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Update on My iPhone App Business

Update on My iPhone App Business

Okay, so it has been a month or so since I gave any updates on my plans to develop an iPhone app.  As many of you know, I actually ran a poll of sorts and let the readers of this blog vote on which new business venture I should pursue.  The winning idea as you can see here, was that I build an iPhone app.

To be honest, I don’t have much updates to give at this point.  But I did want to give a brief overview of what I have done, and when you can expect some more action on this topic.

I have read 2 books on the subject of building and outsourcing an iPhone app.  Those books were:

Both were actually pretty decent books on the subject.  The “How to Create iPhone Apps with No Programming Experience” provided a great overview of the entire process.  However, the “App Savy” book provided MUCH more in depth detail and specifics.  It did a better job I felt of helping your both brainstorm for ideas and what specifically to look for to determine if your idea has a market.  At times the details in this book were almost too much, but I suppose that’s probably exactly what I will want when I actually develop an app for the first time.  Overall, they were both good though.

In addition to reading these books, I also did quite a bit of brainstorming.  I wrote down probably a dozen or so different ideas that I have had for iPhone apps.  At this point, I am pretty sure that I have settled on one specific idea because I think I would personally use it.  It is an app for Google Adsense publishers (go figure).  I won’t go into too many details at this point on exactly what it does because I don’t want someone else getting a head start on it before I even start building it.

My Expected Time Line

Other than that, I have not put too much effort into it for a couple of reasons.  The main reason, is that I really want to get my software project, Long Tail Pro, finalized before I try to tackle another software type project.  Even once I officially release my software, it will probably still be another month or two of customer support, updating the software, and other time consuming tasks, before I will feel like I can tackle another major project.

So, in reality, I expect that it will be at least August or September before I really have a chance to start hiring someone to build my iPhone app.

Another reason it will probably take this long, is because I am just too darn passionate about building niche websites!  I continue to do keyword research and buy new domains.  In addition, I enjoy keeping this blog up to date with some of the how to tips that I am sharing on the Niche Websites Hub.  I know that most of you are probably more interested in the details I post about niche websites anyway (as opposed to details about iPhone apps).  So, I don’t feel too much pressure to move too quickly on the iPhone app idea.

So, there you have it.  I just wanted to provide a brief update on the iPhone app, and to let you know that I haven’t forgotten about it.

Update 5/28/2012 – I have launched my iPhone app: AdAlert – Google Adsense App.  Check it out in the app store:




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9 Comments for this Post

  1. Victor


    “I know that most of you are probably more interested in the details I post about niche websites anyway (as opposed to details about iPhone apps).”

    Its like your reading my mind :P

    Thanks for keeping focus on the tasks at hand :D

    • Spencer


      lol, thanks Victor!

  2. Trent Dyrsmid

    Trent Dyrsmid

    Hey Spence, thanks for the post of apps. I’ve been wanting to get to this (not time) as I have an idea that I think would go viral. When/if I do manage to prioritize it, I’ve not get a book or two to read.

    In the meantime, I’ll still be working towards my goal of adding another 200 niches sites to my portfolio :)


    • Spencer


      Awesome Trent…best of luck!

  3. Justin | AdSense Flippers

    Justin | AdSense Flippers

    Hey Spencer, please don’t forget about us Android users…I’d REALLY like a nice AdSense app for us…I’d use it, I swear!

    I’m interested to see the other stuff you get into, not just the niche site stuff. I feel we’ve got that pretty covered…just trying to scale it up at this point…but I’m REALLY interested in expanding and looking forward to reading your successes/failures in those other areas. I’m hoping we can get there in 4-5 months and maybe we can share some info back and forth on our “niche pursuits”!

    • Spencer


      Awesome! Thanks for the encouragement Justin! I definitely expect to expand this blog to cover more of my “niche pursuits” in the future. Thanks!

  4. Kelly


    Hey Spencer – didn’t realize you posted an update! Got your e-mail, good luck with Long Tail Pro (can’t wait to use it, because keyword research can be such a drag…). Make sure you hit me up in the Fall when you start developing again :)

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