How Long Tail Pro Can Help You Capture Way More Search Engine Traffic

If your business could benefit in any way from getting more search engine traffic, I have some good news.

Search engines are in love with long tail keywords!  If you are able to provide relevant content targeting these long tail keywords, then you can see a dramatic increase to the amount of traffic Google and other search engines send you.

Long Tail Pro is a powerful keyword research tool that makes finding these valuable long tail keywords a breeze.  See exactly how it’s done in this video here.

What are “long tail keywords”?  Essentially, these are words or phrases that people type into the search engines to find very specific things.  Rather than searching for “dog training” a user might search for “how to potty train a pitbull”.  This is an example of a Long Tail Keyword (more in this Long Tail Pro review).  To visualize how Long Tail Keywords work, check out this graph.

Not only are long tail keywords easier to rank for, but they usually are more targeted and overall have a higher value. These keywords are usually buying keywords or keywords that advertisers are willing to pay for.

The best part is that, there is MUCH more traffic to long tail keywords that head terms!  So, if you can find and provide valuable content around lots of long tail keywords, you can get way more search engine traffic to your site than if you were to try an rank for 2 or 3 big search engine terms.

So if you operate a large blog or authority site, you would be wise to find lots of long tail phrases and post content that targets these keywords.  You can often rank for these terms without a single link!

If you have a traditional business with an online presence, operate small niche sites, or own a large authority site or blog, then Long Tail Pro can help your business is 3 ways.

How Long Tail Pro Can Improve Your Business

1. Find Long Tail Keywords and Domains Faster Than You Thought Possible.

Most keyword tools only allow you to search for 1 seed keyword at a time.  However, with Long Tail Pro you can input 5 or more seed keywords at ONCE and generate thousands of keywords.

As someone who has built hundreds of sites, I can tell you that this one little feature will save you hours and hours of time!  By entering in 5 seed keywords at once, Long Tail Pro automatically becomes 5 times faster than other competing keyword research tools out there.

Check out the software in action right here.

In addition, you can PRE-SET the filters for keywords you want to eliminate.  So, if you only want keywords that have 1,000 or more exact match searches and a Cost Per Click of $1 or more, the software will automatically filter those out for you.  And you can save your settings, so you only have to input this once!  Again, most keyword tools don’t offer this pre-filter option (they only let you filter keywords after you generate them, which adds a step and significant time since you can only run 1 keyword at once).

And if you are building small niche sites, you will LOVE the fact that you can automatically search for exact match domains.  As soon as your keywords are generated, the software will tell you with an easy to read green symbol if the domain is available, or a red symbol if its taken.

Be glad you don’t have to do that manually!

2. Analyze the Competitors in Google

Of all the factors that you can look at to try and rank in google, the top 10 sites listed in Google are the most important thing to look at!  If these 10 sites are weak for your chosen keyword, then you know you can rank with a little effort.  However, if the sites are strong, you should avoid targeting that keyword because there are lots of long tail keywords that are so much easier.

Long Tail Pro lets you quickly look at all the factors that you should be looking at to make a determination on the top 10 competitiveness.  These factors include whether the keyword is in the title, the PageRank, number of links, age of the domains, and much more.

Keyword research and analyzing the top 10 results in Google has led to great success in my business, so I built Long Tail Pro to make these tasks so much quicker and easier.

3. Check Where Your Sites Rank in Google
Finally, Long Tail Pro allows you to accurately check where your sites are ranking in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  You will be able to monitor how your sites are ranking in Google which in turn can help you know whether you need to build links to your site or target additional keywords.

Checking your ranks manually in Google is not a good idea.  Because of personalized and localized results you are not likely to see on what everyone else sees on  Long Tail Pro eliminates personalized and localized results to allow you to accurately check your sites REALLY rank in Google.

Get Long Tail Pro Today

Long Tail Pro is a powerful tool that is simple to use, speedy, and effective.

If you are looking to increase the search engine traffic to your business, you can use Long Tail Pro to do so:

  • Generate keywords and domains to build small niche sites
  • Find keywords to target in blog post for your authority sites
  • Enhance the presence of your traditional business through smart keyword targeting

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