Constant Contact vs Aweber: Which One is the Right Email Tool for Your Business?

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Constant Contact and Aweber are synonymous to email marketing. Through the years, both have helped small businesses of different sizes with all their marketing automation needs. In fact, the platforms have similar functions that make it difficult for people to discern which one is better for their business.

However, the key factor in choosing between Constant Contact and Aweber are your business’ needs. If you know what it will entail for your small business to succeed in e-mail marketing, then you will have a clearer picture on which between to two to choose. Granted, you might still find yourself looking at both ways. But we need to dig deeper and see what Constant Contact and Aweber are all about.

In this Constant Contact vs Aweber post, you will:

Constant Contact vs Aweber: What makes one better than the other?

As mentioned, both are household names in the e-mail marketing industry. Lots of reviews point to how good Constant Contact and Aweber when it comes to sending emails to your subscribers. While this may be true, it doesn’t make your job any easier. You can’t just blindly choose from the two since all review say the same thing and call it a day.

If you truly want what’s best for your business, then you need to find out more information between the two. If that’s your purpose, then you’ve come to the right place!

In this section, you will learn the strengths exclusive to each tool. You want to see if their selling points as an email marketing software align with yours so you can choose the one that will truly make a difference in your business.

Without further ado, let’s start with Constant Contact:

Constant Contact: As effective as email marketing gets?

As their title says,Constant Contact is “#1 in Effective Email Marketing.” It’s a bold claim since there are lots of email marketing platforms that could make the same statement. But we’re not concerned with the others – we want to know in this review if Constant Contact delivers the goods.

“Effective” can mean a lot of things. In this case, we can assume that Constant Contact provides businesses a powerful way to send engaging emails to the right people and track their performance.

If this is the case, then we need to look at Constant Contact’s most effective features:

Great O2O marketing integration

Your business need to reach out to as many people in their target audience as possible. That means you need to set up a website where people can search for them and an offline store that people can visit. More importantly, both website and local shop need to work together to amplify the effectiveness of your business to engage your audience and generating sales.

event template constant contact

Constant Contact make offline and offline marketing more than possible for businesses. Its Event Marketing feature allows you to create online invites to your subscribers if you’re running an event. The web-based email lets you create an invitation using its event templates and edit it as you wish. Drag and drop elements onto the email to edit the call to action (create a link to a form subscribers will fill out, create an RSVP button, rate the event after it took place, etc.). If you want people to register, you can take them to a sign-up form they will fill out to confirm their registration.

If you want to invite other people to sign up to your event, you can share the page to the event on social media. You can also set up a promo for people who register ASAP such as early birds rate and more.

From the dashboard, you can track and monitor the registrants so you can see how many signed up and who. You can also see their responses about your review if you are tracking how high or low they rated your event.

Finally, you can accept online donations straight from Constant Contact. Setup a custom donations page to confirm their registration so you don’t have to wait for their payment on the day of the event. 

Test different versions of your subject line

constant contact a b testng

The subject line is arguably the most important element of your email. The subject line determines whether people will read your email. Even if your email reads great has a compelling call to action, it won’t matter if your subject line sucks.

With Constant Contact, you can play around different versions of your email’s subject line to find the best performing one. You can then replicate the best version on your succeeding email campaigns so more people will click and read them. While this is going on, you can conduct more A/B testing on your subject lines to continue finding better ways to create your headlines and increase click-through rate.

Awesome help and support services

Constant Contact offers online chat and call support if you have questions or concerns about your subscription or the platform. Before talking to their support, you can check out their user-friendly Knowledge Base for possible answers to your queries. If you want to engage with its community, you can send your suggestions and feedback to its online community. If you feel generous, you can answer the questions of others there.

What makes their customer support heads and shoulders above the rest are their in-person training. They hold regular training sessions across the US not just about email marketing but also about social media, conversion rate optimization, and more. You can also reach out to their professional experts to help you develop your email marketing strategy tailor-made for your business. Additional services such as design, custom copy, and mailing list growth that are centered around your branded more than does the job.


Constant Contact offers a 60-day free trial upon signing up. It gives you more than enough time to test its features and determine whether you will settle on using this web-based email or not.

Even before the trial period, you can begin your subscription starting at $20/month. You can send unlimited emails, store up to 1 GB of data, and gain access to one (1) user. The plan also includes your basic email suite such as contact management, list-building tools, tracking & reporting, marketing calendar, and more. The price for this plan increases if you grow your mailing lists.

There is also the $45/month that includes the Event Management features on top of the ones available from the previous plan. If you have a local store and want to weave it together with your website, then this plan is an easy decision. You can set up events and accept payments and donation easily using this tool. Similar to the basic plan, the price increases if you grow your email lists.

Other features included in Constant Contact

Constant Contact

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Constant Contact is a great pick to build your list and boost your income. You can use it to:

  • Manage your email list with ease
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  • Set easy mail flow to give each visitor what they want

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Aweber: Making email simpler and more personalized

One barrier keeping online businesses from making money using email marketing is the learning curve. It’s one thing to subscribe to a tool that gets the job done, it’s another to actually do it. They will get lost with the emails to send, the campaigns to develop, and the factors to measure.

You can dedicate time learning all this stuff, but you have other things on your plate. It’s not as simple as dropping all of your tasks just so you can go back to square one and learn how to send emails that work.

Aweber is not just one of those tools where you can do all these. It also makes the process much easier to do even without any experience in email marketing! Also, the tool helps time-strapped small business owners who want to get the job done fast and see the results as soon as the campaign is over.

To get a better idea on how Aweber can help your business, below are its unique features:

Set your email marketing to autopilot

aweber automations

Aweber gives you access to automation features to help develop hand-free marketing campaigns.

Similar to autoresponders and follow-up emails, you can create a set of emails that subscribers will receive upon signing up. However, what email marketing automation valuable for businesses is the ability to send specific emails to people depending on their succeeding actions they will take.

For example, in a drip campaign, if subscribers aren’t opening your emails, you can create a trigger to send them an email separate from the drip campaign and ask them why they aren’t opening. It will entail you to create a compelling headline so your subscribers can open. Once they do, you can inset links to the emails they missed out. If they don’t open, you can send them separate drip emails getting them to engage with you again. 

You can do something similar on Aweber for your own business. The idea is to create emails for every possible trigger you want to include in your drip campaign. This will enable you to nurture and engage all your subscribers without doing the heavy lifting yourself. You can just track and measure the results to see which elements in your email you need to work on.

Advanced segmentation features

Instead of list-based email platforms like MailChimp, Aweber adopted to a tag-based approach. All your subscribers are tagged accordingly so you organize them in a single list. For instance, if people signed up to your sidebar form, they will be tagged appropriately. Likewise, people who signed up to your site’s exit intent form will have a different tag. However, you can merge these subscribers on the same tag if you want to send them the same emails.

You can also change the tags of subscribers using marketing automation. For example, if they don’t want to receive emails about a particular topic, you can ask them to perform a specific action, i.e. click a link or reply, so the tool will tag them. Therefore, if you will send another email about the topic, you can filter them out form the list so they won’t receive anything from you.

Advanced segmentation makes it easier for you to engage your subscribers and keep sending them with relevant content so they won’t have to unsubscribe from you.

Email templates…lots of ’em

Not all business owners are designers. They don’t have the skill to come up with email designs that grab the attention of your subscribers. You could make an argument that there are tools that offer the drag and drop builder and make designing emails easy. However, some businesses don’t have the time to fiddle with builders and just want to send the best emails. Whether this is justified or not, email marketing platform simply need to make thing much easier for people to design their emails in a flash.

aweber templates
Aweber arguably offers the most selection of mobile-responsive email templates in the market at 7,000+ and counting! Just choose the one you like best and make minor edits on it to suit your brand. That shouldn’t take over five to ten minutes before you write your message and send it. The templates should make the entire email marketing process more efficient.


Before subscribing to their paid plan, Aweber has a 30-day free trial period that gives access to all its features. This should help make an informed decision before ponying up for its services.

Aweber’s price depends on the number of your subscribers. For 0-500 subscribers, Aweber costs $19/month. For 501-2,500 subscribers, Aweber costs $29/month. For 2,501-5,000 subscribers, Aweber costs $49/month. All features such as unlimited emails, email marketing automation, segmenting, analytics, opt-in forms, and more are available regardless of which plan you subscribe to.

Other features included in Aweber

Constant Contact vs Aweber: Pros and cons

Judging from their respective features, Constant Contact and Aweber possess strengths that make it better over the others depending on which business you run. At the same time, you also need to understand their limitations as email marketing tools. As mentioned, there’s no perfect email marketing tool that caters to all businesses but there’s a perfect one for you.

Below are the tool’s pros and cons to help you see the advantages and disadvantages of using either.

Constant Contact: Pros

constant contact event marketing

Constant Contact: Cons

Aweber: Pros

aweber integrations

Aweber: Cons

Constant Contact vs Aweber: Verdict

Based on the review above, you can easily identify which businesses benefit from using either Constant Contact or Aweber. By choosing the right tool, you can generate higher profits for your business wherever your may be.

Businesses that constantly run events will enjoy Constant Contact. They can overlook its flaws such as its lack of automation features and steep pricing. The Event Marketing service will satisfy this segment in the industry running online-to-offline marketing campaigns to engage with their audience.

Aweber is more appropriate for small businesses looking for the best ways to reach out and engage with their audience. The automation features and tag-based subscription system will keep people busy with building a sustainable email marketing campaign. Also, the price is not bad for the service it offers.

Do you feel the same way about this tool? Do you have any experiences you want to share about using Constant Contact and Aweber? Comment below with your thoughts!

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