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Seattle Rock n’ Roll Marathon This Weekend!

Seattle Rock n’ Roll Marathon This Weekend!

On Saturday, June 25th, I will be running in the Seattle Rock n’ Roll Marathon!  I have been training for quite a while and am excited to run the race.  I just thought I’d make a quick post about it so you all know what’s going on with me besides niche websites.

As many of you may know, I ran my first full marathon last September.  I finished in a time of 3hrs and 59 minutes, which was about 17 minutes slower than my goal.  I was happy to finish under 4 hours, but I felt like I could have done better.  So, within a few weeks I had signed up for my 2nd marathon and have been training basically ever since.

I feel like my speed and overall endurance has improved quite a bit since I attempted my last marathon.  My goal this time around is 3hrs and 30 minutes.  That equates to an 8 minute mile pace for 26.2 miles.  Just to see how that time stacks up against other marathoners I thought it would be interesting to show some stats.

The average marathon time for men is 4 hours 32 minutes and 5 seconds, the average marathon time for women is 5 hours 6 minutes and 8 seconds.

I also found this chart interesting from

2009 Finishing Times by Half Hour

Finish Time* Total % Female % Male %
2:05:41-2:29:59 599 0.1% 22 0.0% 577 0.2%
2:30:01-2:59:59 8,369 1.8% 653 0.3% 7,716 2.8%
3:00:00-3:30:00 42,689 9.1% 6,496 3.4% 36,193 13.0%
3:30:00-4:00:00 96,465 20.6% 30,099 15.9% 66,366 23.8%
4:00:00-4:30:00 100,611 21.5% 41,048 21.7% 59,563 21.4%
4:30:00-5:00:00 86,972 18.6% 39,823 21.1% 47,149 16.9%
5:00:00-5:29:59 54,380 11.6% 27,432 14.5% 26,948 9.7%
5:30:00-5:59:59 35,246 7.5% 18,748 9.9% 16,498 5.9%
6:00:00-6:30:00 18,180 3.9% 10,345 5.5% 7,835 2.8%
6:30:00-6:59:59 11,634 2.5% 7,037 3.7% 4,597 1.6%
7:00:00-7:29:59 5,280 1.1% 3,283 1.7% 1,997 0.7%
7:30:01-7:59:59 3,020 0.6% 1,788 0.9% 1,232 0.4%
8:00:00-8:29:58 1,579 0.3% 878 0.5% 701 0.3%
8:30:00-9:00:00 978 0.2% 518 0.3% 460 0.2%
9:00:03-14:44:04 1,559 0.3% 711 0.4% 848 0.3%
Total 467,561 100% 188,881 100% 278,680 100%

*based on chip time, when available

So, as you can see from this chart, if I can finish just under 3 hours and 30 minutes (my goal time), I will be in the top 11% of all marathoners!  I actually find this a little odd because I am not really a very good distance runner naturally (more of a sprinter/quick muscle sports) – and don’t consider myself all that competitive.  And truthfully, I really am not competitive at all.  For example, just to qualify for the Boston Marathon a male in my age group (33) needs to have a time of 3 hours and 5 minutes.

Boston Marathon
Qualifying Standards

(effective for 2013 race)
Age Men Women
18–34 3hrs 5min 3 hrs 35min
35–39 3hrs 10min 3 hrs 40min
40–44 3hrs 15min 3 hrs 45min
45–49 3hrs 25min 3 hrs 55min
50–54 3hrs 30min 4 hrs 0min
55–59 3hrs 40min 4 hrs 10min
60–64 3hrs 55min 4 hrs 25min
65–69 4hrs 10min 4 hrs 40min
70–74 4hrs 25min 4 hrs 55min
75–79 4hrs 40min 5 hrs 10min
80+ 4hrs 55min 5 hrs 25min

There is no way I could EVER run a marathon that fast! So, I’m not really competitive at all, but its fun to simply set a goal and try to accomplish that goal.  So, we’ll see what I can do!

This race should be a fun one though because my wife is also running the half-marathon on the same day!  She just started running a year or so ago, so this will be her first half-marathon.  I also have a friend running the full-marathon with me and then my wife’s sister and a few other friends are running the half-marathon with my wife.  So, we are going to hang out in Seattle Friday and Saturday and should have a good time.  The only bad part will be the 3 and a half hours that I will be running!  Before and after should be a lot of fun.

Anyway, I know most of you don’t care most likely, but that’s what is on my mind this week, so I thought I would let you all know about it!  And of course, I will make a post next week with my official results to let you know if I beat my goal or fail miserably…

Okay, I need to go find some keywords now….later!

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  1. Tom


    Good luck on your run! I’m sure you’ll do well since you’ve been training up for it.

    • Spencer


      Thanks Tom!

  2. Youssef


    This year I finished LA Marathon at 3hrs and 59 minute. Your exact time, Spencer. You could use my email address to check on this. My prevoius year I finished the same MArathon at 4hrs and 00 minute. Go figure.

    Good luck…Should be fun!

    • Spencer


      Youssef – that’s awesome! I really think I am better trained this time around, so that’s the only reason I think I can get my time down so much.

  3. Ben


    Good luck Spencer!
    When you say you are not competitive, you mean that you don’t plan on getting first place. Your competitive spirit, however, is very evident. Who else would list the finish times of marathons by percent. That little boost you get when you pass someone on the trail…yeah..that is from your competitive nature.

    • Spencer


      Hey Ben – I suppose you are right that I am competitive in that sense. If I saw you struggling on the marathon trail, I would definitely push myself a little bit harder to pass you up!

  4. aldo


    Have Fun there!

    Is nice to be out of the business for physical health .

  5. Lemuel


    Good luck and have fun.

    I run also but not that fast as you are 🙂

  6. Victor


    We care 🙂

    Best of luck to you and your wife!

    • Spencer


      Thanks Victor!

  7. Justin | AdSense Flippers

    Justin | AdSense Flippers

    Wow, Spencer, that’s awesome!

    Thanks for reminding us we need to get away from our computers and smart phones every once in a while! lol I should really set some work-out goals. I know some people like to blog about it because it motivates them and their readers keep them on track…does it help you, do you think?

    • Spencer


      I don’t really blog much about it; this might be the first time I have mentioned it on this blog. But I would imagine if I did make others more aware of my goals, etc it would help me stay more motivated…

  8. Victor


    I know I love to hear what is happening in your life and the goals you have outside of your business.

    But there is a line I think, which you have not crossed:

    Other people in the passive income community have been doing frequent posts about getting ripped or something to that effect. Only to then drop some click bank product affiliate link. Its a sure fire way to lose my attention. I don’t know about anyone else but, those methods steal focus from what the site was made for.

    So its one thing to make frequent personal updates, and another to place nutritional info on a marketing site.You could have tossed in an affiliate link about some product that has improved your performance, but didn’t. So kudos Spencer! Its why I know your the best in the business 🙂 To the point and honest, like a human being and not an infomercial 😛

    • Spencer


      Victor – thanks for the encouragement! I know exactly what you mean about others sharing personal info just to try and sell some lame product. Trust me, I won’t be selling any marathon related products here! In fact, you may have noticed that I am not selling any affiliate products here really. I think I have 1 page and 1 post in total that even have affiliate links on them.

      Anyway, I may continue to share updates about sports/exercise, etc – but don’t plan on selling anything related to that at all. I don’t know if I’m the “best in the business”, but I appreciate the compliment!!

  9. Kaz


    Great job, Spencer. I only wish I could run anywhere near those sorts of distances or those sorts of times! I’m still down at the 5km and 10km fun run level!
    It’s good to read about your other life goals and see that you apply the same level of ambition in your sporting/personal pursuits as your online pursuits.
    You are an inspiration in many ways!

    • Spencer


      Thanks Kaz!

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