Building Base Links for Niche Websites: Niche Site Project Week 9!

By Spencer Haws |

Another week has flown by for the Niche Site Project 2!  In today’s post, I wanted to include the video from our latest coaching call, along with a brief discussion of some of the items covered.

But before I jump too far into it, I wanted to give a quick update on Perrin’s site:  Looks like the great Google has decided to allow the site to grace its rankings for “best safety razor” for the first time!  As of today, the site is ranked 67th in Google!  A few other keywords are ranking in various spots as well.

No, its not super exciting just yet, but seeing as how it wasn’t ranking anywhere about 24 hours ago…its great news!  I only expect it to climb from here as we promoting the site…

If you read our last NSP 2 update, you will know that we are just getting started in the link building phase of the project.  The keyword research is done, and the core content of the site is up…now our focus is on promotion and link building.

I’ve written and discussed link building in the past at length.  For this project, I found the best resource to cover overall link building strategies is Jon Cooper’s site.  So, during the call, Perrin and I focus on reviewing that page a bit and dive into how to implement that directly for his site.

If you are looking for a complete resource and how to guide for building links to a new site, I highly recommend checking out the Point Blank SEO course right here.

In addition, I was actually contacted by a seasoned link builder who happens to read  He reached out and put together a list of places that Perrin could be getting links from. 

Coaching Call Video

Here is a general outline of what we covered on the video:


Content Plan

Promotional Plan

  • Step 1 – Build Base Links
  • 100 base links
  • General link building
  • Blog commenting
  • Dozens of other general link building
  • Use PointBlankSEO Resources page

Anchor Text

  • For Base Links – Don’t keyword anchor text – for the most part.
  •, http://apennyshaved, 50% of time
  • Click here, read more, get more information – 20%
  • Just vary anchor text – no exact match keyword.

Content Marketing – Link Bait

  • Guest Posts – exact match anchor 10% at most.
  • Or Partial match anchor text.
  • Link Bait

Link Bait Ideas

  • Ego Bait
  • Free Tool – like calculators or
  • Quizzes
  • Debunking myths – stir up some buzz, today I learned on Reddit
  • Interviews with Others in Niche
  • List Posts
  • Glossary – consolidated list of terms

Obviously we covered a lot of these topics in more detail than this outline suggests.  So, please watch or listen to the video to get the full details of the call.  Lots of valuable gems in there.  Perrin asked lots of great questions, and I think the link building strategies we covered can really help out any niche website builder!

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Perrin’s Week 9 Write-Up

The following was written by Perrin…

Nine weeks down! And we’re finally moving onto promotion and linkbuilding! Pretty exciting. I’m really looking forward to this phase, since I’m pretty green.

In case you don’t remember, this week’s assignment from our last call was to find 10-15 blogs in the niche that I could (1) comment on and (2) start building relationships with.

So I did that! Really, I went way overboard. Ha. I ended up finding about 100 blog comment targets, which took me several hours. Of those, about 80 are blogs completely dedicated to shaving or facial hair (e.g. there are a few moustache- or beard-related blogs in there).

I then organized them into two tiers. The first tier includes blogs that are both authoritative and relevant. These are blogs I want to target aggressively. The second tier includes blogs that are either small and relevant or big and only kind of relevant (mostly male fashion sites).

Why did I find so many? Basically, my strategy was the play the odds. One blog comment really isn’t worth that much in the grand scheme of things. However, finding an authoritative, relevant blog that I can comment on regularly – and hopefully start a relationship with that webmaster – is worth a lot.

But, not every blog is going to allow you to comment. Some blogs might now be neglected; some may have really strict moderators, etc. So I figured if I came up with an initial list of 80 or so blogs and tried to comment on them, I could keep track of which comments were successful and hopefully end up with 10-20 blogs that I could visit regularly.

Obviously, the immediate benefit of this would be more links. However, it’s also good networking. Instead of just stopping by these blogs and posting one comment, you become a part of that community, which gives you (and your blog) a lot more credibility and authority in the eyes of those members – and more importantly, it gives you creditability in the eyes of the webmaster.

And that is how you can start building guest posting and linking relationships. That’s my thinking, anyway. We’ll see how it goes.

Another strategy I adopted was to contact blogs that have been inactive for the last six months. I reached out to those webmasters and offered to buy their blog. Pretty ballsy, and I risk offending people, I think, but I was very courteous and complimentary, and I was mostly targeting lower-authority blogs (homepages around PA 30). If I can snag one or two of those, I’d have a miniature version of a private blog network with small but hyper-relevant blogs. I’m not willing to spend a ton of money here, but I’d buy one for $50-$100, I think. They’d be good links. So we’ll see.

Finally, I wanted to share how I actually found these blogs. Mostly, it was just a bit of creative Googling.  If you don’t know how to use footprints to Google effectively, it’s definitely worth looking up. I had the most luck searching Web 2.0 properties – by that that I mean established shaving blogs on WordPress/Blogger/Blogspot/etc. There are also a couple great resources out there if you’d like to find some on your own:

The next step is getting to work! I’m not sure what I’ll be outsourcing and what I’ll be doing myself, but we’ll probably cover that in this week’s call. So tune in. 🙂

My question to those of your following along:

What’s your linkbuilding strategy for your niche site?

Til next time!

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By Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws is the founder of After getting a degree in Business Finance from BYU (2002) and an MBA from ASU (2007) he worked for 8 years in Business Banking and Finance at both Merril Lynch and Wells Fargo Bank.

While consulting with other small business owners as a business banker, Spencer finally had the desire to start his own business. He successfully built a portfolio of niche sites using SEO and online marketing that allowed him to quit his job in 2011. Since then he's been involved in dozens of online business ventures including: creating and exiting Long Tail Pro, running an Amazon FBA business for over 3 years and selling that business, founding, and co-founding You can learn more about Spencer here.

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Wohoo! Let the hunt begin!

Great to see your progress, Perrin!
Ah? Did you hear it?! Money is on the way! 😀




hi i just read the post did watch the video yet great stuff here. but i always wondered spencer how do you find out the ranking of a keyword for your site like on top you said its ranking 67th in google how did you find this out?

thank you


Hey Avi,

We use Long Tail Pro’s built-in rank checker. 🙂

Martin Smith

Hi Perrin,

Are you using proxies in LTP? I’m not and find the rank checker slow and clunky to the extent it’s unusable. 🙁




Nope. It’s slightly slow for me, but my ranks for 10 or so keywords load in a couple minutes.


You can use to check your rank for keywords on google/ bing/ and yahoo if you don’t have Long tail pro


Man, I just don’t get the link building side of the website building game. Maybe I’m naive, but it just doesn’t make any sense to me.

The whole thing seems sketchy, risky, and a waste of time.


I’ve heard the phrase “link building is simply marketing your site… just like a business markets itself to potential customers.” But the thing is, it’s not. Papa John going on TV and advertising in a commercial is marketing. Papa John ringing your front door every night during dinner and asking to speak with your about pizza isn’t marketing. That’s spamming. And that’s what link building seems like.

Instead of people naturally linking to your site and telling other people about your site because of how great it is, link builders go out there and try to convince the Internet and Google of how great there site is. If it’s that great then people would link to it naturally! The whole thing seems sketchy.


How dumb do people think Google is? Google says don’t manually build links. Google is the be-all-end-all of search and SEO. Piss off Google and your site is TOAST and gone forever (at least in terms of search traffic). So why take the risk? Plus, Google gets better and better everyday at fighting back against manual link building and against people who break their rules. Seems way to risky to me.

A Waste of Time

Instead of spending time building links, why not produce AWESOME content and make a GREAT site? I don’t get it. Seems like a waste of time.

I just don’t get the link building side of things. I think it appeals to people’s natural instinct to find the short cut. You know, the “get rich quick” line of thinking.

Am I being naive? Do you “have to” build links in order to make money with a website?


I completely agree with you. Link building is sketchy and risky. Waste of time? Not so sure, because search engines still refer sites with backlinks. So link building does help in pushing the site up in the search rankings. But putting in lot of effort in link building is definitely a waste of time.

I feel that building relationships with other bloggers is much more effective than link building. The highest converting traffic will come from topic related blogs.

Also, both NSP1 and NSP2 are not about case-studies of creating an online business. You will need hundreds of such sites to make this work. Best bet is to create one major site than hundreds of such little ones. When building this major site, you will have to build relationships, not links.

Spencer has written a post about this too. But for some reason we all love to follow NSPs than follow the advice in that post!


Hey Jason,

Thanks for the comment 🙂

I understand where you’re coming from, I think. It’s a very valuable discussion to have. However, I think we have different views on linkbuilding.

I view linkbuilding as a part of the normal promotion process of any business endeavor — in this case, it simply happens to be a website.

If I were to start an ice cream shop, for example, part of my business strategy would be to make damn good ice cream. But I wouldn’t just make great ice cram and not tell anyone about it! I’d tell everyone one I could think of who might enjoy my ice cream — and I’d try to find creative mediums to do that.

Since I have a website, and my goal is to make money, I need to do two things: (1) produce great content and (2) tell people about it.

Building links is just one of the ways to tell the Internet (and Google) about my site. Other ways include stuff like social media and networking, and those are part of our overall strategy, too.

I also want to clarify something: we are NOT spamming anyone. All of the links we are building (even when they are outsourced) are specifically intended to add value to the discussion on relevant blogs in this specific niche. In my view, that’s not spamming, that’s contributing.

There is definitely an ethical discussion to be had about linkbuilding, and I myself would never be comfortable with spammy blog comments or any other “black hat” techniques.

But really, I think, ANYTHING you do to promote your site could be considered linkbuilding — even stuff like content marketing. In fact, it’s very difficult for me to imagine building a profitable website without in some way building at least one link.

Anyway, I’m rambling. Thanks for the thought-provoking comment. I appreciate it! 🙂

(P.S. I believe Spencer’s written a bit about this before — I remember reading it — but I can’t seem to find it).

Mark N.

Yes, you are being naive. 🙂 You are confusing how things actually work with how you yourself believe they should work.


But isn’t what I wrote truly how things work… primarily because that’s how Google says they work?

Google says don’t engage in manual link building, and that you will be punished if you do. And they also say with ther actions that each and every day they’re getting better and better at rewarding quality sites that searchers want to find and also at punishing sites who break their rules.

Isn’t that how it works?

Mark N.

Nah, that’s completely off. Their rankings are actually worse than ever right now (when compared across thousands of verticals, not just a few ones me or someone else checks on a personal basis).

Link building has always worked, is still working, and will keep working for as long as Google uses links in their ranking algorithms. What Google is decently good at however is detecting link SPAM, which might be what you are actually referring to and which isn’t at all what Spencer teaches on this blog (nor what Perrin is going to be doing).

Mark N.

To add to the above: all link spam is link building, but not all link building is link spam. People tend to use the two interchangeably (which is completely wrong), resulting in a lot of misconceptions and misunderstandings online as to what does and doesn’t work.


“Google says don’t engage in manual link building, and that you will be punished if you do.”

No they don’t, lol.

Spencer Haws

I think everyone has responded well here. At the end of the day, even Matt Cutts has said the link building is not illegal: Everyone has to decide for themselves what type of site they are building (long term or short term) and how much risk they are willing to take with the links they build.


Thanks for the replies guys. That article Spencer posted provide some good insight.

Another issue I have with spending my time link building is that it seems difficult to quantify and to tell whether or not it worked… Is my site getting more traffic this week because I spent a week building links? Or is my site just naturally growing in search engine traffic based on having great content?

I have sites that I’ve spent zero time link building for and they get hundreds of search hits a day and rank for multiple keywords.

Any advice on measuring whether or not link building is working?


“Or is my site just naturally growing in search engine traffic based on having great content?”

Sites don’t rank based on great content, lol. Google has no idea if your content is great or not.


“Instead of spending time building links, why not produce AWESOME content and make a GREAT site?”

I don’t get it…Where do you folks get the idea that it can only be one or the other? Is there some rule I don’t know about that says you can’t build a great site AND build links to it?

And I hate to break it to you…..building a site with great content and then hoping traffic magically appears out of nowhere is the real waste of time, because it ain’t going to happen. Build it and they will come only works in Hollywood movies about magic baseball fields.

Do you “have to” build links in order to make money with a website?”

Nope. There’s always paid advertising.

“If it’s that great then people would link to it naturally! ”

Really? Are these people telepathic or something? Do they wake up one morning and decide to link to your site because they learned about it in a dream? How are these people going to link to a site they don’t even know exists?

Yes, you are naive, lol.

the rookie

If you just don’t call it link building it changes your perception. Call it promoting. As commercials are for your papa johns example you could do some real ads for a short term. But managers of papa johns (or at least most businesses) hand out business cards.

Think of link building as that. Some form of promotion. Guest blogging is similar to putting on a seminar. Commenting might be similar to business cards. Youtube videos might be like commercials.

People promote offline businesses in similar ways, door to door. Flyers, business cards, word of mouth. All these have comparable methods online, but they all get rapped under the link building methodology.

That is really what you are doing. Promoting and syndication. Then when others start promoting for you (with natural links) thats in a sense the word of mouth side of offline marketing.

Dan Thompson

Building awesome unique content worth sharing is pretty difficult in most niches. If you’re building an authority site, it’s one thing, but niche sites (like a survival knife site or a site about razors) pretty tough to do.

In my mind, it doesn’t matter if you choose to build links, but if you build it they do NOT magically come. Regardless of whether it’s working the SEO angle, working facebook or pinterest, etc. If you’re working the SEO angle, if you’re going after facebook there better be a plan for that as well (creating a facebook page and sharing content once a day to an audience of zero isn’t a plan).

I think the naive part is when people believe they can create great content and suddenly visitors will appear. Even viral content needs to be seen a few thousands times before it has a chance to go viral.

Dan Thompson

Eh, just to clarify. I think the sites I referenced are both very useful. They provide good information. What I was saying, is that information is available elsewhere on the web. The main difference is where the visitor lands, which is a product of the various types of marketing available to us.


Love the discussion on guest posting. It’ll be cool to see how well a completely new webmaster can network and form relationships to get links/guest posting opportunities.

You made some great points about the costs/risks of creating link bait. If you want to keep the costs low, I’m curious if you’ve considered for creating cheap infographics?


I looked into a couple places today, actually!

There are only a few people on Fiverr who make infographics good enough to be worth it. They all have super long queues, but it might be a good route to go if I want to keep costs down.

I also posted a test job on r/ForHire, and the most common price range seemed to be $80-$100, although I was able to find someone with a good portfolio willing to design one for $50. With this stuff, I’m starting to feel like you just have to spend a bit of time looking for quality freelancers. 🙂


My comment has nothing to do with this article, but I want to write a few words about, new advertising bing’s and yahoo’s solution . The application process is a little different than with google’s adsence, because they have to approve each site you add. However, your income will be a combination of PPV and PPC. I removed the Google adsence from all sites where Google previously destroyed my ranking and switched to I do not want to do business with someone who is not playing fair. Revenue for now (5 days) is greater than I had from adsence. I think that this theme will be good for one of next Spencer’s articles

Spencer Haws

Great to hear Boris!


Spencer, I wonder, when you do blog commenting.

1. Is the goal to get visitors to click on your link/name?
2. Or just have the link on a relevant site, with high authority ?


Jeff Coleman

That link search tool at Solo SEO is a new one, I’ve not heard of it before….thanks!


It’s really amazing for generating great footprints. 🙂

Jon Haver

Perrin I like the idea of buying sites in the niche to leverage. It will be interesting to see if anyone is willing to sell their site for $100 range. For most sites worth buying they are the authors “baby” and are not willing to let it go for cheap. Worst case you open up the opportunity for a guest post.


Hey Jon,

Ha. You are totally right.

I’ve only had one offer so far. It was a PA 20 site, and the webmaster started negotiations with a very reasonable… $60,000. Haha.

If anyone wants to go this route (building a small, private network of relevant blogs) It’s probably easier, cheaper and more effective to buy high-quality expired domains, like the ones you sell on your site. 🙂


PA 20 for $60k ? Whoa,..imagine how many high authority expired domains you can buy with that amount of money.


Great stuff guys! With regards to outsourcing on oDesk you need to define a budget which does have a significant effect on what people bid… as a result it is a good idea to have some idea of what to pay. To do this, you can search on what others are paying for similar jobs. However, as a newbie it is probably better to focus on Quality over Cost a bit just to help ensure success. Like Spencers idea of getting them to help create the list first (to help check quality). I also find that easing any new VA into something is a good idea too – so maybe give them a portion of the list to make sure you are happy with quality. Good luck Perrin and have fun – outsourcing is certainly the way to go.

Steve West

Great video, very useful!

Thanks for sharing 🙂

Martin Smith

Well done as usual guys – the project marches on.

Quick question for Spencer – which of SEO Genius’ packages was he recommending for this project? Was it this one?:

Looks like it could be a useful guide to someone like me who is new to identifying like opportunities.



Spencer Haws

Yes, that is essentially what we had him do. Link research, where he provides a list of places to get links, then you decide whether to build them yourself, or you build them.


Hey I was just wondering where you go to purchase expired domains? Godaddy seems okay, but many of the domains have no PA/DA. Also, what happened to the nichepursuits auctions? Whenever I go there I don’t see any domains for auction.


Jon Haver sells some very high-quality domains over at his site.

Spencer himself is also experimenting with domain sales.

If you’re going to do it, I’d advise having an expert find them for you; otherwise, if you’re like me, you risk missing something and buying bad Web properties, which I’ve done more than once!

Spencer Haws

We are holding off on the auctions for now. Working on some other projects.

[email protected]

There are lot of things to check other than PA,DA before you decide to purchase any expired domain. If you want to do the works yourself then is a good place to start with.

If you are looking to buy from someone, I recommend to educate yourself 1st so that you know upfront what makes a domain worth purchasing.

Hope that helps 🙂


Hey—Congratulations on your 67 ranking. That’s awesome, and a great start.

One question—when we’re leaving comments on related blogs, is it a good idea to leave our URL as the name? I have a new site, and I’m doing a lot of blog commenting, and the name I leave is usually a partial match to my keyword (something like, “Matt at Fedora Blog” or whatever). At present, most of the backlinks to my site are comments, and if there are no URL-anchor text backlinks to my site—only the partial match-anchor texts I leave my name. As a result, the backlink profile isn’t quite natural looking.

Is that a problem? Interested to hear your thoughts.


Hey, I am tracking your website via serpbook and serpfox as i am intrested to follow along with your rankings, The website is not showing in the serps

Is it natural for a website this young to jump in and out of the serps ?


Thanks for the two tools at the end. Visited your site to read your latest post and then spent an hour trying the tools for links. cheers mate


Awesome! Glad it helped 🙂


Spencer and Perrin,

This was a great overview of current link-buillding strategies.

There’s so much outdated info online it was great to find this discussion posted here.

Helpful and generous of you both to share all this.

Keep rocking it, Perrin!



Haha. I didn’t put it together that you were THAT Scott. I have your book on my Kindle. 🙂

Spencer Haws

Thanks Scott!


Hi you guys,

I’m surprised to see you’re still recommending links from webdirectories and all the other weaker “base” links.

i personally feel that Googles penguin is targetting those links. I have a few layered links packages on severall sites and those sites got hit by penguin and as you said in the coaching call,.. those links are mainly web 2.0 and other weaker links.

I’m moving those hit sites to new domains right now and plan to only linkbuild them with PBN sites, either the ones i currently own (which are all very related to my niche) or buying 20 orso on someone elses PBN.

I’m considering press releases along with it, but i have no idea if those are considred bad links by google too to be honest.

Anyways, hope it works out with ashavedpenny and if it doesnt you can always try to remove those links with the disavow tool i guess ( Perrin seems very well organised so he probably knows what links are out there )

GL guys

Phuong Le

How about the Timing for those link building, a new niche site should be killed when massive amount of incoming link in a short time.


It seems link building is like diets…what is good for you and works the one day, is bad for you and makes you fat the next. All a bit confusing sometimes for newbies like me :/

Am enjoying the posts about this project! Thanks guys!


Looks like somebody is already trying to create a similar site. They have even copied your privacy policy verbatim.

“Privacy Policy for

If you require any more information or have any questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us here.

At, the privacy of our visitors is of extreme importance to us. This privacy policy document outlines the types of personal information is received and collected by and how it is used.”


Lol. Well, at least I know they’re lazy.


Here comes the 1st of the copycats –


How do you keep track of the blogs that accept your comment so that you can go back and comment later on so as to build a continuous relationship?


Just a simple Google spreadsheet. Basically, I:

1) Post the comment
2) Record the URL of the page I commented on
3) Check back in a day or two to see if the moderators let it through
4) If they did, I mark that blog “green” (I like color-coded systems), which means the mods are active and liked my comment.

In the end, I’ll put all the green blogs together and return to them regularly.


perrin how did you do the Privacy Policy??

thank you


I believe he used a freely available public domain policy.
Google it, there are a few about.

Phuong Le

Now these link building strategy works for youtube video than normal website. I tried many and it goes dance strongly when many link coming.

Jan Koch

Wow Spencer and Perrin,
this coaching call was brilliant!

I’m building a niche site in the jewelry area, which will be monetized with Amazon Associates. Content is up and running and now I’m at the point where I’m tackling backlink building for the first time.

You really gave amazing advice and I’m sure that you’ve helped tons of people in your Nichepursuits community.

Thanks for being this transparent and engaged!

All the best,


Thanks, Jan 🙂

Theodore Nwangene

Hello Spencer and Perrin,
You both are really doing a great job on this project and, I must commend your efforts, keep it up.

Coming to the link building stuff, link building is never a spammy way of getting links to your site but rather, its the way you go about it that might make it look like a spam.

Take for example a situation whereby you visited a particular post and left a non related comment and then, you also copied the same comment and pasted it on 100 other posts, that is an example of you building spammy links.

But, if you’re following Spencers approach then, its certainly pure and normal so, there is no cause for alarm on that.

BTW: I was wondering if there is an Ipad version of LTP?

Thanks for sharing and, you both have more productive days ahead.


Thanks, Theodore. 🙂

Couldn’t agree more. Commenting on good, relevant blogs with thoughtful comments is about as relevant as it gets!

Spencer Haws

No iPad version of LTP. Maybe in the future!

Theodore Nwangene

I should be thanking you Perrin for all the informative niche site building tutorial you are Spencer has been giving us here free of charge, I’m really grateful man.

Looking forward to learning more :).

@ Spencer, please try and create the Ipad version of LTP, i already have it but, will also need it for my Ipad :).

Thanks guys.

Ryan Cote

The anchor text ratio you use is what I use as well. I don’t use any exact keyword anchor text anymore. I aim more for natural anchor text that I vary like a mad man. And links from quality, relevant sources when possible.


Hey guys – quick question as I work through my own link building process. Are you planning on “growing your list” for the Niche site? Will you be adding an email subscription component to the site? Using Aweber or Mailchimp ?


I have to build backlinks just from blog comments. seems so many alternatives in building backlinks as described above
I also want to practice on my blog niche
Thank you for sharing knowledge


What I would like to know – how you get around amazon thing? I live in IL and would like to know some real ninja hackery.

I could probably benefit more that way vs like I am trying to do right now.

George Austin

Point Blank SEO has some great ideas on link building..


perrin how did you do the Privacy Policy??

thank you

Best love guru

Good one perrin,

I hope this tips will rank me high

Troy in Las Vegas

If one has many websites in as many different genres and is building links via blog / website comments, is it best to post these comments using a pseudonym or one name for all? My concern is how can I be an ‘authority’ on tea AND razors AND coffee mugs AND watches AND candles AND… ? How can I be a believable brand like that? It would be easy enough to have different emails and names for each website (like “Betty” runs my gift basket site) but some roadblocks could come up and complicate things ie: some sites require comments via Discus or Facebook or ??? so that means each pseudonym should have their own Discus or Facebook or ??? That just seems like A LOT of effort. Is it worth it? What are the odds of someone noticing ‘Troy in Las Vegas’ speaking on several different topics?
What do ya’ll think? Thanks in advanced for your detailed and thoughtful answers. 🙂


Hi All. First off, than you Spencer. I enjoy your blog, podcasts, and Longtail Pro.

Secondly, has anyone had the experience with posting blog comments where after doing so, when looking in Google’s Webmaster tools, they suddenly have hundreds of links from a site where they left a single comment on a post? When I look in webmaster tools, I have 300+ links to my homepage from 4 sites that I posted a single blog comment on each!!!

Any idea why this is or how to avoid it when posting blog comments?

I would guess these are no follow, anyone care to speculate if they are negatively affecting how my site is being judged on google?

Thanks in advance to anyone who is kind enough to respond.



300+?! Woah. I’m not so sure what happened there. How about checking the anchor texts of some of the links on the list? If they look spammy, then you’ll probably be negatively affected.

On a different note, I’ve read about link building strategies and said that there tiered link-building (with web 2.0’s) is note effective anymore; others still swear by it. Which one should I believe in?


I would also be interested in hearing feedback on the current effectiveness of the tiered approach if Spencer or another expert would be able to respond.

Spencer Haws

I don’t do Web 2.0s very much anymore.

Edward K.

Hey Spencer, in my hype to get links from high PA and trust flow pages I’ve generated a lot of apparently spammy backlinks. For over a month I can’t even rank in the top 500 for my main keyword while some other small ones are doing mediocre. The page itself is properly optimized but the backlinks are highly unnatural. As there have been many reports on the disavow tool not working, should I just get another domain and transfer the whole website there while shutting down my current one?

Edward K.

By other small I mean secondary keywords.

Spencer Haws

If you can alter the anchor text or remove any of those spammy links, I would. Otherwise, it might just be easier to get a new domain.

Edward K.

One more thing, is it alright if I copy over all my articles word for word? I’ve worked hard on them but as google has my now obsolete site indexed it might see that the content on my new domain is not original or something like that. Really don’t want to rewrite all of those articles took dozens of hours to write.


Hi Spencer and Perrin.
Spain calling!
Wow! What a great job. I am exhosted, but I can’t stop reading.

I am confused about the link building. I hope you can give me a hand, because I am totaly newbee.

I have nearly finished my first page, and now I am trying to learn about this confusing world of linkbuilding.

– when to insert a comment in a blog whith an anchor text, do you have to insert it as an html code?
– Or do you insert it on the name? How can you do it?

After this, should you recomend the point blank SEO course for a spanish speaker? I mean, the info provided (list) would it be useful for a country like Spain?

You both rock!!!


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