Webinar Replay and the Niche Website Theme Now Available!

Last night I held a live webinar with Chris Guthrie.  We had a HUGE turnout and we had some great interaction through questions, etc.  The purpose of the webinar was to go over some very real strategies that we use to dramatically increase the earnings of our sites.  In particular we went over exactly how design, ad layouts, and colors can dramatically increase your earnings.

These are the exact methods that Chris and I use to increase the earnings of our existing sites or in particular how Chris has significantly increased the income of sites that he has purchased.  These small changes can have a big impact on your bottom line.

During the second half of the webinar, we moved into a live demo of our new theme: the Niche Website Theme.  This theme makes it very simple to give you complete control over those factors such as layouts, colors, ad testing, and more that can have a big impact on your sites revenue.  Then we had a really good question and answer session with the people on the call.

For those of you who were on the live call…thank you!  For those of you who missed it, you’re in luck…we we’re able to record it for you and have a replay below. Removed.

Click Here to Watch the Webinar Replay in .WMV Format  Removed


UPDATED 3/9/2012:  Webinar Replay Now Available to Watch Below! (Several Users unable to watch .wmv format).

Or Right Click Here and Select Save As to Download the Video in .FLV format Removed

At the end of the webinar, we offered 2 great bonuses to those who purchased the Niche Website Theme.  Well I’m happy to say that Chris and I decided to offer those bonuses to the first 500 people who purchase, not just those on the live webinar.

At this moment the bonuses are still available.  We actually are keeping a live count (and yes this is auto-updated based on REAL purchases) on the Niche Website Theme homepage so you can know whether or not the bonuses are still available.

Here are the bonuses offered:

  1. How to Build Niche Websites Video Training.  I recorded a comprehensive video that goes over my entire business strategy for building niche websites from start to finish.  This is about a 45 minute long video that includes how I choose keywords, how to analyze the competition, buying domain names, writing content for your sites, niche site examples, ad layouts, and much more.
  2. Niche Website Masters – 8 Interviews with Successful Niche Marketers. These are interviews conducted by Chris Guthrie and includes guests such as: Pat Flynn, Justin and Joe from AdsenseFlippers.com, Cary Bergeron, Jan Roos, and more.

Perhaps the best part is that if you are one of the buyers in this first phase, you are going to not only get these bonuses, but also a SMOKING deal on the price for the theme!  We have both a developer’s license (unlimited sites you own) and a personal license (one site you own), but if you buy now you get the developer’s license for the price of the personal license!  Click Here to see what the discounted price is.

Finally, while we are only offering 500 licenses to be sold right now – we WILL be re-opening for sales in the future.  Our thinking is that we want 500 users to give us feedback on how to improve the theme with additional features or other requests.  Then after implementing some of these ideas we will re-open the doors to everyone after that.  Obviously the price will be more in the future.

Click Here to Check Out the Niche Website Theme

But if you buy now…you will get UNLIMITED updates for free.  This is a one-time purchase, with AUTOMATIC UPDATES delivered through the WordPress admin panel.  Just click “update” when you see that an update is available…just like other themes or plugins for WordPress.

If you have any additional questions, please post them below!

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  1. Javier says:

    I was the 4th buyer!

    One suggestion: when I put the google analytics id in the theme, you should make it not to track the visit if I’m logged in as admin (I think Google Analyticator has that option)

    I’ve been playing with it and it works great! Congratualtions for a very well made product.

    • Spencer says:

      Thanks Javier for jumping in early! We appreciate the support. We are keeping a list of suggestions, so I think your analytics suggestion is a good one. We can likely add that as an update. Thanks!

  2. Steve Wyman says:

    Hi Spencer

    Just got off along long plane flight and bought the theme.

    Only seen the sales page an will catch the webinar later.

    It looks great, Shocked there are copies left !!

    Take action folks. Watching webinars wont make you money :-)


  3. Drew says:

    Thanks for the webinar, Spencer. I have a website that gets 2500+ visits a day and is severly underperforming. I am going to install the Niche Website Theme to see if it is really underperforming, or just a bad niche. I’ll let you know what I find out.

    And another thought just occurred to me: Can you split test theme layouts like you can the ads?

    Thanks again!

    • Spencer says:

      Awesome, sounds like a great case study…I would be interested in hearing the results!

      Well, you can’t have the theme automatically switch theme layouts, BUT you can test one layout using Google custom channels and then create new channels when you switch the layout to see which layout is getting the best earnings.

      • Drew says:

        Thanks. I am a little nervous about changing the layout even though I know it could be performing better.

  4. Federico says:

    Dear Spencer, I can’t see the webinar replay, it’s showing “waiting for video”, but there’s audio…Anyway,

    How can I get rid of navagation bar??? I can’ remember to watch you doing that on the webinar.

    I’m loving the theme

    Thanks and Regards,

    • Spencer says:

      The video is working find on my end. Its a .wmv file so you need windows media player for it to work I believe

      Also, there is no built in option to remove the navigation bar. Is that something you would like to see? I’ll make a note of it.

      • Federico says:

        Ok, So I don’t need to watch the webinar again :)

        Yes, I definitely would like to have the option to remove the navegation bar, the theme would be more flexible

        I also would like to have sub columns on the navagation bar or there’s this option already?.

        Thanks and regards,

  5. James says:

    Great webinar last night Spencer. I appreciate the work you and Chris have put in to the theme.

    I however haven’t purchased the theme yet because I am worried that this theme will get saturated and every niche marketer will start using it and eventually all the different looks will be used up. When you were going through all the theme difference I noticed that they almost all looked the same but with different colors. That doesn’t really help me if I am going for 100% different look for all my niche sites.

    I agree this theme will be GREAT for newbies to HTML / CSS / etc but for the people that know how to go in and edit the code it doesn’t save too much time. But from creating soo many niche sites I can go into every template and through in analytics, favicons, adsense code, etc in a matter of minutes or less.

    Anyways just wanted to add in my 2 cents. Overall I still believe its a great product for a niche group of people :). So keep up the great work! And LTP is still my favorite software I’ve purchased.

    Thanks again.

    • Spencer says:

      Glad you enjoyed the webinar! I also understand your concerns. Of course to have a truly 100% unique looking site you will probably need to go for free themes, pay a designer, or spend the time to customize yourself.

      This theme allows you to get a very unique look very easily. Yes, there may be others with a similar look, but its a big step from just using a free theme out of the box.

      Also, this is just the first version, future versions may offer additional customization features; we’ll see.

      • James says:

        Glad to hear you’ll keep developing it and making it awesome. That will definitely help in the future. I’ll look to see these templates online shortly on people’s niche sites. I’ll know they are the smart ones following you and pick up on the techniques they’ve implemented on their niche sites – haha.

        Thanks again for the webinar.

        Also if you guys really do plan on doing a linkbuilding webinar I’d be super interested!!!!!!!!! Let me know.

  6. Mohit says:

    The theme is made for Adsense by the Adsense gurus! Hopefully it will be simple and powerful like LTP. I own both now. :-)

    Currently the developer version states that we can use it on our own websites. Also, the license key is visible in the backend after activating the theme.

    Do you plan to tweak it a bit (after discount is over) to hide the license key for the developer version so that we can use it on the client’s websites as well?


  7. doddy says:

    is this theme seo friendly and fast loading spence?

    • Spencer says:

      Yes, the theme is fast loading and seo friendly. In fact, I now use it on my authority site and it continues to perform well! (Been using it for about 2 weeks now).

  8. Michael says:

    I haven’t had a chance to watch the webinar, but went ahead and bought the theme. $47 is inconsequential considering the time it promises to save. I’ve spent countless hours trying to rework free themes that are not fully compatible with the latest wordpress version. If you have time for that then you aren’t using your time wisely.

    My assumption is that this theme will more than do the job. If it doesn’t I’ll be sure to let you know. Also, you are giving free updates on this theme for life on this early purchase, correct?

    You’ve saved me time with LTP. I’m expecting the same with your theme so I’m going to thank you in advance!


    • Spencer says:

      Thanks for checking out the theme! Yes, we are giving free updates for life on the early purchase.

      I hope to keep saving you time :)

  9. Chris Guthrie says:

    Hey Spence,

    I couldn’t be on the webinar last night. I’m trying to replay the video now, but neither Media Player or VLC will play the video. Both are saying they don’t play “G2M4″ format.

    Any suggestions?

  10. Dave says:

    Video won’t download or play – just crashes my media player (VLC). What format is it in?

  11. Twicat.com says:

    Got the theme,
    will be working on it,

    will let u know


  12. Federico says:

    Please guys, if someone knows how to get rid of bar navagation on the theme, could you post here how to do it???


  13. Dave says:

    Thanks for the info Brandon. Installed the codec, rebooted and still no joy since I have VLC as my default video player and it can’t play G2M4 videos and the the codec installs to Windows media player. The solution is to install the codec then right click on the video link and download the video. When that is complete, right click on the video file and select play with media player. I have no idea how to make this happen on a Mac.

  14. Stephen D. says:

    Hey Spencer, great webinar, I’ll be picking up your theme later today. As you know I’m just starting out and I know that this theme will help me pump them out a lot faster. Quick basic question, do you include a contact us page on your sites. I would think that you really don’t need one and the sites I have now are bombarded with spam.

  15. Valerie says:

    Hi Spencer,

    I just watched the webinar replay – thanks!!

    I’m thinking about buying the theme but I have a question – if you don’t have Facebook, Twitter, etc. associated with your niche website, can you choose not to display those icons? Can you choose not to display that whole area?

    • Spencer says:

      YES! You can choose to not display any of the social links. If you leave those fields blank, then those icons dont show up. Also, the “Get the Latest” headline will be gone if you leave that field blank as well.

  16. Tipjar says:

    Hey Spencer, theme looks great! Any demos of it…besides what I see in the video?

  17. Chris says:

    Hello Spencer Great theme!
    I just like Federico would like the theme to have the ability to get rid of the navigation bar. Could you also allow us to insert our own block (from the widget) to be inserted in place of the current navigation bar? I was thinking this is where you can instead insert a adsense block of 468×15 or 728×15 right under the header.
    I can then just move the normal navigation links (pages, post, etc.) towards the bottom footer. I think this would give great click thru’s, since most people will see the “top nav bar” as the adsense (468×15 or 728×15) block.

    Can you do this? This would be great.

    Ready to BUY if this can be implemented.


    • Spencer says:

      This is one of the top suggested changes. We WILL be implementing this idea: users will be able to remove the navigation bar at the top completely. This will be in a future update (in the next couple of weeks). However, anyone buying now gets free updates for life – so might want to get the lower price while you can.

  18. Jo says:

    Hi Spencer, Haven’t had a chance to watch the webinar yet but the theme looks great! :-) Just wondering if the bonus video is along the same lines as the one we got with your LTP? Thanks :-)

    • Spencer says:

      The bonus video is along the same line as the bonus for LTP. However, it is a new video and so some of the information is updated and of course I’m sure you’ll find some additional tidbits as I did discuss a few different items.

  19. Pablo says:

    I have download the wmv file but says it as an error…. (I download it twice)

  20. Matthew N says:

    Hey man I have the theme but the ads don’t change colour with the predefined colour schemes like CTRtheme. I thought they would. Definitely would suggest that as a mod for version 2

    • Spencer says:

      We will look into the possibility of doing this. However, I know when we researched CTRtheme we found they were doing some things via iFrames that is against Google adsense TOS – so I will have to confirm that we can do this within the Adsense TOS.

      • Andre Garde says:

        Can you expand on the iFrames issue, Spencer? Does it still exist in the current incarnation of the theme? As you may be aware, CTRTheme has a new owner.

        • Spencer says:

          Yes, I do know it has a new owner. I can only say that when I took at look at how CTRtheme was doing things when I checked about 4 or 5 months ago, it using adsense within iframes which is against Google Adsense TOS. You can check if this is still the case by going to one of your websites and looking at the source code. Check and see if your adsense is contained in an iframe. Obviously lots of people use the theme, and I haven’t heard of any issues with it in particular, but its something to be aware of as it is specifically mentioned in the TOS.

          This is a recent change made last year by Google, so CTRtheme was originally within the guidelines when created, but the TOS change now means iframes are not allowed. Read more here: http://www.seroundtable.com/google-adsense-iframe-13486.html

  21. Cutiepuppy says:

    Yeap, bought the theme as well. Would definitely suggest the same thing as Matthew N above.

    If the ads can somehow match the theme colors, that would be awesome.

    Thanks for creating a great theme!

  22. rahul says:

    Wow this is the lovely theme. Perfect niche website theme. I loved the work

  23. Michael says:

    Thumbs up for sure. Why? Because it does everything I need and quickly. Its clean and comprehensive. I actually bought this before watching anything on it and figured it out on my own easily. The organization of theme options area is so simple and functional and simply put is a time saver. I’ve worked less than 2 hours taking my time switching three of my sites and tweaking the colors and settings.. Excellent and dirty cheap.

  24. Rachel says:

    Hi Spencer

    Can we flip sites with this theme?

  25. Toby says:

    Hi Spencer,

    bought the theme and I’ve been having a good play around with it – seems great so far! Still getting to grips with WP though as I usually build sites by code.

    Found a little bug which seems to be a browser compatibility issue. When using Chrome, I can only see the first two adzones when previewing layouts and also when checking banner position. With Firefox I can see them all as normal. Possibly an issue with the preview pop-up box? Nothing major but thought I would highlight.

  26. Tina says:

    Spencer will there be issues with footprints ?

  27. Jack says:

    Hello Spencer,

    When you look for keywords what competition number do you use. Less than 100,000 competition?


  28. Ruby says:

    Hi Spencer

    It all looks really great. I want to ask what is possibly an unusual question. I have several garden equipment sites and want to create back links using a series of very niched blogs (possibly 50 or more) that then link back to my main websites to create same subject back links. Examples would be something like How to Get Rid of Slugs or Growing a Lawn in Shade. These won’t have Adsense on them as I don’t want Google to know they are all mine. I am an expert garden writer having done it for over 40 years but I don’t want to write for article sites.

    I would much rather create my own series of well written informative mini sites using WordPress. My question is how do I stop Google knowing the sites all belong to me? Can I buy the domains using a different name and also use lots of different servers so that none of the sites are at the same IP address? In due course I would probably add something like Infolinks to make some money from the sites. Do you think I could get away with it or would Google penalise me for spam?

    Your WordPress theme software would be ideal and I much prefer to be independent than write for lots of other site. Your advice would be very helpful.

    • Spencer says:

      That’s a big question about how to prevent Google from knowing which sites are yours. One big issue is indeed to use different c-class IPs to host your accounts. You can sign up for a hosting account at something like seohosting.com that allows you to have one hosting account that have multi c-class ips.

      Also, I would not advice using the same Google analytics.

      Hope that helps!

  29. I just purchased this a couple of days ago and I excited to start using this theme. I also got Chris’ other theme and that is working well for a couple of my sites. Thanks for the video.

  30. Jean-Marc says:


    A quick question if I may.

    I would like to know if I can have specific ads for specific categories using the same ad spot (using adzone 4 for example)?
    So I use adzone 4 most of the time and the ads are different depending of the categories.

    Thanks for your time

    • Spencer says:

      Jean-Marc: If you are using Google Adsense, then of course the answer is yes…because Adsense will display different ads based on the content of the page. However, I don’t know of any other way to show certain ads for certain categories, that is not part of this theme or any other theme I am aware of.

  31. Tina says:

    Spencer i was reading another post on your site and someone had mentioned that it appeared their site was indexed quicker once adsense was put on their site. Do you have an opinion from experience regarding this? Should adsense go on a new site immediately or should we wait a while, if so how long ? many thanks

    • Spencer says:

      Getting indexed by Google is really a non-issue. Just link to your site from anywhere and it will typically be indexed within a day or 2 anyway. Google is very good about indexing sites, so I wouldn’t worry about it.

  32. James says:

    You are soo close to finishing and selling all 500 spots. Very exciting. Interested to see what new updates this theme gets. Maybe it will be worth my while in the future to invest in it :).

  33. Ruby says:

    Thanks Spencer! That is more or less what I was planning to do with different names at different hosting accounts. So long as Google can’t spot what I am up to that it would seem to be the way to do it and like you said I wouldn’t even use Google Analytics – just the data from the Cpanel.

  34. Chris says:

    Hey Spencer

    I’m a huge fan of the content you and Chris provide on your respective channels, but I must say i was deeply disappointed by the webinar.

    I did expect to hear about your new theme, thats all fine and good. But my problem with the webinar is that you guys spend like 10-15 minutes briefly touching on some basic adsense strategy, which most people are probably familiar with and then immidiately switch to the sales pitch for the new theme.

    If you are going to do a webinar called how to improve your site earnings, then do a webinar on that…not just briefly touch on it and then move on to a sales pitch.

    Disclaimer: I closed down the webinar about 30 minutes in, after hearing about the great new functions of your theme, if you actually spend the remaining 30 minutes talking about useful stuff and not how your theme works then I apologize, but I definitely felt like I was just watching a sales pitch and not an in-depth ad optimization strategy webinar with two of internet’s most succesful niche website strategists.

    I’m tempted to get the theme, but for now I think I’ll stick with the FlexSqueeze…seems to do the job.


    • Spencer says:

      Thanks for the feedback. We did our best to provide some great content for the first half of the webinar. The second half was indeed a demo of the theme. However, we also tried to be very clear in our invites to the webinar that we would be demo-ing and discussing our new theme as well. This was included on all the email invites and the webinar registration page as well. Sorry if you felt like this was coming from left field.

      We may indeed have to do some content only webinars in the future, thanks for the comments.

  35. Federico says:

    Hello Spencer,

    I found another issue that I’d like you guys solve in the next update or I hope I just can’t find the solution…

    I made a header with the site title, when I upload the header I have 2 title sites as by defaut if I’m not upload any image in the logo the title site will appear.

    Any solution to get rid of the title without upload image in the logo?
    If not….
    Could you make this option to get rid of the title without upload any image in the logo?

    This way we can create different headers with title site letters(colors,style) the way we wish.


    • Spencer says:

      We’ll look into this. For all future support request or suggestions, please send an email to our support system. This really will get a quicker response and helps us stay more organized…thanks!

  36. Jean-Marc says:


    Just to let you know I bought and I’m very pleased with the product.

    I also posted for “feature-requests”.
    Here is what I posted:
    “It would be nice to post different ads for niche websites (like: clickbank not adsense).

    How to do it: Under banner setup on the right you have display banner and you could also have a second choice that would be “category”.

    This way we could choose which category we want. It could be: General (all the categories) or click on the category that we want.

    You would have something really original not seen anywhere. It would be also very profitable if you build niche websites(not adsense ones).

    Thanks for your time.”

    I understand programming very well(and no I’m not a programmer). This is possible and could be incorporated into the wordpress database.

    I would like to know: What do you think about that reature?

    • Jean-Marc says:

      I meant feature not reature :)

    • Spencer says:

      Thanks for the suggestions Jean-Marc!
      I think these are feasible requests. Chris and I are discussing all the requests we’ve received early this week and wills start working on updates.

  37. Tung Tran says:

    Hi Spencer,
    Do you notice the latest Google Panda 3.3 update? Are your niche site affected? Do you think building micro niche site with just 5 articles is still a good method to make money with Adsense?

  38. Tiffany says:

    Spencer, I was hoping to watch the webinar but you have removed the links?

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