Monthly Income Report – August 2011

By Spencer Haws |

Well, its that time again for a monthly income report.  I feel like August was actually quite unproductive for me because I didn’t get as much done as I had hoped (but who ever does?). However, I was able to spend quite a bit of time on vacation with my family so I count that as a bonus for sure.  I spent some time on the Oregon Coast, and then a couple of weeks later I spent some time in Seattle and the Olympic National Forest.  But now vacation season is over, kids are back in school, and I’m ready to start getting back in the swing of things!

So overall, even though you will notice that my income decreased this month, I am satisfied with the month.  I was able to spend lots of time with my family and still maintain a pretty good income because of the fact that most of my sites are on autopilot right now.  The only thing is that I wished I could have spent more time focusing on new sites and other new projects that I have planned.  I will get into that in a moment, but for now I wanted to share the income.

Income Breakdown for August 2011

So, overall I am very happy with this income report.  Over $13k from Google Adsense – essentially all passive income – is pretty good.  Also, as a note, I am not disclosing the income from affiliate sales on or from other projects that I have going on.  If you want to see how to make money from blogging specifically, you can visit Pat Flynn’s site or (or many others).  I want to just focus exclusively on the income from my niche sites – since that is what I discuss and teach here.

Analyzing My Results

The primary reason for the decrease in earnings is due to lower traffic levels on my sites (obviously).  But what is not so obvious, is that for the most part my larger sites all maintained their rankings in Google.  However, perhaps due to seasonality of my keywords or for other reasons, not as many people searched for my keywords in Google this month.  This could also mean that the traffic could increase just as quickly as it decreased.

Overall, its always disappointing to see a decrease in earnings, but its also important to remember that last month was one of best earning months ever – so I am very satisfied with the August results.

Playing Catch Up

Obviously my income was down a bit, and it may take a couple of months for me to build it back up.  I bought 20 or so domains in August for new niche sites, but I really haven’t finished them yet.  As I have mentioned, it usually takes 90 days or so for a niche site to start ranking and performing well on average, so any sites that I build now will not really give me much return until basically the end of the year.  So, I expect my income to hover around what it is this month almost until the end of the year.  Unless I steal a page from the business plan of Justin and Joe over at!

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These guys have quickly built up a portfolio of hundreds of sites and have been selling them on for the past few months.  I have enjoyed a few conversations with them and we’ve bounced a few business ideas off of each other.  These guys are quite impressive with the system they have developed.  Having said that, I may sell off a few of my own sites (as they have done) which obviously could give me a nice income boost in the month that I sell.  I may be testing the waters in the next few months with some of my smaller sites, and then go from there.  I will keep you all posted.

Overall though, the plan is still the same for my niche websites strategy.   I plan on building more and hopefully continue to show that building niche websites is still a viable business model ( which obviously I show each month with my income reports).  In the month of August I hired 2 more VAs and am EXTREMELY happy with ONE of them I found.  He is working effectively and efficiently and I hope it will be long term.  The other VA I was using for linkbuilding and am not real happy with him.  In fact, I am going to let my first VA continue the work I had for him AND I have given him the linkbuilding assignments – so far he hasn’t missed a beat!

Anyway, with some good help trained and now in place – I should be able to ramp up my production of sites quite a bit this month.

Your Thoughts

Overall, I’m happy with the passive income that my niche websites provided me for the month of August.  What thoughts do you have on the subject?  How was your income for the month of August?  I would love to hear any comments or questions that you might have below.  Thanks!


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By Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws is the founder of After getting a degree in Business Finance from BYU (2002) and an MBA from ASU (2007) he worked for 8 years in Business Banking and Finance at both Merril Lynch and Wells Fargo Bank.

While consulting with other small business owners as a business banker, Spencer finally had the desire to start his own business. He successfully built a portfolio of niche sites using SEO and online marketing that allowed him to quit his job in 2011. Since then he's been involved in dozens of online business ventures including: creating and exiting Long Tail Pro, running an Amazon FBA business for over 3 years and selling that business, founding, and co-founding You can learn more about Spencer here.

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Justin | AdSense Flippers

Great report Spencer and thanks for the mention! You can steal a page from us any time you like…let us know when you have an auction up and running…I’m sure you could KILL it on Flippa with all that passive income.

It’s a tough choice deciding whether to keep the passive or to sell it off for cash up front, right?


Justin – It is indeed a difficult decision whether or not to take the cash from a sale or just enjoy the monthly revenue. I’m not quite ready to sell off my larger earning sites yet, but I may sell a few of my smaller sites just to see how it goes. The great thing is that either way (holding or selling) is still money in the pocket!

Keep up the great work you guys are doing over there…best of luck!

Steve | CloudVenturesGroup

my 2c worth is i can see a benefit in selling sites that sare producing around $20 a month in packages inthe way Justins business has. the multiple mak a lot of sense. then reinvest in more potetntial jackpot winners.

Myself I would tend to figure to keeep the golden sites until somebody made an offer that was to good to refuse.


Justin | AdSense Flippers

Hey Steve,

That was the same advice Spencer gave us when we discussed it last. It’s quite difficult/rare to get/find those big earners and when you have them, they’re worth hanging on to. Over time, you can build up a nice collection of higher-income earners as we “stumble” on to them.

We’re not committed to this yet (Those high earners will bring us quite a bit on Flippa!) but do understand the strategy and are definitely considering it.

steve wyman | Cloud Ventures Group

Hi Justin,

Yep he’s on the ball 🙂

My long term plan is to have 10 main authority buisness. Wilth any number of related niche sites.

The main ones will not neccasrily be amazon or adsense they maybe drop selling or selling products and service direct. I guess one or two could be Ebook/Kindle based business.

In the mean time this model will work very very well. back to empire building


Joe Magnotti | AdSense Flippers

Spencer, as Justin said thanks for mentioning us. You have been an inspiration and it’s good to know we can do the same for you. Looking forward to some joint ventures in the future!


Sounds good!


Very nice!

Glad that you’re not posting you affiliate income as making money from teaching people to make money is somewhat of a joke (although quite a profitable one I might add… lol).



I agree that its pretty impressive to see some affiliate earnings, but since I focus on niche websites, I think it only makes sense to show the income that actually comes from niche sites NOT from teaching people about niche websites. Thanks!

Abena | Resourceful Bride

Congrats on the awesome month Spencer!

Maybe when your authority site starts producing income you can put that in a seperate column? I know I’m not the only one interested in how that one performs =)


Really motivating to see your income,I am working hard on my niche websites and waiting to reach my goal(I will be happy if i make one third of your income monthly)
I agree to the 90 day rule and I see that most micro niche websites gets good ranking in 90days with quality content (with good on-page seo) along with good quality baclinks(few links should do but it all depends on the competition)!!

Do you like to add anything to this theory Spencer ? And I am really considering you as my role model 🙂 I will be sharing my achievements(once I reach there) may be via an email to you 😉 Hope you wont mind an email from a simpleton 🙂


Your theory sounds correct. You can always re-read over my theories and methods on the niche websites hub right here: Definitely feel free to send me an email with your achievements!


That is awesome Spencer! Congratulations! I wonder if I could work as your VA (for free). I would probably learn a lot first hand from you…..


Your Google Adsense is really very impressive figure,Congratz!!


Thanks Amit!

Tiptopcat @ The PLR Boutique

Excellent results as always, even when you mentioned that you didn’t do as much work this month, I am certainly envious.

As you are doing so well with adsense, do you have any plans at all to enter the Amazon affiliates arena?

It would be interesting see if the same tactics you use for adsense would work for Amazon.

Have a great September.

Tiptopcat 🙂


I have never done well with Amazon. I have only done a couple of sites with Amazon (in addition to Adsense) – the earnings were so low that I have never pursued it further. I don’t have any plans to dive into amazon at this point, but who knows what the future brings.

Chris Guthrie

We’ve fully built 5 adsense sites last month and have 2 domains that should be completed this week.

One of our site has 3 keywords on the first page of Google, but hasn’t made much yet.

One of our sites with 9900 EM searches per month has made an average of $1/day so far this month and is only #12 in the Google SERPS. Can’t wait to see what it does when it makes the top 5.

We need to become more efficient with our back linking, but are hesitant to hire a VA yet as we are still learning the process ourselves.

We did find ourselves a great content writer from the Philippines. I interviewed her on Saturday night and she is great. Her writing samples are spectacular and she speaks English practically better than I do. And the best part… she only charges $0.50 per 100 words. We’re sending her our first order either today or tomorrow.

Overall, thank you Spencer for all the great stuff you post on this site. It has defiantly helped us out enormously.


Hey Chris, that’s great! $1/day on one of your first sites is excellent! If you can average a dollar per day per site, you will be making a killing!

Glad that you have found my information useful!


@Chris Sorry for hijacking your comment (No offence Spencer)…Will you be kind enough in sharing information about your article writer…I am looking for a good article writer at present…Who can work with me long term.. Thanks 🙂



I have been following your progress for some months and I have learnt a couple of lessons, one of which is the need to add more sites to the ones I am having. I made this mistake last year, added no site and consequently did not get much earnings. So, it is a wise decision to build more sites.

However, I am a bit concerned on building more sites like 5 upward as am bothered about the time to build them as well as trying to rank these sites at the same on the search engine. Is this possible without VA since i don’t have enough money to afford such? Can you please give me some tips on how to build like 10 sites at a time and rank them profitably. I am currently building 1 per month which obviously is not much but am seeing progress as am able to write articles, bookmark and do other promotions for the site which start ranking within 60 days.

Your tips will be highly appreciated.


Congrats on another great month, Spencer. I’ve read some rather grim reports about the “death” of niche sites post-Panda, and it’s great to get to see the results from someone doing an amazing job. Thanks for sharing your perspective and experience in such detail! Personally, I just started my first two real niche sites last month. I’ve blogged for a couple years and done freelance writing for webmasters but had never built a site using good keyword research. I’m looking forward to hopefully making more than $5/month with Adsense down the road!


AJ –
Best of luck with your new sites! Sounds like you have a good background for it, so you should be able to pick things up pretty quickly with the right keyword research!


I earned $11.88 last month. I’ve build 16 sites but only 1 is at the top of page 1. several others are on the first page. Just started link building so I hope things will improve soon. Also I redesigned my one site to have more ads above the fold. My goal is to make $200 per day. That would be the point where I could start doing this full time.

I was headed for becoming an internet marketer but I have decided I like your business model better. 🙂

Do you have a way to go from picking you domain name all the way to hosted account with wordpress installed with theme and plugins or do you do all of these steps manually?


Hey Todd, at least you are earning something so far – means it possible! I do all the steps you mentioned manually; although I now have a VA actually install the themes and plugins and configure WordPress for me.

Steve Eason

As always, inspiring and encouraging. Great to see the results are still up there. As mentioned before, my business partner and I are working hard to build our stable of sites so that we can duplicate your results. It’s frustrating and nerve wracking waiting for that 90 day period to see if you have a winner on your hands. But you have to just keep your head down, keep working hard and trust that your research was accurate.

You mention in this post that you have to catch up for being away. Do you feel that if you took 6 months off and didn’t build any new sites, that you would lose income or do you think it would stay steady? Just wondering if you find that you have to keep at it to keep the income up or does it gradually continue to decrease over time. Thus you have to keep making sites to keep the income steady.

Just curious. Oh and one more question, how does one get their picture to show with the post?

Thanks again for your encouragement and motivation.

Steve Eason


To setup your picture go to Gravatar and setup your own universal Avatar Image.


Hey Steve, best of luck with your sites – it takes some time to get things going. In addition, it takes the right keywords – you will hopefully stumble on some really great earnings keywords soon.

I think if I walked away for six months, my income would go down a little, but not much. For the most part, I don’t touch my sites once they are built, and some of them have been up for 2 years or more. However, it would go down some because sites do rank lower as new competitors enter the market etc. So, to grow the income, I need to build new sites typically.

You can have a picture next to your comment on this blog and ANY wordpress blog by going to and registering there.

Fiverr Arbitrage

Thanks as always for sharing. I hope that by this time next year I can come close to where you are with my adsense sites.

Very impressive!


Best of luck!


Hello Spencer,

I read you from France.
Thank you for your precious tips.
Can you estimate what percentage of your adsense revenue come from your challenge (100 sites in 30 days).



Charles, thanks for reading from France! I would estimate that perhaps 10% or less of my income comes from those 100 sites – these sites were largely a failure due to getting deindexed.


I have to say that , I like the love shared on this blog!!!


Spencer – thanks for the share. Like you said, even though it’s not as much as last month, $13k+ from Adsense in one month is pretty impressive in my opinion.

Hopefully I’ll be right there with you soon! I’ve got roughly 7 sites total and am now earning an average of $60+ per day consistently via Adsense. Need to kick it up to $110+ per day and have it ring in consistently for a month or two, then I’m going to take the plunge and jump ship from the day job (don’t worry – I’ve got a plan similar to what you followed and have a nice nest egg saved up for emergencies).

Looking forward to seeing what you can do this month and what your results will be!



That’s awesome Bryan! Sounds like you are well on your way! Now that you have your income up to that point, you really probably know everything you need to know. Just focus on finding more great keywords and building more great niche sites. Replicate the process you have followed and you are sure to see more success! Best of luck being able to quit your day job soon!


Impressive as always Spencer. Definitely look forward to the monthly income reports.

Quick question about earnings…. Did you ever target a specific amount of traffic volume to reach the amount of income you wanted to acquire?

Meaning using the formula your worked to and said ok I want to make $X thousand dollars, so I need to become #1 for a combination of keywords with x amount of traffic?

Was just wondering if this was a sober approach.

Anyway… keep on firing! Motivation for us out there fighting the good fight 😀


Thanks! In general terms, I do indeed use the formula you mentioned. I don’t get too detailed, because its impossible to predict exactly how much a site will make. I think its a good idea to get a ballpark figure though.


Thanks for the reply Spencer. Will keep this in mind.

Steve Wyman

Hi Spencer

Well the income is just awesome. topping out at over 13K heck the drop is not so bad at all.

Im sure some of the traffic loss was due to others being onvacation as well. The run up to christmas will be very interesting to see how your sites perform.

I know how much effort it takes to build out sites and get the initial link building going. Im doing more and more myself and building up a team to provide the service.

Out of interest where did you find your VA? and do they tend to just do backlinking?

have a great September



Good point, traffic could indeed be down due to vacation or time of year.

I found my VAs on Odesk. I have them do blog configuration, adding content (written on, adding adsense units, and other site management stuff – in addition to linkbuilding.

Web design Dublin

Hi Spenser
I notice you don’t have any Clickbank you not try to sell Clickbank products at all and if not, why not?
I note your comments about your own product and that is fair enough.


I have a few links on my niche sites for clickbank products, but they dont sell very well. I had like 500 or so clicks on my clickbank products last month and not a single sale. Adsense just converts better 🙂 (Just a click is needed).


Hi Spencer, I am building a little adsense income with now just over 40 sites. My question is: if you build good sites with unique content that really does help the searcher, what are the chances of Google banning my account? (if any chance at all?)

I am sure you have read all the online rumors etc… Just want to know your take on it?

Also, any truth to a report I read about: Once you get to a certain level an adsense rep contacts you for a review?
True or false?

I am really pleased to see your adsense niche earnings great job!


I wish I could say there was no chance. However, I have experienced differently – even with a 100% unique content site, which actually was the most valuable source of information on the keyword ( in my opinion – I actually wrote the content myself and did many hours of research) – a site can still get penalized by Google. Its always a risk, and Google is in complete control. You have probably read lots of horror stories about the Panda update – Google penalizing large authoritative sites for no real reason many times. Unfortunately, niche sites are always at risk due to google – I wrote an entire article on this here:

I have never been contacted by an adsense rep.


Spencer, thanks for posting your financial info every month. It gives me incentive to keep building adsense niche sites which I really need since it takes 90 days before a site
starts to rank.

Speaking of sites ranking, using your LongTailPro software i found a good keyword, built a site, got on page one in the search results, (in the tenth position), receive 45 visits a day, and got one click for $1.47 and two clicks at $2.50…all in two weeks!

Dude, sincerely….THANKS!


Barry – That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing your good experiences with Long Tail Pro. Best of luck!


Oh, I just remembered a question I was thinking you would know about a week ago.

Where did your best boost in income come from;
A). Building more 1 page niche sites?
B). Building those 1 page sites to 3 to 5 page sites?

The reason is, most of all my sites are the one page variety right now and so I wonder which way will improve my income the fastest?



My income boost came from building new sites. However, most of my start out 5 to 10 pages in length.


Nice work Spencer, I agree it really Sucks that you dont get to see the results of your labor until 3 months out. I hate not seeing my site even ranked when I know its got good content and density for my keyword but its only been up like a week so i gotta be patient. But I guess my best bet is to just keep pumping out the sites and content and let google pick it up soon. I think im going to work on 2 or 3 more sites then hopefully I will start seeing them move in 90 days. Thanks for all of your insight Spencer!


Definitely, if you can keep building sites, then do so. If you site around and wait for your sites to make money, you will be wasting a lot of time. Best of luck!


Hi Spencer!

It’s still and impressvie level, and yes I’ve also noticed a drop in my adsense income in August – 180-190$ usually and $150 in August, but let’s hope it’s just seasonal stuff and we’ll take off anyway.

As for VA – let me ask, do you have him working for you on a full time basis? As far as I know your main backlinking activity is concentrated around blog networks posting..

I also have a full time VA and still I do a lot of work myself, just interested in other marketers experience as it seems to me I’m not as efficient as I could be )

Steve | CloudVenturesGroup

Hi Anton,

Im glad i went and checke dyou blog before asking a question 🙂 I was trying to get my head around $150 on adsense and employing a VA… Now i see its not your main source of income!

Nice blog as well



Hi Steve!

Yes I earn from affiliate sales mostly, adsense is still a very small percentage of income, however it already pays my monthly bills. I guess Spencer’s blog is the best place to learn a lot of details about adsense model, so I work on building adsense site as well now.. as affiliate sales are more vulnerable comparing to consistent adsense clicks.


He has been part time up until now, but with the extra work I am giving him, it should be basically full time this month.


very impressive and motivating , but i need your help as i’m still confused to judge which theme to use for my blog…


The theme really is not that important. I have probably used 30 or 40 different themes on my sites. However, I will still be doing a post on this in the future.


How do you avoid the Google slap? I have like 5 sites that are exact match domains, but got knocked the first page.


You just do your best to provide original unique content and follow Google’s TOS.


Congratulations, Spencer!

Every time you make money and show your income, make us happy as well , believe me.
We get motivated and full of hopes.
I had my best income last month $8/day. As I mentioned in another post I’m working in a more competitive keyword, it already made me $10 in 7 days indexed in google.Mainly, I’m targeting 2 keywords:
keyword 1 (more competitive) : page 20 on google so far
keyword 2 (less competitive): page 3 on google so far
I will keep build backlinks and adding content for 90 days and see what is gonna happen.
I’ll be updating here for 3 months at least, everytime Spencer comes with his incredible income report.

The other day I found a very good keyword and I started to build a site,just wait for the content.I will target again at least 2 keywords.So will be my second site created by me, this particular one I got motivated especiallly because of competition,it looks extremely low and high search.

So guys, the best thing about longtailpro software is how you can check the competition so quickly and easy with one click 🙂 , that’s gold!

Note: All my others 50+ sites I’ve bought on warrior even without choose any keywords…(big mistake,not recommended)

Always try to build 2- 3 sites every month, don’t forget you still got to spend money with backlinks/content/domain and you never know if its gonna bring you money, but if you know what you are doing like Spencer and have a budget to build 10-20 sites per month, go for it.

So I feel like I really started on adsense this month with much more knowledge than 4 months ago.
Thank you all you guys with Q & A

Spencer, 1 question:

How many ezine articles for 1 site in 90 days?
Or all depends how your site rank on google?



Great input Federico! Glad you are loving Long Tail Pro as well! Best of luck as you continue to build new sites.

As far as submitting articles to; I actually have not been doing this for a while. But when I did, I would usually only submit 1 or 2 articles ever to


Your numbers speak well.Google is genuine and other ad networks are scams.Google is the most generous ad network out there and because of that they are now the richest and biggest company in the world.Not to mention that they support the smallest publisher with no traffic minimums.I cannot believe the peanuts that are being paid by other greedy networks out there that will remain forever mediocre and poor.Long Live Google!


Yep, Google is indeed the gravy train. Agreed.

Martin B

Hi Spencer,

Great income report as always.

Just had my best month ever. $52!! I’ve only really started recently.

Hope to see some more posts shortly on link building. I have a few sites that could do with a push up the rankings. Don’t seem to be getting much change from the link building I am doing so could do with some advice.

I’m sure these posts will help.

How and Where to Outsource Link Building?
How Many Links Should I Build?
A Timeline for Link Building – How Fast and How Many?

All the best for the coming month.


That’s a great start! Keep it up!
I will do some more detailed posts on linkbuilding – I do have 2 up on the Niche Websites hub right now that can give you some ideas.
I have been using VAs lately to help me with linkbuilding.


Congrats Spencer! This is a perfect example of passive income at its best. You get to spend a lot of time with your family, not be focused 100% on work, and you’re still able to earn over 85% of the income from one of your best months. I say that’s a win all the way around.

I built my first site, and I earned $7.70 last month. The domain only gets between 300-400 exact local searches a month, but I already had the domain, so I put a few articles up there. It’s mainly just to get the experience of building a site, so I wasn’t expecting to really earn any money. Still, getting that little bit of money has my super motivated to pick better keywords and really start earning. You’re a constant inspiration, so thanks for all the great information!


Thanks Ben! Great to hear that you are making some money with your first site!


Hi Spencer

Another great month, congratulations

How did you find your VA?



Great stuff!
So good to keep reading this as sometimes the adsense game can be a bit hard to get into if you want to make some money.

I’m slowly generating an income from this (it pays back the domain already) and really more focused on getting this up and running.

– How much, in your opinion is design / theme an issue?
– What plugin do you recommend to incorporate adsense in your websites?

I’ve tried a few but not all seem to work fully..


Design/theme is a very small concern when compared to keyword research and linkbuilding. You obviously want to do your best to maximize earnings, but getting traffic and ranking well is really where the money is made.
I use WhydoWork adsense. It does the job, but I wish I could find a better adsense plugin as well. I actually looked for a few this month, but they weren’t any better than what I am already using.


Awesome! Thanks Spencer!


Hi Spencer,

Do you always start your sites with at least 5 pages of content not including privacy, about and contact?

I have been uploading my initial sites with 2 pages of content then adding 1 page a week for several weeks.

Would you recommend a minimum of 5 pages for the initial launch?



You are fine starting with 2 pages and then adding more over time. I often do the same.


nice month. i would be interested in hearing more about ad placement and adsense tracking….do you create new ad unit for every place on every site or just 1 ad unit for each size like 300×250 and then track for each URL channel for that ad unit size ?…..

my problem with creating ad units each time is that the code they give within adsense for that ad unit doesnt provide the styling elements so you have to create a new unit for each placement that has different colors. so if i wanted a 300×250 with blue headline i would need a new ad unit and then another ad unit for 300×250 with green headlines,etc…

in the past i just pulled the code from and then just added my urls for each site to track by site but you couldnt track which ad within the site was performing when doing it that way.


You could always create url channels in your adsense account to know which website is performing well..From there you can track your ads.


I’m curious about Brian’s question as well. I hope a blog post about ad placement, creating ad units and creating channels will be coming up in the future.


I generally use the same ad units. But for any sites with differernt colors, etc I will create new units. I use URL channels to track where the clicks are coming from. Actually, now adsense automatically tracks your sites for you, so you don’t even have to create URL Channels.

However, if I have a site that is performing quite well, I may go in and create a custom channel for the different ad units on the site to track and optimize my earnings. Hope that helps! Also, thanks for sharing the adsense generator site! I had never heard of that and may actually use it…

Kenny @ SiteBurbia

Hey Spencer,

Your income reports always encourage me and show how huge this business can get. Reading you and the AdsenseFlipper guys has really helped me with my business.

My sites keep doing better and better. I have 3 sites that earned me $140 from Adsense. I’ve built one that already at number 11 in Google and have 3 more domain names I am confident will do just as well. I’m approaching it more so towards the AdsenseFlippers technique, so I can get some influx of cash to outsource most of the site building process. I’d like to build 20 to 30 sites in one month so I can see all the results in 90 days or so and start seeing income in the $1000s instead of the $100s!

Great post as always!

Mercy Maish

Congrats.I am indeed impressed with a lot of your informative articles and guidance especially on how to select keywords.Is it possible to get a link of one of your niche websites that you monetize with adsense?


Hi Spencer,

Do you use the same theme for all your sites?

Let me know,



Blimey O’Reilly your adsense earnings are amazing! Would love to read a post about your VA management, salaries, locations etc.

All the best for September sir.

Michael Hoo

Great income! I use to outsource my article writing, do you have any specific criteria for selected authors to write the article you want for the site?


Hi Spencer,

You call that “pretty good” income? man that’s unreal that it’s all on auto-pilot. I’m just a newcomer to your site but I’m really impressed. looking forward to learning from you.. I just got your long tail keyword report so will read it soon!



So I have been submitting articles and ordered some backlink work done and now Im hoping I get some kind of boost in the next week or so here. Since as of now Im still not ranked in the results and my PR is 0 with 1 link which means the other articles and the backlink work I had done has not hit yet at all. MAN this takes forever, but I like what the Adsense Flipper guys say about not stopping. You dont want to get the urge to sit back and see how things go. You get back into looking for a new keyword and rinse and repeat and pump these sites out. If I can make at least $2k a month on a little internet empire I will be ecstatic so thats my goal to start. Thats just off passive income not to mention the cash I would get to flip those same sites. Its working my patience but I refuse to give up thanks to blogs like this. Thanks again Spencer!


Congrats Spencer. I enjoy your site and get a lot out of it. I’m curious about how many sites are involved in the Adsense earnings, if you don’t mind sharing.




Fantastic Earnings! hopefully be catching up soon (maybe 2years or so) lol but i just wanted to ask how many sites you have to make this much each month?
im looking to set up 50 soon so hopefully within 90days i will see a good ROI,




I came over to your site because David Parnell mentioned you in an email. Very magnanimous of you to share details of your adsense enterprise. I’m more inspired than ever, and joined your mailing list.

Good stuff!


Hi Spencer,

Thanks for sharing this information 🙂

I came across your site with a link from Pat Flynn’s SmartPassiveIncome website,

When I look at his income reports it helps me to get motivated, as a newbie to the blogging world I need all the help I can get!

I like the way you are transparent and seem happy to share your information with your readers,

All the best


I’d like to see a screenshot. IM was a big part of my life for 2 whole years and even through huge marketing campaigns in the form of article, video and PR I managed to build a list of 30 people. In 2 years. As people of my age like to say, “pics or it didnt happen”.


Spencer, this is great! Question though, you don’t mention how many sites this 13k is spread across. 200? I’m a new follower here and am just starting to delve into your old posts.

Spencer Haws

Yes, about 200.


That makes around 60$ per niche adsense site, which turns out to be “More quantity delivers more income”?


nice earning … really appreciate your work

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