Submit Your Niche Pursuit Ideas!

Submit Your Niche Pursuit Ideas!

I am looking for potential niche business ideas, and I need your help!  If there is a Niche Pursuit that you would like to see me try and then fully document the process of starting, then submit your ideas below as a comment!

These ideas need to be something than an individual could get started quickly and be making money within 90 days.  A “niche pursuit” could be an online idea or something that would focus on my local neighborhood or ANYTHING in between.  There are no good or bad ideas either…think of this as a brainstorming process.

So, feel free to post your ideas below or comment on other ideas already submitted here.  This page will remain active for a period of time until I decide to open it up for voting!  At that time I will create a new page and list my top 10 niche ideas (including my favorites from those submitted here), and you will then vote on which idea I should pursue over the next 90 days.

So, go ahead leave an idea below of a niche business idea that you would like to see me go after…thanks in advance for your input!

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  1. Kecia says:

    I think domain and/or site flipping would a good pursuit for you to tackle. I have read up on both topics, but still don’t feel confident enough to invest money in these methods. It would be nice to follow along with someone to see how they are able to make money with flipping.

    • Spencer says:

      Kecia –

      I think domain flipping is a great idea, and one that many others would find interesting. Thanks for the suggestion!

      • Kent Chow says:

        Spencer, I think you could sell some of your adsense money-making sites and document the process, sales page, and the ROI. (Of course don’t sell those high volume and profits ones.)

  2. Shane says:

    Great to see the new blog up! Very surprised that was your first video, your a natural video blogger!

    Like Kecia, I think domain flipping would be great to see you tackle. Also making money using facebook ads to promote products. When I think of others i’ll be sure to add to it.

    • Spencer says:

      Thanks Shane, maybe I will have to do more video blogs! I think both site flipping and using facebook ads to promote affiliate products is certainly worth discussing…thanks!

  3. I would like you to take a look at buying YouTube accounts with highly viewed videos and putting affiliate links in the description. For more details visit the link below:

    I think this is something that not many people have tried or even heard of as a way to make passive income, but I think it has lots of potential and am planning on beginning within a few months myself.

    • Spencer says:

      Thomas – Wow, I’m getting some really interesting ideas here! This is certainly something I wouldn’t have thought of on my own. I would really have to do some research to see how feasible something like this is, I mean how easy is it to really buy someone elses youtube account? And how many people are really looking to sell? Seems like the more scalable method would be to build your own accounts perhaps. Either way, its a great original idea that I may have to dig deeper into…thanks!

      • I don’t think that many people are looking to sell particularly, because most people don’t think their videos have much value and don’t care about view counts. You would think though that some people would be interested for $100 to sell their account…they could always post their videos on another account. To me, I see it a better option to buy the accounts rather than to make videos myself, because first, you have to spend time and effort to make a good video, and then use SEO, but I wouldn’t mind seeing you do that either, maybe both would be interesting…

  4. Alex says:

    I always say that if you help someone else along your journey, you will move faster to your success. This is my challenge to you.

    Find a local person who as somthing to sell (i perfer a physical product), who might be online or not, and build a complete sale system for them online (site, ranking, affiliate code, marketing plan). You will be their only affiliate and IM marketer.

    Your are help out in the community, providing more sale for this individual and challenging yourself to build a sale system from the ground up.

    Good Luck and I will love to see the progress!

    • Spencer says:

      Alex, this is a great idea! This is the kind of thing that I could see myself doing. In fact, I have thought of something similar before…and would be interested myself in seeing how something like this would turn out. Thanks for the great idea.

  5. Travis says:

    Hey Spencer, great new site. Here’s one for you… I’d like to see you setup a dropship site. This is relatively easy to do with a builder like or then you simply need a supplier who’s willing to dropship. Of course, then it comes down to marketing and getting ranked for all the right keywords. The great thing is Google loves these sites because they’re legitimate online stores… and even better, they’re fairly passive- just emails to deal with, nothing to ship. A site like this could sell for 12-15 months worth of profit as well as far as I know, so it’s a great asset to build. You don’t see many online marketers teaching this either so it could really help you stand out and we’d all benefit from the case study. Best of luck in whatever you choose to do next.

    • Travis says:

      Sorry, forgot to mention the obvious… profit potential. Assuming you pick the right product with decent margins you could make $1000+ a month with just one sale a day. So assuming a 1% conversion, you’d only need 100 targeted visitors to your site a day (not too tough with all the longtail keywords for specific products) to get the one daily sale and some nice monthly profits. That’s just the beginning. Alright, I’m out :)

      • Spencer says:

        Travis – I agree 100% with you that in Google’s eyes an ecommerce site is more legitimate than an affiliate site. I have certainly considered what it would take to do something like this, but have never really looked into it. So I could actually see myself enjoying learning about something like this, and I’m sure many readers here could benefit from learning the process as well. I think the profit potential that you mention is of course very doable. In fact, it could be much larger with the right products and traffic numbers…great idea!

        • David Miles says:

          Well you might want to use the DropShip model if you set up an ecommerce site..

        • Chris says:

          If you ever want to compare notes, I built and on the “dropship” model. Found a supplier, worked out an arrangement, built the site and off we went.

 was the initial test, built on CRE Loaded. was the second store built on base OSCommerce. They both do pretty well, but need some attention from an SEO and traffic generation perspective.


          • Javier says:

            Nice idea Chris. I’ve been interested in dropshipping for a while. Can you suggest any website that provides quality tips and advice on this strategy.

            And would you mind sharin how much are you making from them? At least in what range you are, just to have an idea of the potential.


  6. Amine! says:

    Hi Spencer, congrats for this new blog. I want to share my future ideas as well. here’s:

    1- Making money with adsense
    2- investing the money in the rental property business.

    3- Building a community websites (ex: a website that run live contests in many categories between tow people or crews, every contest has a 6 hours deadline and start with live broadcasting chat videos. When the contest end people start voting. The winners get the prize.)

    4- Flipping houses (buying-fixing-selling with profits)
    5- Flipping cars (buying-fixing-selling with profits)
    6- Starting an outdoor advertising business (Billboard advertising)

    That’s it so far. I still in step 1 :)
    sorry for my english and hope this will help someone. Thanks!

    • Spencer says:

      Amine – glad you are enjoying the new blog so far! Looks like you have 6 separate but great ideas here. I have actually considered 2, 4, and 5 in the past. I think these are potentially great niche businesses. I would also be interested in looking into 6 (outdoor advertising).

      I’m not sure I completely understand your 3rd idea (community websites) – but sounds interesting; maybe you can provide more details?

  7. jayson says:

    Storage unit auctions is something that I’ve been thinking about trying more for fun than as an actual business. I’m sure with a good eye and weak competition you could do alright.

    • Spencer says:

      Jayson – Its funny that you should mention storage unit auctions. I have actually been considering this for a while and will be doing a post on it early next week! In fact, I have found a couple of auctions going on in my area…I think it could be a lot of fun. Wow, we must be related or something – we sure do think alot alike!

      • Jayson says:

        I found here in AZ a few websites that will post the auction dates, locations, and how many units will be auctioned on a certain day. I just need to go to one now and see how many other bidders show up.

        I’ve been to the home foreclosure auctions a few times, and actually won two homes for clients. But with foreclosure auctions you need to have some serious money available to do anything.

        I’ve also looked at buying on some of these online pay auctions like Quibids and others….but with those you literally have to devote your day to following the auction.

        I’m excited to see what other ideas you have up your sleeve. Funny how I never realized how much we had in common until recently.

        • Spencer says:

          Okay, you just made me stare at bids on Quibids for the past 10 minutes, thanks alot! I had never heard of this site, might have to try this out!

          Anyway, feel free to post up some more ideas, I like what I hear…

          • Travis says:

            Be very careful with all of those “penny auction” sites. Like Jayson says you’ll need to devote your entire day to that…. just to make sure you don’t get seriously screwed. Here’s some info on how they work and why you may not want to waste your time there:

            • Spencer says:

              Yeah, I noticed that it costs you just to place a bid; not cool. It also doesnt let you specify a max bid like eBay; so you are pretty much stuck bidding several times and just hoping you are the last bidder. Doesn’t sound like a good idea.

              • Melody says:

                I tried a penny auction site once. Lost 100 bucks in 5 mins. It’s no good. They make a lot of money off of you. Even though you bid a few cents each time, every one is bidding that stuff and yeah one person comes away with a 20 dollar computer, but they pay 20 dollars plus shipping plus the money the spend bidding on the computer. And the thousands of others amount of thousands and thousands. So the site makes a lot of money. It’s no good. I think even if you win somehow you’re still not getting a great deal. I was stupid enough to try it because like many others I wanted a cheap high quality electronic. They play on this greed and the appeal of getting say, an ipad, for nothing. And it so fast paced and everything, like in a casino. You get addicted and stop thinking rationally. I’d advise you against it.

  8. Ernie says:

    I would like to see some work done with simple membership site/s. Recurring income and easy to set up. Everyone says its easy to just put some info in one or drip feed some info and voila. I would like to see a case study like your adsense sites done. Would be very educational

  9. Spencer says:

    Yeah, great idea. I have never tried a membership site; although I really doubt they are simple. In fact, I did originally look at doing one to teach how to build niche adsense websites (which I decided against) – and its a lot of work still. However, I’m not against working hard to get something like this set up. So, if enough people here want to see a membership site, I will dive into it (although I don’t promise one about building niche websites).

    • Ernie says:

      I would prefer to see one in a non IM type niche.

      • Spencer says:

        I agree. I think doing a non-IM niche would make a MUCH better case study…

        • Shae says:

          I agree with Ernie on this….I have a membership site that focuses on training BOTH real estate investing and internet marketing….it’s performing well thus far and grows weekly, but I’m certainly curious about membership sites completely outside of internet marketing. Interestingly enough, even though our site has two educational tracks (we recommend that they pick a major and a minor), the majority of memberships choose IM as a major…just seems to be ahot topic I guess.

  10. Josline says:

    Hey Spencer, I hope you do decide to tackle domain flipping. I’d love to see the end result to that one.

  11. Shae says:

    Hey Spencer, I’m putting my vote in for domain flipping as well :-)

    • Spencer says:

      You are talking about domain flipping as opposed to website flipping correct? So, you are interested in seeing buying and selling of domain names (not developed websites). Just want to make sure we are on the same page.

  12. Mark says:

    Hi Spence. Trying two stratergies at the moment and just implementied the first. Found a very quick site builder that does good seo for you. Each site has 6 high quality PLR articles slightly modified and a rss feed on the subject from ezine so content is changed each day. Site got on bing and yahoo page 2 for main domain keyword without promotion. Promotion in this first test done is to ping the site, submit site map to the main search engines and then purchased 4 top fiverr gigs that do 10 edu links, 50 social bookmarks, 5,250 profile links (xrummer gig) and a guy does 31,000 stat sites and 350 directory submissions. Just done this so will see the effect, did the xrummer one twice to cover six keywords. Site is monetised with adsense, amazon ads and one clickbank product. Inexpensive for promotions and if 15 percent of backlinks stick will be happy. The second phase experiment for future sites is to buy into Wordtracker’s database for keyword research and a peice of software for backlinking called backlink nuke and do it myself, love automation and compare the results for both. Is outsourcing on fiverr better than doing it yourself. Should be interesting.

  13. Mark says:

    So the suggestion is to do a little experiment like that yourself for backlinks and promotion. Outsource one site on fiverr and do one using your own software. Advantages, you own the software, disadvantages, you got to do it, yourself where the fiverr out-source is quick and only costs 20-25 bucks.

    • Spencer says:

      I think this is certainly a good idea to test out. I personally have been outsourcing all my linkbuilding lately; however, software would make it more affordable. This would be a great case study that I will certainly consider doing. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Mark says:

    Thanks for considering. Of course it would have to be a site like fiverr to try to keep the cost down and there are some dirt cheap and good gigs on that site. So you could say, my budget is 30 bucks to buy a domain name, do all the promotion and get a result in the serps that gets my money back + something like that :-)

  15. Ralph says:

    Hi Spencer,

    I would love to know how you would start from scratch and develop a website focussed on Adsence.

    Its not really a niche, so this might be very off topic but I would love to know how you would do that. I’m totally not sold on adsense (that was before I saw your monthly report) since over a few months my income on adsense (on a few websites) is 1 whole dollar. Yes. I can buy one whole candy items from those machines in mall :)

    Great job on your sites! I’ll keep an close eye out.

    • Spencer says:

      Ralph, I don’t think its off topic since this is how I currently make my income. And I’m sure lots of people would love to see this. However, I have decided to specifically try “something else” as my next pursuit. However, along the way I’m sure I will be discussing tips for niche websites. So, while it won’t be my next “niche pursuit”, I will still be discussing the topic and sharing tips.

  16. sunny says:

    For me, I think im is saturated.though i stand to be corrected.i prefer non im

  17. Ray says:

    Hi Spenser, great site, and congrats on quitting your day job to live the IM lifestyle. I think you should build a Daily Deal site, but not like Groupon, more like This way, if you use a dropshipper, all you have to do is set the site up, load all of the products, and set which product you want to sell each day. You can probably set it up once a month, and focus more of your time promoting the site.

    • Spencer says:

      Hey Ray – I like the idea! This certainly has some potential I think and is worth considering. I will add to my list of my ideas to consider for next time.

  18. KimP says:

    Hi Spencer,

    I spotted your link on Pat’s site, SPI. Cool site you have going on here, I haven’t been able to stop reading since I found you.

    I think discussing how you detect and prevent click fraud will be a great topic. I’m terrified of experiencing click fraud as I’ve heard newer sites are affected more detrimentally by click fraud.

    So it would be great to see how someone who’s had so much success with AdSense as you have detects and thwarts click fraud.

    • Spencer says:

      Kim – glad you like the site! I think you bring up a good point and discussing click fraud is a great topic to discuss.

  19. Hajro says:

    I just find interesting niche..
    It’s €2.4 average cpc and 8000 monthly searchs..low competition also..
    look at picture below :

    • Spencer says:

      2 things: Make sure you look at the exact match search volume (the image is showing broad match). Secondly, low competition in the adwords tool shows the competition levels for google adwords – not how hard it is to rank in Google. So this may not actually be a low competition keyword. So take a look at those things to really find out if its a good keyword – best of luck!

  20. Frank says:

    Spencer do you have a guide on building Authority Sites? I know you have some articles however I never saw the guide.
    Just curious


  21. Ahmad says:

    I have this idea about niche websites: a niche website directory. You go through all the steps of locating a profitable keyword (using Long Tail Pro or any other tool), and then start building the directory. The site will basically contain a collection of all websites (as much as you can collect) about this specific niche. Each website will have a page containing a short description, the PR, a rating system, and perhaps a review about the website. The added value to the visitor is that he/she doesn’t have to Google for their keyword, instead, they’d come to your website directory and find the links that best serve what they want based on your review. You can further extend the model by allowing webmasters to submit their own websites. Based on your approval, those submitted links can grow your database.
    Sources of monetization would be Adsense, and possibly affiliate marketing if you picked up a product to be your niche target.
    Please tell me what you think as I am already building the first business model using this idea.

    • Spencer Haws says:

      Lots of web directories already out there. Would be very hard to distinguish yourself and get traffic to your site. I personally wouldn’t be interested in pursuing something like that.

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