Charlie Duncombe’s Success with Light Leak Love!

By Spencer Haws |

I love hearing about the success of others; and I hope that you do too.  Today, I have another awesome success story that I would like to share with you.

Today, Charlie Duncombe shares some of the early success that he is having with his niche eCommerce site.  He’s in an interesting market, selling “light leak” overlay effects to editors and videographers.

And of course, one of the things I love most about this story is how SEO has played a big role!  This is a business that is working right now (August 2013) and so the examples are very relevant.

With that, I’ll let Charlie take it from here…

Charlie’s Success Story

1. What is your name and current job/profession?

My name’s Charlie. I’m 27, living in sunny Sydney, Australia. I currently
work in the Australian TV industry.

2. How did you get started building niche websites?  How long have you been
building websites?

When I was a kid (12-14 years old) I was right into Dreamweaver, html,
flash and all things web development. My first ever website was a mac
fanboy site (I outgrew that when my latest iMac blew up..), and I moved on
to creating a couple websites to share pics with mates of us skateboarding,
hanging out etc (this is long before Myspace/facebook!).

As with a lot of teen hobbies, as soon as I noticed girls all of this kinda
stopped – html isn’t exactly the language of love! Now I only retain a
basic knowledge of html, but the great thing is that nowadays (with
platforms like WordPress and Shopify) you don’t need that in depth
knowledge that could have been a barrier to entry in the past.

It’s only within the last 6 months that I have really been looking into
making an income online, and although  I haven’t developed a niche site
yet, I have followed a lot of the same techniques shared in this blog to
rank my e-commerce site.

3. Tell us about one (preferred) or multiple of your successful websites.
 What is the URL and what niche are you targeting?

My e-commerce niche site is

LightLeakLove sells premium light leak overlay effects to editors and
videographers. These are video files that customers can add to their edits
to help achieve a certain look (see an example of the light leaks in action
here –

The niche I am targeting with this site is mainly small video editing
businesses with a small capital outlay – these customers are looking for
high quality products, but at an affordable and reasonable price.

4. How much money do you make from this successful website(s) each month?

The site has only been live since March 22. It’s been a soft launch, but as
of writing this it’s made over $745, with over $600 of that being in the
last 30 days. In the last 7 days it has made $242. This puts the sites
daily income at about $34 for the last week.

Expenses are around $80 a month. This includes Shopify and the Digital
product delivery system.

Screenshot of the last few days worth of sales.


It’s not much, but I see so much room for expansion. For example I’ve got a
new product in the works aimed squarely at wedding videographers (who have
turned out to be a large segment of the customer base). This will be our
first real ‘product launch’ and we are really excited to use techniques
shared here and to make that a profitable launch.

I still work full time (45 hrs plus) so currently I’m putting about 10
hours a week into this site.

I have to be very strategic how I spend that time (though I find myself
checking my analytics waaay too much).

5. What is the reason for this website’s success?


When we first launched the website I ran several google Adwords campaigns
where I spent over $450 in 2 months and made 9 sales (about $99). It wasn’t
working – I was getting lots of traffic, but not the right traffic. My
conversion rate was low so I knew I had to work a harder at SEO as I
couldn’t rely on Adwords.

Using the techniques that Spencer has outlined on Niche Pursuits, I’ve
managed to solidify strong Google rankings and now have a steady stream of
visitors to the site, all organic. Organic search engine traffic now makes
up over 50% of all of the sites total traffic.

The last 30 days of traffic.

6. Please briefly share your overall strategy for finding a niche, getting
traffic to your site, ranking in Google, and making money from niche sites.

I have been creating overlay effects for use in editing software since
university. I created them primarily for myself/classmates/colleagues to
use. I got a lot of value out of them, and when searching for a viable
product to sell I looked at what talents I already had. I realized that if
I was finding value in these effects, others might too.

While the niche keyword numbers from Google Adwords weren’t mind blowing,
they weren’t bad either. The keyword numbers were there and 1st page Google
competition was fair. For example, the keyword “Light leaks” top ten in
Google consisted of two PR 4’s, a 3, a 2 and 4 n/a’s.

I knew that I could create a quality product with next to no overhead (as
it is digitally sold), and if I could find an audience through Google it
had the potential to be a successful earner.

Related keywords and exact match results


Note – As I am selling my own product I didn’t need to focus on CPC.

The primary keyword I chose to target was “light leak effect” as it had the
least 1st page competition.

Secondary Keywords targeted were lomo light leaks, light leak downloads,
light leak video.

It’s worth noting that I now get over 50% of my traffic from the broader
terms “light leaks” and “light leak”, capturing those higher monthly

My SEO strategy:

If I had to narrow down my SEO strategy to three words, it would be to
“provide useful content”.

In each of my SEO Strategies listed below, I’ve
made it a primary focus to provide my target market with valuable content
they could use. I define content as user guides, constructive blog
comments, free samples, examples of how to use light leaks, etc.

This has not only helped in my Google rankings, but has allowed customers to develop
a trust in LightLeakLove that I am finding invaluable.

In detail, this SEO strategy consisted of:

* Commenting on blogs.

I’ve probably only commented on 15 blog posts, and I didn’t really worry
about DoFollow links – I just wanted to ensure the comments added value and
were relevant to my target market. To encourage traffic I created a free
sampler for download and would link to this if the conversation warranted.
Everybody likes free stuff!

* Commenting on forums.

This has proved very successful, I get a lot of referrals from my forum
posts. Once again, I made sure to only comment in forum threads where I
could add value. Here’s an example of a forum thread I get referrals from
every day –

* Writing articles.

I wrote a series of 1000+ word articles for the site, making sure once
again they added value to the user experience, while also helping to put
customers at ease with using my product. I made sure they featured my
primary and secondary keywords.

I am now looking to ramp up the number of articles LightLeakLove publishes
in future, publishing at least 2 articles a week going forward (well that’s
the plan anyway!).

Want To Build Smart & Relevant Internal Links...Quickly?

NichePursuits Rating

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Build better internal links with Link Whisper

This will most likely be outsourced, as this will allow
me to spend more time developing and managing the business from a product
and SEO point of view. These articles will need to be very high quality as
they are not just a tool to help with SEO, but to actually provide
meaningful and useful information to my customers. Each article is a
representation of the brand I’m creating, so I can’t afford to skimp here.

I have just had my first article written using iWriter and am happy with
the results,  though if I want truly strong content I think I will have to
source a writer educated in my niche, as Spencer has done with his survival
knife site.

The next series of articles will not only focus on my niche (light leaks)
but also the surrounding industry (video editing, wedding videos, short
films, DSLR shooting etc.).

* Other platforms including social media.

LightLeakLove is also present on Slideshare.

This slide has had nearly 4000 views. I’ll be turning some more of my
articles into slides to also share on Slideshare, which will allow me to
access a market on a different platform and increase my reach on the web.

I’m also about to launch the company Facebook page in the next couple
weeks. Facebook is a tricky platform to master for business (especially
with my 10 hours available a week) but I think there are opportunities for
likes and shares that I haven’t tapped into yet.

* Youtube.

As the product we sell is primarily for videos and digital media, we need
to have a prominent presence on what is the worlds biggest video sharing
platform (and second largest search engine) – Youtube. LightLeakLove has 14
videos which are currently on Youtube. They consist of “how to’s”, samplers,
and product introductions.

I have been ensuring my Youtube SEO is up to scratch by:

– paying close attention to meta tags and keywords, making sure they align
with my primary and secondary keywords.

– adding closed caption files to videos with voiceover (helps google
determine relevancy through the keywords used in the closed caption file).

– posting my videos as a video responses to other popular videos in my

The LightLeakLove channel has now had over 6,500 views and is my top
referrer apart from Google search.

Youtube views growth Mar 22 – Aug 6


* I outsourced an SEO campaign

I followed Spencer’s lead and hired I believe this was huge driver in getting onto the first page. They took about 2 weeks in total to
complete campaign which consisted of –

1. 12 Web 2.0’s with 3 Posts Each
2. 2 Doc Hosts With 3 Pdf”s
3. 3 Wiki”s With 3 Posts Each
4. 3 Articles
5. 100 Bookmarks
6. 2500 Blog Comments
7. 50 Articles

I was very impressed with the results to say the least.

All of these techniques combined have helped to bring my search volume to a
steady 300+ views (90+ uniques) a day. I rank well (top 5) for multiple
long tail keywords including: Light Leak, light leaks, free light leaks,
light leak video, light leak effects, light leak overlay and more.

Organic google search traffic Mar 22 to Aug 6

What didn’t work.

The two images below give you an indication of what didn’t work for me –
AdWords advertising.
As stated before, I spent over $450 in 2 months and made 9 sales (about

Google Analytics visits/page views since launch


Shopify sales data since launch

You can see from the charts above that nearly all of the search volume I
was getting from Google Adwords was NOT converting into sales, whereas my
organic search volume definitely is.

You can also see that before my Adwords campaign I had little to no organic
traffic, whereas when I terminated Adwords I had a steady organic stream in

7. What link-building tips can you offer?

Forums were a real surprise for me. They’re a little harder to participate
in as you don’t want to come across scammy or open your brand up to be
bashed, but if you add real value to conversations then people will
naturally check your stuff out.

Another key tip is to pay attention to Youtube. Google owns it and looks
fondly upon it’s use, so make sure you utilise your most relevant keywords
and metatags.

8. How has the success from this website impacted your life?

Financially it hasn’t really – yet. It’s a small earner but I’m confident
this is only the beginning.

Where it has really impacted me is showing that money can be made online,
and that with all of the skills I have learnt over the last 6 months it
truly IS possible.

It’s also taught me patience and to stay positive,
proving to me that all the little baby steps do add up over time. The
consistent growth I’ve seen from LightLeakLove with regards to traffic, SEO
and sales is a big motivator for me to continue to strive forward, and any
setbacks have been welcomed lessons.

9. Do you have any additional tips or advice for others that would like to
replicate your success with their own websites?

First and foremost: Always have value at the front of mind. Jon Haver put
it best in his success story , when he stated he asks himself a simple question:

“Does this add value to a human?”. Value equals longevity.

Secondly, don’t rule out e-commerce sites as a viable money earner. Adsense
isn’t the only avenue to online profits.  If you have a product (that you
can stand behind) with enough markup and use Spencer’s techniques to rank,
you will make money.

10. Do you have a blog or other place that people can following along with
what you are doing?

For now I am working hard to solidify this site and keep delivering value
to my customers while improving the product line. Excitingly though, I have
decided on pursuing a niche Adsense/affiliate site too. I have a niche
keyword chosen and will be beginning work on my first niche Adsense site in
the near future – hopefully dodging all of the teething issues I went
through with LightLeakLove. That will be interesting!

If anyone has ANY questions and wants to get in touch, send me a line right here.

I am more than willing to answer any questions and
have a chat!

I love and appreciate the community formed here, it’s been a
great place to learn and has really inspired me to keep pushing forward,
even when I thought my site would not work and was so close to quitting
(like after my Adwords debacle).

Because of this I’m very happy and eager
to contribute to it. So get in touch!

Your Thoughts

First of all, I want to thank Charlie for sharing his techniques and what’s working for him right now!  I love the fact that he has found something he is passionate about and is turning it into a business…mostly through SEO!  Very cool.

As always, I want to keep the discussion going.  So, please post any comments or questions below, and Charlie and I will do our best to respond.  Thanks!

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By Spencer Haws

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While consulting with other small business owners as a business banker, Spencer finally had the desire to start his own business. He successfully built a portfolio of niche sites using SEO and online marketing that allowed him to quit his job in 2011. Since then he's been involved in dozens of online business ventures including: creating and exiting Long Tail Pro, running an Amazon FBA business for over 3 years and selling that business, founding, and co-founding You can learn more about Spencer here.

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John Shea

Awesome success story Charlie! I have actually interviewed Jon Haver and Ryan McLean who also have had success stories posted here on Nichepursuits. I think this is an interesting niche for sure.

Good to see that link building service worked so well for you, I just might have to consider that one for my niche site seeing as it’s proving to work well for multiple long tail keywords.

John Gibb

hey John

I see vlogging is the trend nowadays… I hope this works out well for you, I see you’ve published 19 episodes so far, and last time you interviewed Mike from Maine, whom I enjoy listening to…


Dan @ Live Work Travel USA


Thanks for sharing your story and URL.
May I ask how much you paid for the link building service ( and if you got to see the 2,500 blog comments that they wrote for you?
I’m wondering if they were relevant or just generic.


John Gibb

hey Dan

Those 2,5k blog comments I suspect there are random comments posted on random blogs using automated software…

Don’t expect unique and meaty or insightful comments at that pricing, at least not for 2-tier linking services…

Hope it helps…


Thanks John! Happy I could share it with you guys.

The link building service also freed up a lot of my time to focus on the thousand other things a website owner has to manage – especially important when many people like myself are doing this around a full time occupation!


Nice job Charlie!

That’s awesome to see how much your site has grown recently.

It seems like income growth from websites is like a hockey stick: slow to start and then huge gains when something clicks.

If I were you, I’d try to focus on developing your ecommerce site a bit more before adding on another project like a niche site. Especially if you’re still doing a 9 to 5 job.

It looks like you’re eCommerce site still has plenty of room to grow (content writing, Blogger outreach, guest posting, etc) so your income may grow quicker if you focus on one site.

Anyway whatever you decide, I’m sure you’ll see continued success online. Good luck and well done!


Hi Jason,

I definitely know what you mean. I don’t want to spread myself to thin!
I do however want to get the basic foundation of a niche up and online, letting it settle in google and then add to it over time.
I have found in the past its good to have an ‘A project’ but also a ‘B project’ to go to when you need a break or just get sick of working on A.

I agree though, for return on effort, I definitely have more opportunity with LightLeakLove.


This crossed my mind as well.

It did seem like you’re spreading yourself a bit thin between the two sites and all the social media.

I guess the question you could ask yourself is, “does this social media channel drive sales or add value?”

Depending on how you answer that question will determine whether it is worth it or not.

Just some thoughts.

Gratz on the success. I have yet to try an eccomerce store.

I recently found a great site about eccomerce called

It may help.


It can be a bit of a balance as well. For us, we spent way too long trying to squeeze more out of our first site. It was only when we started taking that experience and starting more sites that we really broke through. Everyone’s situation is different though. Nice to see another Aussie doing well!:)

Dave Irwin

I love that Charlie is using SEO for a niche site that he is passionate and knowledgeable about. So many times we (I) seem to think that SEO isn’t for passion sites, but that is so wrong. Rand Fishkin pointed this out in on the last White Board Friday, showing that SEO is still relevant for passion sites when intelligently used in context with the larger picture.

I have not used SlideShare (or any document sharing service) up to this point, but I’m considering adding it to my arsenal going forward. Any tips on how to do it effectively in order to see positive the SEO results?

Great job Charlie, and thanks Spencer.


Hi Dave,

You used to get a little link juice off html links within slideshare presentations, but I don’t think thats the case any more.

I found my Slideshare was ranking well above my site in the beginning, so that helped get people to my website and youtube page initially. It got shared and re-tweeted a couple of times too, though how much impact that has had I can’t say.

There is a lot of junk on slideshare now, though this means it’s easier to stand out. It is a great platform to think about if you want to deliver a message in a unique way.

John Gibb

hi Dave

You may want to see some SlideShare presentations of those in your industry, and read some freely available PDFs on the topic…

Slides that Rock is one of them, you could Google it

The idea is to use big fonts and quality/relevant graphics or photos – for e.g. One slide could be 3 lines of text display on a eye-catching photo — another slide could be just the photo itself with no text.

I dislike text-packed presentations, and most users love thin-content slides, as they’re easy to read

Hope it helps?

Dave Irwin

Thanks for the tips, Charlie and John. I’ll have to consider quality and relevancy when/if I do use it. I wasn’t sure about html link juice, so I appreciate Charlie addressing that.


I know one person who drives thousands of visits to his site via slideshare.

Mauro over at

He produces some amazing presentations.


Nice work Charlie! Way to go!

I didn´t know what the name of the effect was… but it looks very nice on films… you got me thinking, wow, if you find something or build something that will help someone, then you will make it! Give your best always!!!

Thanks for sharing your story!


Thanks Carlos 🙂


Hey Charlie. Congrats in the success so far.
Now that you have seen the keywords that are converting through organic search, do you think you might re apt this knowledge to give Adwords another go?


That’s definitely on the cards.
At the moment though I’d much rather put that investment into content as I feel I’m nowhere near squeezing all of the value out of organic search yet.


Excellent story Charlie! Great to see success like that, especially in the last 6 months. I am working on building links right now on my niche website, so I am hoping to get some progress and searches to my site. I finally am starting to see minimal organic searches (under 10 a day) with most of my posts going online in the past week. Time to work on my SEO and build up a few more posts each week.

Best of luck going forward!


Thanks Josh, good luck with your niche site!

Jye @ Our SEO News

Great story Charlie and congratulations on the success so far, particularly the earnings for the past 30 days.

It’s also nice to see another Sydney based entrepreneur.


Thanks Jye!
On sunny days like today, you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!


Charlie,good stuff man!

I love that Spencer is featuring different types of success stories.

Wanted to know the details you put in on iWriter. Like what level of writer did you go for and how many words did you have written?


Thanks Winston!

I went for ‘elite’ (4.6+ stars) and requested 700 words.

I ended up with 860 words for $14.
I could have paid $12 (the minimum for elite with 700 word-count), but I put it just above the minimum price for elite to hopefully attract the best of the bunch.

Naveen Kulkarni

Inspiring Story Charlie. Congrats on your success and well done.!!

I liked your site’s design which is very soothing to eyes.

Great Story to read. Thanks Spencer for bringing Charlie to the series.


Thanks Naveen, glad to share 🙂


Are testimonial on your site original? I mean, did they buy stuff from your site and put testimonial?


They are all real people and businesses.

I feel social proof is a massive positive in e-commerce – people love to know others have bought before them. However, it has to be genuine.

I can see through bogus testimonials, so I have to assume my audience can too.

oloyede jamiu

Wow, this is great beginning for your e-commerce website. I will like to seek you advise on two things:

1. I also started an e-commerce website some time ago (about four months to be precise): The site name is: Initially i was using a blog. But we finally rollout the new e-commerce design two days ago. What advise can you give concerning my site.
2. Though i have been making some sales through the site, but i want to increase my organic traffic. Do you think Layerlinks would be advisable for building or increasing my organic traffic.

Oloyede Jamiu


Hi Oloyede!

Thanks for the nice comment.

1. Nice site, interesting idea – I wish it was around when I was a student lol!

It could do with being a little clearer on the concept straight away. An Idea might be to attach a tagline to the right of your logo. This line could be used to educate the audience to your product – similarly to how I have done with my logo – “High Quality Video Light Leaks for Less”.

2. Yep, I do.
More quality content would help too, content marketing for a website that sells content 🙂


TIP – I hired a service off fiverr to help me see potential weaknesses in my site design and flow. This guy critiques websites and landing pages. For $5 he created a video that took me through my website and showed me its potential weaknesses to customers.
I was blown away with the value –
I don’t know the guy, but he did a good job for me, and I’m sure he could help really break down how to make your page better convert.


Charlie- what i like about your site is its right to the point and visually easy on the eyes. Its easy to navigate. It draws you in. The other point is you add value.
What I have noticed about most successful sites is they add value, create a brand, and give you something free. By doing this, the customer sees value in your product and your site and is willing to spread the word. Perfect example is you offering samples on a forum. Word of mouth goes fast.
Great job on finding a niche and producing a great experience.
Awesome job! well done.


Hi Bill,

Thanks for your kind words, they’re very much appreciated.

John Gibb

hi Charlie

That’s a nice headshot!

Your niche site results are quite impressive, as you’re getting traffic and revenue now with only 10 hours a week into the project, congrats!

I know what you mean with checking analytics way too much… LOL

Anyway, your site doesn’t look like a blog, but more like a portfolio site… is there a reason why, or did you test with a regular blog (frequent article publishing)?

I think YouTube and SlideShare are two major channels where you should triple your presence at least…

Do you have any plans or time available to start a new niche site?


Thanks John for the comment.

Glad you like the headshot lol!

I have made a conscious decision to have the shop up front as opposed to a blog.

I am looking to build up an article section though to have a simple direction and easy browsability, this is my next challenge. Working within the Shopify platform does have its issues – it can be hard to customise the pages past the basic html – I’m sure its possible, just a little out of my depth.

Frequent article publishing is definitely part of the plan going forward.

Thanks again for the comment and your insights John.


Also, I do have plans to start a new niche, but it definitely comes second in priority to this site. I really got a kick out of trying to rank this site, and am keen to see if I can do it again 🙂

Ryan Cote

Man, that’s as niche as you can get Charlie. And your articles do a great job at educating. Congrats!


Thanks Ryan!

Jon Haver

Charlie congrats on your success. What I really like about your story/business is your monetization strategy…selling a valuable product you created. Starting from that point it is going to make everything else so much easier. With the relatively low search volume your SEO may start to see diminishing returns (attracting less targeted traffic) but probably not for awhile. I think your forum, blog interaction will be a great traffic channel for you (as long as you don’t get bored of it). Best of luck with your continued success. Any BIG plans for the site?


Thanks Jon for the kind comment.

I definitely agree about SEO returns eventually diminishing, though I feel I’m a long way from that yet.

The next goal to kick is a successful product launch.
I’m currently building a collection tailored specifically to the needs of wedding videographers. It will be highly targeted. This will be my first real product push and I’m following Neil Patel’s and Pat Flynn’s “200 outreach” approach –

Hopefully that drives more natural referrals to the site whilst also giving me another SEO boost.

Thanks again Jon for your comment.


Charlie, your story so much reminds me so much of Amir Khella’s story of how he launched Keynotopia by selling a by-product of his work.


Continued success!


Hi Paul,

Thanks for the link, that’s a fascinating story – I’d be happy with a 10th of his success!


This was an awesome story to read. Very motivating. Also, thank you for making everything so transparent, Spencer and Charlie. I am a newbie marketer and determined to begin making money online. This site has been an incredibly valuable, even though I just discovered it a couple of hours ago. Thank you!


No worries Todd! All the best in your endeavours! You’re in the right place 🙂
Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions in future you think I could help you with.

Spencer Haws

Thank you Todd…best of luck in your ventures!

Jake @AgnelWellness

Hey Charlie,

I enjoyed reading your success story. What really caught my eye was the simplistic design of your niche site. Most niche sites I’ve come across are filled with ad slots all around the place. I’m also interested in building a minimalist site in a photography related niche but was told by some big named guru that it would be extremely difficult to monetize. But your success story has motivated me to give the project another go.



Hi jake!
It really depends on your monetisation strategy. I’m selling a product as opposed to earning income off AdSense. It’s like walking into a bricks and mortar store. You want a simple, clean and efficient environment.
I’ve heard with AdSense however that a boring, under designed site can actually increase revenue as viewers will be more likely to want to click off your site, usually through your ads. I can’t personally comment if that’s true though.
How would you be looking to monetise?

Best of luck!


Awesome works.. 🙂

While some have the baddest of luck to have to traverse a very arduous path towards success, others have it a little bit easier, and Charlie’s one of them. And I take that it’s probably because he has followed a lot of the same techniques shared in this blog.

Good for him. 🙂


Thanks Riza 🙂


Thanks for share your experience. Investi in SEO is always a good idea.

Babs @

One day, I know I will return here and share my case study and testimony too. Spencer, Take Note…. Back to Work In Full Course.
Dr. Babs .O.


Good luck Babs 🙂


Charlie, that was very nice success story, thanks to you and to Spencer!
My question is what digital delivery solution are you using.
Im to in the digital products, but I do icons. Usually I sell my stuff through micro stock agencies, but I think its time to develop my own site. I’n not very satisfied with what WordPress has to offers for selling digital products, the file management is terrible.
Thanks and success with your project!


Hi Andrew,
I use for my product delivery.
My ecommerce platform is Shopify.

I’m very happy with Digital Delivery App, you should definitely look into it.

All the best,


Charlie, my original comment kinda got lost in Spencer’s spam filter and now shows up as the 2nd comment days later than I submitted it. You might have overlooked it.
Would be great if you could still reply to it.

Thanks so much!


Hey Dan,

Sorry I missed your comment! Was trying to reply to them all, this one slipped through!

I paid $219 US for base 1 package.

I didn’t get to see the blog comments, though at 2500 i’d say they would be very generic – it’s the only part of the SEO strategy they implement which I was a bit nervous about – I almost asked them to leave that bit off.

I definitely saw very positive results, whether that result is future-proofed from Google is another story – I’d like to think they do as they profess, and only use white hat strategies.

I hope that helps.

BTW – your site is beautiful! A great read for anyone wanting to work in the States.

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