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Apply Now to Be My Student!

Apply Now to Be My Student!

Last week, I wrote that I was going to begin an application process for those that wanted to be selected as my “student”. I held a poll, and the votes clearly showed that out of the 3 choices, you wanted to see me taking someone and coaching them through the process.

In a nutshell, I am going to be picking one of my readers here, and coaching them through the process of selecting a low competition keyword and then building a niche website.  The idea is that they can hopefully build up a successful site, similar to how my BestSurvivalKnifeGuide.com site has done.

The coaching process; including Skype calls, videos, screenshots, and more will all be documented and shared.  In other words, the student that is chosen will be required to share everything.  So, if you are not comfortable sharing your domain name and being on audio or video; please do not apply.

In addition, I also received some great feedback in the comments section of my last post that has helped me think about how to choose a student.

Before You Apply…

Before you start following the steps I have listed below, I want to add some words of caution.  If you don't think you have what it takes to commit to this process, please don't apply.

Here are some of the things that I'm looking for in a student:

  • Must be willing to commit to recording coaching calls via Skype or Google+ with me.  (This means your voice and possibly video will be shared publicly).
  • Must be willing to spend up to 10 hours a week working on a niche site and spending time with me for one to two months.  Time spent will significantly decrease after the first 1 or 2 months.
  • Must be willing to invest up to $500 on this project. (This could be less if you write well).
  • Must be willing to share your domain publicly.  You won't have much choice in this; I'll be sharing it :).
  • Must be willing to share earnings, traffic, and other stats for the niche site.

So, if you don't have the money or time to invest in this project; please don't apply.  I want to make this project as successful as possible, so I prefer to review candidates that have met these requirements.

How to Become My Student

I am going to lay out exactly what is going to happen now, and how you can “apply” to be the student for Niche Site Project 2.

Rather than holding a standard application process where I ask you to write an essay explaining all your hopes and dreams, or explaining what animal you are most like and why…I thought I would take a less painful approach.

I am going to take a 6 step process, to pick the eventual “winner”.

Step 1: Only people on the Niche Site Project 2 Student email list will be considered.  So, if you are interested in being coached, simply input your name and email in the web form below.  This will give you 1 entry (like a raffle ticket) to the drawing.

Step 2: You can also earn 3 ENTRIES if you own or buy Long Tail Pro by August 6th.  You can also earn 3 MORE ENTRIES if you own or buy Long Tail Classroom by August 6th.  In other words, if you input your name and email from step 1 and own both Long Tail Pro and Long Tail Classroom, you will have earned 7 entries.  More entries obviously means your name is more likely to be chosen.  You do NOT need to email me and tell me that you own Long Tail Pro or Long Tail Classroom, I already know who owns it and will handle the additional entries on my end.

Please note: If you own Long Tail Pro and/or Long Tail Classroom, you are still required to complete step 1 (sign up for the email list).  In other words, just because you own Long Tail Pro doesn't mean you have been entered into the drawing.  I don't want to pick random Long Tail Pro users – I only want people that are interested in this project.

Step 3: I will then combine all the entries (up to 7 entries per person) and then randomly select TEN NAMES from that list.  These will be the finalists.

Step 4: I will email these 10 finalists and ask them a series of questions (to be determined).  I may even ask them to record a video.  Essentially, these will be the applications looked at to determine if they would be a good student or not.  I will ask questions about their experience building niche sites, other background, and more.

Step 5: Niche Pursuits community picks the winner!  The finalists answers to my questions (possibly including videos) will be posted live on NichePursuits.com for all to see.  I am going to post them up and let YOU the community decide which of these 10 finalists you want to see for Niche Site Project 2!  How cool is that??

Step 6: I will have a poll for all the finalists applications.  After a week or so of voting, the finalists with the most votes will be selected as my student!

Enter Now!

So, with that, you can now input your name by filling out the form below.  Remember, you don't have to do anything to tell me about additional entries.  If you have purchased Long Tail Pro or Long Tail Classroom, I already know about it – I will multiply your entries on my end…no need to email me any additional info.

Finally, if you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear them below!  As always, I'm more that happy to discuss what's on your mind or to clarify.

I look forward to Niche Site Project 2!

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117 Comments for this Post

  1. Juan


    Yeah!!! First Comment! hahaha
    Im really happy to read your application process. How to select the winner is really creative, like a reality show!

    Looking forward for this project Spencer!
    Have a great day 🙂

    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      Thanks Juan…should be a fun process 🙂

      • Phil


        Hey Spencer,

        I’m sure it will be a fun process and the best part will be the final public voting for a student. Love it 🙂

        How often do you plan to publish updates for your readers?

        Looking forward to follow this project,


        • Spencer Haws

          Spencer Haws

          In the beginning, it may be once a week.

        • Dave


          The biggest complaint I’ve heard from Niche Site Duel 2.0 is there is way to long between updates. Most people involved there are moving along a lot faster than Pat, so I think the duel will be most useful after it is finished … but to me personally I’ve lost most of my interest due to the pace.

        • Iain


          Yeah, that has been my feeling. My sight was done before pat even started I think.

          He is much busier than I am though, so I can’t hold that against him.

          I’m looking forward to how Spencer is going to approach this.

          He mentioned 500$, so he may advice outsourcing linkbuilding and writing. That will be curious to see how that works.

          I haven’t tried outsourcing linkbuilding yet. It’s because It’s hard to tell which company does it right.

        • joe


          I agree with this. I submitted an entry and I’m still working on my site, but I haven’t checked the niche site duel website because of the time between updates. I know it takes time to get the sites to rank, but more frequent updates would be nice.

    • Dewi


      Hi Spencer..wow..It’s a great opportunity..I would love to be your student..Is this program still available…?

      • Spencer Haws

        Spencer Haws

        No, I picked 1 student – that was it.

  2. ray


    Man, I really wish I could toss my name in the hat. However, I’m already a good ways into both my websites, and honestly, the $500 is a dealbreaker for me. I got bills, man! But good luck with this, and you can bet I’ll be following along closely.

  3. Naveen Kulkarni

    Naveen Kulkarni

    What an exciting plan. This is going to be viral 🙂

    • Naveen Kulkarni

      Naveen Kulkarni

      I just keyed in my name in email list box and own LTP. Count my 7 entries 😉

  4. Goran Gligorin

    Goran Gligorin

    Hey Spencer,

    You really put a lot of thought into this application process. How much of the $500 do you think we could shave of I we write our own content? How much articles per week would it be?

    Picked or not I’ll still be following along with this NSP – was a bit late to the first one.


    • Goran Gligorin

      Goran Gligorin

      Oh, and one other question. Is it OK to apply if we’re from another time zone. I’m from GMT+2, which means a 6 hour difference between here and the east coast, and a 9 hour difference with the west coast.

      • Spencer Haws

        Spencer Haws

        Yes, that’s perfectly fine…we can make it work!

    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      You might be able to shave $200 off if you write all your own content. The site will only need to start with around 15 articles or so in the first couple of months.

  5. Michael


    I think its unfair in a way that people who own LTP will have a higher chance of getting chosen to be coached. Than the average Joe who wants to taught and is prepared to work at it

    It also looks like a sales pitch to sell LTP so you have a higher chance of getting in

    Just thought id let you know.

    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      I can’t please everyone. I think its a good process. It is my blog after all, and my business – so yes, I will promote my tools and business along the way…that’s how I get paid back for putting in all this time and effort to provide you information on the blog.

      • Michele


        You give so much free information that has been so extremely helpful to me personally that it hurts me that someone would say you are unfair.

        And no matter who gets picked to be your student ALL OF US are going to benefit because in the long run we are all your students.

        Thanks Spencer for taking your time to help so many of us.

      • Rea


        Agree whole heartly

      • Matt Sullivan

        Matt Sullivan


        You get paid back by the amazing goodwill and publicity that you receive from sharing the information for free. I started following you and listening to your podcast because of the public case study you did. This is what separated you from the rest of the hundreds of others out there.

        You are right it is your website, but you are going to miss out more than you are going to gain on this one.

        Matt Sullivan

    • Dave


      Unfair? Really? Help me understand what is “unfair” about Spencer getting to set the conditions to his own contest?

      If he wants to only allow others who are named Spencer or only those to love Honeycombs then it’s HIS choice.

      You get one entry to reading along and one is all you need to win. It’s your choice if you want more entries.

      • ray


        Yeah, it’s def. fair, and to be honest, I’m not sure how some folks are getting together an good idea of what they need on their site without a program like LTP.

        I’m gonna need a fee waiver for Platinum for this plug, Spencer! 😀

      • Spencer Haws

        Spencer Haws

        I do like the honeycombs idea 🙂

        • Dave


          Thought you might like that reference… I had an old article flashback as I was typing.

        • Paul Kassens

          Paul Kassens

          I might also point out that another good reason to give increased odds to those who own LTP – might be the fact that you will be using and teaching to use LTP as a tool in building the web site.

          Even if you do show how to do keyword research with and without LTP – teaching to use the very tool you developed and sell specifically for this purpose just makes sense.

          I would actually think that you would REQUIRE the student to own LTP, rather then simply increasing the odds.

          I also think that requiring the student to eat Honeycomb during the live coaching would be OK by me. 😉

          I’m a reader and listener and own LTP – but I will not be applying to be a student. I would MUCH prefer to sit back (while eating Honeycomb perhaps) and watch someone else do all the hard work, while I hopefully learn a thing or two from yours and their efforts! LOL 🙂

        • Spencer Haws

          Spencer Haws

          🙂 Thanks Paul!

      • Michael


        If you understood my post you wouldn’t be posting an unfair objection trying to defend the author. I never attacked the author only posting a valid point which you clearly do not see

        Everybody wants an opportunity I was just stating a point about the competition in a formal way. Well the response I got truly means its all about money

        Empireflippers.com that’s a good site you should visit. Well I wont be returning to niche pursuits again.

        • Spencer Haws

          Spencer Haws

          I’m providing free coaching to someone, and then letting everyone watch for free. I’m just trying to provide a lot of value…for free. If you don’t find any value, I won’t blame you for not coming back.

    • Rea


      like you are going to chosen WHINGER

    • Jason


      I think it’s a great way to filter candidates who have some seriousness.
      Also Spencer will surely use LTP as the keyword selection tool so that is defintely a requirement!

  6. John Gibb

    John Gibb

    hey Spencer

    I love your raffle ticket idea, and how you get interested individuals to increase their chances of winning – that’s smart! 🙂

    Btw — here’s an idea, tell me if you like it (and if it’s practical for you…)

    While coaching the student, maybe you could launch Niche Site Project 3, where you will be building a high-ticket item Amazon website… what do you think?

    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      I’m always building new sites…so its possible.

  7. Steve Eason

    Steve Eason

    I know I said before that I wasn’t going to apply, but I’ve changed my mind. I think it would be a great opportunity that would be squandered if I didn’t at least put my best foot forward.

    So, I toss my virtual hat in the ring and look forward to seeing how the application process works out and how the overall project comes together.

    I think you did a great job selecting the process for picking the participant. Although Michael above does have a good point that the selection process does highly favor someone who has spent money on your products. If they are new to this they are likely not able to spend the money. Then again, the $500 for articles would be another stopping point for that person.

  8. Bas


    Looks great. Anyway will this be an adsense niche site or amazon affiliate or something else?

    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      It could be either…we’ll see.

      • ray


        Just a note to some folks who might apply—Amazon affiliates aren’t allowed in all states (I’m looking at you, North Carolina >.< ) so they'll want to consider that when planning their site.

  9. Victor Björklund

    Victor Björklund

    Hi Spencer,

    I entrered the raft and I hope I will make it! I love that you do this and I will closely follow it even if I don’t “win”!

    Victor Björklund

  10. Web Design Riche

    Web Design Riche

    English is not my native language. I am not good in speaking -_- It will not be easy task for me.

  11. Jennifer


    How will you determine if they really have $500 to commit? I like the community vote aspect of the process; was thinking to suggest this, but didn’t know how it would work out! Perhaps not video apps though so people don’t judge on appearances!? 😉

    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      Good point about the videos…I’m still considering. Thanks!

  12. Dave


    This looks great Spencer, glad to get a chance to participate.

    Love the idea of awarding more votes to people who own your tools. Sure, it’s a marketing measure which is actually cool, but it’s also a measure of someone’s seriousness and experience or at least familiarity with the basics.

    Keep it up.

    Also, loving the success story series.


  13. Andy Barley

    Andy Barley


    I own Longtail Pro and Platinum, not sure if I used the same email though??

    Is there a way we can rectify this? 🙂

    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      I may email everyone on the list and ask if they’ve used a different email when registering for Long Tail Pro/classroom. I’ll make sure to address this…thanks!

      • Andy Barley

        Andy Barley

        Perfect, ;D

  14. Larry


    I’m with Jennifer, I don’t think video should be used when choosing a winner. Also, how will you know if I own your other products? You just ask for a first name and email addy. I use a different email for my purchases than the one for your list.

  15. Bryan


    Can’t wait to get started.

    Already found my niche to start following you along.

    I didn’t know about Long Tail Classroom. Going to go and check it out.

  16. John


    Hey Spencer, I think you should select 3 students to participate in this case study which will increase your odds of success instead of relying on just 1 student’s experience. What happens if your only student gets ill, or has a family emergency?

    With 3 students, you could could do group coaching sessions without substantially multiplying your time commitment to the project. What do you think?

    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      If something happens, I can always dip back into the finalist pool.

  17. Dan


    $500 is necessary not just to pay for domain, hosting and some articles to get started faster, but also to weed out the people who are not 100% committed.
    If you paid for education, you’re much more likely to go through with it and take it serious.

    Spencer is going to take a student by the hand and walk him/her through the whole process of building a (hopefully) profitable niche site. That should be worth 500 bucks. And if the niche site turns out to be a success, you even get your money back in AdSense or Affiliate earnings.

    Spencer, you’re doing it just right.

    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      Thanks Dan!

    • Fran


      100% agree Dan! $500 is not a huge expense for someone wanting to set up a site to earn commissions that will likely be far in access of that. Not to mention the training that they receive in the process. I know some people are harder up for cash than others but really you have got to ask yourself how serious you are about this if you can’t raise that cash for this opportunity in my opinion.

      As for the extra opportunities for existing customers of Spencer’s, why not. Spencer runs this blog and his teachings to readers free of charge. Those that support him through his products, and therefore this project and one might say funding of this site, appreciate the extra opportunities in this process. Not to mention the using LTP will be a key part of the process.

      I’m not an online “newbie” but am fairly new to make money inline sites. I’ve set up one niche site so far and it’s heading in the right direction I think but no actual commissions as yet. I’d love the opportunity to be hand heald through the process on a secon project by a seasoned pro and really take this to the next level.

      • Mark N.

        Mark N.

        “100% agree Dan! $500 is not a huge expense for someone wanting to set up a site to earn commissions that will likely be far in access of that. Not to mention the training that they receive in the process. I know some people are harder up for cash than others but really you have got to ask yourself how serious you are about this if you can’t raise that cash for this opportunity in my opinion.”

        Very short-sighted thinking.

        1. Not everyone lives in the US; to some people $500 is thrice the average monthly salary in their country.

        2. Raising money is not required; I have spent $110 so far (10 domains + hosting) and done everything else myself; I’d need to have paid probably $10k to have outsourced the work I’ve done myself over the last 3 months.

        3. To some people building websites is not the holy grail yet; they have many ideas on how to make money and building websites is just one of many. If they were to spend $500 on every idea they want to test out before they could finally start earning their first passive money, they’d probably go broke quickly.

        Assuming that unless you have $500 you can’t “get in” kind of baffles me.

        Not saying I don’t like Spencers idea (I do). I’m just speaking RE: your comment.

        • Dan


          Of course that amount is not required in order to start a niche site. But since Spencer is trying to find a candidate that he can work with, he threw out that number to make sure funds are available, if the student runs into too many road blocks and needs help from VAs (design issues, lack of writing/editing skills, time constraints, WordPress trouble-shooting, etc.).

          The goal is to walk a student through the process in a very short period of time, so some money will probably have to be spent in order to speed up the process a bit and to keep the journey on track and somewhat interesting for the many readers that are following it.

          If Spencer happens to pick a true talent and super fast learner, the amount of money that needs to be spend will be significantly lower than $500.
          Don’t get too hung up on this number. It’s just an insurance to keep the site building on track, if needed.

        • Mark N.

          Mark N.

          Like I said, I wasn’t talking about Spencer’s idea – I think it’s good. I was talking about what Frank said, you just missed the context.

  18. Eve


    Hello Spencer,

    Great selection process for niche site project 2 ! I have a question regarding the votes of the community. What is the community ? What if finalists ask their family and friends to vote for them ? If someone has hundreds of facebook friends or twitter followers they will get a lot of “sympathy” votes…and in the end they’ll win because of that…or maybe you’ll have some sort of filter to make sure people who vote are people interested in niche sites ? Thanks and good luck to every applicants !

    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      Perhaps someone able to generate lots of votes is the kind of tenacious person that deserves to win and will be successful at niche websites as well. I’m not putting any restrictions on the votes other than 1 vote per person.

      • Eve


        ok one vote per person is fair 🙂

      • Dan


        What about an official jury of mentors of the industry. I’m thinking about names like Pat Flynn, Corbett Barr, etc.
        They would be great judges and make sure to pick a winner, that is not solely based on a public/community voting system.

        I could also see your most recent interviewees be good judges, because they already have experience in the industry without earning money through teaching. Maybe they could be the other half of the jury.

        Just my 2 cents…

        • Steve


          “What about an official jury of mentors of the industry. I’m thinking about names like Pat Flynn, Corbett Barr, etc.
          They would be great judges and make sure to pick a winner, that is not solely based on a public/community voting system.”

          Why is their choice of a winner more valid than who the rest of us choose? They put their pants on just like we do. And who is going to decide the make up of this “official” jury, the same people you feel aren’t qualified to choose a winner, lol?

        • Dan


          You’re missing the point, Steve.
          A jury like that would eliminate any unfair advantage that candidates with a lot of friends would have, if we do a public voting. Or who pays the most VAs to vote for them.

          Spencer would obviously choose the jury members.
          I threw out names like Pat and Corbett, because they have a lot of experience in the industry and would probably make good judges. I guess it could be anyone that Spencer trusts as long as it’s not a public voting, which would just skew the results and make it a popularity contest.

        • Spencer Haws

          Spencer Haws

          Nah, I want readers to have a say in the matter…want to get more people involved.

      • Fran


        Is it possible to make it one bit per person but only bites from subscribers to your list? That way it’s likely to be people who are genuinely interested in your teachings, not just friends of candidates.

  19. Amanda


    Sounds great, Im not applying, not keen on making videos but I will be setting up a site to go along with you and your student!

    I think it will be interesting to see how my poor site will compare if I take the same steps as the project goes along!

    Ive already started three since i started my ltp trial started, one is doing pretty okay but not ranking anywhere for my main keyword yet

    the other two are only getting going now.

    Good luck!

  20. Colin


    Count me in Spencer! I really like the selection process and its a great opportunity not only for the “winner” but also for all those watching and following. Just to echo a previous concern, I too used two emails to buy both LTP and LTC. Wouldn’t want to waste seven chances!

  21. Brian


    I’ve been following you for a while and this is pretty exciting! A fun and unique way to do a case study!
    My hat is in the ring… keeping my fingers crossed for ‘the golden ticket’.

  22. James


    Hi Spencer.

    Is using long tail pro going to be a requirement of the coaching process?

    Secondly can u give somewhat of a breakdown on the $ 500 investment?


    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      Its not necessarily required, but its what I use to teach.
      $500 investment:
      Link building

  23. George


    Really looking forward to this.


  24. Ruan


    Hi Spencer,

    I was just wondering… Other than content writing services, domain purchase, web hosting and owning LTP…could you please specify other costs perhaps?

    $500 is a little steep for a guy just starting out on niche sites and trying to make his first money (real money, as in more than $100 pm) online, but being a freelance writer with multiple blogs you’re writing for, owning a web hosting company, thus a server for the hosting, already owning LTP so keyword research is sorted…purchasing the domain name looks to be the only one left. Would that help?

    I really would love the chance to be coached to design a successful niche site (Adsense specifically) and would most definitely do what it takes, but I just don’t have the $500 lying around… I don’t own LT Classroom either so I’m guessing a lot of other who do will have more entries than me, but it’s worth a shot I think.

    Anyway, good selection process. Looking forward to read your reply! 🙂

    • Chris


      Don’t forget Layered Links…

    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      If you write all your content, that amount could be cut in half (maybe).

  25. Michael


    I really like that you’ll be coaching a student and am looking forward to following along and learning a ton!

    Like others, I don’t agree that your candidate selection process is unfair. You could have charged applicants for this service but instead you’ve decided to provide it for FREE. I’m not sure that many others are willing to make the same time investment for *nothing* yet it sounds like that’s what they expect you to do. Sigh.

    From everybody else who values your time and work, keep it up and thanks for everything that you do for the community!

  26. Salomon Alcoba Trujillo

    Salomon Alcoba Trujillo

    hey and what happen to the guys who uses black hat services to win contest, just google buy votes and you will get a lot of sites where you can buy for 20$ 20000 votes
    did you think on that??

    • Fran


      I’d never even heard of this but sure it must be pretty easy to filter out through IP’s or similar?

      I did suggest above to avoid people getting families etc to vote, a good idea might be to only accept votes from folk on Spencers list. Not sure how easy that would be to implement though?

    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      It would be obvious for me to detect something like that, and the candidate would be disqualified.

  27. Norm


    Be an interesting read, good luck to whoever the eventual student will be.

  28. Christopher Quinn

    Christopher Quinn

    For those who have not had any success on line this sounds like a fantastic opportunity!

    For the rest of us this will be an interesting process to watch… and learn from.

    Spencer, thanks!


  29. Tung Tran

    Tung Tran

    This would be a great case study!

    I really love your idea of the raffle ticket 😀 It’ll really weed out unserious people and leave you with only the committing ones.

    I’m very excited to see how this interesting case study will turn out.


  30. totok


    what an exciting opportunity here to be your student Spencer!
    but…spending $500 would be to high by now for me…more over my connection not to fast…so I choose to stay out and just watching you and your lucky student in action 🙂
    hope can get great tricks as you always offer to us

  31. Fatloss Mental

    Fatloss Mental

    For anyone who thinks that buying LTP to get extra votes is a bad idea:

    If you do not already own it then you are at a major disadvantage. It is the best tool I have ever bought in the IM sphere.

    Also anyone who cannot/will not spend $500 to create potentially $500 per month semi-passive income should not even be following this.

    I am very impressed with the way you are structuring this Spencer, hard to believe that the peanut gallery can find ANY pitfalls 🙂

  32. Jim Weston

    Jim Weston

    This is awesome Spencer, looking forward to watching this process unfold!

  33. Steve


    You’ve really streamlined the best of the ideas about how to determine the student, Spencer – I like it!

    Quick question re: time commitments….
    Is it up to the student to determine where they slot those weekly hours in? i.e. Someone who needs to slot in half hour before work, during lunch break and a couple hours on the weekend – no problems?

    I think this is going to be a LOT of fun for everyone! It’s hard not to be hopeful that you might be the winner…but really, anyone who wants to do this and hasn’t found a way on their own (ie just like the student) will get SUCH a boost of confidence and inspiration from seeing someone else in similar shoes go through the process. Watching will be almost as good as actually being the student, for anyone who wants to make it happen.

    As far as I know Spencer, what you are doing here is unique even amongst those who share income details etc. WELL DONE on going with the crowd choice on this one!

    Wishing you and whoever the future student is all the very best!

    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      Thanks Steve! Yes, the winner can pick the hours they work – late night, early morning, whenever. The only requirement will be to find a time to schedule a skype call with me…but I’m very flexible as well (nice thing to work for yourself at home 🙂 ). Overall, ANY schedule will work.

  34. L.J


    Awesome stuff Spencer, glad to have this opportunity.

    Here’s an idea for the next one if you so choose to do it – pick someone who knows zippo about anything to do with niche sites and see how you can work your magic with them.

    Though, this may end up being a bigger challenge for you! Would be interesting to see the outcome though. Haha!


  35. valerie


    Ahhh the suspense! Fingers crossed

  36. Marco


    just earned one entry by entering my email address 🙂 dont have longtail pro yet, since I just started to be interested and read a lot about content marketing like 1-2 months ago! but will def buy if i move to top ten hehe 😀

    very cool 6-step process and excited to read all blog posts of this series!

  37. Jake Hess

    Jake Hess

    Wow Spencer,

    This is great. Love the idea. I don’t think I will be participating at this time as I have other commitments, but I would love to follow the progress of your student.



  38. Chris


    This is going to be very interesting. I love the way you really don’t mind putting your reputation on the line and saying what you are going to do before you actually do it.

  39. Sheyi | copysuxes.com

    Sheyi | copysuxes.com


    I don’t know if my comment is coming late. I’d have prefer you make it an open application where there is no big deal in winning. For someone who does not have LTP nor funds to get your training package, I guess such person won’t apply!

    Just my two cents though.

    Love the way you’ve been dealing with niche sites these days.

    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      Sheyi – It is an open application. Free to apply; the winner doesn’t have to have long tail pro…and they don’t pay any money. The only money spent would be on outsourcing things they can’t do themselves…and $500 is a realistic number there.

  40. Tobias Kemp

    Tobias Kemp

    What a great opportunity spencer that you are offering to one lucky apprentice. And I think that having LTP already is a must have tool for anyone wanting to get involved with this seriously. This is exactly what I am looking for as not having success online currently this would really help boost confidence – I’m in!

  41. Jason Wilson

    Jason Wilson

    I think this process is going to be Epic. Anyone not chosen will still learn alot about the process. I personally couldn’t think of a better and less biased approach myself considering its not even Spencer making the choice.

    I’ve got my popcorn ready (and hat thrown in the ring)!

  42. Shahe Imran Imon

    Shahe Imran Imon

    Hey Spency,

    It was a pleasure to submit a ticket for this contest whether I am going to be selected or not.

    But, I think We won’t have any any regret if are not selected as because in the end we all are going to know what’s going on!

    Hope to see a student on fire(LIKE U) 😉

  43. Brandon


    This is going to be fun!

  44. Smart Children

    Smart Children

    I’ll definitely follow this new niche experiment. I love your posts and hope you can come out with more creative, simple experiments for us to follow.

    Soon, you’ll become Tim Ferriss of Niche World.

  45. Roberto


    Spencer, will you hold it against us if we live within 30 minutes from you?

    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      Not at all! That would be awesome 🙂

  46. George


    looking forward to this.

  47. Alex


    I think this is going to be a real pukka program…I don;t think anyone needs to have the slightest smidgen of concern about winning the contest…everyone will be able to follow along and I’m quite sure Spencer will make this a real doddle for everybody to be able to do. Well done Matey… great concept, I think you’re the man to follow.

  48. Eric Pangburn

    Eric Pangburn

    Hey Spencer,

    I must admit this is a clever idea and almost one of those ideas of man I wish I could have came up with it. It’s just that good, but I also appreciate how simple and you laid it all out for every to be warned of what they would or could be walking into.

    If you can not handle to spend a little money to make a ton down the road than I am afraid your not going to succeed. I learned really early how you have to spend money to make money it’s a fact.

    $500 for you to have your very own site coached by Niche Pursuit…come on guys that’s a steal in my book!

    I know so many people that will pay twice that much for just information. This deal you have everything and it’s all yours to keep.

    Again Spencer very clever idea!


    P.S. Maybe to be clear the $500 is not going to you directly right? It would be purchasing all different necessary site stuff that your would suggest correct?

  49. joe


    I think this is a great idea and I look forward to reading the updates and learn. This seems like a very good idea for whoever is chosen. Wish I had the time to apply. But this should be an incredible learning process for everyone.

  50. Josh Garrod

    Josh Garrod

    This is going to be awesome!!!

    Can’t wait to see who is picked as the finalists!

  51. Niche Site Project Income Report for July 2013! | Niche Pursuits

    Niche Site Project Income Report for July 2013! | Niche Pursuits

    […] I’m excited to get started on Niche Site Project 2; which is just around the […]

  52. Jill


    Great idea to show some lucky person actually doing the whole process from start to finish….it could be me!

  53. Larry


    I thought you were gonna email people on your list to get their other email addresses? I never saw an email about this.

    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      I’ll be sending that email today. I wanted to wait until I closed the list before I start emailing people.

  54. Jon Haver

    Jon Haver

    Spencer you may want to think about requiring the person to either have an AdSense account or Amazaon Affiliate account…it would suck to have to delay this series of posts waiting a couple months for an AdSense account to be created. I think this will teach you a lot as well! Great idea and looking forward to following along.

    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      Well, its already underway…so we’ll see how it goes!

  55. Mario


    Hi spencer,

    I would like to hear your opinion on the new local search results number in adwords / LTP. All the keywords i saved to my favorites in LTP seem to have twice as much local search results since adwords changed their software?

    I could have asked you using a ticket at the LTP support of course, but im convinced that there are more people who are wondering about this matter at the moment. This way you can answer us all at once. or at least more than just me.

    Should we double the minimum requirements for choosing a keyword as well? Or do you think we can still trust those numbers?

    Thanks for the update with the global numbers btw, i know your trying and understand that the adwords software is out of your control.

  56. Mario


    Thank you, must have missed it when i read the post the first time.
    Think it’s too early to say but i’m guessing we’re gonna have to increase our minimum requirements a bit since judging from my own personal use on tablets and mobiles, people wont be clicking as much on those devices.. At least thats what i think.

    minimal requirements is a personal thing too of course, but you gotta draw a line somewhere right

  57. Kevin


    Wow! I would be so excited to be selected for this. I have never won the lottery, nor do I even play, but being selected randomly for this would be great.

    Thanks a ton, Spencer. Hope to hear from you soon!


  58. Niche Site Project Income Report for July 2013! | Smart To Be Marster

    Niche Site Project Income Report for July 2013! | Smart To Be Marster

    […] I’m excited to get started on Niche Site Project 2; which is just around the […]

  59. Vote Now for Your Favorite Niche Site Project 2 Applicant! | Smart To Be Marster

    Vote Now for Your Favorite Niche Site Project 2 Applicant! | Smart To Be Marster

    […] Anyone could apply by filling out a simple web form (name and email). […]

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