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One Specific Method to Diversify Your Niche Site Revenue Instantly

One Specific Method to Diversify Your Niche Site Revenue Instantly

This is a guest post by Sunil at  Before I turn it over to Sunil I wanted to add my input and say that I think this is a great strategy for certain types of niche sites.  I currently am monetizing one of my niche sites using the method he describes below in addition to adsense on the site.  This one additional method made me approximately $400 last month on that one site.  So, I fully endorse this idea!  As a caveat, this method will not work on all niche sites, as some keywords just don’t make sense to do this for.  However, Sunil has some great strategies that I hadn’t thought of before which I actually hope to implement in the near future.  Sunil will take it from here:

Like Spencer, I too have a deep interest in niche websites. Currently I own a portfolio of 20 niche websites, some of which are monetized as much as 5 other ways aside from Google Adsense.

Four of those ways are through affiliate commissions (marketing relevant affiliate products), private advertisement revenue (vendors who pay me a fixed fee to slap an ad on my site), lead generation and Amazon store integration (adding a retail component to your niche site).

Although all of these have proved out lucrative for me, there is one specific method I want to discuss in this post that can instantly boost your niche site revenue and at the same time is just as passive and residual in nature as making money from Google Adsense.  This method is the sale of your own information product on your niche website.

Selling Information Products on Your Niche Site

Because a niche site focuses on a very narrow niche or topic, you know that your audience is interested in that topic and nothing but that topic.  Whereas an affiliate product may or may not be an exact match, or whether a vendor exists who provides a product or service relevant and very specific to your niche, you can customize an information product to be very specific to your niche.

I am not recommending creating a DVD set or some sort of a digital behemoth. Rather I am suggesting putting together a simple report or ebook that you can sell on your niche website. What I like about ebooks is that they are relatively easy to create and are fairly passive in nature.  In fact, for some of my niche sites that are in the 100 page range, I have compiled all the pages in a chronological manner to form an ebook.

Since the quality content has already been created once, I am simply repackaging and rearranging it in a book / report format. In addition, if you write an ebook on a somewhat evergreen topic, you may never have to update it again, but yet benefit from the residual and passive sales each time someone buys it. It can’t get more passive than that.

Leveraging Big Name Platforms

What I like even better about producing and selling an information product on your niche site is that there are several platforms today that allow you to submit your ebook where it gets instant exposure to a brand new readership base who are always waiting for the next new release. I am referring to platforms such as Google Books, Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble nook.

Once your product is created, you simply need to distribute it through these networks at no cost to you. Each takes just a few minutes of your time. The rest of the process works on its own on a fairly automated basis while you sit back and collect your royalties as your books sell over time.

Let me open my kimono and show you how I have specifically implemented this monetization method.  Below is an image of how my ebook looks when marketed on my niche website.  As you can see, the ebook is always advertised on the right hand column regardless of what page of the website the reader is on. This ensures maximum exposure for my ebook to the traffic my website generates. This ebook is hosted on the ClickBank platform, therefore a fairly automated sales, fulfillment and accounting process for me.

What’s even better is that ClickBank has its own army of affiliates that are waiting for the next product to market.  Since I offer a generous 75% commission on most my products, I get a fair share of sales from affiliates. You can view the full page on my Dubai Information niche site.

Once successfully on my site, I take the same ebook and submit to Google Books through the Google Partner Program, a program launched recently to compete with the Kindle platform.  Here is how one of my ebooks looks on the Google Books platform.

Once submitted to Google, the next stop is Amazon Kindle. Here is how one of my ebooks looks on the Amazon Kindle platform:


Amazon keeps 70% of every sale and remits 30% to the publisher. In comparison, Google has a much higher payout .  Barnes and Noble on the other hand gives roughly 40% to the publisher. Below is an image of how one of my ebooks looks with the Barnes and Noble Nook platform.

Is submitting to each platform worth your time and effort? You bet. You can just imagine the exponential growth in sales you can derive from this initiative because each platform has its own loyal reader base. There are a group of Kindle readers, then there are a group on Nook readers, and then those that prefer reading on various Android devices.

Readers: How do you feel about adding this monetization method to your niche sites? Since you already  have the content, why not repackage it and create a brand new stream of income coming from several sources? Since you already have targeted traffic coming to your niche site, why not expose them to what they are looking for? After all, a $19.99 ebook sale can mean much more than hundreds of Adsense clicks. What do you think?

All the best,


Sunil owns a portfolio of profitable niche websites and is the author of “How to Go from $0 to $1,000 a month in Passive and Residual Income in Under 180 Days All in Your Spare Time“, a FREE report you can download instantly from his Extra Money Blog, where he discusses expedited wealth building through solid personal finance, entrepreneurship and internet marketing. You can read more about him here.

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  1. Joe Magnotti | AdSense Flippers

    Joe Magnotti | AdSense Flippers

    Cool Spencer, a guest post!

    Interesting strategy here, Justin and need to find a way to boost our underperforming sites. Especially sites that get the traffic, but simply don’t have the right revenue. Perhaps this is something we should entertain.

    • Sunil from Extra Money Blog

      Sunil from Extra Money Blog

      Joe – this strategy specifically works for the kind of sites you mention indeed. that is how I started as well, and when I saw the results I implemented the same strategy on all my niche sites.

    • Spencer


      I agree that in particular sites that are getting a lot of traffic could be good candidates for adding an info product. The niche has to be right, but there are certainly lots of opportunities here.

  2. David


    This is an interesting strategy however how does this work for small niche sites that only have 5 – 10 pages of content? There wouldn’t be enough info to make an e-book from that.

    With regards to adding this to an authority site, then yes no doubt this would be worthwhile.

    • Sunil from Extra Money Blog

      Sunil from Extra Money Blog

      Most definitely does David. You can have a report and not necessarily a book. I have a small report for $9.99 on my smaller sites. That said, you can always get a nice book outsourced and sell it for a healthier price point if the niche calls for it….

      • Spencer


        I agree with Sunil here. In fact, the ebook I sell on one of my sites is all content that I had written specifically for the book. So, the book contains information that is not found on my site. My site was perhaps only 20 posts or so when I started selling the book, but there is no reason you couldn’t sell a book on a 5 page “small niche site”. You just need to hire someone (or do it yourself) to write content specifically for the book.

  3. Ryan


    Great idea. I’m not ready for this yet, but this is one I’ll file away for the right keyword down the road. I’m just getting started in this area and currently have 3 sites I’m working on. In fact had my first adsense click today for a grand total of………..$.32 Yes, cents.

    Admittedly I didn’t do a great job of seeing how much money was in the niche I first went after, but I am learning rapidly.

    • Spencer


      Hey Ryan – that’s great that you have 3 sites up and running. The best way to learn is by doing. And $0.32 is not a bad start! If the site gets enough traffic, then 32 cent clicks will add up quick!

      • Ryan


        Thanks for the encouragement. I’ve got too many things going at once right now. I just need to focus. I’m hopefully getting my first iPhone app submitted this week also that I outsourced. Once that is done, I can focus more on my sites.

    • Sunil from Extra Money Blog

      Sunil from Extra Money Blog

      Another thing to consider is that the book doesn’t have to be on the main keyword of your niche site. Example: your main keyword can be rotator cuff injuries, but your book can really talk about rotator cuff exercises to fix those injuries. I have found this to work wonders, as the topics are highly correlated and folks interested in reading about injuries likely have them and need to get better perhaps through exercises 😉

  4. Jay


    I think in some niches the idea will be really good but i also think that in most offering a free ebook via an email submit to build a mailing list will be better…
    till it’s free your CTR will be a lot greater and the emails in you list can be used for ever… if you want to sell an ebook you could even use a free ebook to promote you $30 ebook!
    the idea is good but should be modified in most cases imo

    • Sunil from Extra Money Blog

      Sunil from Extra Money Blog

      Jay I see where you are going with your freebie giveaway idea. If I were building an authority site I’d totally do that. But when I build a niche site the idea is to set it and forget it, thus I choose to sell it instead. Have a look at my blog, where I give away a free comprehensive report for free on making $1,000 a month in passive income in exchange for a sign up.

    • Sunil from Extra Money Blog

      Sunil from Extra Money Blog

      Jay – forgot to mention. Have a look at some of my niche sites where I have an email capture in exchange for a series of tips/etc. Folks sign up, I send them tips on auto pilot and at the same time soft sell my ebooks.

      • Jay


        sunil thanks for the feedback 🙂
        will take a look!

  5. Carl


    Interesting read… what I would like to know is where Sunil is getting his reports outsourced for under $10! I would love to have some reports made…

    • Sunil from Extra Money Blog

      Sunil from Extra Money Blog

      Carl – where did you see $10? While I do not pay $10, it’s not very expensive to have someone compile existing content already on your site in a sequential / chronological manner and reword some here and there to make it flow like a book. Now I do sell them for $9.99 a pop sometimes.

  6. Jamie


    Great post. I have been meaning to do just this for a while on several niche sites I own, but just haven’t got around to it. For anyone wanting to test the water too, check out Amazon and Clickbank for similar ebooks or information products that are already selling within your niche.

    You can test for conversions, and if you see a decent conversion, create your own for more profit.

    There are ebooks, books, and other information products ready and waiting right now on both platforms above that will fit some of your niche sites!


    • Sunil from Extra Money Blog

      Sunil from Extra Money Blog

      Great add on Jamie. I endorse the idea of testing what’s out there for market research. In fact, there are niche sites I have build specifically to sell ebooks and I have done extensive research on what’s selling on Amazon and such before diving in. For these sites I have employed Jay’s suggestion partly in that I capture email IDs and then I promote the books through email, as well as on my site. Works wonders.

  7. jonknep


    Nice one Sunil. Even for sites where releasing a paid product isn’t optimal (like review sites) I’ve still found value in releasing free review guides/reports. Great for link building and generally just keeping readers engaged.


    • Sunil from Extra Money Blog

      Sunil from Extra Money Blog

      totally Jonknep. for my sites where paid products are not optimal, i give out free books/reports with affiliate links embedded. these work great as silent sales machines.

  8. Joe Manger

    Joe Manger

    Hey Sunil,

    great strategy! I’m curious: out of the other sites you submit your ebook to (Clickbank, Amazon, Google), which tend to perform best?


    • Sunil from Extra Money Blog

      Sunil from Extra Money Blog

      Joe, good question. Amazon outperforms all, followed by Barnes and Google. for some niche sites I own, direct sales from my site through Clickbank trumps all

  9. Dan


    Great post. Can I ask how you go about formatting your book for Kindle and Nook? Is there an efficient way to do this?

    • Sunil from Extra Money Blog

      Sunil from Extra Money Blog

      Dan – both platforms walk you through this. If you have a .doc and .pdf copies, you should be fine with a direct upload and they convert it into their formats. Google is the roughest when it comes to uploading in the right format.

  10. Steve


    Sunil, did you notice a drop in sales the last months? Just curious. For some reasons, people seem to stop buying ebooks that were selling well for years…From your experience: In what niches people are more willing to buy a book than others?

    • Sunil from Extra Money Blog

      Sunil from Extra Money Blog

      Steve, I did for sites that were hit by the Panda update. However, sales on other platforms sustained their course. Books on “how to” topics or ones that connect to human emotion (“dog training”) sell the best for me.

  11. Hard Boiled Greg

    Hard Boiled Greg

    I think this is a great idea, especially on sites that have been around for a while.

    Someone who visits this site or SPI might definitely choose to have all of the best content curated for them in a neat package instead of digging around in old posts, that may or may not still be relevant.

    There are a lot of people who will gladly spend a few dollars if it means greater efficiency and saving time.


    • Sunil from Extra Money Blog

      Sunil from Extra Money Blog

      great point HBG – that is exactly the premise behind packaging the site’s content into an ebook format. not to mention portability (don’t need to be connected to access the info)

    • Spencer


      Hard Boiled Greg (love the name!):

      Yep, I agree that larger blogs/sites could sell their old posts or other repackaged content quite well.

      Thanks for the comment!

  12. Nick


    Hi Spencer,

    Thank-you for introducing us to Sunil.

    Sunil, great article and your website looks to be a fantastic resource.

  13. Michael


    Hmm – this seems like a great idea. I think this is something Spencer has suggested I do in the past as well too if I pick the right niche.

    I’ll consider that with some of my bigger sites. Repacking the information into an eBook.

    I’ve always wanted to create an eBook.

    However selling it for $19.99 seems a bit steep. I’d be even happy to sell an eBook for $5. However if you value the book too low will people think its low quality and therefore not want to buy it? I guess there is a fine line here.

    • Spencer


      Michael – I don’t think $19.99 is too much for an ebook depending on the niche and the quality of the book. The one I sell for is $17, but I am considering testing it out at $27. If you provide a unique angle or information in the book that fits a very specific need – 20 bucks is an okay price. I think $5 is probably too low as you will indeed position yourself as the low quality provider. You also wont make much money. Just something to think about. There is a lot of strategy that goes into pricing products…

      • Sunil from Extra Money Blog

        Sunil from Extra Money Blog

        I agree with Spencer. Don’t sell yourself short. I have found the $19 price point to be a sticker. At the end of the day split testing will tell you best…but I do not feel $19 is steep, especially given the quality of your content

  14. Desmond


    Great post Spencer.

    As great as adsense can be at times for generating revenue, i’m always looking for ways to monetize my sites. Never know when Google is gona pull the plug on ya.

    I’m still far from selling an ebook or any information product.

    But that idea will be in my backburner.

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