Authority Site Project Update #3 – Earnings!

By Spencer Haws |

The month of October was essentially the first full-month of my “Authority Site Project” website. There have been some interesting developments with this project that I wanted to share – and I will disclosing the earnings below. But first, I wanted to give a quick overview to both remind you “old dogs” and to inform the newer readers on my site what this Authority Site Project is all about.

I discuss in more depth how the authority site project began in this post. Essentially instead of building dozens of smaller niche sites (like I usually do), Iplanned to build one larger site that targets hundreds of different long tail keywords (a new keyword for each post added to the site essentially). Here is a quick breakdown of what I have done so far:

Authority Site Background and Rankings

However, there is a bit more to the story as well. The first site that I built was performing well initially, but then received some sort of penalty by Google ( which I concluded had to do with some shady linkbuilding packages I purchased). You can read about the penalty on my authority site here.

Rather than sitting around and trying to overcome the penalty (which could have taken months if it ever happened at all), I decided to pick myself up and just start over. To make the project even more interesting, I purchased 3 new domains all targeting the exact same keyword. Based on my experience, sometimes sites perform better than others for no apparent reason, so I decided to test this out with 3 domains all targeting the same keyword. This essentially brings us up to date.

So, now I have 3 sites built all targeting the same keyword and one of them is definitely performing better as I suspected might happen.  Here is a quick breakdown of where the sites have ranked over the past month:

Rankings on October 10, 2011

Rankings on October 17th, 2011

At this point, I decided to just make Site 3 the domain that I would focus on developing.  However, before I did anything there was some further movement in the ranks.

Rankings on October 24th, 2011 (approximately)

Now, I had 2 sites on my hands that seemed like they could both perform well – I was pretty excited!  However, over the past week the sites have all jumped all over the place, except for site 3.  Here is what the rankings look like now:

Rankings on November 1st, 2011

So, the reality is that sites 1 and 2 continue to bounce up and down in the Google ranks, experiencing the “Google Dance”.  I started adding additional articles to site 3 this week and it appears to be pretty stable at #17. So, what does all this jumping around in the ranks mean?  Well, for newer sites this is often quite typical actually.  Newer sites will bounce around for the first month or so of existence (sometimes) before they settle down and Google “figures out” where to rank these new sites.  So, don’t panic if some of your new sites drop in rank one day and then come back the next.  Give it a month or so to settle down.

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At this point, I have made a decision to fully focus on Site #3 that is currently ranking 17th.  I will keep sites 1 and 2, but Site 3 will become my “authority site” that I plan to add hundreds of articles to.  So, overall it appears that I could have gone with either site 2 or 3 and done just fine.  But at this point, I feel like its time that I made a decision to focus my full attention on – which is what I have done.

As mentioned briefly above, I have now added 24 totals articles to Site #3.  All of these articles are targeting keywords that receive between 200 to 500 exact match searches per month.  I am choosing these lower volume keywords because they are typically easier to rank for.  I did competition analysis on lots of these individual keywords (using the competitor analysis module in Long Tail Pro); however, I have to admit that some of the keywords I did not do this.  I have essentially selected the hundreds of keywords that I want to target and some of these will be lower competition than others, but overall these related keywords will allow me to target lower competition words in a great niche.

How Did I Select Keywords to Target?

I felt like it was important to have a content strategy plan before I started adding dozens or hundreds of articles to my site.  If I just started randomly and intermittently targeting various keywords, I could quickly forget which keywords I had written about or fail to execute according to plan.  So, I essentially went into Long Tail Pro, and typed in several seed keywords that were related to my niche.  I did this several times.  Then I exported all the keywords that met my search volume criteria into an Excel spreadsheet.  I then just went through the list quickly and highlighted the keywords that sounded like they would make a good contribution to my authority site.  This spreadsheet probably has well over 500 different keywords that I hope to eventually write articles about on my site.

Now as I order articles, I simply go into my spreadsheet, find a keyword, then have my author write an article on that keyword.  I mark that keyword as complete on my spreadsheet to keep track of what has been finished.

Is the Site Earning Any Money?

So now the site is a little less than 2 months old approximately, but is it making any money yet?  As it turns out, yes it is!  Okay, its not earning much, but it is earning a little bit which is always encouraging.

I am currently only monetizing the site with Google Adsense and this may perhaps be the only method I ever use to monetize the site.   So, $20 isn’t a fantastic number, but its encouraging as I am just really getting started with this site.  I have been slow to add content up to this point, but I plan on ramping that up pretty quickly over the next couple of months.  This month I hope to add between 30 and 50 posts to the site.  At that point, I will re-evaluate and see if I want to ramp that up even more in the month of December.

So, overall I have picked my authority domain to focus on, I have started adding content, and the site is starting to bring in a little bit of money.  I am encouraged enough that I feel like I should move forward on a larger scale, and will be doing that over the next few months.

Do you have any additional questions about my authority site project?  I look forward to your thoughts, comments, and insights below!



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By Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws is the founder of After getting a degree in Business Finance from BYU (2002) and an MBA from ASU (2007) he worked for 8 years in Business Banking and Finance at both Merril Lynch and Wells Fargo Bank.

While consulting with other small business owners as a business banker, Spencer finally had the desire to start his own business. He successfully built a portfolio of niche sites using SEO and online marketing that allowed him to quit his job in 2011. Since then he's been involved in dozens of online business ventures including: creating and exiting Long Tail Pro, running an Amazon FBA business for over 3 years and selling that business, founding, and co-founding You can learn more about Spencer here.

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Phil Jensen

Looking like you’re moving ahead nicely. We’ll be following your progress.




Thanks Phil!


Give it a break xD , is just place 20 ;).

You and i know that after he start getting nice traffic and top 3 or 2 rankings the secondary keywords will also rank higher.

You know that bounce rate right now is helping a lot to achieve and keep nice rankings.!!!

Keep just like that and on december you should be at top 5 or more if you keep increasing the linkbuilding and content on site.

Andrew | Social Web Q and A

Hey Spencer,

Great report; very helpful stuff for those looking to branch out from small niche sites.

I’m curious about your long-term plans for this site after you’ve posted hundreds of articles. Usually when I think of an “authority” site I picture lots of reader comments, a newsletter, social media engagement…etc. (Like Niche Pursuits!)

If the success continues, would you envision hiring a dedicated assistant to consistently post new content/engage with readers, or do you just plan to leave the content there without investing much more?

And is the site layout any different from your niche sites? (ie. ad placement) I also kind of think of authority sites as having less prominent advertising, but you mention Adsense might be your only form of monetization for this project.



Hey Andrew – great point! Yes, if the site becomes large enough, I would do more to include the communities interaction with comments, newsletter, other things. I would most likely have to hire an assistant to do that though. So, at this point, I am just focusing on the content.

The site is pretty much laid out just like my other niche sites.


Hi Spencer,

It’s nice to follow your achievement in developing niche site.
One thing we all aware of is that it’s impossible to you to reveal your actual site though. And we do understand the why.

So, I like to know whether this idea is good or not.
How about creating one brand new niche site with NEW niche site, NEW domain, NEW host, NEW adsense pub-id and everything NEW and reveal to us EVERYTHING without endanger your current position.

With that being said, hence we would have A REAL CASE STUDY so we understand perfectly ‘the art’ behind niche building.

Just a though…


Hey..we’ve seen your “real cast study” before…you laid us OUT on your report! lol (Just kidding/teasing…love what you did there…was awesome! Come work for us? 🙂 )

I understand Spencer’s intent to keep his niches private. There’s a cost that comes with being public. In multiple chats with the guy and following him pretty regularly…I’m completely confident that he’s doing what he says he’s doing.

I agree with you, though, that putting himself out there with a particular site would be really interesting. We’re talking to him now about some type of setup that would allow him to do that without being terribly exposed. I think it would be helpful for others and, ultimately, helpful for him/us as well.


Ha ha …
Yeah that was an interested article over there!
Lol 🙂

Work for the masters?
Hmm… It’s my honor!


I totally understand where you are coming from Sud. I know everyone wants to see my sites. Maybe the day will come…


And I came to the right place!

If you allow me, I can track down your niche sites!
Lol.. just kidding but that’s an interesting idea.


The risk to revealing everything is huge. There are a lot of people that would have no problem taking down your site. Unfortunately, there is precedence and I don’t recommend giving away everything.


Spencer, as always, LOVE the update. It’s particularly interesting to see how you targeted 3 different attempts at the same keyword and ran with the one that was doing the best.

I’d really like to see if your keyword and niche has the same opportunity as the SPI or VBL niches that were targeted. I see that you targeted some of the additional KW’s with LongTailPro. As you know, we’ve switched mostly from MS to LongTailPro recently and are big fans.

What we’re attempting now, though, is allowing our Content Managers a bit more freedom in the secondary keywords they target. Our thinking and direction was to really think about the KW targeted and focus on content that was related and that would be INTERESTING to someone focused on that keyword. We have the Content Managers a bit more freedom, thinking that they would research/know the niche better than the KW researcher and would, ultimately, be better for the person searching.

Quick questions:

1. How much do you plan to spend (in dollars and man-hours) on authority sites?

2. What would you consider a “win” in terms of spend vs. ROI?

Keep it up, man…LOVE what you’re putting out here!


Justin – thanks for the great comment! I think its an interesting strategy to allow your content managers a bit more freedom as that does take a bit of work off your table and probably provides a great flow to the content on your sites.

I tried to pick keywords that made the most sense for my site. So, there were plenty of other keywords that I could have kept on my spreadsheet that I didn’t because they didn’t seem to fit well with my site theme.
To your questions:
1. I personally will maybe spend about an hour per week at this point now that the site is up and running. I am in the process of getting a permanent writer for the site (paid on a per article basis) and my VA will help format/post the articles.
2. I will be disappointed if I don’t at least double my money. It may take a few thousand dollars to get the site where I want it, but I’m hoping the site returns a few thousand dollars per month once its up and running.

steve wyman

Hi SPencer, great answer to Justins questions.

I think this is a real insight into a real nice site business.

The Guru’s always sugest big bucks for little effort the push button crew. Even SEnukeX is old on that kind of premise.

Its very important to read what youve said here which in essence is that you expect to INVEST thousand into an authority site. Too many of us are trying to build substantial sites on very small budgets and I think those days are gone. Quality content requires writers it seems to me.

Once again thanks for the information


Yep, I agree Steve. Everyone should have a clear expectation that this is a business and you can grow it faster by spending more money (wisely of course).

steve wyman


With the 500 exact match keywords your selecting are you also filtering by CPC at all? i.e. over $1

With all that content theirs quite an investment in time and money. Do you outsource all of that content to iwriter or out to Odesk?

And any tips on getting good quality articles?

lastly what length of articles are you having written for these longtail keywords as im guess some might be difficult to write 500 words around?

Thanks and best of luck with the site – I fro one will continue to read with interest. $20 is not so bad in the second month after all…



No, I didn’t filter by CPC for the secondary keywords. Some may have less than $1 cpc and that’s fine.

I hired someone to do the first 20 or so articles on elance. I am now in the process of finding someone that will be more permanent to add articles over the long term.

There are lots of great authors on and, but they may be more expensive than other places – but the quality is much better too.

My primary article on the homepage targeting my primary keyword is 1500 words long. The secondary articles are all about 750+ words long.

steve wyman

Once again Spencer, thanks for taking the time to reply. Always usefull info and ideas.



Very nice update, good to hear one of them looks like a winner.

My question: are all your articles the same length (what is the length), and how much do you pay per article?



I answered above – but most are over 750 words long. The main article is 1500 words long.


Thanks Spencer for sharing this journey!

A question, how long are in average your posts in this authority site?

Thanks again!


750+ words long.


Spencer – Great post! Glad to hear that the authority site project is moving along. 2 quick questions for you:

1) Do you have an SEO deeplinking strategy for all of these articles you’re posting or are you hoping to rank without any SEO effort?
2) Same question as Steve Wyman above – are you looking for CPC criteria for these secondary keywords, or just getting what you can find?

Interested in your thoughts. Thanks again for posting this handy info!



Jon – thanks for the questions!

1. Yes, I am deeplinking. In fact, I already did some linkbuilding to the first 20 articles on the site. I am doing a combination of deep linking and home page linking for my primary keyword (deeplinking for secondary keywords).
2. Not looking at the CPC.


Congrats, Spencer. This is awesome for only a full month and some weeks!

I know you detailed your link building methods, and you mentioned you haven’t done anything to drastic to get these results, but I’m sure I am not the only one who would like a detailed timeline of your link building.

I think that’s a future post for the hub, right?


Kim – Absolutely, I will be going over my linkbuilding timeline for this site and more in the future as that appears to be a question that many people have.


Oh I missed this comment before I wrote mine. I guess I’ll just have to wait for that new post within your hub section. I am excited to get traffic to my niche sites soon too. I’d be happy to see $3 in the first month with some of my niche sites. Haha.


looking forward to read the article about your linkbuilding plan 🙂


Dude you made $20 bucks in the second month?! That is excellent! I would be piling on the content in a hurry to that site. With all the internal link juice your building you will double that in no time im sure. Great post!


Thanks Aaron!


Hey Spencer – thanks for sharing the process on your authority site. Those results look pretty promising after only two months.

My question to you is how are you building links for the website? Are you just creating content and letting it slowly get indexed into Google or are you actively doing something to increase your rank like you’ve shown the results for?

I really need to find a way to get my newly created niche sites some traffic. I am worried that they aren’t getting any Google traffic after 2 weeks. Maybe I am just rushing into it but I just am paranoid they won’t work for a year. Haha. At least I know the pages are indexed in Google which is a good start.

If you have any pointers of what I can do to build up some traffic on my newly created niche sites that would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.


Hey Michael – as you saw my comment above – you know that I will indeed have to do a post on my linkbuilding for this site. I will keep everyone updated on the process.


Hi Spencer,

For the sake of Adsense outcome.

Did you ever try to push down the unrelated or low bid Google adsense advs that showed up at your sites so you only have high bid advertisers?

[I know there is a simple way to do so – so I asked the question.]



How do you push down the unrelated or low bid Google adsense ads? Do you just mean only placing one adsense unit above the fold (since the highest bidding ads always show on top)?


No, it’s not placing one adsense unit above the fold.
There is a series of simple steps you want to do in order to push down or even block out the unrelated or low bid Google adsense ads.

By doing so your sites (read: Google) then only displays high bid advertisers.

Doing right, you can double or even triple your adsense revenue without adding traffic and with current CRT.


Okay, do share! Do you mean by turning off Third-party ads and Interest Based Ads in the Adsense control panel? Anyway, let me know what you are talking about 🙂


What are those steps? Why even answer Spencer, with a vague answer if you don’t want to clearly share the method you’re talking about?


Hi Spencer

doing real good. 20 bucks a month is what most commenters are jealous of on 2nd month.

I wonder tho if you could rank site 3 AND 2 in top10? Why not make that experiment. Leave site two a bit thinner on content, maybe twice usual niche site you do and see if you can have them both up there!



Hey Adrijus – yes, I will keep the 3 sites live so this may provide some additional experimentation down the road. Who knows, maybe I can get multiple sites on the first page as you mention 🙂


I think it’s possible. I will test this assumption myself too when I got a chance. I’ve found a few niches where it could be done. Looks like in your chosen niche it could be done too.

Chris Miller

Interesting post. I am still curious about how you did your split testing. Same articles on all 3 sites? If so, wouldn’t the duplicate content being seen across 3 different sites have an impact on #3 that you eventually decided to run with?

Thanks for sharing with us.


No, I did not use the same articles. I wrote original articles for all 3 sites. There was no duplicate content.

Brian Lima

Spencer, are all these sites on the same IP? or are they all living on different accounts?


No, I have multiple hosting accounts AND multiple class c ip hosting.

Razak Muhaimin

Nice sharing. I love it. Just keep on working the authority sites. It is still a long way to go.


Yep, this is just the beginning – thanks Razak!


Hey Spencer, 2 quick questions.

1. Are you using a Free or Paid theme, or a theme that you have found that has been working well with you in terms of adsense clicks.

2. What are the average visitors are you getting to receive these earnings?

I have a site monetizing with Ad sense and Amazon, and I’m not getting 100 visits a day, for the last week or so, and yet, no where near the click through ratio. Do you have a layout that you particularly use for most niches? Would it be similar to Pat’s security guard layout?

Please advise! I’m also starting a “authoritative” site, where I’m building the site, with tougher keywords, from 1000 – 15,000kw, and am been at it for a month, and and the rankings are slowly climbing for all pages ( currently 25 ) and plan on adding more. What got me in this post, was you are adding a ton of ( VERY EASY ) keywords which have small search volume compared to mine, so that you are able to see the traffic come in a lot quicker. Which I can agree that will def. help boost the confidence in one’s self in their website. Do you find that if target slightly tougher keywords, that its still worth pursuing, or have most of your larger sites target a ton of long-tail keywords to get quick and tons of targeted traffic?

Hope this makes sense!




ShakD, here are some answers:
1. Its a free theme – I have never used it before on any sites.
2. The site is getting around 30 visitors a day or so now (it was lower for most of October though).
Yes, it somewhat similar to Pat’s site.

I am going with the longer tail keywords because this was part of the original experiement. If you target higher competition keywords, you should expect to have to do more link building or wait longer to see any returns on those articles.


Thanks for the info, this is a great behind the scenes look at the process. Did you use all the same articles for the 3 sites at the start? or different content?


All different content.


I’m wondering about duplicate content. It does not pertain to this post but since it was mentioned in regards to your “extra” sites it got me thinking.

A lot of the new wordpress plugins and WSO’s center around automatic sites that have continual updates of scraped and spun content. They claim they make a lot of adsense money by just flooding the web with these spun sites.

In the long run it is obviously preferable to use original content. An interesting experiment might be to use spun content on the test site. It doesn’t have to pass copyscape.

Good info on your progress. Thanks!


Dave – I never use spun/copied/or duplicate content on my niche sites. However, it might be an interesting “experiment” as you suggest to try on one of my other domains. I’m not sure that I will do this, but I’m now starting to thinking about how I could further make this project interesting with these other 2 domains.


Newbie Confusion? Isnt the main purpose of UAW and MLN to spin and submit multiple article versions to multiple article directory sites?


Hi Spencer! Nice job!

I can see not every web is ranking just the way you want to, same happened to me.

One of my sites was doing just fine, on the fourth month I was having 80+ visitors per day. BUT I don’t know what happened after octuber 21th every thing change 🙁

Now I’m having 30 aprox per day! I was raking number 15 (within many google dances before) and now I can’t see my web site ranked.

Could be the Panda up-date? Could be the fact that I’m not a consistent writter?




It could have been some sort of Google update – its hard to say.


Good to see the progress Spencer and very interesting to see how the ranking moves. I actually used a slightly different approach for one of my sites I started a couple of months ago with just one post for a fairly competitive keyword and was never expecting to rank but to my surprise it was ranking quite well so I went into a frenzy and added 15-20 pages of content over the last month to slowly grow something that was essentially a micro site into something resembling an authority site taking more of a trial and error approach.

What I do find interesting is that even though you might pick keywords with similar competition strength (in top 10) some rank quite easily and some take a lot longer using the exact same link building strategy.

Were all of your primary keywords for these 3 sites of similar competition?


There were the EXACT same keywords. So if my keyword was “green tomatoes” – I built 3 sites all targeting “green tomatoes”. However, the articles were all unique – just targeting the same keyword…make sense?

Online PC Backup

Hey Spencer.
Are you able to share which ‘free theme’ you are using for your authority sites, (and also perhaps which plugins)

And have you structured it as a blog with the first page showing your latest posts (Articles) or have you set it up as static front page?

Then, do you intend listing each of your 500+ articles under categories? Also, (without giving away your domain, or niche) I’m curious as to which headings you use in your Nav bar

Well done to date


I will have to do a full post on themes and plugins. Nothing fancy though at all.

I made one of my posts targeting my primary keyword a “sticky” post, so it always shows at the top of the homepage. Yes, I have categories tagged for each of my posts.They are categories names in the nav bar.


Hi Spencer

It would be interesting to get an idea on what sort of themes you use, and what sort you’ve had the most success with.

Some people say that its the really ugly themes that get clicks. I’m not sold on that theory myself though …

I reckon a post on good themes and bad themes would be really popular.

I myself like to find a good theme, and then rewrite it (just to change the footprint). That way, I make it “mine” …



I have added this to the list of topics to discuss on the Niche Websites Hub:


Themes and plugins are a huge hurdle for someone just getting started. Even a very basic post would be extremely helpful.

Thanks for all the awesome content!


Nice post Spencer! 🙂
Just one question.
Does adsense has any problems with you having mutiple sites in the same niche?
I mean lets say all of your 3 sites would rank in the top 3 and you would monetise all of them with adsense would this be 100% fine? if so shouldn’t you aim for very profitable keywords mutiple times all the time?


No, Adsense doesn’t care. Who says I haven’t done this? 🙂


Hey Spencer,

Really getting a lot out of keeping up with these authority site project updates. It was particularly interesting to see the rankings dance between the 3 sites and it will be even more interesting in the coming months :).

Question: do you have a strategy for the rate at which you add new content to the authority site you’ve chosen to focus on (e.g., 3 new articles every 3 days, etc.)?

Keep up the good work!



Yes, the plan is to add 1 to 2 articles a day for the next month or so.

Hard Boiled Greg

Hi Spencer,

Thank you for being so transparent and sharing what is (and isn’t) working in such a clear and open manner.

You mentioned ordering articles from your writer. How do you ensure that the articles you order provide real value to the reader, with original and unique perspectives on the topics/keywords?

With Panda updates undoing a lot of hard work and punishing content that was previously good enough, I am looking for ways to continue to outsource writing, but not fall in to the trap of publishing articles that are well-written and factual, but are ultimately a re-telling of information that is already available on other websites discussing the same topic.

Your insight would be greatly appreciated.




Great question. However, if you are being that strict then most news organizations wouldn’t be able to post most of the “stories” that they do. Most of them are just re-telling information that can be found elsewhere. Do your best to find an original approach, but if you can’t just be helpful, factual, and make it well-written. Very little of what is written is actually “new” information.

Hard Boiled Greg

Thanks for the reply Spencer.

Panda has me ultra spooked. While my sites weren’t wiped out entirely, the traffic shake-up has me calling into question everything I have learned over the last three years.


Hey Spencer, great to know that your site is moving on up in the rankings. But do you really mean that the sites were ranking on Oct. 24, 2001?? Just thought I’d point that out. Best of luck to you. 🙂


Whoops! Just fixed it…thanks


Thanks Spencer, for the update with great results in 2 months!

I also use similar spreadsheet to list all my KWs.
Then I categorized (group) them in a new tab calling the 1st KW column as Main KW that I want to target for my Article. then in the same row I add upto max 5 LSI KWs Col B-F.
This is handed over to the article writer and ask them to use the LSI KWs sparingly if makes sense, but not KW stuff. The quality of the article is more important than the KW density.
Looking forward for your BL and Theme/Plugin post!


Hi Spencer,

Nice information, definitely a lot to learn from!
Regarding articles, do you get the exclusive rights (add/modify…) when you buy from text broker? Also, how do you check the articles are absolutely unique?

Looking forward to your thoughts!



Yes, the articles are exclusive. I pay to have them written for me. Textbroker has a built in CopyScape system to make sure they are unique.


Great tips Spencer. Always a delight to read your updates. I’m also having ideas on how to scale two of my niche blogs toward becoming authority sites.

2 of my niche sites have been affected by the Google update this October. One of my sites made me around $150 3 months ago. Last month it went down to $80 and now it’s just making pennies daily. I’ve been whacking my brains trying to come up with strategies to get the rankings back. But I’m almost at that point to just give it up, dust myself off, and start again. (I kinda feel you’d just tell me this, too. hahah)

I probably need to go easy on my link building next time. I did some things I guess that might have aroused Google’s suspicious eyes.

I BADLY need to read how you do your backlinking strategy. 😀 did you hear the *slight* pressure in that tone. heheh.

I recently purchased membership at Blog-Blueprint per Pat’s recommendation. But I’m now afraid that I might overdo my backlinking if I don’t have a solid strategy in place.

Will keep following your updates on this one. 🙂



Alright Miggy, I will make sure to do a more detailed post on backlinking! 🙂 However, in case you were unaware, I have done a couple of posts previously on this topic which you can find here:
and briefly mentioned here:


Thanks man! I’ve read those posts 2-3 weeks ago and I’m just trying to figure out how to integrate the automated tools I’ve purchased in the past few months.

I currently have Social BM Demon, Article Demon, and I’ve signed up with Blog Blueprint. It feels overwhelming at times!


Hi Spencer
I’ve been an avid reader of your site since I discovered it a few weeks back. I’m pretty new to all this but just love working away at it and am hoping for some success soon. Its really really helpful to read your posts. My question is around the placement of your adsense ads. Do you use the sidebar widgets which means you get the same ad on every page or do you place text ad bocks into your posts which I presume means you get ads more targeted to your post? If you place them in your post would you do it for every post or just some posts?

Best of luck with your site – I shall try and keep up with you but I can’t afford to outsource much at the moment so it will take me longer.


I do both sidebar widgets with ads and I put ads within the posts. I have been using the “Quick Adsense” plugin recently to manage ads within my posts. You can specify whether or not to have ads on the homepage. Other than that, the ads would be on all your posts. I have ads on all my posts and the homepage as well.

Calvin Chiong

I learned so much from you! You are my first teacher to me since I involved in making money on website. I want to know how to check the rank of my site, can you teach me? Thanks!


You can use Long Tail Pro: (my tool) to check your ranks. Or you can also use the Firefox plugin called Rank Checker by


Ok … You trying anything like link wheel or link pyramid as this time you are behind high competitive keyword? or you have plan to do so?


Nah, I’ve never worried about link wheels etc and gotten lots of #1 rankings in google. I will not be doing link wheels or link pyramids, etc.


Chris, almost all you guys that I look up to as a mentor are running or rather challenging yourselves. Challenge and project here and there and it’s all authority ‘niche’ sites. Keep it up guys and I am doing my own KW research as well to come up with a fantastic one.


Spencer D.

Hey Spencer,

First off you have an awesome name. Your parents must really love you.

Jumping right into it: did you write different articles for all three sites you were trying to rank for or did you use the same articles? And did you outsource to a full time VA or did you use another service?


Fellow Spencer! Alright!

All the articles were different. I had unique articles written using for each site.


Hi Spencer! Wow, no link wheels or pyramids?! Alright, now I’m REALLY curious about your linkbuilding strategy!


Well done Spencer! You’re great inspiration for all of us

I came a bit late here, I think everybody came with new ideas and good questions before me 🙂

What kind of hosting are you using for this site???

Best Regards,



Hey Spencer,

Great job! Have you thought about linking from the two lesser ranked sites to the top ranked one to boost the rank even higher?

When organizing the growth of your “authority” sites and picking a domain, do start at a market level and then add sub categories/niches that dig down a bit but don’t necessarily share the same related phrase that the primary kw/home page has?

Do you still focus on using EMD for your authority sites, or use a partial domain that is somewhat brandable/catchy instead?

Is your authority site strategy much different than your smaller niches sites, or basically the same but with a few sub categories and a lot more content?

It be interesting to know how you structure them differently.

Thanks again for sharing,



I wasn’t planning on linking the other sites to the authority site.

I wouldn’t be as concerned with an exact match domain for an authority site. In my case, I have the primary keyword in the domain plus a suffix. The strategy is essentially the same, but just additional content and obviously much more time and investment. Hope that helps!

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