Monthly Business Report – March 2012

By Spencer Haws |

The past month or so has been a tumultuous one in the Google world.  In March, Google deindexed much of Build My Rank, and other blog networks as well.  In addition, lots of webmasters had their Google Adsense accounts closed including Zac Johnson and Gauher Chaudhry. (I also received a couple of emails from others that had their Adsense Accounts closed as well). Finally, Matt Cutts also mentioned during a panel discussion that Google is working on a penalty for sites that are “over-optimized”.

Wow!  Sounds like a lot of doom and gloom!  Are there any silver linings?  Is everything related to SEO negative?  Well, I would like to point out a discussion started by Jonathan Leger on his forum that is a pretty level headed approach.  He essentially says that not much has really changed.  Ranking sites in Google is still pretty much the same as it has always been.  I agree.

With all the talk, I wanted to take a look at some real numbers.  How have my own niche sites been performing over the past month compared to previous months?  From all the talk, sounds like I should have seen a drastic drop in earnings or worse! So, did that happen?  Well, read on to see how my earnings fared and some of my thoughts on the future of SEO.

My Niche Site Earnings

For those of you have been following my income reports for a while, you will remember that I have been tracking the earnings of 20 sites that I built in the month of August 2011.  (Obviously I have built many sites before and after those sites). The last time I reported the income from those sites was a couple of months ago right here.  In that detailed report, I showed that those sites earned a total of $2305.02.  So, where are those sites now?  Well, there are indeed down a little bit.

My income from these 20 sites in the month of March was 2,000.73. 

So, I saw a drop of $304.29.

As I look at those 20 sites, I can see that the primary reason for the drop in income is all from 1 site essentially.  My highest earning site (of this batch) accounts for most of this drop (site #1 from previous reports).  This site simply dropped a few spots in Google, but continues to be the highest earning site of the batch.

As I look at the rest of my sites overall, (over 200 other sites), my income was actually up a little bit for these.  These “other” sites saw an increase in income of $68.88 from last month.  I actually laughed when I saw how close it was, usually it fluctuates much more than that.  In reality, many of my sites varied in earnings a great deal when compared to last month; however, as a whole the sites saw the slight increase.

So, combining my $304.29 difference from my 20 Sites and the $68.88 gain from all my other sites, MY TOTAL INCOME from Google Adsense was down just $235.41.

This $235.41 decrease is a very small percentage of my Adsense income.  So, overall, I’m actually very happy with the way things turned out!  With all the tumultuous news in the SEO industry, I was worried I would see some major changes effecting my sites.

And yes, one of my sites did indeed account for most of that loss, because it was down in the rankings; however, even that site will net me over $1,000 this month I’m sure.  So, I saw some movement of some rankings, but I didn’t see any systemic changes in how my niche sites are faring with Google.

My Authority Site Earnings

I included the earnings from my authority site in the above calculation; however, I wanted to break it out to report on how its doing.  Here are the rankings and earnings of my authority site (a project I began in August of last year).

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Unfortunately, my site dropped a few more spots in Google for its primary keyword.  However, there was very little change in income.  One reason that I was able to keep my income consistent, is because I have been testing out different ad colors and placements using the Niche Website Theme.  A WordPress theme developed by Chris Guthrie and I.   I have been able to increase my click through rate by a good amount by testing out some different ad variations.

So, despite my drop in rankings, I was still able to keep my earnings the same.  Essentially, I was able to earn just as much, even though I had a drop in traffic some.

My Focus is on Keyword Research

Niche Sites are alive and well and continue to rank in google.

Going forward am I making any major changes?  No, not really.  The key to my success has always been keyword research and this will continue to be the primary focus of my business.  For the niche site creator, the rankings and income does not come from building the right links, it usually comes from finding the low competition keywords that you can rank for with very little off-page SEO.  That’s the whole point of my business.  Find keywords that have very low competition and then apply other basic SEO strategies. And of course, using my software Long Tail Pro makes finding great low competition keywords much easier.

Of course, everyone likes to focus on what the next latest and greatest link building strategy will be.  But to me, the link building has always been secondary.  Essentially my link building will be staying the same; I will continue to use the link building strategy I laid out here, minus Build My Rank, and I may add more Web 2.0 properties and a few other things.  So, I do still plan on doing at full link building post; but overall it will only have small variations.

But again, the part where most people fail is keyword research, not link building.

The Future of SEO

So, has there been a huge shift in how Google is Ranking sites?  No, not really.  For the most part, Google still ranks sites based on keyword relevancy, quality of content, and authority as established by links pointing to the site.  This is likely to be the formula for the long term.  Yes, there HAS been changes, and there will continually be changes.  But essentially SEO is the same as it has been for a long time.  Yes, it may be more difficult with more competition, but there continue to be niches out there that can be monetized with Niche Sites.

Google will continue to tweak their algorithm for ranking sites and some sites will go up and some will go down in rankings.  However, the consistent and diligent webmaster will continue to be able to rank their content within Google.  No, its not easy, but as long as Google is ranking sites, there will always be something called Search Engine Optimization.  Google’s business is ranking websites, do you really think they are going to stop ranking websites?

I now turn it over to you.  What do you think of my latest business report?  Do you think that a major overhaul of your SEO strategy is needed?  I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on the issues I raised.


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By Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws is the founder of After getting a degree in Business Finance from BYU (2002) and an MBA from ASU (2007) he worked for 8 years in Business Banking and Finance at both Merril Lynch and Wells Fargo Bank.

While consulting with other small business owners as a business banker, Spencer finally had the desire to start his own business. He successfully built a portfolio of niche sites using SEO and online marketing that allowed him to quit his job in 2011. Since then he's been involved in dozens of online business ventures including: creating and exiting Long Tail Pro, running an Amazon FBA business for over 3 years and selling that business, founding, and co-founding You can learn more about Spencer here.

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Well done Spencer.

Whats your plan going forward?

Niche or Authority?




That is good news Spencer!

A lot of people were going crazy and I must admit it sucked that BMR closed down.

But hey.. it happens just gotta keep moving and build great content. That is certainly obvious.

Also I started to share more on G+ (better keep Google as a friend I guess) and interact there..

Perhaps that helps too 🙂


That’s the right attitude Ralph!


It hit me a little harder then I thought with about 1/4 of my links. The 1/4th I received from blog networks that got hit. I only allowed it to account for 25 percent of my links I believe in solid diversity. However that 25 percent did take a number on me.

I went from a solid first place slot for my main keyword down to number 8 on my main site. I know it does not seem like much of a difference at least it is still on the front page of google right? Wrong I lost a bit of traffic from that.

Now two competitive keywords I have babied up to the second page also got threw off the serps all together. They are SLOWLY coming back but holy smokes man took me three months to get that far. I am talking about two of the hardest keywords to rank for that google estimates get approximately between the two 250k searches a month. That makes me extremely sad.

Well least they are coming back so my income dropped on that one site it will come back.

Note to google: No matter what you do man you can not destroy quality content. You have CRAP, parked domains and doorway pages ranking above AWESOME instructional sites. Why not fix this first before trying to destroy peoples income.


Nice comment Smeltzer. It hurts to take a hit in earnings. Unfortunately this is sometimes part of the game. Overall, it sounds like building new links is still working for you – so your well on your way back up.

Chubb Rock

Hey Spencer!
Great to see that some people are still staying level headed and not running around like chickens with their heads chopped off. For the last month there have been so many people talking about the gloom and doom and the end of the niche site model. For the most part these people have only been in the industry for 2 years tops. What many people do not realize is that there have always been updates and changes by the major search engines. They do it to keep everyone honest. Methods change, algorithims change, link get devalued, but the basic laws of business do not change and never will. Those of us that recieve that adsense check month after month just keep chugging away. I just had my best monthly earnings ever this past month. Selfishly I wish more of these naysayers would just move one to something else. I wouldnt mind less people in our field of work. Its kind of funny that people think the Panda and BMR fiasco are the only things that ever happened. I agree with you Spence… Imma keep creating and backlinking and ranking sites till the wheels fall off!


Congrats Chubb on having your best month ever! And yes, many changes have happened besides Panda and BMR in the past, and many more will happen in the future.


Hey Spencer great post.
I couldn’t help but notice you seemed to switch your stance on your back linking strategy. In your last post you mentioned you may try some link wheels ALA Pat Flynn’s approach but now it looks like you’re sticking to your guns a bit more. I’m guessing this is due to the fact that you’re noticing what you’re doing is working and you haven’t really been effected by Google’s updates so why change it.

I’m just trying to pick your brain a bit, any insight would be fantastic.

Thanks in Advance,


Great observation Josh. Yes, I did say that I was going to try out some more links wheels, and I am. Essentially my linking will be very similar with UAW and MAN, but I will also add some web 2.0 properties and use UAW to build links to those properties. So, I will keep what I’ve been doing pretty similar and just add one more link type.

There may be a little bit more to it than that for bigger sites, but I haven’t seen any major fallout from the way I was building links before, so I won’t be changing everything, just a few tweaks.


Hi Spence.
My best earning site dropped a place or 2 but this was also due to some paid inclusion ads put at the top of the 1st page that were never there before. Affected the earnings a bit.

Yep worrying times as google moves to the symantic (did i spell that right) search. They will be answering the questions themselves rather than leaving it to Wickipedia and puitting more ads around the number one spot. Above and to the side. Less clicking on the blue links if the questions are already answered.

Big changes in the next 2 months. Going to look around for supplemental alternatives. And as you say with google closing adsense accounts and all. What is the next best ad network to switch too in your opinion if it comes to this?.


The next best ad alternative, really depends on what you are promoting. Adsense is a great all-purpose network and there probably isn’t another one like it. You many need to find industry specific ad networks, use affiliate products, or contact advertisers directly.

Kyle proctor

Great update. Have been waiting on this. My niche sites are all only around 45 days old and some are ranking well and some are still working on it.

I have to agree that niche sites are Alive and well. Content will continue to become important so as long as we stay true to the content I just believe all else will fall into place.

Do you think companies like uaw will ever face the wrath of google ?


Its hard to say if “ever” – but for now they should be fine. The difference is that UAW is mostly made up of blogs or article sites that are owned by other people, not by UAW. That is the big difference between them and networks like BMR. BMR owned all the sites.

Will @

Awesome post Spencer! Really appreciate you bringing up the importance of doing keyword research. This is something that Omar and I focused on in the beginning of our Internet journey but unfortunately got sidetracked with mastering offpage SEO.

Even though it is a good thing to keep up with the latest “SEO Tactics” I find it far easier to simply dedicate more time to finding a golden nugget of a keyword and know you will dominate no matter what.

Going back to a few of our sites we noticed how during some Google algo changes the keywords that rarely moved any spots down were of course

—) “The low competitive golden nuggets”

Now we are going back to the basics and dedicating as much time as possible for keyword research.

On another note there is something interesting about the authority site you are building and the one we were building as well. For some reason it seems tougher to rank for than more smaller niche websites.

Could it be that google takes longer to crawl bigger sites? For us the more niche focused 5 to 10 page sites seem to soar through the serps while the authority site looks like a turtle LOL.

Just an observation I made. Anyways thanks again for the post and keep them coming!


Great comment on keyword research. Those low competition keywords are KEY! Yes, authority sites appear to be harder to rank. Of course, I chose a keyword that was a bit more difficult than I usually do, because I had $ signs in my eyes.

Gordon McNevin

2011 on the title Spencer? Great post still.


Got it fixed…thanks.


URL slug need fixing too, Spencer.

Great job on holding the fort with you earning!

Wesley Banks

Unfortunately you can add me to the list along with Zac, Gauher and a bunch others. I’ve been testing out a few alternatives and have finally found something viable (I think).

Glad to see your authority site is still doing well even though it dropped a bit.

Hope you have a good April!


Sorry to hear that Wesley! Do you mind sharing the resource you found?

Wesley Banks

Spencer, I’m sure you know of all the Adsense alternatives; I’m not doing anything fancy.

I’ve been testing Chitika, adBrite, infolinks, and So far is outperforming AdSense on 1 site and about equal on the other.

I’m also looking into some CPA stuff with NeverBlue, but I’m not sure if I’ll do much with that.

Andre Garde

This is the advantage of having a lot of sites. Even if rankings tank here and there, you still have a lot of other sites that will make up for them somehow.

Every linkbuilding service or tool will be under the microscope at one point or another. Only the good ones will stick around though, and there’s always plenty to choose from.


Very true, and many more will be created.


Hi Spencer, sorry to see your site got dropped, but the weired thing is my site go up with every google panda updates. one of my niche site now ranked at #4 in google and #6 in bing, the site is made of crappy content(6 $3/500 words articles, auto grab contents and random youtube videos), i did rarely seo job for this site, 200 forum profile links(ok now they are all down), social media submission by free onlywire account and several blog comments when I remember. this earned about $6-8/day from $1-$2/day(before March). So I can only say this is a happy accident but it’s time to build some authority for this site.

anyway now I am planning build 2 authority sites, 1 for adsense or affiliate and the other is a ecommerce site(this site was hacked and backups in my pc lost LOL, it has 200K indexed pages with pr4 but it now has only 100 pages indexed and pr2, I will restart with it.), niche is just is fine but I only play with niche just when I got a proper keyword by chance and outsource everything. I love authoriy site because you don’t need manage a bunch of domains and worried about panda or dance stuff. due to we are doing the same job so I would like to see how does your authority site go.

Hope you get a better result in your next report!


Best of luck with your sites Ted!


Spencer, with all of these recent bannings by Google Adsense, what would you do if you were suddenly banned by Adsense?


Well, I would find another income source. Getting an account banned by adsense is not the end of the world (although painful Im sure) because the traffic is still there. You could find other ways to monetize as fast as the next day. Or you could contact advertisers directly.


Hi Spencer,

What will big-G do in the next couple months.
Will it be a massive strike again?
Do you proactive or reactive to his dance?



Good keyword research, quality content, this is how to be proactive.


I would be interested to know exactly why Zac Johnson and Gauher Chaudhry’s accounts were banned, it seems as always Google doesn’t give much real insight, just the same old generic email.

I think the key is diversification in the long run, dont get me wrong, I am loving Adsense at the minute but am a big fan of having more than 1 stream of income, I would hate to be earning all my money from Adsense then all of a sudden I get an email saying the party’s over and I don’t have an income anymore.


I agree Carl. But there are lots of other was to monetize – but the Google search engine traffic is really the source of the money.

Steve wyman

Hi Spencer

Great data and thoughts.

Its very clear that the ultra low comp niche is the safest place to work these days. With low competition strength the amount of link building is reduced saving cash and workload.

Plus it makes sense that if you have a relatively low back link count the effect is minimized when there are changes around.

Ive seen a general improvement in earning at the end of march going into april with a new record day.

A real shame we’ve lost blog networks but hey ho up an at them.



Thanks Steve! Great to hear that your income is on the rise!

Kevin @ make money online in kenya

As always, you continue to inspire me to work more and more and improve my earnings even further. Congrats and thanks for being an inspiration.


Thanks Kevin…and best of luck with your sites!

NIce post, Spencer, and good way to make more


Glad to here there are still hope for niche sites. I am just starting to get the hang of it. So that’s great news.

I just got one of my brand new sites ranked on the first page. #3 spot. Somehow it gets no traffic so I’ve updated the title and will wait to see what happens.

In the meanwhile I’ll create 10 more sites and try and do the same thing. Hopefully something works!


Great work getting it to rank! However, perhaps there is no search engine traffic for your keyword? Check the adwords tool and look at the EXACT match LOCAL search volume.


Hey Spencer – I appreciate the suggestion but the keyword 100% has search engine traffic. This isn’t my first attempt ;). I researched the keyword through LTP and Google Adwords tool. 100% made sure I was looking at the US market and got high competition and a local monthly search of 590. Also got the CPC above $1.

Very confused as to why it wouldn’t be getting any clicks at the #3 spot. Another guy I follow as well suggested it could be the title and description or that I actually wasn’t ranked #3 and suggested I log out of Google and clear cache. Did all that and I was still ranked #3.

So I suggest I just gotta try something else instead.

Steve A @ ScratchCam

Hi James, How are you searching for your site? Through your browser or through a tool like LTP’s rank checker, or the firefox SEOBook Rank Checker plugin?

590 searches per month still only adds up to 19 per day – and generally up to 40% of those will go to the top ranking web site, leaving not all that many clicks for the remaining 9, so even in third place you might only expect two or three clicks per day.


hi james
yes the above comment is true. and spencer said the absolute minimum should be 1000 visitors from america. i dont know why you go with 590 searches. but if you are trying to rank for many keywords of 590 searches per month…first you should upload content targetting all those keywords and try ranking them all in the top 3. you see there is ads and shopping results plus the first site gets all the traffic. so next time go for more than 1000 searches per month for your prmary keyword.
BTW if you were to do those sites with me as i have told you before i am sure you would get high quality
bye thanks


Thanks for the comment Semir.

I am just testing and testing until I get it right. I’ll get it wrong 9 times out of 10 but once I get it right I’ll be laughing.

I went for a super small niche on purpose. Just to see how it would perform. It is one thing following exactly as Spencer says and another doing it :).

If we could all do like him that’d be wonderful but that isn’t the case. Also if we all could we wouldn’t be following his blog. Haha.


Hi Steve – I’ve searched for my site through LTP, Chrome, Firefox, Google Adwords ad placement tool. It is truly in the spot it is in.

I realize I am going to lose a ton of traffic if I am not in first for a local search of only 590. But I was hoping to at least pick up like 1 to 3 visits a day.

I was shooting for a micro niche and it worked but I just need to see a little more traffic.

Maybe I shall try just slightly higher trafficked keyword and see how that does. My sites targeting 2000 to 7000 local searches don’t seem to be ranking on the first page but on pages 2 to 5 which don’t help at all.

Chris Guthrie

You need to log out of Google and also go the settings and turn off the customized search option. This will give you the most accurate SERP position.


Hey Chris –

Thanks. I’ve done that as well. I think its that I’ve just targeted a keyword that isn’t getting enough traffic when I take into consideration the Google product placements within the search and not having the first 2 spots. It’s only leaving me room for one or two visits a day.

I’ll adjust my keyword research and give it another shot!


590 local searches is very low. At number 1, you could only expect to get between 40 to 50% of that traffic; so that would be 236 to 295 per hits per month – or only 7 to 10 hits a day. At number 3 in Google, the best you could do is only 3 or 4 visitors a day for that keyword.

So, its the keyword choice in my opinion. Even a #1 with a perfect title, you might only get 6 or 7 visitors a day.


Thanks Spencer.

I was curious to see how targeting a super small local search would work. I’ve seen other guys do it and get a couple dollars a day doing it.

I think I’ll try it again but one that doesn’t have products in the search results of Google and this time I’ll try harder to get top spot and see how that goes.

I’ll have to try every keyword research technique until I can find one that works.

Thanks for the input.

Ryan Webber

Just curious if these major players getting accounts banned have more than one adsense account like Spencer.. surely they are diversified with several different business entities..

Are these people somehow getting all their accounts banned or just one?? Because if you only lost say.. 25% of your network you will be ok, but 100% is not good.

I’m wondering if several different accounts really keeps you safe or not??


I guess I don’t know for sure, but I really doubt Google would close multiple Adsense account with similar owners at one time. Other adsense accounts would be owned by business entities, not individuals.

Ilpo Ryynänen

Hi Spencer,

I see you continue to use UAW for backlinking. I’m using it also and I had this problem emailed to me for the first time:

“Links in Resource Box do not seem to relate to article content, which may confuse the reader. Please ensure that the links in your resource boxes take the reader to a link where they can find more information on what they just read.”

Of course that is a reasonable problem, but does it mean that from now on we always have to find related PLR articles to our niche sites? How are you going to manage this?

I suppose the UAW’s filter isn’t so accurate because yesterday I submitted several linking campaigns and it complained only about two of them for that reason.

Looking forward to see your new post about backlinking!



I try to find related articles, but if I can find any I submit anyway. As you saw, UAW doesn’t filtered out most of these. They mostly go through.



It is good to hear that your sites didn’t fluctuate that much.

I have actually seen a steady increase in both traffic and earnings, so I am happy about that. With all the talk about link building changing a lot of people have been worried (myself included), but I know that the links that I build are high quality and should not be considered spammy links.


Great to hear that your sites have increased in both traffic earnings!


Sorry but it has to be said Spencer, I think you lost your edge from last year. Don’t get me wrong you have some great content and provided great value for free but more and more of your posts are bland and just filled with links to your products. Just some feedback.


Spencer, good report but not lovely in reading. maybe you should use table.

I’d also advice you to look for other means to generate income for your niche sites and maybe stop building additional niche sites cause google is goin mad this days.



Sheyi – Niche sites is not my only income stream.


It worries me a little that you “appear” to have a large % of your income only from Adsense, and after reading the two LINKS you gave us only confirms the need to focus on your own products and paid traffic from more than just Google.
Oh, one of the interesting posts on Zac J’s site was to get rid of Google analytic s (monkey on your head was the comment) and use this open source tracing here… <– so thanks for That LOL 😛
I would like to hear more about how you intend to diversify your income into the future, besides adsense..any ideas?


The whole point of Niche Pursuits is about diversifying my income. Read the Purpose of the blog here: When I started 100% of my income was from Google adsense. Now its much less so. My current project that I am working on to diversify income is building an iPhone App. I have been writing about this on the blog, read more here:


Hi Spencer,

Thanks for sharing the good news! 🙂

I have one question: Do you use brand names in your domains? And if so, did that ever cause you any trouble?



I have done it in the past, but I no longer do. I’ve had to give up a few domains. I am meaning to write about this in the future.

Ramy Khuffash

“No, its not easy, but as long as Google is ranking sites, there will always be something called Search Engine Optimization”

It’s so refreshing to hear you so that. It annoys me so much when people say that Google will find a way to truly rank the best content in the future.

Google is an algorithm. There will ALWAYS be SEO. People suggest that bounce rate should be more of a factor.

If it was, people would get paid traffic that doesn’t bounce. Someone I was speaking to even suggested that Google should hire real people to check sites out and see if they are decent. Really?!!!!!!! Hahahahah it made me laugh.

I do think Google tries to do the right thing by aiming to help people rank based on the quality of the site but there will always be an element of SEO that needs to be done in order to stay competitive.

The problem comes when Google isn’t ranking sites. They are adding functions where they answer the questions people search for so the users don’t even have to go click onto a site.

As always though, great update. I’ve been waiting for this post since BMR went down!

I look forward to seeing how things look next month.



Great comments Ramy!


Hello Spencer,

I read in some other place that people said UAW is still good because basicly they just do some article syndication job and that is ok in Google’s eyes.

And I also read someone said that MAN in fact is doing the same as UAW (article syndication ) so MAN is also ok.

Now I am sure that UAW is still good but not sure MAN is still good to use.

How do you think about MAN?


Chris Guthrie

I’ve tested both article network tools and here are my impressions

MAN: Probably better quality links, but much less of them. I have read from others that if you submit articles in the Pet niches, that you may get more successful submissions. On average most of the articles I had spun by a VA to submit to these tools fall into the Family: General category, and I’m getting anywhere from 3-20 successful article submissions. This seems a bit low.

UAW: Many more successful submissions (usually in the 100-150 range), no matter the category I’m submitting to. UAW also allows you set the drip feed rate you wish, unlike MAN. Problem is that there seems to be many less indexed links.

Overall, I think that UAW alone is going to work better with my current back linking strategy. I think after this month I am going to cancel my MAN subscription.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts Chris!


I briefly tested MAN and got the same thing with submitting in the pet niche. It was weird. Those articles were getting picked up like hotcakes and all the other articles took forever to get successful submissions. Also I found none of my articles were actually getting indexed because the sites these articles were getting posted on were crap. So I canceled my account in light of the Google hammer on BMR.

At least I tested them out and saw how they worked and what I could do manually.


Yep, MAN is also just syndication – like UAW.

Kent @ Make Extra Income Online

Nice to see your 20 sites still rank. I agree that picking right keyword is the key. I’m a little bit behind my Adsense Case Study, hope I could get some good ones this month.

I have a little gain on my Adsense income in March. I’m trying to add more content and grow the no of Ads Pageview first.

Regarding to SEO, I agree that Google is doing this for their best interest – creating the best search engine – to own the traffic, and make good profit out of Adwords.

For me, creating quality content is the #1 SEO tips. Sometimes I get traffic without creating much backlinks. Also on-page SEO rocks. This is the “little trick” that you could outbeat your competitors.


Great comment Kent – glad to hear that your Adsense income it up for the month of March!


Hi Spencer, I like all of your post.

I always wanted to make a lot of niche blogs.
but I was always afraid to be banned by google adsense.
Do you have any tips so that we do not feel afraid to make a lot of niche blogs?

It would be nice if you do the training on other online business other than google adsense.


Trung Nguyen

You really done a good job, Spencer. Although your income with adsense was down but I still think you’re doing very well, not many people can do the same like you and I’m sure your income source is not only Adsense, can you tell us about your other income stream?


Hi Spencer,

I came across your blog while reading up on long tail pro.. I have been in SEO for 4 yrs and you are the first person I have signed up to follow!! Very impressed by what I have seen on your site and just today I bought Long Tail PRo to help me with my SEO Clients.

Hoping to learn a lot more from you!!



Awesome…thanks David! Lots of more good stuff to come for sure… 🙂


great earnings especially considering all the news in the SEO world. I built a few adsense sites and w/o great rankings I am making about $150 a month. I need to get better rankings, and build more sites. I wanted to redesign a few sites too to maximize CTR. Any idea when your Niche theme will be available.


I really enjoyed your webinar on niche site design and color choices. I’m relatively new to the content scene and my first instinct was to launch a blog rather than a niche site. Which I did about two months ago and I’m beginning to play with Adsense – with very exciting results for a young website like mine.

As for niche sites, which I’m starting to set up in my native language (Polish) for a local audience – how to you go about commenting. Do you allow your visitors to comment on your niche sites of you disable this functionality? It’s a must-have for blogs, but is there any reason to keep it on niche domains? I’d appreciate your opinion.

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