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Welcome Splash Now Available and Webinar Replay

Welcome Splash Now Available and Webinar Replay

On Tuesday evening Chris Guthrie and I launched a product that we have been working on for several months.  I hinted at this product a few weeks ago here when I talked about some of the latest business projects I had been working on.

So what is Welcome Splash?  In a nutshell, Welcome Splash is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to quickly and easily create a “Splash” page with an opt-in form to quickly build your email list.  After implementing the Welcome Splash plugin on my blog here at, my opt in rate went from about 1% of visitors to 7.9%.  It works really well.

This is not just a regular opt in form.  It actually creates a splash page that can help you to capture more leads on your blog or on your niche sites. Here is an example of one of the splash pages that I created using the plugin:

Webinar Replay

If you missed the webinar from Tuesday night, here is a replay of it:


Or you can download and watch on your own by using the links below:

Click here for .mp4 format

Click here for .wmv format

We included a bonus product along with a special offer price on the webinar, and we are extending that for the next 5 days.  So, you can get Welcome Splash at the discount price by clicking the link below:

Click for Welcome Splash Discount Price

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts below.  Feel free to leave a comment or 2 to add to the discussion!

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  1. Arbel Arif

    Arbel Arif

    This is great Spencer, I will join the webinar today!

  2. Nate Rivers

    Nate Rivers

    What’s up Spencer- you guys are smart, it’s a great idea.

    Sorry if you cover this in the webinar, but can you “hide” the plugin from Google bots or specify it not to show to traffic from certain sites?

    I don’t have conclusive evidence on this, but from doing my own testing with some of my niche sites I swear that having a popup optin hurts Google rankings a bit, and I assume this would have the same effect. (again, I’m not 100% sure as I don’t work for Google)

    • Spencer


      We don’t “hide” it from Google, but they see it as a separate page, similar to a pop up. So, its as though there are 2 windows open, once with the original page and one with the splash page. This allows Google to crawl as normal the original page. There I have seen no difference whatsoever in search engine traffic to my sites.

      • Nate Rivers

        Nate Rivers

        That makes sense- thanks for the reply.

        Like I said, it’s a great idea. When I saw you guys using it on your sites the last few weeks it’s one of those things that I can’t believe someone hadn’t done yet.

  3. Tom


    Im a really positive person into inovation.

    This is a bad move. Where s the user engagemant when I hit this “home page”, wheres the “Value” to the reader. I know Mr Gutherie and your pal spencer are into hard sell but i think it detracts from your brand but what do i know.

    Its clearly going to be a high bounce rate.

    “Sorry if you cover this in the webinar, but can you “hide” the plugin from Google bots or specify it not to show to traffic from certain sites?” – nate

    Well thats been a very bad idea in google land for a few years now. And I believe is outlined in webmaster guides as bad practice. Certain would fall into the black hat arena.

    So what were doing with this plugin is

    distracting the auidence from the real message
    increasing bounce rate
    lowering the user experience

    all in all a very bad idea.

    You have much beter things to work on SPencer. Such as websites and providing value to the community by way of free training.; Is the next step to start charging for training and a membership sites as Trent does? I’d not go that route with the greatguys at now giving out a fantastic detailed niche building guide for FREE..

    • Spencer


      See my response to Nate above about the Google bots.
      Everyone’s entitled to an opinion – so thanks for sharing! Its a plugin that I find value in and many others do, so its okay that not everyone wants it.

    • Spencer


      Also, just checked my Google analytics before and after installing this plugin.
      Here’s what I found:
      Full week before installing plugin –
      3:24 Avg time on site
      61.87% bounce rate

      Full week after installing plugin-
      3:48 Avg time on site
      33.53% bounce rate

      So, time on site is up and bounce rate is down with the plugin on.

      • Justin


        Wow, Spencer…

        That was one of my hesitations about the splash page as well…I would have bet quite a bit that your bounce rate would have went UP. Any reasons you can think of as to why the bounce rate would have went down? That’s awfully odd. Maybe they get to the splash page and are intent on getting past it, so they click through to your page? Some of them would have just bounced from the home page, but because they went to a splash page first and clicked through, it’s not considered a bounce!

        Tom was a bit harsh above, I thought…but think he was trying to be helpful. One thing you know about people that are being critical…they actually care! 🙂

        One thing I agree with is that you have amazing content on this site. Anything that keeps people from getting to actually read through what you have here would be a negative in my book.

        Still…we use a lightbox pop-up on our site…the same could be said for us. We use it because it’s effective, but I have been debating whether we should be using it or not at this point, honestly. Will keep for now, but will revisit again, I’m sure, heh…

        • Spencer


          I’m not sure why the bounce rate is down. I can see how many people visit the splash page through analytics, so Google is tracking all these visits as a separate page.

        • Greg


          A bounce is a one page visit. They arrive, look at just one page and leave.

          They bounce.

          As soon as they see a second page, it’s not a bounce.

          Since the splash page is a second page, the visitor sees the home page and the splash page. The Google Analytics JavaScript on each page is executed, so it’s a two page visit – no bounce.

    • James


      I agree with you Tom. I think this plugin increases signups to your email campaigns but what about the regular readers of your blog? Its annoying to them to have to close it every time. Can’t you make it so that they only see the splash page once and never again? I don’t need to see it every time I visit the site.

      • Spencer


        James, it is set to display once and never again. You should only see it ever again if you clear your cache. So, most returning visitors never see it again.

  4. Adam



    Why do you assume creating a plugin that can help web developers optimize and increase their email list a bad move?

    What statistics do you use to backup the fact that it increases bounce rate?

    As for lowering user experience this makes no sense to me.

    Just because someone creates a premium plugin and wants to charge for it doesn’t mean they should be chastised because of it. I’m semi-new to this site but so far all the free information Spencer has offered has been fantastic.

    If he wants to sell a plugin that took him time and effort to create to help us better our websites then the more power to him. It’s not like he’s requiring you to buy it just so you can view this site.

    • Spencer


      Thanks Adam for the support!

  5. Mike From Maine

    Mike From Maine

    Because of this post I’ve gone out and signed up for Aweber….it’s time to start building my list. I’ll be picking this up in a couple of days…nice work.

    • Spencer


      Yep, building a list can definitely help expand your business…thanks Mike!

  6. Mike K

    Mike K

    Spencer, how is this plug in different than the optimize press theme? I’m going to get one or the other. Thanks.

    • Spencer


      The Welcome Splash plugin is made to increase opt ins on your existing pages. So, you can create a splash page for ANY page that already exists on your site. Optimize press is used for different purposes, creating sales pages, testing variations, etc. The functions are very different for the most part.

      • Paul Herbert

        Paul Herbert

        Google is the new evil empire. Right before our eyes they now control the net. As a small business owner I have seen my cost of pay per click dramatically increase. Worst yet, as a small business owner I have tried to compete by working hard at ranking my web site organically…only to have google repeatedly de rank my web sites because they changed their practices and algorithms. they have effectively wiped out my investment of the last year or so. For those that don’t know, googles actions have wiped out tens of thousands of small businesses trying to operate in the on line ecosystem.

        Well I used to think google was cool company, do no wrong etc. But both businesses and consumers should fear both google and facebook. They are in your underpants counting your pubic hairs. Don’t laugh…its for real. Between the two, EVERYTHING you do is tracked, monitored, and packaged. Your privacy is history, and we are all being played like sheep. What do do ? Well I just turned off my PPC google account..I refuse to give them any more of money (geee did my 2k per month contribute to their revenue decrease ? ). I am changing out google analytics on all my web sites to a private system where big brother can’t look in my underpants every time they want and approve or disapprove where I was last night. I am optimizing my web sites for the OTHER search engines BING, YAHOO, etc. I have changed my search engine bar..removing google. And I have backed way off posting on facebook..and considering turning it are thousands of others.

        These beasts have risen from nothing, but their arrogance and control the earth attitudes is about as Orwellian as you can get. Defend your self, these guys are going to fall from grace. Manage them, don’t let them manage you.

        Others can give you pages of horror stories of what goes on with these companies tracking every footprint. Beware… And for business owners, diversify everything you have away from google and facebook, while leveraging what you can from these guys…and way that minimizes your exposure.

        • Paul Herbert

          Paul Herbert

          another quick comment Spence..I respect what you. But recently I have been going my email, seeing messages with some catchty title for something you are promoting..and low and behold, I have an email with a simialar/same email from some other on line “guru”. So its pretty obvious that once you reach a level of market acceptance, you become a channel for other guys in the club when they release products. You all get caught up in trying to make a quick buck on the product release of the day from others. Well I must say Spence you have dropped down a few notches seeing this happen several times. Now I don’t really believe what comes from you when I see repumped messages. After being burned by idiots like Sean Donahue who is a master repumper, I am suspicious of all these product promotions. Just remember Spence, next time one of the boys sends you the offer to pump their product because you are such a good well respected guy…they are whoring the rest of the boys in the club. And after a while, you will realize you are being used and whored. Be careful my have been on my “good guy” list because of your independence, thoughtfullness, and originality. Don’t break what made you ! (Please)

        • Spencer


          Paul – I don’t promote other peoples products. Any emails you received from me are for products I personally created and own (including Welcome Splash). You may have me confused with someone else, but I don’t “repump” any emails or products. Everything you get from me is original emails that I write myself and products that I own. Having said that, you will be getting much less “product” type emails from me in the near future. It just so happens that 3 projects that I have been working on for over a year are all completing this month: Niche Website Theme, Welcome Splash, and my new iPhone App. Its a crazy couple of months, but things will be back to normal soon. Thanks for sticking around Paul.

        • Paul Herbert

          Paul Herbert

          Sorry Spencer if I had you confused with someones emails. You know the emails I am talking about..the famous WSO of day..and 3 guys send you the same email with the same tag line..all in the name of affiliate commissions..and likely having never used any of it. Oh well.

          On another note..with BMR et al mess..I have been doing deep soul searching on how to manage my sites. I have settled on SYNND and SENuke X and UAW. I have some clear test beds because a bunch of my sites that got juiced by BMR, got toasted by google. So now I will see if I can raise the titanic with these tools. BTW if anyone wants a minor amount of service bureau work with these tools..let me know..just trying to offset some of my monthly.


      • Mike K

        Mike K

        Ok, thanks.

  7. Jon


    I don’t mean to curb everyone’s enthusiasm about the bounce rate, but I don’t think analytics is seeing what’s happening properly. You said it sees the splash page and home page as two separate pages. Well, if someone is surfing, and then the splash page opens, that can be interpreted as a click-through to another page on the site. Google sees this someone staying on the site for another page, thus artificially decreasing your bounce rate.

    I might still get the plugin, but just offering up a theory with the bounce rate.

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  9. Frank


    Great questions and dialogue. I will experiment with the plug in and see how it goes. I’m offering what I feel is a great optin and relevant to what people searched for to get to the site. Hope it works.

  10. Darrin


    Hi there! This blog post couldn’t be written any better! Reading through this article reminds me of my previous roommate! He continually kept talking about this. I am going to send this information to him. Fairly certain he’s going to have a very good read.
    Thank you for sharing!

  11. Annie


    my problem with this plugin is that I can’t turn it off for specific pages / turn it off for specific traffic. For example, I don’t want welcome plash to show on my pages that I iframe on facebook… how can I do that? Is that even possible? that is the only thing I hate … I use some of my pages as iframes on Facebook so I don’t want the welcome splash to appear only on these specific pages. Using the Welcome Splash on homepage traffic is the only fix, but I don;t want to lose possible signups from my inner pages… I hope Spencer can answer this since support isn’t answering me…

  12. Canada Goose

    Canada Goose

    Excellent write-up. I certainly love this site. Keep it up!

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  14. Marcus


    Good stuff, I’ll make sure to try it, thanks!

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