Niche Pursuits Income Report for April 2017

By Spencer Haws |

During the month of April, I feared my business would fail.

Turns out my fears were overblown.

I think as an entrepreneur we have all experienced the emotions that come with owning a business.  One-day you look at your earnings or traffic statistics and it feels like you are conquering the world!  Then the next week, you see everything take a nosedive and you wonder if you have any control.

Well, fortunately when you average things out, they tend to not be as nearly as bad as your worst nightmares, but also are rarely better than your wildest dreams.

I’ll explain a bit more about why I was a bit anxious about my business this past month.  But I’ll give you a hint: the reason starts with A and ends with zon.

Oh, and I have a survey at the end of this post that I hope you’ll take.  So, if all you do is look at the income numbers, I hope you will at least stick around by scrolling down and taking the quick survey.

But first…it’s selfie time!  This is a really lame tradition I started a couple months ago, so I can’t stop now…

Just another day at the home office…

Income Reports

As usual, I am going to break each “brand” out with its own income table.  If you just want to see the total overall, you can always scroll down.  But if you like the additional detail on each brand that I operate, it’s all there.

Please note: *Gross Profit is the profit after all costs of good sold.  So, for any Amazon FBA product sales, I’ve already subtracted the manufacturing costs, returns, shipping costs etc.  However, this is not a net profit number…to get that, I’d need to subtract out salaries, software expenses, etc.

[table id=17 /]

Overall, had a good month.  I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, other than I allowed a couple of guest posts that resulted in some unexpected commissions.

Tung Tran wrote about 5 white hat link building techniques.  He sells a training course for building Amazon affiliate websites, and turns out a few people were interested in buying. 

In addition, Dom Wells did a guest post on How to Systematically build out niche sites.  Quite a few people went over and purchased his Done for You Niche Site Building packages.  This resulted in some decent commissions for me this month.

You will also see that I added Click Funnels to the income report.  I haven’t made any sales yet, but Click Funnels is a tool I started using on a couple of new projects.  I really am enjoying how easy it is to create sales pages, sales funnels, and integrating everything into one system.  If you are creating landing pages or sales funnels, I recommend you check it out here for a 14 day free trial.

[table id=18 /]

As I was following the earnings throughout the month for this home goods brand, this is when the fear of failure starting sneaking in.  As I mentioned before, I blame Amazon for the rough month!

As you can see from the income chart above, our top selling product on Amazon was down nearly $2,000…which accounted for all the decline in income for this brand.

The reason for this drop in earnings is an Amazon quality check.  When a certain numbers of customers return a product and provide feedback, Amazon has the ability to shut down your listing while they review the quality of your inventory.  This is what happened for about 5 days.  No sales at all for 5 days is where all the loss came from.

Without going into too much detail, “Amazon Product 1” can receive very subjective feedback.  Some people love it just the way it is, others return it and provide negative feedback.  Again, its subjective.  Some people say the Mona Lisa is a beautiful piece of art, others think they could do better. 

So, Amazon shut down the listing, reviewed our inventory and listing, and then listed it back as usual…no problems at all found.

I understand why Amazon has to do this, but it’s incredibly frustrating when you lose out on a $2,000 in profit because of it.

However, the product is back up for sale and moving a it’s usual pace again.  I expect May to be a good month for this brand.

[table id=19 /]

After a bad month in March, the fitness brand has made a comeback!  The biggest reason for the higher earnings was the fact that we didn’t do any giveaways during April.

In March, we had discounted our new products that were selling on Amazon and we were losing money on each unit “sold”.

I’m also hoping by the end of May, we will be able to launch at least one of the new products we’ve been developing for the last several months.  It’s taken much longer than expected, so I hope it’s worth the wait.

I’m actually strongly considering starting a Kickstarter campaign for one of these new products because it’s a bit more unique.  However, nothing is finalized yet.  I’ll let you know once it actually happens. (Do I smell a Kickstarter case study in the future??)

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[table id=20 /]

We’ve put a lot of effort into this music brand, so it’s nice to see a small uptick in profits for April.  The brand is moving in the right direction for sure.

You will notice that sales are way down on Amazon and way up on Shopify.  This is by design as we are trying to push all our traffic to our own Shopify store.

We ordered a bunch of new inventory and we are now all stocked up and ready to grow (this was a much bigger effort than this one sentence might indicate).

I believe that we made some tweaks near the end of April that is helping things pick up in May (new Facebook ads, landing pages, and more).  We had an excellent first week in May, so I expect May to be much bigger than April.

[table id=21 /]

The Amazon incubator suffered from another Amazon hiccup.  As you can see “Product 12” was down over a $1,000.  This was another case where Amazon took down the listing.  However, we are not 100% sure why on this one, or if we will ever get this listing back.

We are in the process of researching the black box that is Amazon, and seeing if there are any options.  None of our other listings have any issues, so this is specific to this one product.

Overall, we hope things pick back up once we have a couple of products back in stock that have been out.

Total Income for All Brands – $29,474 (Last Month $29,126 / +$348)

So, despite all my worries with Amazon and other issues that came up, I was still able to eek out a small increase in income during April. 

I’m happy to have a flat or slightly positive growth month when so many things seemed to go wrong.  I expect good things going forward!

Undisclosed Income

I’ve been quite detailed in the income listed above.  However, I also have several other sites or income sources that I prefer not to be as detailed with.  I hope you don’t mind.

Here’s some additional sources of income that I won’t reveal the exact amount of:

New Projects…(Big Deal, Short Section)

As you can see from all the brand reports, I have a lot going on.  However, I happen to have 2 new projects in the works that I’m very excited about.

One of the projects is specifically for Niche Pursuits readers, that I’ll be able to share more about in the next few weeks. 

The second project is a software tool for Amazon associates.  That’s right, I’m diving back into the software business! 

I sold Long Tail Pro a year and few months ago, and I’m ready to dive back in with another software tool.  This should be ready for beta testing in the next 4 to 6 weeks.  I’ve been working on it behind the scenes for the past 6 or 7 months.

That’s all I’ll say about the new projects for now.  However, just be aware that a couple big things are coming very soon.

Niche Pursuits Survey!

It’s hard to believe, but it was just over 2 years ago that I conducted a survey to help me better understand the obstacles that my readers face.  I gained some excellent insights with that survey, and I’m now asking for your feedback again.

I put together this survey to help me better understand what you are most interested in learning about, what struggles you are having, and the types of things you want more guidance on.

I would GREATLY appreciate it if you took just a few minutes to answer this short survey.

Take the Niche Pursuits Survey Here!

Overall, I appreciate you reading this income report, and would love to hear any feedback that you have.




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By Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws is the founder of After getting a degree in Business Finance from BYU (2002) and an MBA from ASU (2007) he worked for 8 years in Business Banking and Finance at both Merril Lynch and Wells Fargo Bank.

While consulting with other small business owners as a business banker, Spencer finally had the desire to start his own business. He successfully built a portfolio of niche sites using SEO and online marketing that allowed him to quit his job in 2011. Since then he's been involved in dozens of online business ventures including: creating and exiting Long Tail Pro, running an Amazon FBA business for over 3 years and selling that business, founding, and co-founding You can learn more about Spencer here.

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Hey Spencer,

As always, thanks for the income reports. For your FBA products, I notice that you list both an adsense revenue and an Amazon affiliate income. Do you have standalone niche sites to get traffic, and then direct them to your specific Amazon listings?



Spencer Haws

thanks Leo! Yes, I have standalone niche sites that drive traffic to my Amazon FBA listings. These sites also make money with Amazon associates and Google Adsense.


As always, thank you for being so candid and as transparent as you can be on your income reports. This continues to serve as motivation and encouragement as I build my site/s.

Is there a goal (revenue or number of total products) you would like to have on the FBA side? I vaguely remember you mentioned you started with a few and built up from there.

Spencer Haws

Thanks Jeremy! I don’t have a number of products goal, but I do have a revenue goal (7 figures).


thankyou for sharing spencer,I understand you cant tell us your niche,but based on this experience,what subjective things would you stay away from selling now on amazon,would appreciate your comments?and Spencer would you ever consider doing a niche product 4 or 5 on how to sell a niche product on amazon I would love that and I’m sure many others would,I could be your giny pig although I’m a little broke at the min,thanks for all your openes Mal


Wow Spencer, it’s amazing to see that you are still making gains. I bet your wife can hardly believe these types of numbers. On second thought don’t tell her, she might head to the nearest shopping mall to celebrate! yikes! Thanks for sharing.

Spencer Haws

Thanks John! My wife is very happy with the numbers 🙂


Wow. Really inspiring. Thanks for the earning stats.


Thanks spencer it’s always great to see where genuine marketers incomes come from rather than high end Jv launch as a cover for how a product or program really works.
On another note I would be very interested in being a beta tester for your new amazon software as I have beta tested for guys like Alex Becker greg Ortiz and Devin zander and would love an opportunity to test what your releasing. Cheers

Spencer Haws

Sounds good. Make sure to join the FB group here:
That is likely where I will look for my first set of beta testers.


Your earning stats are really amazing and inspiring. Your impressive earnings serve as great motivation for me to continue to keep churning out articles for my niche sites.

Spencer Haws

Thanks John


I always love These income Reports!
Was just wondering why you are listing only one of your product both on Shopify and Amazon. Why not all?

Spencer Haws

Great question. We actually do have shopify set up for the “home goods brand”; however, we are finding that conversions are much better on Amazon for these products. We are still testing that brand and will likely start testing another on shopify.

Douglas kent

Hey Spencer,
Great to see your income report. IT really help motivate me to push harder. I only have a small amazon affiliate site barely making 100 a month. and I am wondering if you have any tips on improving my income. Thanks

Spencer Haws

Thanks Douglas. How to improve depends on how much traffic you are getting and many other factors. I would start by looking at your highest traffic pages and seeing if you could monetize better.


Hi Spencer,
Thanks a lot for your detailed income report, it’s really encouraging and inspiring for a newbie like me.
Thanks again.


Thank you for listing out your income report. There is hope:) Looking forward to hearing more about your new projects.


Nice job, Spencer! I most enjoy witnessing the freedom money provides to pursue new ideas, such as your next software business. There are so many people with brilliant ideas but no funding to bring those ideas to fruition. I look forward to the day I can easily fund the many business ideas I have in my head, lol.

Spencer Haws

Thanks KimP!

Muhammad Imran Nazish

Another impressive monthly income report. Thanks for sharing, your Amazon business is awesome.

Spencer Haws

Thanks Muhammad.


Awesome Spencer.

Great Insights like always and Good Job ! Sorry for your income loss though. It is a lot of money…

I’m following your blog since quite some time now, and I have to tell that it is one of the blogs that help me when keeping up with my AMZ Affiliate websites. It is the one I read the most.

Talking about AMZ Affiliate, is there a way to contact you and be sure You’ll answer ? A “100% guarantee answer” email for example ? 😀

Its about this thing You said / write: “Investment websites. I have invested in several other websites. For most of these I own anywhere from 5% to 33% of the business.”

I could have something interesting to show you or at least have your 10 mns Expert Advice. I know You are SUPER busy. You are a ROCKSTAR ! 😀 ! So, I will be “loud and clear” and won’t make you lose your time.

Thanks a lot and Sorry for the quality of the english. I’m a French Native.

Spencer Haws

I saw your response on the survey. Give me a day or two, and then I’ll reach out to you via email.


Great ! This is really AWESOME !

I’ll be waiting for your answer then.

Thanks ! 🙂

Brett @ Niche Laboratory

Nice report. I guess there is still a lot of opportunity in ecommerce. I have switched from buying on Amazon to AliExpress. AliExpress has cheaper products and they’re much more exciting as well. But you play Russian roulette every time you order there. I’ve had the wrong product and sometimes no product at all.

I’ve played around with their API as well. It’s totally chaotic, but again there are some fantastic products on there if you take the time to search (but search using Google Images, not the rubbish AliExpress internal search facility).

Hmm, how to monetise all this new found knowledge?

Spencer Haws

Interesting. You can always try to quick launch unique products you find on Aliexpress onto Amazon. If any do well, sell more of it or manufacture your own.


Spencer, just wondering about shopify and why you chose this compared to the usual wordpress route with say woocommerce?
and didn’t realise you used ebay, is that for the same products you sell on amazon and just another outlet? In your ‘Home Goods’ section, how come you have a section for ‘UK Sales’, do you separate sales by countries or something?
Looks like you have huge amounts going on and wonder how and where one would even start. Do you believe the starting point is always to develop and grow a niche site (Authority Site) – was that your springboard for the rest or are they all separate – or should new people begin with one of the other options such as eCommerce?
Many thanks

Spencer Haws

Shopify has a lot of great features I like. Yes, ebay is same products.
UK is a different Amazon seller account, so yes, its a separate country, marketplace, etc. Niche sites was my springboard.


Thanks for sharing your income report, waiting for your upcoming software, like to hear about it’s features.

Spencer Haws

Thanks Karim!

Steve Boyko

Thanks for sharing your report… looks like you have some exciting news to share soon!

Spencer Haws

Thanks Steve!


Hi Spencer,
How can i get in touch with you to be our consultant to buying a site?

Spencer Haws

I don’t consult unfortunately. But you can catch me on twitter.

Giovanni Zappavigna

Once again good job.

These types of post give a lot of motivation to us, people who start their own business. It shows us it is possible to make a living off of our hard work.

Thank you very much for your post.

Spencer Haws

Thanks Giovanni!


Very inspiring, I always look forward to your earning stats, it’s very motivational and eye opening. Thanks for keep sharing.

Spencer Haws

Thanks Brad!


Amazing ! Just don’t know how you juggle so many things at once . Great work !

Inspiration to a ton of people !

Jhasketan Garud

That’s really inspiring Spencer.
I hope the income of May’17 surpasses that of Apr’17.

Anjum brahui

you have done really great job. Weldon.


Hi Spencer bro,
Those are really motivating figures for someone as new as me.

Akash Navi

Hi Spencer,
You are amazing man! These income figures can blow anyone’s mind 😀

Keep it up bro : )

Spencer Haws

Thanks Akash!

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