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Where to Find Content for Back Linking Purposes

Where to Find Content for Back Linking Purposes

A few months ago, I wrote an extensive blog post titled: The Ultimate Link Building Guide for Niche Websites.  This has since become one of the most popular posts on the Niche Pursuits blog.  In fact, I still get many questions about some of the finer details of link building, PLR content, article spinning, and more that I couldn’t cover in detail in that original post.  Today, I am writing a second part of sorts to that original link building guide.

I am going to cover where to find content for link building purposes in details, and reveal a few sources that I have used (which I have not previously discussed).  But before I jump right into where I get PLR content or other link building articles; let me explain why this is so important.

Why PLR and Spun Content?

I actually had a pretty decent section on PLR (Private Label Rights) in my original link building article; however, I want to reiterate why this type of content might be a good option.  I use 3 different services to build links to my niche sites primarily: My Article Network, Unique Article Wizard, and Build My Rank.

These services allow you to submit an article with your links in them, and they will distribute to hundreds of different blogs or article directories in their network.  The articles for Build My Rank must be original content to be approved.  So, you cannot use PLR content.

However, My Article Network and Unique Article Wizard do allow PLR content, and they allow you to submit articles in spun format.  This means that for each site that they distribute this article to, will be a different version because it has been spun.

Of course its ideal if you can use original articles that are spun for your link building purposes, but this would get very expensive.  That’s why I use PLR content.  You can get lots of articles for very cheap, and if they are spun; you still get some sort of uniqueness.  This will increase the likelihood that those links will actually get indexed by Google.  More indexed links means more “link juice” pointing to your sites.

I mentioned in my original article that sometimes, I even used unspun PLR content.  This was only on rare occasions, and I almost never do that anymore.  I still believe you can get some link value from unspun PLR content believe it or not, but its much better if you can use original or at least spun articles.

The only problem is that it takes a massive amount of time to spin articles, right?

Unless you buy pre-spun PLR articles!

3 Sources of Pre-spun PLR Articles

I now use pre-spun PLR articles for the most part for all my link building now.  The exception being the original articles I submit to Build My Rank.  So, instead of spending hours creating spun articles, I simply copy and paste the articles that have already been spun for me, add my links, and I’m done.

I searched for a long time to find any source I could that would allow me to buy pre-spun PLR articles, and here are the 3 sources that I found (and yes, these are affiliate links…thanks!):

Each of these offer some unique benefits; however, the similar feature of all of these is that you can get spun content that you can essentially copy and paste into lots of link building tools (like My Article Network and Unique Article Wizard).

Simply PLR Review

I have to admit, I was pretty ecstatic when I found SimplyPLR.  It gave me exactly what I needed: content in spun syntax that I can use as I wish.  The best part is that you get 225 brand NEW articles each and every month in spun format.  These are articles that have never been used before on the internet.  So, they are pretty fresh at the beginning of the month.

However, you also have to realize that hundreds of other people are getting the exact same 225 articles each month, so they will certainly be used in lots of other places.  But because they come in pre-spun format, they still provide MUCH more value than just a plain old PLR article that has been used over and over again.

Article Builder Review

Article Builder is a relatively new product by Jonathan Leger.  The advantage is that you get quality articles here and if you use it right, you can actually get articles that pass Copyscape…meaning they are essentially original!

Jonathan built this tool with thousands of original articles (and constantly growing), but the advantage is that you can spin these articles together.  In fact, he also has a feature called “Super Spun Articles”.  These are highly spun documents that will allow you to generate thousands of unique articles from just one super spun article.

So, essentially you can take one of these “Super Spun” articles and submit it to Unique Article Wizard or My Article Network (or other networks that are out there), and for each article directory that is submitted to, you will have a highly unique articles with your links inserted.

UberToolz Review

UberToolz is actually a suite of 15 highly powerful tools that can be used to create content and many other SEO functions. This service was actually created by one of the readers of Niche Pursuits!  The entire UberToolz suite actually offers so much, I wouldn’t possibly be able to review everything.

However, I do want to focus on the Uber Articlez, as it can be a VERY powerful option for getting links.  Uber Articlez actually provides you up to 90 original articles per month.  These articles are different from the SimplyPLR and ArticleBuilder content because these are unique to you. No one else will get these articles!

On top of getting these original articles, you can also choose to get them in spun format!  So, you can get these articles with the spin syntax inserted, ready for you to just copy and paste into My Article Network, UAW, or other networks.

Other Options?

Overall, these are 3 sources for where you can get pre-spun content for back linking purposes.  I am a current member of all of the services mentioned.  However, I do want to mention that you certainly don’t need to subscribe to all these services to be successful with niche sites.  I am simply out trying to find additional ways to speed up my processes; but these are certainly not required.

I hope this post will help open your eyes up to some of the possibilities out there for building links to your niche sites in an efficient manner.  In addition, I would be very interested in hearing your thoughts on the subject.  Do you know of any other services that offer pre-spun content?  If so, I would love to hear about it.

Join the discussion and leave a comment below.

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  1. james @article builder

    james @article builder

    Hey Spancer ,Thanks for another informative post.I did not know anything about Uber Artilez ,so i am planning to test.

    I have been using article builder for almost 2 months and it is best tool for content creation.I get the super spun content and use it for article ranks and my article networks for links.

    Apart from that i am using it for my niches sites.I am adding extra content from article builder.My sites are usally from 15-20 pages.Some of the content i use from article builder and it is ranking on google for my targeted keywords.

    Although i have tested that with article builder , you can not get copyscpae content for internet marketing niche but other niches like hair loss , i can easily get copyscape or upto 85 % unique content.

    • Spencer


      James – thanks for the input about Article Builder. I personally wouldn’t use the articles for my own niche sites – but they are more than sufficient for link building.

  2. browie


    I got into BMR and so far I love it. I haven’t seen it help my ranks a lot yet but I know I need more links. I love how the links get indexed within a day or 3.

    I should use MAN

    I tried UAW before and didn’t like it much.

    • Spencer


      Yep, BMR is easy to use and the links are guaranteed to get indexed. I agree that UAW is not “likeable” as far as ease of use – really wish they would update the interface. However, it does what it says.

  3. Toni


    Great info as usual, Spencer. I’m currently using Build My Rank with good results (but as you know, it’s a one at a time thing) and I just stopped using UAW. After 3 months of consistently submitting articles to UAW I just wasn’t seeing very many, if any indexed links. Perhaps it’s the quality of the sites they submit to. I dunno! Do you think My Article Network submits to a better quality of sites than UAW? Or am I off base?

    • Spencer


      I don’t think you are off base. My Article Network typically would submit to better quality sites; however, it submits to fewer sites.

  4. Andrew


    I’m glad I happened upon this article. I have been using original content from day one but it can be very time consuming to say the least. I have been afraid to use PLR as I have heard horror stories (like sites getting deindexed etc.) but I believe your article may be the kick I need to give PLR a go and will check out the options you mentioned above.
    Keep up the GREAT work NP!

    • Spencer


      Thanks Andrew. Like I mentioned, original content is best – but can be very time consuming. And of course I ALWAYS use original content on my own sites. However, for link building I use the strategy outlined above.

  5. Chris Guthrie

    Chris Guthrie


    I’ll have to look into these services. I’ve only heard of Jonathan Leger’s service before.

    Now question of the day, what do you do about the BMR articles? Do you use their service or are you having a VA write the content for you?

    • Spencer


      Hey Chris:
      I have actually done both on BMR. When I first started I was using their in house service for articles; but recently I started using my VA. My VA did have a few articles get declined, but most of them made it through without a problem. I think I will be sticking with my VA. But using their service is VERY convenient.

      • Steve Wyman

        Steve Wyman

        The problem with having BMR do the articles is pure cost ($2.50 per article with one link I think it is). You soon run up a nice bill if you’re not careful of course if your just doing 5-10 maybe that’s ok.
        I use my writers to create BMR articles and we typically achieve a 90-100% first time pass (which we correct when uploading). I’ve seen plenty of perfect English articles rejected when the English was UK not American 🙂 it is colour not color etc 🙂 so I make sure my people know to write in Philippines or American English.

      • Chris Guthrie

        Chris Guthrie

        I have three Paypal accounts, so I’ve done BMR’s free 10 link trial three times now. I had a VA do each 150 article for me, but she recently fell of the face of the earth.

        I like MyArticleNetwork but I just wish you can limit the amount of submissions per day.

        Are you still using BMR just for that extra “boost” or have you tried using BMR as the sole linking building strategy for a site yet? If you’ve used it as the sole link building strategy, how did it go?

        • Spencer


          I’m am still using it as my “extra boost”. I still initially start my sites on MAN and UAW, and then only build links to certain sites using BMR. Those sites with the biggest potential get BMR links.

        • Lonnie


          FYI – I recently launched my first adsense monetized niche site and used only BMR links so far and I am sitting at position #3 for my main keyword. The site already did some SERP dancing, so I feel this spot is secure (for now).

        • Spencer


          Great job Lonnie!

        • Chris Guthrie

          Chris Guthrie

          So Spence… once you’ve let your UAW and MAN posts go out

          1) How long do you wait to do the BMR posts?
          2) About how many posts per site are submitting through their service?
          3) Are you just doing one post articles (150 words)?

        • Steve Wyman

          Steve Wyman


          A quick point on BMR.

          The link you embed needs to be in the first 50 words (or so) as that all of the article that shown on the home page when its posted.

          They very quickly slip off to PR0 or PR N/A page.

          So its essential that the link is showing in teh summmary (i.e. the top 50 words) of you post to getthe juice.


        • David


          Check out this site for $1 BMR posts. All of theirs were accepted and it’s pretty cheap. They have a couple plans. I usually do the $60 for 50 posts. That’s $1.20 per posts, which is well worth it to me. I’ve seen great results with BMR, but you can’t solely use BMR cause the juice doesn’t stick forever. A few months tops. Then you start to lose rank pretty quickly.

          Hope that helps a little. 🙂

          One question Spencer. Do you know if Article Builder works for a Mac? I hate that The Best Spinner doesn’t. Thanks in advance!

        • David


          Wow! I should really get some sleep. Here’s that site:

        • Steve


          I too have used BMR only without any other type of backlinks to get a website to #1 for a bunch of keywords. As mentioned with BMR, the problem is that the links lose their juice pretty quickly.

          But it’s pretty easy to justify hiring someone on odesk to do backlinks for 50 cents apiece. Once you find someone reliable its hands off for you because they can use their BMR writer account to log in and submit and correct any rejections themselves because your job description should mention that you only pay for approved posts.

          I love BMR’s juice but I really believe you have to be mindful of link velocity when using just BMR and suddenly stopping could be bad if done too early.

          @Spencer, I have been looking in to building my own private blog network to use for backlinks but at my level it’s not cost effective. Have you thought about doing it at all? They have management tools that would make managing it fairly easy. And with all your sites it probably would be well worth it.

  6. Casey


    Freakin sweet! Another awesome place is

  7. Ben


    Hi Spencer,

    Hope it’s alright to tell you about my service as well.

    Instant Content Robot

    There is currently a 7 day trial if you try and exit the page!

    Click on my name above for more info.



    Ps. Spencer, be in touch and I’ll set you up with an account so you can do a proper review.

  8. Slava



    It’s amazing how you manage to publish just the right information exactly when it’s most needed. I use your method and have already started seeing some results but the hardest part has always been finding those PLR articles and spinning them… Spinning – it was one thing I hated most.

    Pre-spun articles ready for distribution – sounds like a dream come true!

    Your blog has so much actionable information available for free, it really makes me want to pay you back somehow. (I do own LTP and love it!) Time for another product? 😉

    Thanks for what you’re doing mate! If you ever make it to Russia – beer’s on me. 🙂


    • Spencer


      Slava – glad you found the information useful! Sounds like I need to start doing some world traveling…I’ve been offered places to stay, drinks, etc all over the world!

  9. James


    Hey Spencer –

    Thanks for the great tips. Right now I am using an article spinner to manually spin all my articles. It is definitely time consuming but a lot cheaper than $67/month! I think I am willing to pay a one time fee of $70 something dollar a year for the spinner and do the work myself.

    Once I start making a ton with my niche sites though then I can see how using these services would be great and make lots of traffic and save time.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Spencer


      James – I agree, like I mentioned some of these can be expensive and are certainly not required. I think you are doing the right think – stick to spinning by hand as you have the time – then as your income increases invest in tools to grow your business a bit faster.

      • James


        Glad I am on the right track. Thanks for the support.

  10. Steve Wyman

    Steve Wyman

    Hi Spencer
    Very useful article covering a very confusing field for many I know.
    I use two of those but didn’t know about the Ubertools.
    A very interesting set of tools indeed, including title spinners etc. I really like the look of the Link Coder that’s going to say a ton of time 🙂

    A couple of questions:-

    With the Uber articles those are not going to be relevant to my niches (necessarily) do you worry about in context links or do you simply create a sentence or paragraph with related content to the links and insert that into the article? (With the links spun of course)?

    Also with one Uber article how many times would you submit that to UAW?

    I seem to remember you submit three separate articles per new site to AUW?

    Would you re-use the spun article for another of your sites?

    And the last perennial question, are you still finding UAW to achieve the ranking you require?

    I hope that makes sense


    • Spencer


      For non-related articles, the best way I have found to link to my sites is just using an author resource box. Say something like: “If you are interested in more articles by Spencer, you can read more about “Cheap Widgets” here”. Cheap Widgets being any keyword you want. Just an example; I don’t actually use that exact wording, but hopefully you get the idea.

      I only submit the spun article once to UAW, but I suppose you could do it multiple times. I do 3 spun articles, just once each.

      I do still find success with UAW, but its hard to tell because I use both MyArticleNetwork and UAW at the same time.

      • steve wyman

        steve wyman

        Hi spencer

        Thanks Ill use the Uber once then for now.


  11. Dwayne@TWC


    I’ve been using plr for a little while now and love it. I do have a question. If someone could only use 1 service between My Article Network, Unique Article Wizard, and Build My Rank which one would you suggest? Thanks, Spence.

    • Spencer


      That’s really a tough question – perhaps BMR would give the best links?

  12. Rob Wilson

    Rob Wilson

    Hi Spencer,

    My experience of simplyPLR is that the articles can be very poorly spun. The quality checking can not be very good. I often get them rejected for poor english.

    The other issue is that the article get repeated. I have had the same articles given to me from previous months. In fact some of novembers articles ended up in february.

    My Article Network seemed to have a very low distrubution rate. Mostly 20-30 publications unless you go for the pet niches.

    For BMR you may like service which will do 200 posts for $200. Worked well but too early to check the results on that one.

    Also heard good things about ultra spinnable articles

    Thanks for a great resource.


    • Chris Guthrie

      Chris Guthrie


      Thanks for the heads up on the

      That seems like a great resource.

    • Spencer


      Thanks for the detailed info on both SimplyPlr and Build My Rank!

  13. Thomas @ Buy BMR Posts

    Thomas @ Buy BMR Posts

    Hey Spencer,

    Great post! The great thing about PLR articles is how inexpensive they are to buy. Originally, I was using The Best Spinner to spin the articles I actually published on my niche sites and then submit them to Unique Article Wizard. However, after taking your advice when we chatted and trying submitting PLR articles to UAW instead, my rankings have improved significantly for my old sites and my new ones are off to a good start as well!

    Even if you don’t want to buy a service like those mentioned in the post, just Google “PLR articles” and you can find ones that are even closely related to your niche! I just bought 25 of them the other day for $3.

    Thanks again Spencer!


  14. warren


    I have a similar question to steve’s, how do you enter your links in the spun articles that are not relevant to your niche?

  15. Dror Bekerman

    Dror Bekerman

    I think you left out the number one source for spun content. The leading article service which is mostly known as Ultra Spinnable Articles.

    I have been using these articles for a long time and until Article Builder launched that was the only source I used for link building content and I had great results with it.

    I am now also using Article Builder in combination with the Ultra Spinnable Articles. I really can’t recommend this service enough 🙂

    • Spencer


      I had never heard of Ultra Spinnable Articles…thanks for sharing! I will have to check it out.

  16. Steve A

    Steve A

    Hi Spencer, thank you for sharing once again.

    I tried simply PLR last month and cancelled it within a couple of weeks for a couple of reasons. First, the spinning was really really bad (like someone has just auto-spun on the highest level it without looking at it twice). Second, MAN were rejecting them for being duplicates, which I found really odd seeing as they are the same company. I pretty much cancelled on the principle of the thing.

    I also had a number of Simply PLR articles rejected in UAW because the links in my resource box were not relevant to the article.

    I’m now using to spin PLR articles with a one-click spin option that produces surprisingly good results (after a little initial set-up). This adds about a minute per article when compared with just pasting from simplyPLR and I get the added bonus of being able to use articles that are in the same niche as the site I am link building for.

    I’m just looking forward to when my adsense revenue starts ramping up and I can justify handing all this stuff over to a VA lol!


    • Spencer


      Thanks for the suggestion of; another resource to check out.

  17. Andre Garde

    Andre Garde

    MyArticleNetwork also has that funky spintax with ~ and [ ] for nested spins. The only PLR I’ve seen that comes pre-spun with those tags is from SimplyPLR (unsurprising since they’re both Callen products).

    To those worried about the quality of the spins: let’s be honest, both UAW and MAN accept auto-spun garbage. So, you have to accept that some posts will be de-indexed. Also, from my research, even BMR posts will eventually be de-indexed although the process takes a lot longer due to BMR doing a better job of protecting their network.

    I’ve found that the standard 3×3 backlinking strategy works really well in telling you how good your keyword research is. You can easily slip into pages 1-3 with UAW *by itself*, and I’m talking about 1000+ exact match searches with $1-$3 CPC’s. I’ve done it for 3 of my sites because I forgot to backlink with MAN (when I still had it).

    It’s at that point though, that I think you need extra “oomph” to get your keyword over the hump. I have been testing with AuthorityLinkNetwork and have been achieving good results after a mere 2 weeks. I will be jumping the BMR bandwagon as well, but also will test out LinkAuthority. It’s pretty much the same as BMR except you get unlimited domains.


    • Spencer


      Excellent comment Andre – thanks for the great information!

  18. Paul Herbert

    Paul Herbert just keeps coming. Thanks Spencer. Ok…after all this time, I have never heard anyone mention . Any comments on this vs MAN, UAW, etc ? I am using all three. SYA forces you to do the most work, but it appears their article network is much higher quality. Looking for any feedback. It’s getting a bit overwhelming to keep so many services. Comments appreciated.


    • Spencer


      I have not used SubmitYourArticle – anyone else have an opinion here?

  19. Sakhari


    Hey spencer i know this is off topic but can i know for ur 6 months old sites does majority of them has only 1 article or have u added new articles to the website? And can i know how many words does the the initial article had?

  20. Joe


    Thanks for the extra info!

    I’m currently tying out Link Authority which is like BMR but you can subscribe for smaller packages at a lower cost. I’ve been doing a test which I’m documenting on my blog:

    I’ve already seen good results with Link Authority but its early days.

    So far I use UAW but get my VA to write the articles but am looking into buying pre spun stuff.

    If you had to recommend just one for use in UAW and MAN which would it be?



  21. Yeok Heng

    Yeok Heng

    Previously, I was using UAW to build link for my niche site. My sites are getting some good rank, page 2 or bottom of page 1. So now I am using BMR to build rank for these site. Just see if it can improve the rank. Hired a VA to write the article for me. 🙂

  22. Ori


    Spencer, Articles Builder and the other services alike have specific categories that they provide spun PLR articles for them. What is my niche site have nothing in common with those services’ categories?

    Aren’t backlinks from related articles have more power than backlinks from unrelated articles?

    • Spencer


      Yes, related articles are better links – but unrelated links still provide value.

  23. Mitja


    It’s never to early to start building backlinks is it. I heard that Build My Rank is a great service. I’ll probably start with that.

  24. lou


    Some great information here 🙂
    It was mentioned above by Andy that eventually posts will be de-indexed even BMR, does that mean we just keep repeating the process ? if so over what period of time and how many? Do you just repeat the process if your site drops in the rankings, if you have many sites this will take some time to keep an eye on them all!!

    • Spencer


      Very few of my sites continue to get links. I only worry about the sites making decent money. Most sites tend to settle into a more permanent ranking after a few months.

  25. Tim


    Hi Spencer,
    in the last days I noticed a problem with some of my niche sites. I had the main websites in the top 5 in Google, but those sites disappeared. However, the pages (eg.…) are still ranking. Looks like the main website dropped or disappeared from the ranking. (It is still listed in google with the “site:” search.) Do you have an Idea what reasons could cause something like that? The Domains are about 1 month old, have 3 articles (each) and about 3 links from BMR + a few bookmarks. Is it just the Google dance or could I’ve made a mistake?

    Thank you very much for your help and feedback!

  26. Joe


    Does anyone know what the Uber Articles Standard Membership @ $27pm gives you? Do you get spun content to use in UAW?

  27. Abaya


    Article marketing is wasting time!
    Blog commenting is the best link building strategy!

  28. Paul Herbert

    Paul Herbert

    this is a lot of work..need to marry a rich wife…much easier…

  29. kyle proctor

    kyle proctor


    for the site setup would you recommend having a static first page or a blog setup showing multiple articles on the front? just curious which option you think woks best for the niche websites.

    longtailpro is a great tool, keep up the god work.

  30. Niche Websites Hub | Niche Pursuits

    Niche Websites Hub | Niche Pursuits

    […] Where to Find Content for Back Linking Purposes (Posted February 13th, 2012) […]

  31. Matt


    What if I already have unique content written for me and I’d like to have it spun? Know any good services to spin existing articles?

    I just ordered a couple of spun versions from and want to try Does anyone have any experience with either of these?

    Great article Spencer, thanks!

    • Spencer


      I’ve used before, but that was probably 2 years ago.

  32. David T

    David T

    Hey Spencer. This is a great post. I’ve been trying to find new, creative ways to effectively build links for my small business. I’ll give My Article Network and Unique Article Wizard a go. It sounds like a source to generate multiple back-links. Thanks.

  33. chandra kirana

    chandra kirana

    Hi spencer,.thanks for great article..i have question, what do you think about press release ? do you ever used them?

    sorry for bad english. thanks

    • Spencer


      I’ve never really used press releases.

  34. David Carscadden

    David Carscadden


    First, I want to thank you for your wonderful program LongtailPro. I really like it and intend to sell it via affiliate in the near future.

    I need to ask about getting a domain name for a niche. Is it better to add a suffix i.e. or or go for a Most of the .com .net and .org have been taken. Is there a penalty paid for choosing .biz?

    • Spencer


      I always go for only .com, .net, and .org. I just add a prefix or suffix before adding dashes.

  35. Midas


    Hi Spencer, I think i got a gold mine here, i found your blog by searching “how to get keyword idea”, I like your articles, they r preciseness and logistic.

    and thanks a million for sharing ur niche site experiences, hope you hit a higher revenue.


    • Spencer


      Thanks Midas!

  36. Josh


    Hey Spencer,

    On your recommendation I signed up for UberArticlez. I really like the layout of the site and the articles read well. But, it says they “delete” your “original” article from the database after you dowload it. So, I was a little surprised when I loaded it up in Copyscape and 100+ articles came up.

    It looks like they are just rotating paragraphs around between different articles. Do you think this legit for backlinking purposes?

    • Spencer


      Interesting. That does seems like it should not show up o n copyscape like that. However, I use articles for linbuilding that are not original articles all the time.

  37. Sarah


    I signed up for Unique Article wizard under your link. I like how easy it is to spin articles.

    I checked into the My article network. Did you know that if you stop paying them a monthly fee they will “freeze” all your links?

    That means they hold you hostage to them or all your work is gone,

    Thanks for all your great advice.

  38. Josh



    This is from their FAQ:

    What happens to the links in my articles that have been published on sites if I cancel my paid membership?

    Zero, nothing, nada. All the links in the copies of the articles that have already been published on sites remain intact. The system doesn’t touch those links. The site owners of the sites where your articles were published are unaware that you’re not a paid member any longer.

  39. Deborah


    This is from My Article Network:

    I think you quoted UAW

    Click Here To Start Marketing Your Articles And Promoting Your Sites Immediately
    What happens to my articles if I cancel my paid membership?

    Your articles in the system are disabled (not deleted) when your subscription period runs out. If you pay again within 90 days, all your articles are immediately reinstated. In other words, when your subscription period runs out, the system simply stops distributing your articles.

  40. Deborah


    Tried to add to that post…

    It looks to my like My Article Network has a captive audience. That is a big con job if you ask me.

    Once I pay for something, I expect it to still be mine, not go away if I don’t continue to pay.

    I bought links from another company and very quickly they started to drop off. You could not replace them if you did not pay them a monthly fee.

  41. Frank


    Hey Spencer,

    I just found your blog and have found it very useful. I’m about a 1000 percent sure and yes I know there’s an extra zero on that number that I will hire a full time VA soon. I’m just starting out and I’m quickly realizing that a VA is absolutely necessary for me. Do you think most qualified SEO specialists are really good at using these tools? I’m most likely going to use Virtual Staff Finder to find someone and I want to ask relevant interview questions. Any thoughts or experience on outsourcing these content tasks? My plan is to have a fulltime SEO assist me. I will provide the content in one way shape or form or train them to use one of the above.
    As of now it looks like BMR (Link Building) and Article Builder (Content Creation) are the way to go. I understand BMR is only for original content.

    Thanks and best of Luck!

  42. Tim Jackson

    Tim Jackson

    as popular as this article is; you have always stated that the best way to rank is to choose good keywords to attack. I just paid a man on fiverr to ‘guarantee’ first page ranking on a medium competition keyword (<5000 monthly local searches).

    Surely if I have chosen my keywords well this should do the trick?

    Has anyone else had a similar experience?

  43. Donatus


    Thank you spencer, i cant stop reading, will start building my niche sites with all your tutorials,


  44. Raja


    Good one

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    ipad3 pris

    Your way of telling everything in this piece of writing is truly fastidious, all
    be capable of without difficulty know it, Thanks a lot.

  46. Lanora


    Have to disagree along with this, I have actually been researching it quite a lot over the previous couple of months in my leisure
    and all the details that I read has an extremely various perspective

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