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16 Proven Money Site Strategies that You Can Implement Today + Your Questions Answered

So, I’m sitting just outside Banff National Park right now enjoying some time off with my family.  However, leading up to my vacation (and even while on my vacation), I’m constantly getting emails from people asking about what niche site strategies are working right now. I have to admit that its a valid question (especially [...]

Podcast 35: How to Make Over $10,000 Per Month from 1 Site with Hayden Miyamoto

I started the NichePursuits podcast just over 2 years ago.  The most popular episode since the inception of my podcast has been episode 9 with Hayden Miyamoto recorded just over 2 years ago. At the time, he was making over $30k per month from his small niche sites.  However, a lot has happened in the [...]

My Failed Attempt to Build a Private Blog Network Using Expired Domains and a Secret Project Revealed

Ever since having Hayden Miyamoto on my podcast over a year ago, I’ve been attempting to implement alot of what he has said.  If you have been following along for a while, you will recall that I have had him on 3 different times. In my first interview, Hayden shared how he was making 30,000 [...]

How to Get Valuable Expired Domains Today: Announcing the Niche Pursuits Domain Auction!

As you may have noticed, I have discussed the value of using expired domains several times over the past year.  In fact, I’ve had Hayden Miyamoto on my podcast 3 different times right here, here, and last week here discussing his business, which has always been tied in some way to using expired domains. In [...]

Podcast 21: How to Make Money with Your Own Private Blog Network; Interview with Hayden Miaymoto

Well, Hayden Miyamoto is at it again!  I decided to bring Hayden back onto my podcast for the 3rd time because he continues to build his business in unique ways that I think we can all learn from. In my interview with Hayden today, we discuss how his niche site business has fared over the [...]

Podcast 9: $30k a Month from Niche Sites Post Penguin with Hayden Miyamoto

I always love to hear the success stories from readers of my blog.  And this story is a big one. I am absolutely blown away by the success that Hayden Miyamoto is having with small niche sites.  In particular, Hayden has refined his process post-Penguin and is doing better now than before!  I certainly can’t [...]