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Ready to Set a Goal? Join the Content Creation Group!

Ready to Set a Goal? Join the Content Creation Group!

Yesterday, I posted about the link between more website content and more search engine traffic.  At the end of the post, I threw out the idea of forming a group that could motivate each other to create more content for their websites.  Well, I received lots of positive feedback in the both the comments and through emails.  So, I’m excited to announce the Content Creation Group on!

Before we get started, I want to set out some expectations and explain what its all about.

What is the Content Creation Group?

The content creation group is for people that want to set a goal for the amount of blog posts or website content that they will produce in the month of November.  The idea is to set a goal for the month of November that is both a stretch but also achievable.


The goal can be the number of articles you will write per day, per week, or per month.  For example, my goal is going to be to write 4 blogs posts each week during November on my site here at  However, others may want to set a goal to write 2 or 3 articles each day that will be placed on 2 or 3 different sites.  So, if you own multiple sites, you can just share your goal number of articles written total.  Others may want to simply set a monthly goal.  That’s fine, just set a goal number: daily, weekly, or monthly for the month of November.

Overall, the idea is NOT just to produce a bunch of content, but ideally to produce high quality content.  In the month of November, we are going to maximize our quality AND quantity output.  So, if setting a goal to write multiple articles everyday might sacrifice quality, then don’t set the goal.  However, if you think you can write 1 quality article a day – that might be a good goal for you.  Everyone will be different.

Who Can Join?

Anyone producing content can join.  In fact, if you are a podcast, video, or other content producer – you are also welcome to join!  Simply specify the type of content you will be producing along with your goal!

What’s the Purpose?

The overall purpose is to produce more content, gain more traffic to your sites, and ideally expand your audience and/or sales.  I’m a strong believer in content marketing as a form of building an audience and business.  I hope that by forming this group, we can all set ambitious goals and then motivate each other along the way to achieve these goals.  Think of it as a way to jump start yourself or your business.


Throughout the month, on at least a weekly basis, we will be sharing on the Facebook page, email, and right here on  By staying accountable to each other, we can all stay more motivated and more likely to hit our goals.

How Do I Join?

To join the Content Creation Group, you need to follow these 3 steps:

  1. Post a comment below telling us that you are in!  In the comment, please include a daily, weekly, or monthly goal for the month of November.  Also, if possible, please share the Blog/URL where you will be posting your content so we can follow up.  (I will be making the first comment below, so you can follow my example).
  2. Opt-in to the email list below.  This is so I can follow up on a weekly basis, give you updates, and overall keep us all accountable.
  3. Like the Facebook page (if you haven’t already).  I will be posting more updates and we can interact more frequently on the Facebook page to keep each other motivated during the month.

Follow Up

Once you follow the 3 steps to join, I’ll be able to stay in touch with you, so we can stay on task.  At the end of November, I will look for your feedback on results.  Specifically, I will be looking for increased traffic, sales, or other success stories that you want to share.  So, in early December, I will create an entire write-up about the successes and lessons learned.

This should be a lot of fun and very motivating!  Who’s in??

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  1. Spencer Haws

    Spencer Haws

    I’m starting off the comments with my goal! Here it is:
    I want to write 4 quality blogs post each week for the month of November! These blog posts will be posted right here on:

    This is a stretch for me, as I typically only average about 2 per week. Hope I can do it!

    What’s your goal?

    • Mike


      I am in. This will be great and I look forward to the positive momentum.

    • Jimi


      Great idea Spencer. Count me in and my goal is 31 blog monthly posts at:

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  3. Steve Eason @ Ingenious Internet Income

    Steve Eason @ Ingenious Internet Income

    I’m in. I’m just finishing up the Ultimate Blog Challenge for October, which was to post 31 times in the month of October. I only have 14 so far this month, so I’m a little behind. That will help me set my numbers for November. So let’s set my goal to be 3 per week, which there are about 4 full weeks in Nov. Oh let’s just set it for 15 quality posts in the month of November.

    We do have Thanksgiving in the month and that’s going to interrupt the process for sure.

    My posts will all be posted on my primary site,

    Thanks for the idea and movement! I look forward to it!

    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      Sounds great Steve! Thanks for joining…

  4. Angel


    Just what I need, a bit of accountability!

    As a full time student, keeping up with my online activity can be pretty difficult. With finals coming up in a few weeks, I’m going to have to put November off but come December I’m going to completely REVAMP and FINISH

  5. Ronny


    I’m in also. I do have a fulltime job and my own company to run besides writing, so my goal for November is 8 articles.

    These will be posted on my classic car site

    Thanks for this call to action, I need to get my post frequency up and something like this seems perfect 🙂

  6. Kiril


    I’m way behind with my Personal Blog, since I’m focused on building a strong Fitness authority site, but I will set my goals to 1 quality article per week. It will be just fine for me.

    My blog :

    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      Sound good Kiril.

      • Mike Chlanda

        Mike Chlanda

        just joined – this sounds great. Retired from firefighting after I got hit by a van – this is a way to keep my hand in!

  7. Quinn at Cubicle Free

    Quinn at Cubicle Free

    Great – Lets make some good things happen!

    I am in with my blog (1 awesome post per week) and my niche website that aims to show that I know what I am taking about. (also 1 awesome article per week) Total 8 posts for November. I haven’t yet made my niche site public but I will be happy to share this with the group.

    This is a stretch for me because even though I have been living off the results from organic search results for years – wordpress and blogging are new to me as of two months ago.

    Look forward to it!

    Thanks Spencer, Quinn

  8. Aleshia Green

    Aleshia Green

    Sounds like a great plan to have support to keep the content really is easy to get strayed away.

    I recently started providing social media services and devoting a lot of my time there, but I want to restart a blog I started earlier this year and make it happen this time…because last time I gave it up..

    My goal is to achieve 2 blog post each week…until the new year and then I will set a new goal to post at least 1x per day for 5 days a week.

    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      Best of luck Aleshia, sounds like a great goal!

  9. Peter


    You could call it Nablowrimo.

  10. Michelle


    I’m in… with trepidation. Accountability is making me nervous already!

    I’ve just started a new blog about my journey to losing weight (yeah, original I know ;-)). I could let it fizzle out like every other site I’ve started, but it’s time to do something different!

    My goal is to create at least one awesome, helpful, content-filled post per week. That’s only 4 posts, but I want them to be good. So far I’ve not been very good at producing quality, that’s what I’d like to change.

    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      Dont be nervous – should be fun! 🙂

  11. Thomas @ Mobile App Tycoon

    Thomas @ Mobile App Tycoon

    I’m in! My goal for November is to write at minimum 4 quality blog posts and publish 2 new podcast episodes by the end of the money. It’s a small goal to start with, but I’ve been slacking lately so it will help me get back on track.


  12. Jason


    I will create two YouTube videos for my niche channel. Had the ideas for these two for about a month, just been extremely lazy. Time to step it up a little. I’m also going to push to finish my 4th iPhone. That’s been plodding along at a snail’s pace too.

  13. Andrea


    I’m in. I always like to set goals. I will post every weekday in November on my travel blog This will be a challenge for me as I’ll be travelling from the 1st to the 19th. I think this will result in a boost in traffic but we’ll see.

  14. Tom


    Thx Spencer! This is agreat idea. My main blog is doing well ( and I just bought a new website so November seems like a good time to get it up and running. The new website is Just need to get the hosting and create the page. My goal is one post a day so around 25 posts. The first week will be getting it up and running.


  15. Paul


    I’d love to join this challenge! Just the motivation I need.

    I’m going to go for 12 articles for the month. My site is really just a hobby site and gives me the excuse to do “research”!!

    The site is

  16. lynn


    I’m in! My goal will be to write 10,000 words or about 15 articles for

  17. Devesh


    Hey Spencer

    I’d love to join this challenge, I want to write at least 6 quality blogs post each week for this year.


  18. Kyle Proctor

    Kyle Proctor

    Great Idea. I am in for 2 posts a week. just starting this blog and in the middle of creating my first podcast! so it will be 3 a week in November with the weekly podcast.

  19. Akbar Sheikh

    Akbar Sheikh

    I am in and excited too. I will be publishing 4 blog posts in a week on my blog at and each blog post will be 1000+ words. This will make 17 posts in November. Added 1 extra as first week has only 3 days! Lets do it gentleman

    Thanks to Spencer for initiating this fantastic idea!


  20. Sue


    Great idea! I need a kick in the butt to get moving so I can begin to earn some revenue! I have a personal blog and I have a new website. I plan on posting 2 – 3 quality blogs per week between the two websites.

    I Need to Move it, Move it!

    Thank you!

  21. Trever


    I’m in. My goal will be to write 1 post per day for a new authority site in the video gaming niche that I’m working on.

  22. Shay


    I’m in…. My goal is to write 5 blogs each week and to market them every day.

  23. David


    I need some motivation too, been struggling of late due to slow progress.

    My aim is 2 posts per week for my expat blog to keep it ticking over and hopefully keep growing the search hits.

    I also want to commit to finishing the content for Belgium for my other site which has had no attention for a few weeks,and should be starting to grow by now.

  24. poppy


    looking forward to starting and building a site I have had on hold for a

  25. Andy Brabender

    Andy Brabender

    I’m in. My goal is to finish out the pages (bios and practice areas) and to write 4 quality posts in November. My site is:

  26. Jeff


    He Spencer.. and friends.

    I’m in! I have been trying to hit 5 new posts a week at and usually end up with 4 so this might just be the extra push I need. 🙂

    Great idea!

    I need to commit to youtube videos next.. For some reason, I keep putting that off but I think it’s hugely important.

    Talk to everyone soon!

  27. Richard Billies

    Richard Billies

    I usually write 5+ posts a week. Some weeks, it may be 10 posts.

  28. Jon


    Thank you,
    I work full time at the moment. I have also been creating my website at night.
    Will be creating pages that I have been working on this month. Then I intend to write 7 Pages in November.

  29. Toni


    My goal is write 1 article/day for my local site at

  30. Andy Brabender

    Andy Brabender

    I’m in.

    I intend to build out all the pages (bio, practice areas) and put up four quality articles on my law firm’s website:

  31. Edgar


    My goal is to write 2 new articles on my Paid membership site in hopes to get more subscribers. I want to post 2 every week.

    This is my site

  32. Chetan


    Howdy Spencer,

    Thanks for coming up with content creation group. I am definitely in!

    1 article per week (4 total)

    My site-

  33. Mike Vespesian

    Mike Vespesian


    I want to post 5 times a week on a new site I plan on turning into the authority on how to increase testosterone. Each article is between 700-1000 words excluding sources cited. The url is, as in b*tch, you just got testosteroned. Now what?

    I’ve posted 5 posts this week already, but I plan on keeping it up through November and obviously beyond.

    Good luck all,

    • Mike


      Hey, cool site! What plugin do you use for the social shares on the left? I haven’t fond one that doesn’t cover text when the browser is re-sized.


  34. Miggy


    Hi Spencer, this is a really great project!

    I want to write 6 quality blogs post each week for the month of November! These blog posts will be posted at

    I already have a content calendar ready. I just need to finish a couple of articles more to put at the website. I think I already have a headstart so this would be a great challenge. I can feel success already. 😀

  35. Justin


    I am going to write or record a video for 1 blog post a day for every day in November. Looking forward to it.

  36. Matthew Allen

    Matthew Allen

    I’m in! This was a goal I had anyway, since I am starting a new authority site to replace my failed attempts at micro niche sites. Joining this challenge will help to keep me motivated as I get a jumpstart on the new site, as well as keep my current site up to date.

    My goal is 3 posts per week. I will post twice per week on my new site –

    and continue to post once per week on my main blog –

    This is a bit of a stretch for me, as this is a very part-time gig while I continue to work 50+ hours per week at my day job. It is doable though and I will make it happen.

    Thanks for putting this together Spencer!

  37. Nanang


    Hi Spencer,
    Regard from jakarta, Indonesia.

    i will write 3 article each weeks for November,
    in My Blog

    Thank U

  38. Alain Schlesser

    Alain Schlesser

    Hi Spencer,

    Great idea, accountability is the solopreneur’s nemesis! 😉

    I want to join with my blog at and I intend to write 6 blog posts in the month of November.

    Let’s see how this goes, this might get me to concentrate more on the actual content, instead of fiddling around with technical nonsense… (like your addicting keyword software :P)

    Have fun, all that are joining!

  39. Mitja


    Hi, you can count me in too. My goal is to write 4 articles, where each has from 800 to 1000 words in it.

    This is my website:

    It’s completely new, so we’ll see what happens.

    Thanks, this really is a great idea 🙂

  40. Lemuel


    Hi Spencer,

    I am in.

    I will post 1 video per week in my youtube channel.



  41. Gooner


    Spencer would you be able to do an in depth post about link building afterwards?

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  43. John bakken

    John bakken

    Awesome idea!

    I would like to join with my new site and a goal of 2 posts a week.

    The posts takes a long time to write and research, and that is why my goal is only 2.

    I hope this will spike my motivation, thanks for the opportunity!

  44. Tri


    I am in! Completely new site

    • Tri


      Going for 10 posts in November.

  45. Andy


    I’m in with 2 main goals in November:

    1. Convert my current site over to WordPress including the 100+ articles

    2. Create 4 meaningful posts on my site – Smart Ideas for Smart Business



  46. James Camerson

    James Camerson

    My goal is to produce 5 quality blog posts every week on my educational related website.

  47. Ben Hebert

    Ben Hebert

    I’m in.

    10 posts in November LFG!

  48. Samuel


    Hey Spencer,

    Accountability groups is a genius idea! I like it! I’m all in. I will be creating a total of 9 blog posts for the month of Nov for my blog:

    I joined the facebook group and email.

    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      Thanks for joining Samuel! Love how you’re targeting such a specific market on your blog…

  49. Tim Murphy

    Tim Murphy

    I’m in as well. My goal is to create at least 6 articles for the month of Nov. and at least 1 video (we’ve haven’t done any videos before). My site is

  50. Jason Hill

    Jason Hill

    Can someone who is new to blogging join the content creation group? I have written on hubpages, messed around with blogger; but I am still very much new to internet marketing/blogging etc. My goal would be to create 20 substantial blog posts and launch my blog at the end of November. I love to write, and I love a good challenge. I have been struggling to make money online for several years buying numerous clickbank products that sound appealing but have yet to find anything that really works. I stumbled across this site and creating niche websites makes sense to me, it’s a numbers game. I look forward to getting to know and develop relationships with fellow bloggers and would love any guidance, tips, critisism etc. Thank you for taking the time to share what you have learned over the years and for creating the content creation group!

    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      Yes, you can still join the group! Welcome…

  51. dawn


    I need this. I’ve started a new blog, but am having a hard time starting to post. I know the best thing to do is just write but for some reason can’t (fear of failing?). This will get me moving. My goal will be to write 8 posts for the month.


  52. John



    This will fit well with overall plan to cull majority of lists i’m on; complete a WP course i bought & finally get a site up even if it’s not perfect. November’s a tad early for me but aiming at 5 posts per month December onwards.

  53. Brian


    Spencer, I like the way you think!
    I’m in for 1 article per week. This will be a challenge for me because I have a few different sites but as you posted several weeks ago; start posting as authority sites and not slim content sites. Since I am transitioning to more of an authority site mentality; It will be interesting to see my efforts over the next few months.


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