Post Penguin Niche Site Experiment

At the request of Trent Dyrsmid, I’ve taken down his guest post that was here originally.  The outpouring of comments from people that disliked Trent’s methods was a bit overwhelming. Neither I nor Trent wanted to take the time or energy to step in and respond to all of the comments.  I will say that many of them were valid arguments, and some were not.  However, Trent has decided to re-post the same article directly on his blog here; if you care to continue the discussion there.

Due to this guest post and the comments made, I will be changing my guest post acceptance procedures.  I will only be accepting posts that are of significant quality AND line up directly with what I would teach others about building sites.  I still feel like Trent’s case study is interesting and worth reading, but I can also agree that some of the tactics used are not what I would recommend to others.  In fact, Trent wasn’t trying to say these were tactics that others should use – he was simply reporting on results he found from trying out different things.

I love the community here at!  Thanks for making your voices heard.

How Long Tail Pro Can Help You Capture Way More Search Engine Traffic

If your business could benefit in any way from getting more search engine traffic, I have some good news.

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What are “long tail keywords”? Essentially, these are words or phrases that people type into the search engines to find very specific things. Rather than searching for “dog training” a user might search for “how to potty train a pitbull”.

This is an example of a Long Tail Keyword. To visualize how Long Tail Keywords work...

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  1. James says:

    Good call taking down the post Spencer. Also glad to hear you will be updating your guest posting policy.

    I think a lot of valid points were made in the comments.

    You really need to be careful nowadays when creating niche websites as you could really get slammed hard by Google updates for doing the wrong thing.

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