I Want Your Ideas for Niche Site Project 2

By Spencer Haws |

One of my annual goals, as I recently reviewed here, was to complete 2 different public niche site projects.  Currently I have started one of them, and I’m very happy with the results so far.

I will continue to build and grow my site and share lessons learned, earnings, and more.  However, most of the “meat” of that project is complete; and so I’m looking to start hatching a new one.

However, I don’t want to just pick another keyword and build another site in the exact same manner.  I think doing something a little bit different would keep things fresh and exciting around here (that’s what we’re all looking for, right?).

So, the PURPOSE OF THIS POST, is to GET YOUR IDEAS on how I should tackle this new public niche site project.

I Need Your Input

In the comments section of my last post, I received lots of great ideas on how I should conduct this new project.  So, I am going to list some of those ideas here.  In addition, I am CERTAIN that some of you will have some additional stellar ideas.

First, I am going to list either ideas from you or a few that I’ve had on the new project.  Then in the comments, I would like your feedback on the ideas you like and any additional approaches you would like to see.

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Public Niche Site Project 2 Ideas

  1. Pick a new keyword, and build another site monetized by Amazon Associates, just like I did for Niche Site Project 1.
  2. Complete the project, just like I did the first time – but DON’T REVEAL the keyword or domain until its ranking on the first page of Google; or after its earnings some specified amount.  This option of “Not Revealing” could be applied to any of the other options as well.
  3. Simply join Pat Flynn’s Niche Site Duel 2.0 and participate in that.  I am still debating whether or not to join this.  I’m waiting until he has the niche site duel tracking website up before I make any decisions.  I want to see how its going to be tracked, how it works, etc.
  4. Target a High-end Amazon product (perhaps something that costs over $500?)
  5. Build a Google Adsense based site.  I won’t do this because I don’t want to share my Google Adsense account publicly.
  6. Teach a student to build a niche site and coach THEM through the process, and share their success, reveal domain, etc.  I would not personally work on the site, but would coach and record Skype sessions, etc.
  7. Target an affiliate product on Clickbank or some other information product.
  8. Build an affiliate site that uses traffic generation outside of search engines.  This could be social media, forums, paid advertising, and more.
  9. Create my own product (outside of Internet Marketing) and use any traffic generation technique necessary to drive sales.  In other words, search engines may play a minor role, while paid advertising via Facebook or Google Adwords could play a bigger role.
  10. Build an eCommerce or Drop-shipping site.

Which of these 10 options do you like?  Do you have any other suggestions?

If I were to tackle one of the bigger projects, like #9 or #10; its possible that I would want it to “count” as my Niche Pursuit as well as a Niche Site Project.  Because remember in addition to the Niche Site Projects, I want to document starting another side business (such as developing an iPhone app, writing kindle books, buying and selling used books, or more).

I will be looking for ideas for a separate “Niche Pursuit” in the next month or so.  The last half of this year could get busy on this blog…

That’s it.  Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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By Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws is the founder of After getting a degree in Business Finance from BYU (2002) and an MBA from ASU (2007) he worked for 8 years in Business Banking and Finance at both Merril Lynch and Wells Fargo Bank.

While consulting with other small business owners as a business banker, Spencer finally had the desire to start his own business. He successfully built a portfolio of niche sites using SEO and online marketing that allowed him to quit his job in 2011. Since then he's been involved in dozens of online business ventures including: creating and exiting Long Tail Pro, running an Amazon FBA business for over 3 years and selling that business, founding, and co-founding You can learn more about Spencer here.

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Marc Possoff

I’d like to see a high price Amazon product.


^^ I really like the idea of you trying to destroy a high ticket item. I think this would be the most challenging and potentially highest return site you could build.

Also I would recommend trying to get a poll on this site started on what kind of sites we would like to see! Trust me, reading through all of these a choosing will be very difficult. Start a poll!


Spencer Haws

I’ve thought of a poll, but at the end of the day its my project, and I’ll decide – even if it doesn’t happen to be the most “popular”.

Codrut Turcanu

hey Marc,

we’re both on the same page here 🙂

I feel like to Spencer, this would be the next biggest challenge, to go with an under the radar high-ticket item from Amazon (or whatever other associate program he finds) and prove there’s money to be made from hidden niches and high-ticket items.

What do you say Spencer?

Spencer Haws

Its a good idea. I’m going to take some time to mull things over…but I’ll keep everyone posted!


I like the idea of waiting to reveal your site

Nick LeRoy

I vote for building your own product and marketing it (non internet marketing). Alternatively, what about competing in a competitive industry like auto insurance and monetize through lead generation?

Marc Possoff

I would like to see an e-commerce site with a product that is sourced overseas and or sourced in the USA.

Spencer Haws

I don’t target high competition areas – like auto insurance. I’ve learned from a lot of mistakes over the years – and many of those “mistakes” are rooted in the fact that I targeted too difficult of keywords/markets.

Nick LeRoy

Spencer, I wasn’t very clear. What I meant was find long tail keywords within a competitive niche. However I definitely understand where your coming from 🙂

Jamie Anderson

Hi Spencer, I was going to mention Pat Flynn’s niche site duel thing too funnily enough.

I’d quite like to see something totally different. Selling something like boats/yachts/houses would be really interesting.

I seem to remember coming across an affiliate program for grand holiday homes/villas for sale which paid out a %1 commission on sales. Not much but when you consider most of the houses were over 1 millions euros, it makes it worth your while!


I’d be worried how this was tracked through the sales process as nobody buys a house or any product of that value off a website. There is a long sales process. How would you know if you got sidelined?

Scott Jenkins

I believe it’s a I brainer to take someone under your wing and teach them.

The obvious benefit is paying it forward but just image the PR buzz you could create while you look for the perfect candidate and coach them through the process.

Spencer Haws

Thanks for the input Scott…it would indeed be interesting…and perhaps would generate some buzz…

Scott Jenkins


With the right exposure, which is probably built right into your blog already, it would spread around forums and blogs like a kerosene fueled wildfire.


I think it could also generate a lot of hurt feelings among whomever wasn’t chosen to be your client. Just my opinion.


I like the idea of seeing you train up someone who hasn’t built a niche site yet, or at least a successful one. In answer to Susans comment, I wouldn’t be too concerned over hurting anyones feelings. I’m sure there would be lots of applicants and everyone would be well aware there can only be one selection. However I think it could be easy to pick out someone who was already quite savvy at web marketing or website building. For that reason I think the candidate selection should have some level of randomness or a pole on a short list from your readers? Applicants would still need to be shortlisted first of course. Maybe by means a short test.

I also like the sound of seeing your promote high value items.

Maybe also showing you promote products from other affiliate networks like commission junction.


I also vote for training someone. Here’s why. I think it’s great what you and Pat and some others I follow have accomplished, but I find I learn best watching someone else learn.

I think it comes from the “real world-ness” of seeing someone making decisions, making bad decisions and fixing it. Training gets my vote


The two that stand out to me are targeting a higher priced Amazon product or creating your own product! 🙂
But out of those two I would be more interested to see you do the higher end product site.


How about creating a lead generation site? Not CPA. Something like, you capture a lead and then sell that lead to a company or business.

For example, creating a site for say health insurance, capturing the leads who are comparing various plans and sell those leads to an insurance broker.

Spencer Haws

Yes, a lead gen site would be interesting…


I really like the lead generation idea. Haven’t seen any case study like that yet

Paul Money

I actually do this in the offline niche for chiropractors in my local area. I have only done 3 sites so far but all three are in the top three of Google for relevant chiropractor “location” keywords. The traffic is low but the people who fill out the form or call me are seriously hot leads – they are asking for prices and when they can come and see me.

The main idea I had was to rank a site and rent it back to one of the businesses that I outranked but now I am moving towards the pay per lead model which would be nice when the volume increases.

I actually like this model as most local businesses dont understand SEO etc but need more clients and will pay.

Paul Hill

I think you should do the same as the knife site but without any outsourcing…

Taking someone else under your wing would be good to see – you and Pat Flynn could have a little challenge to see who’s minion performs the best. The Niche Site Puppet Masters 🙂

Spencer Haws

Being a Puppet Master…fun!


I like this idea too. Not outsourcing, especially link building part. I always stuck there.

Adam Roseland

Hey Spencer,
I think the “teaching” part of this would help the community most if you did #4,6,7,8 or 10. I think you have already demonstrated your ability to create a successful product, something called long tail something or other 🙂

4,6,7 i think are most appropriate though. At the end of the day, I am sure any of them would make the community happy.

Spencer Haws

Thanks for the feedback Adam!

Rodolfo Oliveira

I would love to know what adsense magic you do but you are right about your privacy.

That being said I think the best ones are either the High-end Amazon product or an affiliate product on Clickbank or some other information product for monetization.

Participating in the Niche Site Duel, coaching and trying to get social traffic would be nice adds to the process regarding other aspects other than monetization so I think it should be combined with one of the above.

I don’t really see the point on hiding the keyword though…


11. Find a niche site that has never made too much money because it won’t rank, work your magic, and then prove that even a flopping site with a solid keyword can be turned around ((like, for instance, my!

Demonstrate step by step what you’ve done to make it work in comparison to what wasn’t working before!

Oh, by the way, I absolutely volunteer!


Your should check out the case study by because he did a niche site on this very subject and he reports making $500/month.


That url isn’t recognised Shaun. I’d be interested to see this though.

@Mike – I think one problem your having is that you targeted a keyword where the page 1 competition are just about all eCommerce sites. Spencer did a post on this the other week. I have done exactly the same with my keyword but only realised when I’d started building the site and outsourced article writing. I’m going with it for now and seeing what I can do. It’s worth the experience at least. Don’t give up buddy. Keep improving the site by adding google authorship etc. However it might be worth starting a new project to start at the same time. One that is less competitive.
Here is a link to Spencer’s article I mentioned:
nichepursuits (.) com /when-seo-rules-dont-apply-ecommerce-sites-and-other-anomalies

Tung Tran

the correct url is cloudlivingjourney[dot]com :D… my blog


Thanks Tung. I’ll check it out.

Spencer Haws

I’m not sure whether or not to laugh. I feel sorry your site hasn’t done well 🙁 ; but smile at your ambitious nature!


I totally agree with Mike’s idea. Take a site that is flopping, point out its shortcomings, and then do what you do best. I think there are a ton of us who would benefit.


I would like to see do something like Pat Flynn is doing with a small couch group. I would like to volunteer 🙂

Chris B

Hey Spencer,

More great content and brilliant ideas you’ve got 😀

I like 4,6 and 8, but please don’t get into PPC as although very lucrative it is also very risky for those that don’t know what they’re doing.

Of course the Pro’s make it look easy!

Coaching a lucky winner to build a successful niche site would be awesome 😀

So many great ideas 😀

I just came across another cool site with great tips here and there, who’m i’ve never heard of before.

Raimundas M is his name. Heard of him?

Just wanted to share this interesting post with everyone on his amazon tips too, which I think you have mostly covered already but a good freshen up as well.

I’m constantly on your website engaging in your wisdom and experiences 🙂

Keep being AWESOME Spencer and doing outstanding stuff. 😀


Hi Spencer,

I have been following you for a while, wanting to start my first niche site but needed guidance also the confidence in my own abilities that I can actually make it happen AND work out.

I am in two worlds at the moment. I can’t seem to decide whether I should find an affiliate product to promote on my first niche site or create my own “ultimate resource” like an eBook on my keyword OR whether I should opt to drive Adsense from the site.

Personally it’s either creating my own ultimate resource guide as I can’t find an affiliate product I am happy with, OR Adsense. Creating the guide is fairly simple for me as I am a writer and would be able to do the work myself. But then I can’t help but wondering about the Adsense option.

I understand why you wouldn’t go with Adsense this time around but I do want to ask… Is there some guide you have done on setting up a niche site specifically monetizing Adsense on it? For interest’s sake, do you think you would have done better with your earnings on had you gone the Adsense route?

I am done with my keyword research and I am quite blessed and highly excited that I found a keyword with 22,200 exact local monthly searches per month and also excellent opportunity to outrank some of the sites currently on page one of the SERP’s.

Which do I do – Adsense or own info product/ultimate guide and then, how do I set it up to have the best chance at success?

For this reason I’d love for you to do number 6 which is coach a student and share his progress…

I’d be your student any day of the week! 😉

Thanks for all that you do with this project,



Hi Ryan,
Spencer walks through an adsense site as part of the longtail pro training course although doesn’t go into details about setting your account up with google. It’s a very good video course though. Worth every penny!



Are you referring to the training videos one gets after buying LTP? If yes, I’m not sure how I missed that then!

I’m sure setting up the account with Google can’t be that complicated. I’m more interested in setting up the website and the how-to’s of adding the Adsense, when, where, etc.

Thanks for your input though!


Hi Spencer ,
That would be interesting if you Target an affiliate product on Clickbank or some other information product Sounds very interesting .

Target a High-end Amazon product as a second option would be great .

Thank you


I’d be interested in either #7 or #10 personally. A high-end Amazon product is also an interesting idea.

Thank you!

Tung Tran

I love the idea of making your own product and list it on Clickbank and then market it.

I’m about to do another case study on my blog based on this idea


Didn’t Spencer just do that with his LongTail Classroom videos?


Yeah, I would like to see you do this too.


My mistake..

Was quoting Tung.


As far as a case study goes #8 could be very interesting a tough nut to crack though.

Build a site that uses traffic generation outside of search engines. This could be social media, forums, paid advertising, and more.

I think joining Pat’s upcoming niche site duel would be fun.


Lots of good options. I hope to see you do more than just one over the next several months.

#6 would be cool, need a volunteer?

#9 and 10 would be great to watch too.


Hi Spencer, thanks for the content you put out there.

I’d like to see a lead generation project. Something like targeting a niche problem and then sell the leads to the solution. Or targeting some local market (example dentists in London), drive and sell leads to them.

What do you think about?

Spencer Haws

Its a good idea that I’ve toyed around with before. This would definitely be a bigger undertaking though…

Josh Garrod

Lead gen would be cool, I’ve attempted before and failed and would like to see someone succeed at it

Steve Eason

I’d say either 1, 2, 3, 4, or 6. I’d lean more towards 4 or 6. Or maybe 3. Hope that helps!



Tell me if this is off. But I think you just stumbled on another ‘niche pursuit’. Why not do these one at a time, pick the most favorable one at the moment and after that do the next. As you go along keep adding new pursuits and keep doing the public experiments.

Your previous public site did well and I’m sure we’d all like to see the others because their different from one another, and from what Google’s been doing, diversifying is really crucial.

As for me, I’d like to see either the Clickbank option or being able to profit without Google. Something different so you don’t totally rely on adsense, amazon or SERPs.

Great job, and keep going!

Spencer Haws

Perhaps you are right, maybe I’ll just pick them off one by one…


I agree with Adam. I would like to see something different this time as you have already documented your journey with best survival knife guide. No 4,6 and 9 will be good choice for me personally.

Tigue Burgess

It’s good to see you are polling your readers to see what we want next, I appreciate you letting us have some input.

I think that a Clickbank type info product would be a good choice as it shows a different type of site than your last one. Taking on a student to do this with you would also be interesting.

I would also like to see a drop ship site done, although you could really say that an Amazon site like your first one is really just a step away from being a drop ship site, with just a few tweaks you could source some products and put up some buy now buttons and there you have it. (Okay a little more than that but you get the point.)

Another good idea as some have said above is to create a local services lead generation site. Getting good at developing these sites could lead to a viable local consulting business for some of your readers.




Hey Spencer,

I personally like idea number 8 and 10. I have a few great drop shippers as I did a lot of research in that niche and currently I am selling on eBay with those items.

If you end up going that routine, I will share my experiences on selling drop shipping products with you.

Please let us know your decision and I will consider participating in the new public project as I missed the last one.




Hi Spencer,

I think out of the bunch, the worst idea would be to have someone as a student and do the whole thing. Mostly because we have literally 0 control over how they perform, how much time they put into it, etc. The last thing we’d want is for the project to be abandoned half-way through simply because the student wasn’t up to the task.

My votes go for:

– Target a High-end Amazon product (perhaps something that costs over $500?)
– Build an affiliate site that uses traffic generation outside of search engines. This could be social media, forums, paid advertising, and more.

With that said, I’d love it if you could include more information in the next project, particularly detailed info regarding conversion rates, CTR’s etc.

Spencer Haws

Thanks for the input Mark! Good point about a student potentially not finishing…

Maria Ayala

I think if you were doing this, you would have to pick someone who has the time to do the work (mainly the research and content part) with out outsourcing. This way, they would gain experience, save money, and be better prepared for when they do outsource. Also, they would have to be motivated about their subject, and willing to write and do research.

In short, make the whole process as affordable and interesting as possible so that your “minion” stays motivated.

For example, I would pick someone who: has at least 4 hours every day to work on their project. Someone who isn’t desperate for money at the moment, but is interested and motivated enough to get in to niche site building. He/she has to be willing to research and write their own content, and therefore make sure they pick a niche they are interested in.

Also, it might be a good idea to have your subject start off with a really basic website, then re-invest their earnings to improve their website, and/or develop additional content in order to get them to the target goal.

Hope this makes sense. I really think that taking someone under your wing could still be a great idea. If not, options #4, 8, 9 & 10 would also be great, (particularly #10 for me).

Oh and… if you decide to take in a student, I would be happy to participate… wink wink 😉

Josh Garrod

Hi Spencer,

I like the idea of you coaching a student through the process while sharing their results and lessons along the way. Especially if they were to create a product and sell via Clickbank!

But I’m sure whatever you will do will be awesome anyway.


Hey, Spencer,
for me it would be very interesting to follow you with 4th strategy – Target a High-end Amazon product. I have a niche site for pretty expensive products (from $1000 to $28000). Unfortunately after few months Google set some kind of filter on it and my site and none of my main keywords are on 1st or 2nd page. Nevertheless I’m on 1st page for some long tail KWs and about 10-15 people still visiting my site daily. In May I’ve sold only 1 product, but its price was over $2000 and I’ve got over $80 commission for it.
So in my opinion this may be very profitable strategy, but we must be very careful not to get penalized or filtered by big G 🙂


I vote #6

Teaching a new person how to create a successful niche site would do wonders for your blog.

Thank you for your generosity.

Arbaz Khan

I would love to see you competing with Pat Flynn.
But if that’s not what you are keen to do, I would love to see you pick a product from Clickbank and set up a site and promote it.
I will get a chance to learn from you how the Clickbank thing works.
Cheers 🙂

Omar Lodhi

I think a clickbank site would be good for a lot of learners reading / surfing your site.

Colin Hardwick

Hi Spencer

I’d love to see you take someone and coach them through the entire process. From what I see you have a complete method/process for developing a niche site so therefore anyone should be able to follow the process provided they understand it and can be helped through it. I’d be up for being the guinea pig for this!
I know a fair bit – I can install and build wordpress sites, write content, insert links, do keyword research etc

I’d also be happy to write up the whole thing provided you have final editiroal control.



Either number 8 or 9. They’d both teach people how to build businesses which will be around for the long term, so that’d make it extremely useful if you succeed. It’ll be a cut above the case studies everyone else is doing.


I think the teaching one could be particularly interesting.

As mentioned before, it would be a great way of creating buzz.

I think the one this that might be harder to work around is if the person isn’t successful.

If there were though, you would most definitely create buzz.

It might be a way of exposing your brand to more people.

Alternatively, you could do a e commerce site. This would be interesting because you tend not to go for e commerce sites when you do your look at the top ten.

In this case you would be looking for those bad e commerce sites. Also, it would allow you to touch on SEO for e commerce and how that works a bit.


I think the issue with the Buzz is more complicated than it sounds.

For instance, Spencer couldn’t just make a public announcement that he is accepting anyone, because:

1) he would have INSANE amounts of work to do in order to draw the winner
2) TONS of completely non-qualified, unreliable people would apply. Not to mention the people who would try to “game the system” and apply multiple times.

Once the winner is drawn, here is what could happen mid-project:

1) The student bails out. We all know that people fail in this business mostly due to lack of motivation. I think there’s a pretty decent chance of the student simply abandoning the project at some point.

2) The student is unreliable. “Sorry guys that I didn’t send you any reports as promised 3 days ago, but I had some things to attend at school and my girlfriend just dumped me.” I can already see this happening.

3) His reports could be sub-par. He likely won’t go into as much detail as Spencer does in his reportings.

4) He could mess up some of Spencer’s instructions without even realizing it and damage the site.

But even if none of the above were to happen, there really is no additional value in having a student do the project. Yes, it does sound “cool,” and it might generate some form of buzz. But there is really nothing we will learn from such a project that we wouldn’t have learned if Spencer performed the project himself.


You provided a good point Mark.

While you’re right it does sound cool, taking on a student does come with many risks.

Overall, there probably isn’t a ton of additional value provided. It’s hard to say what could be learned from that type of situation without it taking place.

If the student did flake out, that would suck a lot. It would also scrap the whole project.

If we look at it from that perspective, it’s not really worth doing.

I was looking at it from a different view. I was thinking more of how people who don’t know Spencer might view it. The buzz could generate more business.

That may not be a sure thing either. In the end, it may be a ‘safer’ bet for Spencer to do the project himself.

Maria Ayala

Honestly, I think you have a point when you say there is risk in teaching someone how to build a niche site and make it public. Where I don’t agree is where you say there is no additional knowledge we can gain from this.

There is a whole new perspective to learn from when we see someone following instructions from a pro. Not to mention, there is a big difference in watching a professional niche site builder do his thing, and watching someone follow in his foot steps. It’s like when a math teacher gives a lecture, then sends you home to do your homework. You try to follow the steps shown, but there are always questions left that make doing your homework quite hard.

My point is, it is one thing to see Spencer with all his experience create and monetize a website, but it is way different to see someone actually follow his steps. If the project fails, then at least it gives Spencer some input to help improve his products, particularly Long Tail Classroom.

Hey! If the project succeeds, it might even help him increase sales for his course.

A good idea would be to give his student access to Long Tail Classroom to help with the training, plus it might create some product “buzz.”

Anyway, that’s just my humble opinion. Still, what ever Spencer decides to do for his next niche site project, I’m in for the ride!


Spencer I really like the idea of couching someone. Why not making a e-learning site, where people can join to your classes and learn by modules. Something like an online learning center (e.i. Spencer’s Niche School).

You can start the first class with this niche project and your students will help you to create the buzz to attract more people to join to your courses, where you can monetize in the long term.

I can share more of the idea if you are interested. Let me know what do you think.


Hello,spencer,I also like the idea that you train somebody,it

is really challenge,and it is quite different from other niche

idea. sorry for my poor english. a chinese friend.


Although you have demonstrated enormous success with your LTP software and training, I think creating a product outside of the IM market would make a great public case study.

It touches upon what you’re an expert in, finding low comp keywords, then solving a problem the keyword addresses with an info product. Plus, you can dabble in PPC if you like, develop a social media marketing plan, do forum marketing, develop an email list, or just try and rank organically for your keyword. There are tons of different strategies that you can employ and provide as case studies to your readers which would be wildly beneficial.

Then, if your successful, you can prove you can make money online with a product outside of the MMO niche, which is another huge benefit.

Whatever you end up doing, I can’t wait to read about it!

Spencer Haws

I agree Lonnie. But to clarify, I made my money outside the IM world first. All my niche sites are outside the IM world (survival knives, worm farms, etc). This led me to quitting my job 2 years ago. But I 100% agree that any new examples need to be outside the IM world.


I really like the idea of waiting to reveal your site. Let the site go to number one a bit more naturally. Still reveal the process, but keep the keyword, domain and any other details private.

James Chamberlin

Spencer, I like idea number 6, except I would suggest NOT revealing the specific domain, keyword, etc to help prevent someone from copying/cloning the site. Look at what happened when you revealed your knife site idea. I just think you would be inviting the same thing to happen here.

David A.

No Brainer, I choose 6 even though I never sign up for niche classroom, but confirm with sign up.


Hey Spencer,

been reading your forum for quite some time now and decided to start participating a bit.

I think it all comes to what you wish and desire. What will your future plans be with that site?

Whatever you decide you will do, let it present you a challenge or something out of your comfort zone.

For example: make a site with high-end product and don’t use any linking strategy (no offsite optimization at all).

There are basically two options for you: prove again that you know what you are doing or prove yourself that you can be good at any other thing you might not know so well at this point.

Anyway – I will lurk every day to see what you come up to :).




|Please do either 8,9,10 as niche website already you have done and pat flynn also doing it. So a new case study will be really helpful.


Hey Spencer,

I say do the following

1. Start a niche site targeting google traffic
2. Create you own product using the exact same content that is on your niche site (eg like pat did with GreenExamAcademy)
3. Sell it on the site and through an email autoresponder.


Build your own asset and show us how to do that. That is where the real money is.


I’d go with number 3.

First, you have a challenge with the other people in the duel.

Second, you will learn new things in the competition.

Third, Pat is a great guy and I’m sure you’ll learn even more from him to push you further along.

Fourth, you can always try one of the other ideas at a later date. Pat’s duels don’t come around very often. And I’m sure he’ll get busier and busier in the near future.

Hope that helps you out and looking forward to what you decide.



I would love to see something like 8 or 9; I hate being dependent on search engine traffic and I like the idea of seeing immediate results from marketing efforts like PPC, etc. Using a ClickBank or other affiliate product would be fine, but creating your own product would take it to a whole new level of owning the product and owning the traffic. That sounds like a winning combination to me.


Hi Spencer,

Go for the high price product from Amazon. It will be interesting to see how you fare against Pat in the niche duel but my bet is you will win it hands down since Pat is deciding to pick a very competitive niche.

Go for it.


My vote is for a high priced Amazon product. Could be informative, inspiring, and profitable!


I have been trying to workout this niche website stuff for a while now and the info on this site is rite up there. This is the my first time on your site and have only read a few posts, cant wait to read the rest.


Hey Spencer,

Just a quick tip… You might want to consider a plugin for commentators to subscribe to receive notifications when someone replies to a comment they left.

The only reason why I knew I had one was because I expected one and took the time to come back and check – many may not think about that. It might help to keep the conversation flowing bud! 😉

Feel free to try


I was going to suggest drop ship until I found it at the end of your list. Number 10 FTW!

One of my favorite long tail keywords is a mail order product. I’d like to see if it’s possible to compete as a drop shipper.


Hi Spencer

You’ve provided more worth, for free, to a newbie like me than a heap of so called internet gurus out there. This is the one place where real, actionable information is being shared. I have been avidly following your public niche site series.
I have yet to create a site 🙁 just can’t seem to stop spinning my wheels over the keyword selection bit.

But I thought I’d share my two pence worth…If this comes across as scatterbrained or overly ambitious, no worries. Its quite late where I am and my coffee addled brain is reeling from trying to figure out the basics of css!

So my suggestion is (if is even possible) why not try and morph a few of the ten ideas together.

For example, start a site around a niche as you did before, get it to rank and monetise with amazon/adsense but while this is going on start researching the viability of obtaining the physical products yourself with a view to turning the store into a dropshipping/ecommerce store. You would have proved that the item sells by sending traffic that converts to amazon, and the margins on dropshipping would be higher. And if the product lends itself to an info product create one and then promote that via Clickbank as an add-on, either through organic traffic or the alternative sources you mentioned in idea number 8.

Just an idea, but like I said if it sounds like it came from cloud cuckoo land I’d love to follow you do either ideas 7, 8 or 9.


Spencer Haws

Yes, its possible that I could combine a few of the suggestions – its not a bad idea.


Different lessons all rolled into one sounds good.



I hope you can help me with this. Though this is a bit off topic.

I got careless in experimenting with one of the new niche sites I just put up, and I suddenly noticed that the other sites in the same host got hit (visits and ranking dropped significantly on the same day).

I had an inkling that the others (which were somewhat doing well), were hit by google because they were on the same account.

I did remove the other site and things improved a bit but way off from where they were.

Looking around I saw your post about splitting the sites in different hosts. Am listening to the podcast #1 now.

My question is, is there a way to ‘salvage’ the other sites? Like moving content to other hosts, or something else.

Looking forward to your suggestions.

Spencer Haws

Joe – interesting. If you suspect that a shared hosting account caused the issue, then yes, I would try getting a new hosting account completely and moving your sites over.


Would it be a better option to redo them over in the new host or would it work just move the content there?

I think it was bad content I purchased (trying to be cheap) and put in one of the sites which I didn’t bother to check for duplicates that caused the others to get affected.

Also, in your podcast you mentioned you don’t put google analytics on the niche sites, do you still practice this or do you have analytics on them now?

Thanks for the help.

Spencer Haws

Just try moving them – see if its a host related penalty. Although if its low quality content, then perhaps its better to start over.

I now use analytics again.


When moving the wordpress site, I was just thinking of erasing the posts, and pasting them to the new host (only have 15 posts so far) and then just switching the name servers. Is this ok or is it better to use the regular way (zip, and all, not sure how this goes, so I’m afraid to muck things up).

Also, I don’t need to do anything else in google or others right?


Hi there,

I think you should go for option 8. Build an affiliate site that gets traffic outside of search engines.

I’ve heard it so many times before from people who build successful sites and then after a slight algorithm change their site drops in rankings as well as earnings. I know you experienced this yourself Spencer so this option would also help you diversify where you get traffic from.

Marc Possoff

I’m in the process of creating a site with a drop shipping product. I’m using WooThemes.

Arwin Adriano

I think no. 8 is very interesting.

Paul Kridakorn

Hi Spencer, I vote for No. 7 Target an affiliate product on Clickbank or some other information product.


I vote for an ecommerce site using drop shipping. A lot more work than a simple Amazon site but I would love to see you work through the process. It would be a great learning experience for all of us.


Hi Spencer

I think it’s really cool of you to yet again help us out and show a real method to create a business online.I’m currently following the steps you outlined in the Niche Site Project and in Long Tail Classroom.

Of the ten options you mentioned I feel that either 9 or 10 would be of most benefit to most readers, just my opinion.

The reason I think this is, (for options 1,2 and 3,) while it would be good to see you do another site just like the last one, wether you revealed it or not, perhaps there isn’t a whole lot that could be done different, and I also think joining Pat Flynn’s project maybe would be more of the same.

The Amazon idea (4) although a high priced product and the Clickbank idea (7) have probably covered a lot elsewhere.

5 Adsense , not doing.

I like (6) the idea of working with a student through skype and recording / revealing the process.

This could be cool but again would be similar to what you did in the Niche Site Project.

I think it would make a great course product though. Perhaps if you did it with 3 or 4 students and recorded the process.. 🙂

Affiliate site with alternative traffic (8) again a good option but I think there is lots of info on this out there also, although it would be good to see a demonstration of a successful ppc / ad campaign.

So that leaves the options of creating your own product (9) and marketing it or the e-commerce site (10).

The product idea would be really be educational as it’s something I imagine a lot of people in internet marketing eventually might like to try there hand at.

However overall for me personally the E-commerce site is definitely what I hope you might consider doing.

I see it as a viable option / next step for a lot of people who’ve tried adsense / affiliate sites.

There are some courses out there that teach how to do it but some are very high priced and out of reach of most of us I’d guess.

Thanks again Spencer and good luck with whichever option you choose.

I’l be following along and trying to learn as much as I can.



Spencer Haws

Thanks for the feedback Lenny!


Here’s another vote for #10. After you said you don’t pursue keywords that are dominated by ecommerce sites, it piqued my curiosity about what it would take to outrank an ecommerce site with an ecommerce site. Plus, I found some juicy ecommerce keywords with low kc ratings.


Personally I don’t see any point in doing another Amazon site since you already proven that business model. Plus you’ll probably just run into another copy cat.


Hey Spencer,

I agree with others, that another Amazon site is probably not going to engage your readers as much as a totally new project would.

Online niche magazines are really big right now. Well-built, branded, niche magazines are selling for some pretty crazy multiples on the big flipping sites.

May be more work and a little too far away from your normal model, but I’d be interesting to see you take on such a project.


Really great post Spencer!

I also want you to go with the Amazon site with high value items. But I have a question on that…if you would like to promote for example a Nikon camera (D3100) through your Amazon Niche Site which has been released on 2010, would that be a good product to promote taking into account that it has been for 3 years in the market and some day it won’t be produced any more?

It will be like 1-2 years maximum, because then, Nikon stuff will release another new camera and nobody is going to buy the old camera.

Is that right?


DJ Silver Fox

Hi Spencer

I would like to see if its possible to take a bricks and mortar business to the internet. A local business that’s struggling, see if you can change their fortunes on line for a cut of the profits!
That would be making a difference.

Absolutely loving what you’re doing a great inspiration.

DJ Silver Fox!


also a nice idea


I now understand why your are looking for new ideas.Your knife site now in 4th position and going down.Its waste of time for you to spend on that.Is this the reason ?


def #6! and pure out of selfishness because I am an absolute beginner and would love to see someone learn along with me…even better…a mom with a day job? There are a lot of men on the internet marketing stage, but not enough female role models….at least that I can find…that have not much time left over on the day….


Hi Spencer- I suggest you go for High end Amazon or Lead generation/CPA (high payout). Please don’t join niche site duel 2, keep your project separate.

Also don’t reveal your keywords & domain until you rank them.


Hi Spencer,

I really like the idea of you coaching someone through the entire process. I think a lot of people see the case studies by you and other IM’ers and think that your success is due to your skills or some hidden secret that’s not being shared because they can’t recreate the results you see. If you take someone and walk them through it and that person follows exactly what you say and only does just that, then it proves its that simple and its nothing magical or hidden.

I also like the idea of the local lead gen. This is something that has intrigued me a lot in the last year. I have a handful of local domains that I purchased to use for that kind of project, but haven’t put pen to paper yet on a strategy.

Good luck on your choice. I know it will be great no matter what you choose. Sharing knowledge is the best!!


“If you take someone and walk them through it and that person follows exactly what you say and only does just that, then it proves its that simple and its nothing magical or hidden.”

I don’t agree.

If someone distrusts Spencer enough not to believe that he is revealing everything, they then will remain skeptics even after he coaches someone – there is nothing to stop them from saying that the student was actually Spencer’s “friend” and that it was all a setup. In other words – if someone is lazy enough not to try out for himself all the excellent information Spencer is making available for free, and is just sitting there waiting for “confirmation” that this actually works, then a coached student won’t change anything for him IMO.


Hi Spencer, great site and resource! Just stumbled upon it this week, I am from Germany. I was interested in the topic for long but didnt really know how making money online was called, now I know it 😉

I have many ideas for the German speaking market, since there are many free niches I think.

Therefore I would really like option 6, teach a student, or option 10 where you start an ecommerce site!

All in all, I think all options would be cool and a great resource for newbies!



I go with option 4.

I would like to see how much effort is needed for a high competetive keyword.

Keep up the good work!


Hi Spencer, I have been following you since January of this month and I have learned a lot most specially on your NSP1.

I have been reading articles and joining forums about internet marketing and niche site building. I am already planning to create my own niche site but still feel hesitant to start. If ever you will be choosing option 6, to teach student and coach them. I would like to apply for it. If this project becomes successful, I will in return do the same thing and take one student who wants to enter the niche site building.


Hey I have a very interesting idea. What about monetizing your site with CPA(Cost Per Action) Offers. They are very lucrative paying around $2-$4 just for a email submit so if you have a site getting 100,000 page views per month than you can earn about $10,000 to $15,000 per month from this CPA offers.

If you apply Adsense than you can earn about $1000 Maximum. So i guess its quite better.

I suggest you start a niche site based for the monetization of CPA offers.


I like 9, 10, and 4 think your readers can learn a lot about product marketing along with website marketing from those.

Also have you though if the idea of entertainment site, for example taking one of these hot shows or celebrities and making a site out if it. I see man try but few succeed.

Jason Chen

My vote goes to #8 and #10. I think we spend way too much time to please google. it’s time to start something that do not depend on google that much.



Hi Spencer-

I am a rookie when it comes to niche sites, I am looking to start my first venture into online marketing and came across your site.

I’ve trialed your Long Tail Pro program and found a few potential leads for niche sites.

My question is how stringent are the requirements you’ve mentioned for a “good” niche?

The niche i’ve found looks like a good niche but has 3600 local searches and page ranks of 3-6. It also has a large number of related keywords. How strict do I need to be when choosing the right niche?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Ralph J


I’ve been reading through your niche journey and I have one question. Whenever you create a new niche site do you wait to implement advertising or do you integrate them then launch.




I think the best thing to do would be to start an affiliate site selling regular products (not high-end items), and drive traffic to the site through article syndication and social media. That should be fun.


Spencer, I’m very excited to hear of this. What with this and Pat’s duel it’s going to be a great season for us wannabe online marketers to stop procrastinating and take the plunge!

Personally, like many others have said, I’d love to see you are a novice and coach them through. I can find a key word and build a site but need more help in marketing it then. Training a newcomer would be a great way to cover this.

I really appreciate all you do though and know I’ll benefit whatever you decide 😉


Hey Spencer,

Thanks for answering some questions via personal email. All your advice was super helpful.

Here’s my 2 cents.

I’d LOVE to see a drop-shipping site. (1) I’ve always been curious about them, and I was doing a lot of research on them before I decided to jump into niche sites instead — for the time being anyway — because it seemed to better suit my skill set, which is mainly writing.

And (2), it seems a bit outside your comfort zone, so it’d be fun to see how you adapt.

Anyway, hope my suggestion isn’t too late. Best of luck!



Personally I would vote for anything between 7 and 10 and I would definitely love to see paid traffic playing a part.

One of the things that amazes me with people who make profitable niche affiliate sites, is most never think to scale with paid traffic, particularly paid search (Adwords, bingads).

Its got to be one of the easiest ways to scale an already profitable campaign fast.

If you do go down any eccomerce PPC route like option 10 feel free to hit me up for some advice I manage over $30,000 on Adwords for retail clients and have 5 years experience.

I think a mixture of free and paid serach would make for an imense case study


Hey there would you mind letting me know which hosting company you’re utilizing? I’ve loaded your blog in 3 different web browsers and I must say this blog loads a lot faster then most. Can you recommend a good internet hosting provider at a fair price? Cheers, I appreciate it!

Arthur Burlo

Option 6 is good, but only if you know what you’re doing otherwise you risk messing someone else’s site.


Whats your opinion on sites like and Would you consider delving into something similar to that way of however it is that they market? Yet completely 180 degrees out of phase of their current structure? Don’t wanna say too much just yet. Just like to hear your thoughts on sites like that….where theyre not actually hosting movies….but allowing people to post their own links there. How come they can continue to do what they do and still be untouchable? I dont understand anything about marketing or seo and stuff….but if ideas like theirs are allowed for whatever reason, then i think ive got something that will crumble them to the ground as well as take every single bit of their traffic =D. I only have the idea…not the know how =/

Mr Alexander


I came into this probably after you made the decision and most likely already have the website up and running but I am new to your site and look at it from a fresh perspective.

All options are great. Option #8 is really interesting as it has the least dependency on search traffic and can receive its traffic from paid sources immediately and later start ranking. This probably resonates with novices into the make money online with less efforts.

I am leaning toward #6 as it proofs the methods of your teachings which can be transferable. Your techniques are yours but when you teach someone they would be analyzed more.

Excited to read further, best of luck.

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