) it’s really starting to prove useful for me and hopefully will start me on the way to earning even a small % of what you do .. I think I’ve been trying to persuade myself that I can go for the slightly higher ranked keywords but I’ve finally remembered by school maths .. 10% of zero hits is still zero lol …. Looks like patience is going to be the key


Patience is indeed the key. Just remember that a lot of small hits can add up quickly…


Hey Spencer, in response to your comment that a lot of small hits can add up quickly, would you say most of your clicks are over $1.00? (mine aren’t)


Most of the top 5 get more than $1/click.


This is great Spencer, with the knowledge you’ve already acquired and the money you have available to reinvest in the business I’m pretty sure the increase per month will be bigger each time.

I have a question that I think hasn’t been asked in your other articles. When you place your order on textbroker, how long are the articles you order? And can you send specific details for each article you order or just the title of the article?



My articles are usually around 400 to 600 words long. Yes, I send specific instructions for the writers to follow. The more detailed the instructions the higher the quality of articles I tend to get.


Cool. It would be great if you could share with us what instructions you give them, such us how to structure the title, how many times they should repeat the keyword, break down the article with subheadings, etc


Absolutely great and it is motivational for the rest of us.


Oh and isn’t working, was the site


Nope, its the .com – and its working fine now.


There’s a typo in the post, it should be, but instead you have


You are right! Fixed the typo – thanks for solving the mystery!


Excellent to see, your a inspiration to us newbies i look forward to all your post’s as do a lot of people you are providing something for free that a lot of IM charge quite a bit for..

Kindest Regards


Thanks Paul!


Thanks for posting your income each month! It is very encouraging for those of us who are working towards a full time income online.

I do not regularly read too many blogs, however, I have been following yours for some time.

Keep up the good work!


Tammie – thanks for choosing to at least read my blog…I do appreciate it.

Steve Eason

Thanks so much for posting this for us. As already mentioned this is a huge motivator for me with my business as I work to grow my own stable of sites. I appreciate your information and I learn more every day. I too hope to be able to post similar numbers in the near future, but it’s going to take a little bit of time to get there.

Thanks for the encouragement and I look forward to future updates.

As for the LTP software, It’s accelerated my research and I can’t see how I functioned with out it. Thanks again for the work on that front as well.

Take Care!


Hey Steve – glad I can provide some motivation! It was great discussing business with you the other day! Best of luck with niche website ventures…

Thanks for the kind words about Long Tail Pro as well.


Hi Spencer,
I love to see your income report and feel like I can too earn this much at one month 🙂

I don’t know what happened to your July earnings but July was the best month for me 😉


Hey Vijay – glad to hear your July earnings were great!


I’m always inspired by reading your reports Spencer. Great job!!


Thanks Witchie – glad to see you still reading my posts!

Kent Chow

WOW. Another outstanding month. I am very motivated by what you are sharing here.

Regarding to your top 5 niche websites, are those authority sites? Would I know how many articles are on them? 50 or 100?

It would be very nice if you could tell us about the niche area and any inspiration is more than welcomed.

I’m digging into those 1000 exact match, $1 cpc, zero competition ones for now. Doesn’t hurt to work on some competitive one for a few months.



Steve Wyman

Hi KC,

have you read this post on spencer’s blog

I think targetting 1000 exact match searches is a lot/bit to low a volume.



1000 is the absolute minimum volume I would accept. I would only target a keyword with this low a search volume if I felt like I could rank #1 and it pays a very high cpc. I usually like higher search volume.

Justin | AdSense Flippers

If you’re going to target 700-1,300 exact match search keywords, you need to make sure your costs are low to match your (potentially) low return. It’s ok if you spend $40-$50 to get a site with 800 searches up and running if it gets you $13 per month. It’s not ok if you’re spending $400 and up…the return’s just not worth it.

We target the lower volume stuff pretty regularly as it’s easy pickings! Spencer’s approach is the “lower volume of sites, higher returns on each” approach. (It’s funny I’m saying that…many people would say Spencer has a TON of sites! hehe) You just have to be wary of your risk/reward scenario with whatever you pick, Kent.

Steve Wyman


this is very much th epoint. The real cost to most people is very much more than $50 in real terms with time effort and expenses. Let alone backlinking.

The only real way to drive the unit cost down is to get into a routine and volume of sites.

Im glad people with more experience take the time to comment it really helps when were following along behind.



The top 5 sites are a mix. 2 of the sites have about 50 posts on them. The other 3 only have 5 to 10 posts on them.

Dave M

Awesome update Spencer! Quick question while you are on the topic of articles per site: How many of the 2-3 article sites do you still have? I guess for that fact, would you be willing to detail the breakout of the number of sites you have with a certain number of articles? (i.e 5 sites with 50-100 posts 30 sites with 25-50 posts, 40 with 10-25, 60 with 5-10, 100 with <10, and so on…)



I do still have a few sites with only 2 or 3 articles. You can even rank with 1 article. But its better to start out with 5 to 10 articles. Hmm… that would take me a LONG time to figure out how much content each site has…I can’t make any promises on that one.

Dave M

Thanks for the info! Mainly I was curious if your 2-3 article sites were still working for you. I know you now go the 5-10 route and it sounds like the 2-3 article sites are either slowly dying off or you are adding more content to possibly avoid another Google slap. Am I on the right track? 🙂


That’s correct. The sites performing well get more articles added. Although it still certainly possible to rank a site well with even just 1 article. However, more articles tends to equal more traffic and earnings.


Is very nice to know that you income keep increasing while you spend time trying new stuff for making money online.

About using with one spinned article could you share us how many backlinks are you getting from it?

My question is because MyarticleNetwork have being changing a lot so i would like to know the effect that it is having this days.


It varies for each article. My highest distribution is 43 sites, the average is probably around 20 to 25 links.

Zero Passive Income

Spencer – another great month for you! Congrats! It’s always inspiring to see your income reports.


Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts! Hope you niche sites do well also…


Awesome Spencer! Do you ever consider flipping any of your sites that don’t meet your expectations? Couldn’t that be an additional source of income?



I have thought about it. It could indeed be an additional source of income. I guess I just haven’t got around to it!


Spencer – nice work as always! Thanks for being willing to share all of this info. It is indeed a motivator.


You are welcome Jon!


What would be great is if you could break down your top 5 sites into:-

1. How much content is on each site
2. What sort of traffic you receive for each
3. What CPC you average

As long as your sites are anonymous I don’t think that is giving up too much info on your top performers, and it would be very insightful for us attempting to follow you down this path.

Thanks for another income report, they are very encouraging for me.


I could probably give out some of this info on my top 5 sites. I will consider this for my next income report.

Steve Wyman

Hi Spencer,
Taking holidays is allowed 🙂 indeed even mini retirements.

I’m glad you exclude LTP. It may well distort the income reports. I’m fed up with reading passive income reports showing $1000 from AdSense and $10,000 from the affiliate sales they made from telling people how to build AdSense sites that own make $1000 a month!! Only in IM could this happen.

Your blog stands apart in the high value of disclosed income on pure AdSense.

A quick question if i may, i believe you have 200 + AdSense sites running now. Obviously a lot of income comes from the top 5 this is quite normal in business and life.

If you were starting again today what lessons have you learnt that would prevent the low income ones? And also with more pre domain buying analysis do you think it’s possible to easily hit $15-$10 with just 100 domains?

As you know i have an interest in pre buying analysis 🙂 or an unhealthy obsession!



I think your interest in “pre buying” analysis is good…to a point! Thanks for understanding my thoughts on not disclosing all of my income. I want to show that you can make money online – purely from niche sites NOT from telling other people how to make money online. (You can make a lot of money doing that too of course).

I’ve learned a lot of lessons – mostly on how to analyze the top 10 competitors in Google. However, one lesson I have also learned in that if you try lots of different keywords, you are more likely to find big winners than if you were only to try a couple of keywords. So, even though I still build “low income” sites sometimes; I know my next big winner is just around the corner. Obviously, I have improved my success rate greatly because my analysis is much better now.


Great job Spencer! I think it’s actually great how you only disclose income from niche websites. That’s what it’s all about anyway. It keeps things more “focused.” Sometimes, income reports that involve too many sources of income makes things a bit overwhelming. Anyway, inspiring as always!!


Thanks Kelly – glad you like the income report!


Excellent result for July, Spencer!
… You keep us motivated.
LTP also rocks!
Looking forward for your insight and steps you are following
for the BL campaigns to promote your Authority site!



Thanks for the kind words Gautam – glad you think LTP “rocks”!


Congrats man, posts like this are really motivational. Outsourcing is key to scale up the business i guess.

Can you tell me which theme are you using on your authority site


I am actually considering changing the theme on my authority site. I will probably find a more premium domain (I usually just use free themes) and will have a custom logo designed in time…


Do you top 5 sites bring in 66% of your income?

How many sites bring in the other $5000ชิ?

Do you feel lucky that you found those 5 keywords that do so well? I’m in a similar position where a few sites bring in most of the money. Sometimes I wonder what would’ve happened if I did find those few ‘star’ performers…


I look at it like, I found those “star” performers because I was so diligent in building lots of sites. So, even though most of my sites only bring in maybe $1 per day – if you try enough times, you are sure to find some real hidden gems.


This is just amazing. Does locality affect the income? Lets say you were in Africa, would you still earn the same with the same sites?


Locality doesn’t matter. I would still host my sites on a US host (like and I would still use to register my domains. Google would never need to know I lived in Africa…for example. This is a business that can be operated anywhere in the world.



Thanks for posting without all the fluff i constantly read on the web. Truly inspirational and info we can use.


You rock!


No, you rock!


wow, really very inspiring…that odd thing with adsense you mentioned, its happening to me this month…Since last year, I was already at $30/day with adsense..but this month hit, I went down to $10/day…yet I have the same traffic and google rankings for my sites….I really dont know what to do…


Ken – I can’t explain it. Hopefully your earnings come back like mine did this month.


Hi Spencer,

Great post and I am trying to accomplish the same niche adsense challenge following your advice from your past website and your current website along with Pat Flynn and several other resources I am currently using to conduct my own niche adsense challenge on my own blog.

Your blog post are very helpful so keep up the good work and much more successful business ventures. I would appreciate if you stop by and check it out to see if I am doing things right.


Hey Akil – best of luck with your niche site challenge! Stay persistent and don’t be afraid to try a few sites!


Thanks will do, will spend tomorrow writing up content for each of them and performance some traffic tactics. Thanks again for provide valuable content and wish you much more success.


Awesome month Spencer! I think I could get used to those results for monthly income. 🙂

Speaking of LTP, can you give us an idea how the full version will differ from the beta? Do you have plans to incorporate a back-link page rank feature by chance? ie: 20 – PR1, 32 -PR2, etc. The demo looks great the way it is. Just curious.

I plan to pull the trigger on LTP real soon.



Well, I call it a “beta” because I really need it thoroughly tested by international and other users to work out the remaining bugs. So, the only difference with the “full version” is that it will be better tested and work faster/better. Although, I do have a few updates planned that will add a couple of features.

I’m not sure I fully understand what you are saying about the back-link page rank feature. The competitor analysis already shows the number of backlinks a site has and its pagerank. Do you mean a listing of how many links are actually PR1 or PR2, etc?

Any beta users obviously get free updates for life. Let me know if you have any others questions.


Yes, exactly as you restated- a listing of how many links are actually PR1, 2, etc. It’s a feature provided in Market Samurai. I’m ditching MS due to performance issues and moving over to LTP. Looking forward to using it.


This is already available in the competitor analysis. The PRs are shown for all the top 10 sites for a particular keyword.


Well you now have a tester from Argetina. Just purchased the beta version!

I think this is going to be a great complement to Market Samurai.


Awesome…thanks Javier!


Spencer, I’ve been testing LTP and going through your tutorials, and you are recommending going through Amazon to do our brainstorming.

This got me thinking: do you just build your sites around products or do you also work on non-product related niches?

If doing both, which time does convert better from your experience?



Amazon is just 1 brainstorming technique. I have both product and non-product related sites. More expensive products do well, but non-products related/high paying CPC keywords are some of my best performers. Overall, the higher paying keywords (whether or not they are product related) do the best.


Spencer, really inspiring post.

Are your top 5 sites pretty much built out, or are you still adding to them?

Can you disclose your approx. expenses related to the adsense business?



The top 5 are good enough at this point. I did add several articles to one of them 2 months ago, but for the most part I do not touch the sites at all. I don’t spend anything on link building or content creation for these 5 sites (other than the articles I mentioned 2 months ago). Domain costs are $7.50/year and hosting is like $6/mth for one account (1 account might have 30 sites). Expenses are very low once the site is built.

[email protected] cures

Thanks Spencer for sharing lots of great info with us. After I read your blog posts and implement what you advice, I start making money from adsense, though just couple bucks for my last month.
Though my keywords CPC showed more than $1, but my adsense click only give me $0.10-0.20, what is it so?


I am no expert, but I believe what we see is the est price for Google search, not on your website via Adsense. Of that amount they claim they pay out 68%. We use that figure as a good guide, like a ratio. Gives a good idea of which ones pay more, but not what you actually get. Also look up Smart Pricing, Google have some good vids on it.

steve wyman

Hi Bobby and David

Thats correct Bobby they pay us 68% of what they get from the advertiser not the full cpc.

The actual CPC for a given advert is different to the esitmated CPC and is only usefull as a guide.

So far from reading the web and looking at my own results (and spencers comments elsewhere on the blog) 20-30% for the estimated CPC might be a better guide…

The problem with these calucaltions is they are just guides. FOr example on CTR many people use 5% some use 10% I have a 6 sites doing 25-35% CTR’s!

Other do 1% every niche is different.



Bobby and Steve are correct. The CPC shown by Google is not what you should expect. They only pay out 68% of that value (Google likes to take a cut). Also, the values are for the search network, and your sites are on the content network – so will be lower still. I usually estimate around 30% of the value shown.

However, it CAN be much higher, even close to 100%. It just depends on how much advertisers actually bid that day.


Another great month for you Spencer and another inspiring post for us novices!

Right now I can only dream of quitting my day job (although I like my job) and pursing my online business full time but I am working towards it and reading your income reports each month really keeps me motivated!

My first niche site has been up for just over a month now with 6 articles on it and I have just started hitting the back linking in earnest so will hopefully see my Google ranking (and traffic) increase in the coming weeks. I have also recieved my first couple of ad clicks for the site which is very motivating!
The great thing is that I am ranking quite well already for some long tail keywords I didn’t even try to target!

Thanks Spencer!


Best of luck Rory! It always a great feeling to get those first couple of clicks on a new site!


Hello Spencer..


Man, this kind of post really makes all of us believe we can do it too.

I remember last year,you had big drop income with adsense, your sites lost rank or something like that,and you said your learnt the lesson and started it over again
The only thing comes in mind now are the google analytics and google webmaster you said you would avoid them, do you still using these tools???
Could you make a post what we should avoid and what we should follow to not fall on the same trap you did last year????

There’s a comment here someone asked about what you say to the writers on textbroker to implement on the articles,in my opinion this is very crucial thing on the site to makes the reader click on the ads…
Could you share with us what you ask the writers ?




I should do another post on this whole episode. I don’t use Google analytics or webmaster tools for the most part. But I found out that I got deindexed due to a malicious PHP script that was embedded in my sites.


Malicious PHP script? How does this happen? I know some wordpress themes and/or templates have footer scripts. Other than that how can one tell?


Bluehost actually sent me an email; otherwise I would have never known. I had some plugins that were not updated, which I believe it came from. So I advise to keep all plugins, themes, etc up to date.


That’s awesome, I can’t wait until I’m making that kind of passive income! Just wondering, once you add up all your income how much do you have to deduct (approx) for your operating costs – hosting, domains, etc. Quite a few internet marketers post their monthly income but none ever mention how much their costs are – would you mind disclosing this also??



The costs to actually keep my sites up and running are VERY minimal. Most of my expenditures are on new sites or new projects. Having said that, the profit margins are probably close to 80%. So maybe 20% of my income listed there is expenses.


I was actually reading through some of your other income reports and noticed someone had already asked that question in a previous month so, sorry for making you repeat that!



Great stuff.

I have been using Unique Article Wizard and I’m curious what you think the biggest differences are between UAW and is.

They are both about $67/month…..

Thanks for the inspiring post.



I’ve never used UAW, I didn’t go with them though because the interface look VERY difficult to use. I wanted something quick and easy – UAW did not look quick and easy.



That’s great. It looks like deciding to go full time was a good choice. Congratulations and I appreciate all the good content here.



Thanks Mike! Yes, my income has increased since I quit…woohoo!


Awesome.. I made 0.1% of your income last month… 🙂
At least I didn’t do much for it as it was all via Adsense.

I’ll get there…. don’t you worry!


Best of luck Ralph!


Another impressive month Spencer. Having recently reduced considerably the number of lists I was on, you are one of only a handful of what I consider valuable resources remaining – and it is your emails/new posts that I look forward to the most.

As I already had KE2 and MS I had been holding off buying LTP, but I can’t wait any longer so have pulled the trigger and bought it now!

You mentioned above that one of the main lessons you have learned is “how to analyze the top 10 competitors in Google” and that your “analysis is much better now”. These are two of the areas where I would like to see a detailed, in-depth work through at some time in the future if possible ( I have watched your LTP videos already for a quick run through).

Kang Yudiono

Wow, John (XFactor) commented too at here. I read your micro niche eBook over and over again John!

Awesome earning! Congratulation.

I wish I could reach the number in the next 1-2 years (I am building 100 niche blogs start from early July).

And, I agree with you that the July is ‘good month’: my adsense earning jumped from $300 to $500 (coming from 7 niche blogs).


Kang – $500/mth is great! Sounds like you know what you are doing, just need to replicate…best of luck!


Hey John, I know what you mean about being on lists. I know how it feels to be on lists that provide little to no value. I do my best to share what I know you guys would want, so thanks for sticking around! And thanks for buying Long Tail Pro, I think you will like it.

Analyzing the competition in Google is critical to your success. Here is my most detailed post on the subject: I also plan on doing some more videos in the future.


Awesome results Spencer.

I’d be happy with a third of that but at least I’m making a small amount of progress each day.


If you keep progressing each day Adrian, you will get there.


Good Work. Thanks for you blog and I can vouch I like LTP.

Spencer, referring to the site you sold, it is now a 8 post blog on the same page blog page. If you had the same content, would you spread it over 8 keyword targeted pages with 8 times the amount of ads? (potentially)

This blog now has many keywords on one page that I would think could give Google a confusing time compared to breaking it up. But, my knowledge is about the same as a porky pines nose !!!!! Would love some opinions though.

http://scholarshipsforhighschooljuniors. com

Do not want a argument, but I do question to my self if the post above with the handle ‘John’ is the famous Xfactor, seems to me someone pretending, who made a yogo and a air mattras site with the same code who is digging for information. John is not going to give up his pub codes easily.
He is to clever for that, unless he has some for the purpose of his good course examples. Maybe. I do think though that he would be a regular reader of this blog though. (I highly recommend both of Xfactor products. )


I am not pretending to be anybody, let alone John James Robinson (AKA: Xfactor)!

My name actually is John and that is my website. I do however have copies of both of John (Xfactor’s) books, which is one of the reasons that I have that particular website.

As the expression goes – never assume as it makes an ASS out of U and ME!



That’s cool, thanks for clearing assumptions up John 🙂


John what theme are you using in I’ve searched for mythirtyeleven theme but couldn’t find it, is it custom made? And does it have a good CTR?


Hi Javier,

It is my customisation of the twentyeleven theme. I have read some good things about the twentyeleven theme, plus it is HTML 5 compliant and also loads quite fast, so I decided to customise a child theme for it.

It has only been up for about a week so it is too early to tell if it will have a good CTR.



No, the site I sold is set up fine. All of the blog posts show on the home page, but if you click the titles, you will see that they ARE on separate pages. Google will rank each of these pages individually for their targeted keywords. This site is set up just fine. There is “8 times” the amount of ads because they are indeed ads on each article (if you click the title).


you are touching lives with your monthly report, so inspiring for someone like me that’s just coming up.thumb up guy.


Thanks sunny!

Paula Mooney

Thanks for the info, Spencer.

I love to hear your ideas and am glad you spelled out how you look for primarily pageranks of 0 and backlinks of less than 10 — that really helps me out.

I’ve been able to do my keyword research on Google Adwords Keyword Tool and put in the limits of local search minimum numbers and minimum CPC of $2.00 or whatever under their “advanced” options tab, then I exported the terms and drop that in GoDaddy’s bulk search tool to see what EMDs are available.

Then Traffic Travis tells me the competition for free — and they did agree with your examples for infrared sauna and kindle epub!

Jay Dee

Hi Spencer,
Wondering if you could share with us some of the free themes that you are using for just some of your many niche sites – preferably some of the ones with better performing CTR 😉



I would like to know that too 🙂


I will have to do a full post on this. I will make sure its listed on the Hub right now.



Great post. Do you use the most expensive writers on textbrokers or level 3? Also, do you mostly use posts for your articles on the site or do you ever use pages?

Finally, maybe you covered this in other posts but do you check top 10 in google and do you only go with a phrase if there are some pr0 or pr1 sites on page 1?



I use level 3 primarily – sometimes 4. I use posts mostly. Yes I check the top 10 in Google – see my post here for the criteria I use:

Maryland Stink Bugs

Spencer great post !!! Bravo !! On the business cost side did you have a great deal of cost associated with the building of 14 new sites ??? Also did your VA cost you much ??? I appreciate your ability to make Adsense work for you. I’ve had weak results to it but I think it comes down to making your sites “Adsensable” my site is not that but I do not think it’s one that should be monetized by it. I think you do a great job of teaching this.


VAs can be relatively cheap because they are typically from lower wage countries such as the Philippines or other places. I think I paid around $400 for the month I had this individual employed. The did much more than just work on those 14 sites.


Any tips where and how to hire a good VA for that price. I’ve already hired 3 on odesk and a philippines job board, interviewed several candidates, etc, but the 3 of them dissapeared within a few days.

Don’t know why this happens since they seem to be very capable and are pretty excited, but then they just dissapeared. The same thing happened to my gf in his company.


I wish I knew the best place. I am going to give Odesk another shot. Although I have never had the issue you mentioned of VAs disappearing after a few days. Mine have always stuck around, I have just been less than satisfied with the results.

Jay Dee

Hey Spencer

I use ODesk exclusively.

I tried using cheap Filipino writers – but for me it just didnt work. The quality wasn’t there for me. I eventually gave up, and now only use U.S writers. I don’t waste my time with anything else.

I pay my U.S guys $7-$8 per 600 word article. I’ve now got 3 U.S writers I work with that pump out high quality articles each and every time – to be honest, I rarely even read the articles these days. Articles are always top notch and completely original, and always get accepted into article directories (ezinearticles) first time.

I still use my Filipino for backlinking though – Forum Profiles, Aricle Rewrites, Manual Article Submission, Web 2.0 Blog Link Wheels. For that sort of stuff they are perfect.



Jay Dee – thanks for the info. I may be looking to hire an author off of Odesk or somewhere that is a little higher quality as well.

Harlan Yee

Hey Spencer,

We might’ve ran into each other in Oregon since I was in Cannon Beach/Seaside all last week. Now I’m back in Seattle for another week of work before I go on vacation again.

Anyways, great progress on your income and building 14 sites in July. I will soon be looking for a VA to help with setting up my sites. This is my first time commenting but I’ve been following you since your Niche Adsense Challenge days. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!


Hey Harlan – maybe our paths crossed on the Oregon coast indeed! Thanks for following along for such a long time! And thanks for finally commenting!


Thanks for sharing! I only started my niche website empire in June, I keep adding sites when I have time, but sometimes it can be really depressing when you check your affiliate sales and they are a big fat Zero.

I actually started out as an article/content writer and I write for Textbroker and Elance when I get spare time. I am also very experienced with TBS and love building WP sites, if you ever need any help.

Hopefully my sites will start earning some income soon so I will be able to stick to writing for my own sites.

Thanks for the encouragement.


Hey Karen, go ahead and contact me using the contact form here and we can discuss your offer to either build WP blogs or write articles – I might be interested.


Nice Earnings Spencer, well done.
Don’t forgot to give at least 10% of your total income to charity
This is defiantly will help growth your income so fast. Thanks!


Amine: check. I have been donating 10% of my income since I was a child. Always will!


Hello Spencer,

I read you from France.
Thank you for your many valuable tips.
Can you estimate what percentage of your adsense revenue come from your challenge (100 sites in 30 days).



Hey Spencer just a quick message to see when you were going to be putting up last months income report i always look forward to seeing how well you have done it inspires me to do better
: )



Thank you, Spencer! I understand why you want to remain private about your Long Tail Pro earnings. (By the way, I bought this product and find it much easier to use than Market Samurai.)

Still, I’d appreciate your remarks about the growth of your LTP income and some sense of the range or percentage of your income LPT is likely to become.

Also, do you recommend turning Adsense off from blogs you run to sell your own product or sell affiliate products?


Misu Ionesco

Why is that some of your niche sites have no indexed pages on google ? Failed experiments or is it something else ? Thank you and congratulations for July 🙂

calvin Chiong

Great job! I wish I can reach 10% of you nice working website. Maybe still need 2 years for that. T.T

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