Article Spinning and Article Directories, Is it Worth the Effort?

By Spencer Haws |

A couple of days ago, I shared my general overview of how I do link building for my niche websites.  Now I wanted to go into a few more details about article marketing and article spinning.  Some people swear by it, and others detest it.  But the real question I want to get to the bottom of, is whether or not its really worth it?  I mean, does article marketing and article spinning really help your site to rank better?

Article marketing is simply the act of distributing articles to sites like,,, and lots of others.   You send an article to their site, and at the end of the article in the “author box” you are able to include a few sentences on whatever you would like – including a link to your niche website.   So, you post articles in order to get the 1 or 2 link backs to your site with your chosen anchor text.

When I first got started, this is where I spent most of my linkbuilding efforts.  However, I have changed my strategies slightly.  I don’t think article directories are as powerful as they were before the Panda update.  Panda focused heavily on sites that provide low quality content – and these article directories were hit hard.  So, its my opinion that these links are not as powerful anymore.  However, I still use them to a small extent.

Article Marketing

As explained in my previous post, I will submit an original article to and then once approved I might submit this article to 5 or 10 other directories and that’s about it.  I primarily submit to not just for the link, but also because of the secondary links that I get.  Ezine is a very high traffic website and lots of webmasters use the content found there to place on their own websites – and they usually leave the links in the author box intact.  So, I will often see several links coming to my niche website from random websites that have placed my ezine article on their site.  This is great!

So, I really don’t put a lot of effort into articles directories – but I still do a little bit of article marketing.  But what about article spinning?

Article Spinning

Article Spinning is simply taking an article and rewriting sentences or using synonyms to create multiple versions of your article.  There is lots of spinning software or other tools that make this process much quicker and easier than doing everything manually.  So, by spinning an article, you are able to take 1 seed article and possibly turn it into 100 or so partially unique articles.

The articles of course will essentially say the same thing, but because they use different words, the search engines view them as more unique and therefore (and this is the whole point) they are more likely to get indexed by Google.  So, if you distribute your spun article to lots of sites, you are likely to get that article indexed and get your link indexed back to your site.  That’s why people spin articles.

I would NEVER advise using a spun article on your own site.  A spun article usually is not as well written as an original.  I personally only use spun articles to get links back to my own site.

Blog Networks

In fact, I currently use spun articles on a couple of different blog networks.  I like blog networks because you can get links back to your site within the content of the article (rather than just at the end), and you also get it distributed to a huge variety of sites with different IP addresses and other unique indicators.  These are the 2 blog networks that I am trying out right now:

Want To Build Smart & Relevant Internal Links...Quickly?

NichePursuits Rating

Link Whisper is a revolutionary tool that makes internal linking much faster, easier, and more effective.  It makes it simple to boost your site’s authority in the eyes of Google. You can use Link Whisper to:

  • Bring out your orphaned content that isn’t ranking
  • Create smart, relevant, and fast internal links
  • Simple yet effective internal links reporting: what has lots of links and what pages need more links? 

Click here to revolutionize your site’s way of doing internal links

Build better internal links with Link Whisper (affiliate link)

This site is very easy to use and allows spun articles.  The distribution rate is very quick here.  I will post an article, and within a day or 2, it usually has already been picked up by 10 or 15 blogs within the network.  Blogs will also continue to add the content to their site indefinitely.  In other words, once you place your article in the network it will continue to be distributed over time.  I recommend this service.

SEO Bluprint (affiliate link)

I have not been using this service for very long, but so far, I like what I see.  The nice thing is that they have their own high quality blog network, but they also have 2 other link services as well included in the package: Link Blueprint and Article Blueprint.  So, they actually provide an article marketing tool as well as a way to essentially exchange links with other webmasters.  Like I said I haven’t been using it for long, so I can’t report any definite results, but so far I like what I see.

I have also discussed in the past that I have used Matt LaClear’s service where he distributes articles to his private blog network.  He takes PLR articles, spins them, and then distributes them to his blog network.  I have seen some good results from this service.  So, I know that spinning articles and distributing them works.

Spinning PLR?

So lately, I have hired a VA to take PLR (Private Label Rights) articles, spin them, and then distribute them to the blog networks that I mentioned above.  You can get PLR articles from lots of places, and I am still searching for the best possible source, so I’m not yet ready to recommend a service.  In addition, there are LOTS of article spinning tools.  I just recently purchased, “The Best Spinner” for my VA to use, but since I haven’t really done much with it, I’m not ready to fully recommend it.

Overall, I think its fine to spin PLR content only if you are not placing those articles on your own sites.  You should certainly try to do your best with spun articles to make them as high quality as possible, but its inevitable that these articles will have some mistakes that just don’t sound exactly right.

Your Thoughts Appreciated!

Anyway, I hope this gives you a good idea of some of my linkbuilding strategies and my thoughts on article marketing, article spinning, and whether or not they are really worth it.  What do you have to say on the subject?  What have been your experiences with article marketing and article spinning?  I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject below in the comments!

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By Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws is the founder of After getting a degree in Business Finance from BYU (2002) and an MBA from ASU (2007) he worked for 8 years in Business Banking and Finance at both Merril Lynch and Wells Fargo Bank.

While consulting with other small business owners as a business banker, Spencer finally had the desire to start his own business. He successfully built a portfolio of niche sites using SEO and online marketing that allowed him to quit his job in 2011. Since then he's been involved in dozens of online business ventures including: creating and exiting Long Tail Pro, running an Amazon FBA business for over 3 years and selling that business, founding, and co-founding You can learn more about Spencer here.

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Steve Eason

I’ve recently started working with SE Nuke X, and it utilizes article spinning quite effectively. It does the same thing that you are doing manually, only a bazillion times faster.

What I do with my articles is I often will bring them into The Best Spinner and do what I call ‘lightly spin’ them. It’s really only using 1 synonym for spun words and always the best option. This reduces the amount of words spun and in my opinion improves the readability of the end result. That’s always my biggest complaint is having illegible text on the other end.

Thanks for sharing a little more about how you do it. I appreciate the info.


That’s great that SE Nuke X is working for you. I haven’t tried it out. Does it distribute to blog networks? I understood that it did not. I thought it distributed to article directories, web 2.0 assets, social bookmarking sites, and other, but did not have its own blog network. Either way, I’m sure its a nice tool.


Nice post.

Quick question… Do the Blog Network links point directly to your money site, or do you make the links go to buffer sites that link to your money site.

Thanks as always!


Yes, they point directly to my site. I don’t use buffer sites or link wheels. Never have.


Great article Spencer. Could you expound a little on the difference between PLR articles and…well…regular articles?

Also, last time I commented you told me that you didn’t use any sort of article marketing for this site, mostly because you didn’t need to. But would you discourage doing so with a personal blog? My blog is just getting started, and I’ve written some articles that I think could be spun and marketed with one of the services you mentioned above. Is there a reason I shouldn’t do that with something that links back to my name?

Thanks for the advice.


I think its fine to do article marketing for your personal blog. If I was really ambitious 🙂 I probably would be building links to this blog, but at this point I’m just letting it take more of a natural course. A PLR article is simply an article written by someone else whereby they give you the right to distribute, change, or otherwise claim it as your own. PLR articles are often sold to multiple people. So one article may be sold to lots of people who in turn spin it or use it as though they were the original author. Hope that helps.


It does, thanks! I guess I’ll be spinning some articles for my personal blog and trying to build links, then! I appreciate your continued willingness to inform.


Well said Spencer! Indeed TheBestSpinner is one of the best tools for article spinning and I’ve used it for more than a year.

Hey Spencer, did you ever try unique article wizard? I’ve started to apply them for my adsense sites and so far there is some improvement in SERPs.


I looked a UAW, but it seemed like such a terrible interface that I didn’t look any further. It seems like such a pain to add articles (because you have to split it up into 3 parts). Maybe if I tried it, I’d get used to it, but from what I saw it seems very cumbersome.


Yeah, that is the one thing with UAW, the interface is a bit of work. I like to outsource the writing for UAW, for around $15 you can get an original article and two rewrites of it at the sentence level. That makes it a lot easier. What is great then is that you can spin each of those 3 articles with the best spinner, so that you have 3 spun articles that you can use for other mass article submission software. Makes those articles go a long way.

Alternatively, there are people around who will do 5 rounds of UAW submissions (and they do the writing, too) for you for about $50. An alternative option if you don’t want to use the interface and/or pay the $60 a month subscription.


Darren, thanks for sharing. I may be taking a second look at UAW…we shall see!

Badger Web Services


I actually run a UAW submission service – 5 submits for $29 and I do all the writing. All we need from you is your urls and anchor text.

Just thought I would throw that out there 😉


Hi Spencer!

In fact, it takes me under 3 minutes to complete UAW submission (in case the article is spinned and resource box is written as well)

TIP: if your articles is well-spun, just paste it in the spinned format in 3 versions and that’s it… No need to create 3 variations, etc.

I use One-Click Method for this. Besides, UAW is the best source of backlinks of this kind, as they submit to article directories, people’s sites who have the UAW plugin installed, so the backlinking profile is very diversified!


Interesting. I didn’t know you could just use a regular spun article on UAW! I thought you were required to do the 3 variations bit (which is VERY annoying). This might change my opinion of UAW if I am actually able to just use spun articles in a simple way. Thanks for sharing!


I love the best spinner, it truly is the best spinner and I use it a lot. I combine it with Sick Marketing for submitting to article directories.

I think one thing that helps is to have your link in the body of an article when doing article directory submissions (if the software you are using and also the directory you are submitting to allows it), rather than in the bio box.

I find that UAW (unique article wizard) as mentioned by Jeremy helps to get your site towards the first page in google. However, I wouldn’t use it right off the bat. I go easy at first, pretty much in the way that you have described Spencer, and after about 3 months of a site life I will use UAW. Once closer to the front page in google I then focus heavily on using PostRunner for backlinking. However, this is what I would use for more competative keywords in the 10 to 20 thousand monthly search ranges. Probably not needed for lower monthly search volumes.


Awesome, thanks for sharing your experiences Darren!


I know you said you don’t use spun articles on your own site, but how about spinning articles that are posted to your site for distribution to various article sites? It seems like doing that would be much easier than creating a new article and then spinning it.


Nope, I wouldn’t recommend spinning articles that you posted on your site. Its best to keep the info on your site as original as possible. You can probably get away with it, but like I mentioned, you can simply use a PLR article to spin – meaning you don’t have to write the article yourself. You can very cheap PLR article memberships that allow to essentially use an unlimited amount of articles.

Dave M

Sorry for digging up the old post but I was curious if you try to get PLR articles that match your niche? Seems like it would be hard to find a good fit if you are targeting longtail keywords which are usually fairly specific.


I don’t worry too much about the PLR content being in the same niche – as you stated it can be hard to find content on your exact topic. The links are still good though, and that’s what really matters.


Thanks for more insight into your process Spencer, very helpful as always.

I really need to look into Best Spinner as I have seen quite a number of people recommend it, so it must be worth the money.

I see you don’t recommend spinning the articles you post on your money site, is that because you think spinning these articles will cause a negative impact on how google looks at the content on your site?


Well a spun article is still not 100% unique. Ideally, you will have 100% unique content on your own websites. This certainly helps google to view your website as a higher quality source, which can translate into higher rankings.


off topic a bit but if you lived in the UK (like me) .. would you aim for UK based local searches and focus perhaps on or would you still target US local searches ?


Hi Ritsos,

I have been told that for an adsense niche it doesn’t really matter about locality because Google will detect the viewers location and show local ads anyway. If however you are into Amazon sites then go with the US unless your niche is UK specific (i.e. pavement as supposed to sidewalk).

Hope this helps and if I’ve been misinformed would somebody please put me straight! 🙂

Adrian (UK)


Yes, google will definitely show relevant ads to a website visitor – including geotargeting. However, location DOES matter when researching a keyword as I explained in response to Ritsos.


I don’t think it matters where you are located, but you DO need to be aware of where the searches are coming from. For example, if you have a keyword that gets 20k exact match searches globally you might think its a great keyword with low competition if you look at the results. But what if the majority of those searches are coming from france? Uh oh – you didn’t look at the competion on . So, you might rank #1 on but not rank anywhere on – and therefore you won’t get any traffic. This is why I always recommend looking at your “local” search volume. So, you can target if you want or anything else. But just be aware of what country the searches are coming from and that you are actually looking at the competition in that version of Google – make sense? I always look at US searches and look at However, it perfectly okay to look at the UK search volume and then also analyze the competition for


Thanks Spencer .. kind of what I thought .. my most succesful in terms of hits is a UK based one .. sadly with poor qual ads though but I keep trying.

Another off topic … I’m increasingly seeing how important the keyword is and I wondered on average how long you spent researching a single keyword .. I’m sure sometimes you strike lucky quickly, but on average .. how long do you think?


It varies greatly – but usually a few hours. I can do it faster with Long Tail Pro now though!


cheers .. will email you directly in next couple of days re LTP


errr me again … As I’m in the UK, if I target the US market and my sites are on UK servers, will this have a negative impact and how much ?



I don’t think it would have a negative impact necessarily – its just if you are targeting a US keyword, you need to look at the competition on and not I think your site will rank just fine on even though you are based in the UK.


cool … also spotted on another forum that you can set your target market using the google webmasters tool so I have done that for the US ones .. A sub page of an early site seems to accidentally have made no 5 on google and 10 on .com .. will be interested to see if and where there are gains and losses now I’ve set that domain to target US


Hey yall, early this month I tried out a blog network called BuildMyRank dot com and found that my first 10 links actually got posted on some PR3 blogs and a PR5 blog. Too early to tell how it will affect rankings yet. I’m curious though, do networks like MyArticleNetwork typically post to blogs of that caliber? My experience with SEOLinkVine is that the majority of the sites on the network are not high quality. I wonder if MyArticleNetwork is similar? Thanks for any insight!
P.S. BuildMyRank dot com only allows 100% unique content but the posts can be as short as 150 words.


that looks interesting and there’s a free trial which I think adds to ten pages .. may give that a try … cheers


Those are some pretty nice links! I don’t think MyArticleNetwork has many sites of that quality; I understand that BuildMyRank is one of the higher quality networks out there.


Correction on my BuildMyRank experiment. Out of the first 10 links, I got links on a PR1, a handful of PR2 & PR3s, and one PR4. Not too shabby… So far I like the service.

Stephen Dailey

Ive been using BMR for 4 months and I see good results. With that said I havent been in the game long enough to compare it to anything else. And although you can post 150 words per link, I try not to do that. I try to do 350 to 500 words for one link. I just feel like, if a bunch of your links come from 150 word posts, that it won’t look the best to Google.

BMR does a great job of posting fast and getting posts indexed within a day. The problem with BMR is that they have to constantly grow their blogs to keep up with the demand. As of right now I believe they retire a blog after 300 posts.

I definitely see movement in the serps. My latest site has no links except from BMR which probably isn’t the best idea but I wanted to test the theory out. If I had a blog I would have an affiliate link to BMR because I think it’s really great and I feel good about recommending it.


I’ve been using PostRunner through The Keyword Academy. They’ve got a network of over 1,000 blogs (each owned by individuals). It’s been pretty nice to be able to get a bunch of PR2-5 sites that you can easily get an article placed on.

I’ll definitely be trying Blog Blueprint soon too.


Sounds good. Thanks for the info David!

Brian Lima


Hey I’ve been spinning articles and getting them posted on article directories like Ezine. However out of the 50 + backlinks I should be seeing in Google I’m only seeing like 4 or 5 show up? Whats the deal? How long does it take for backlinks to show up on Google? I guess they are seeds but when do the sprout? I use Market Samari to track most of this stuff. how about you? Any suggestions or thoughts. thanks, brian


Thanks for another great post, Spencer!

UAW and Blog Blueprint are my go to link builders. However, I’ll have to look into PostRunner and BuildMyRank.

Also, if some of you aren’t ready to invest in The Best Spinner, Article Rewrite Assistant is a free spinner that works just as well. I’d recommend choosing synonyms manually (I still do this with TBS) and proofreading each spun article, which is a given.


this is just what the doctor ordered! a couple of questions:
1. after submitting to, do you submit the EXACT same article to other directories, or do you spin it first?
2. based on what you wrote, i think i know the answer, but just want to check: the articles you submit, are they related to the subject matter of your adsense site, or are they just on any topic?


It depends. If I am using software that allows me to spin and distribute to article directories, I will spin the ezine article. However, often I will use the EXACT same article if I am having outrourcers manually submit them. They are usually related articles, but not always necessarily.


I really like the idea of submitting an article to a handful of article directories (then using blog networks for additional links). From what I can tell, I’ve seen my links grow over time just by submitting one article to eZineArticles since it gets posted to sites by publishers.

Spencer & all – what do you guys recommend for a simple (free?) software that posts an article to just a handful of directories?


I’ve been using BMR for a few months now with great results! I can never keep up with the articles though because they have to be unique and they are very strict with grammar and spelling. My favorite is the Authority Link Network because its free and is based on a points system where you donate a high pr blog in exchange for article submissions. So I bought a pr4 domain, set a blog up on it, and donated it in exchange for 3 article submissions per day. Each article is drip fed to 5 blogs a day for 3 days. You get 3 links per article so that’s 45 backlinks per submission, all on high pr sites! It’s such a great concept and I have used only ALN to get some of my niche sites to first page. They also allow spun articles so it’s easier than BMR. I’m happy with the results and I’m probably going to buy another high pr domain to donate


Great review.

Justin | AdSense Flippers

We’ve been looking at BMR too and my business partner was looking to test it out. As it stands, we currently use SubmitYourArticle and spin with TheBestSpinner. We have original articles written instead of using PLR, because the additional spins you have to put on PLR to make it semi-unique is tiresome. Another option is having the PLR manually re-written and you can try spinning that.

However…I’ve had some ethical issues with this. While we do try to make sure the spins and articles that come out of them are unique and somewhat helpful…if I’m honest with myself they’re just not great. I feel a bit bad about spreading out some crappy content. I’ve read recently about syndication and how, with original articles, you’re not hurting yourself for link juice (although those exact match articles won’t have much of a chance of ranking against each other…still…that’s not why we’re submitting them anyway, right?)

What are your thoughts on that, Spencer?


It certainly brings up ethical issues. Quality is always sacrificed when you do spun articles. So, its a decision that each website owner needs to make for themselves. Either way submitting articles for the purpose of getting links brings up “black hat” questions anyway. Is this really what google wants? Probably not. But its also one widely accepted way to promote your site. Anyway, this could and probably should be a whole post on its own – but it comes down to everyone to make there own decision on this.


Lots of great stuff here. Thanks Spencer and everyone


guys, check out new spinner that launches tomorrow….called Spin Rewriter..ive been testing the beta version today and its awesome. many people say its better than best spinner because its more intelligent with grammer. its super easy to spin fast

Tim Jackson

Thanks for bringing the ethical subject up. I have just written my first niche site, all original content but if I’m honest the writing is a bit crappy (you try writing 2500 intelligent, thought provoking words on mirrored wardrobes! 😉 ). Anyway, the thought of spinning articles to spread more low quality content grates on me.

But am I right in thinking that if I have done my keyword research correctly that writing another 5 ORIGINAL and unspun articles to something like buildmyrank should be enough to get a reasonable amount of backlinks for my site?

Anyhow thanks to both Justin and Spencer for great blogs, I follow you both and get a lot out of it.




Question – how unique should your spun articles be? 50%, 40%? Something more or less?

Just want to make sure I am not wasting my time spinning the article too little or too much.



I am using article marketing robot to submit my spun articles.
TBS is great! but… I use these free tools:
for the spinning.
the resaults are great… and it’s free.

What do you think about spinning anyway?
should I use these methods on tier 1?
I used to use it only for tier 3, and to backlink my backlinks 🙂

About Ezinarticles, they allow affiliate links in the bio box?
I don’t think so. Anyway to do it ?

thank you.


Neat blog! Is your theme custom made or did you download it from somewhere? A design like yours with a few simple tweeks would really make my blog jump out. Please let me know where you got your theme. Thanks


Since this was written have you settled on any preferred PLR providers? Happy to follow and aff link if you have a quality recommendation.

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You can turn to attorney augmented credit fix, which has become more very clear via the past little proportion
years, eliciting good feedback from a diagram of population that
afterward had evil-minded credit score.

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