Can I Buy Your Website?

I'm in the mood to buy something.

Is your site making over $5,000 a month?  Then I definitely might be interested in buying it.

I'll keep this brief today. I've been building, buying, and selling websites for the past 10 years.  In fact, I just sold an Amazon FBA business last month which gives me a little extra capital to invest.  

If you are looking to sell your website without having to go through a broker, I'm looking for sites making at least $5,000 a month.   

The ideal site would be a content website monetized with Amazon associates, Google Adsense, or some other form of affiliate offers.   However, I'm open to all options, so if you have a unique website making money, let me know.

If you are interested in discussing selling your website, please fill out the form below. 

I will contact you within 24 hours and we can discuss things further either via email or Skype.  Let's start the conversation. Thanks!


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By Spencer Haws
June 05, 2019 | 9 Comments

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I’ve a website making average 381 USD per month (average of last 12 months) with around 6500 sessions monthly (average of last 12 months). The revenues comes from Amazon affiliate, shareAsale, eBay and private affiliate programs.

80% traffic is from the US but I don’t live in the US. I don’t have the budget to open an amazon fba business in the US but my niche website would be ideal for this.

Can I fill your form ?



Spencer Haws

Yes. Although it’s not making as much as I’d like, I’m still considering all options.

Tim Tullman

Hi Spencer,

Long time follower of Nice Pursuits. While I don’t have any sites that meet your criteria, I do have an blog post suggestion.

For months now I’ve been outranked by several sites who use PBNs although I have more content and better quality content than the sites who are using PBNs.

I’ve always steered away from PBNs after reading about your experience but I’m beginning to wonder when Google is actually going to start cracking down on a large scale. PBNs for the most part still seem to work very well. I’m hoping that the day will come and I will be rewarded for not participating, but it’s been several years now and nothings happening.

An interesting read would be how do you go about outranking your competitors who use PBNs? Or perhaps you can reference some info on the topic?

Thanks in advance.

Tim Tullman

Spencer Haws

Here’s an article about white hat link building: . I still have not built any PBN links since I stopped almost 4 years ago.

Joy Taylor

Hi Spencer,

I’m a huge fan of yours.

I find Niche Pursuits a very valuable resource.

I will like to partner with you on a new venture.

It is a software application (website and mobile (iOS and Android) applications).

Development is already in progress with the first deployment due January 31.

I think you will really love the product.

We can negotiate a deal on your % stake in the business for your expertise in Niche Marketing.

You can send me an email so that I can send you detailed information via email (I couldn’t find your personal contact information).

Thanks for creating Niche Pursuits!



Hey Spencer,

You and NP are a very recent discovery for me. I’m in awe, and it’s inspiring to say the least!

I have a 9 year old site that I haven’t added to in years. It’s main topic is broad, so many sub-topics within. 120 indexed pages/articles, but admittedly, most created with the “wet spaghetti method”. Top articles rank for LT phrases of course. Monetized by Adsense/Amazon, 35,000 sessions/mo, making $1,300/mo. Traffic has been on an upward trend the last 12 mos. despite no new content in nearly 5 years!

My goal currently is to follow your guidance/methods here on NP to a “T” and make this site sing. But…would you ever consider a project (case study? partnering in some way?) of taking an older site with good authority site bones and opening up its potential?

I know you’re considering a variety of options, so just throwing one into the mix.


Spencer Haws

I might be willing to consider it for the right site and partner. Feel free to fill out the survey on this page and just put some extra notes in one of the open fields.


Thanks, Spencer. FYI – I submitted the form with some more notes.

Spencer Haws

Great! I’ll get back to you this week.

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