Podcast 7: Building a Brand with Pat Flynn

Podcast 7: Building a Brand with Pat Flynn

I had the great privilege of interviewing Pat Flynn recently.  I’ve always respected what Pat Flynn is doing over on his blog, and enjoy the business insights that he is able to offer.

Many of you are already familiar with Pat’s story, but this podcast interview certainly covers more than just his background and what he’s up to right now.  I was able to dig a little deeper into his thoughts about his niche site strategies and some of the recent Google updates.

One of the things that I have always been impressed about with Pat is his ability to build a brand and a loyal following.  After all, someone who is able to garner over 21,000 fans on Facebook is doing something right!  Throughout the interview, Pat gives lots of tips about marketing and branding.

A big part of Pat’s brand is building trust, being completely open, and always willing to share whats working for him and what’s not.  His answers during this podcast are no different.

Some of the topics that we covered included Pat’s background and how he built GreenExamAcademy.com and SmartPassiveIncome.com. Then I was able to dig a little deeper on Pat’s thoughts on niche sites and why he thinks having 10 niches sites is better than 1.

I was also very excited to pick Pat’s brain on iPhone apps.  So, I was able to get some details on both the good and the bad of building iPhone apps.  Can you believe that he owns 27 iPhone apps right now!  I didn’t realize he had so many.  I loved some of the tips that he was able to give on owning and managing an iPhone app business.

As you all know, I am releasing my own iPhone app in just a few days – so he gave me some realistic advice as well as sharing some inspirational stories of iPhone app success.

Also, why does Pat keep a shoebox next to his desk?  You’ll have to listen to find out!

Finally we covered some of the ambitions that Pat has over the next 5 years of so.

Specifically, here are some of the sites that we discussed:

Overall, Pat covered so many great tid-bits about building a solid brand for yourself and your business that its tough to highlight them all here in the re-cap.  If nothing else, if you are able to listen and not only apply what Pat says specifically about building a brand, but also pay attention to what he is doing in his business; you will be able to pick up some exceptional guidance on taking your own business to the next level.

Enjoy the show!

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Please leave your thoughts, questions, or comments below, Pat and I would love to know what you think!

Listen to the Podcast Below

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  1. Mike says:

    LOL I just checked to see if you had a new post, was looking for the Pat Flynn interview! Good Timing


  2. Shuck says:

    Hey Spencer, Awesome podcast.

    I really like the “box” example that Pat gave. I think that is the one the biggest mistakes people make in this business is working on too much at the same time.

    Take 1 idea/website/app/book (whatever it is), and finish it, then move on.

    For me, I’m working on kindle books and testing out facebook ads. The kindle book thing is really hands off, so I just have someone write a couple books a week and that’s done. The rest of the time is trying to capitalize on facebook ads.

    Thanks Spencer!

    • Spencer Haws says:

      Thanks Shuck! Yes, the box example by Pat was great. I had never thought of prioritizing projects like that before, but it makes perfect sense!

      Kindle ebooks and facebook ads sounds like a couple of interesting projects…

  3. Awesome interview! I’ve listened to just about every interview with Pat but you definitely asked some good questions I’ve never heard before :). Pat – LOVE the boxes example, makes total sense to me!


  4. Aqif Azizan says:

    Love this interview. One of the top advice is, ‘Putting the reader first, money will come later.’

    Thank you for both of you, Pat and Spencer. :D

  5. Job Vile says:

    Thanks Pat flynn, i will never stop listening and following you up online, no matter where you go, you are just to honest and plain, these are thoughts some cone men will like to convert to WSO

  6. Tashia says:

    Thank you for this interview. I found it really interesting and sat through it all at once. Great tips, great questions, and great answers.

  7. Monja says:

    Awesome! Thanks a lot – I will grab it and while going to the physiotherapist later today I will enjoy the interview.

  8. Great interview and pat is one of the most likeable guy in the internet marketing niche.. He does deserve his success.

  9. Phil Jensen says:

    Looking forward to listening to the podcast….you’ve both provided some well needed motivation over the last few months.

    And Spencer…..still loving Long Tail Pro!!!



  10. Chris G. says:

    I’m listening now!

  11. Neil Goodman says:

    Loved the interview, Spencer–one of your best podcasts yet!


  12. Pat says:

    Thanks again for the interview Spencer, it was fun and you asked a lot of great questions. It was nice to get into more of the niche site side of things with you :)

    Thanks also to all of the above commenters for the kind words and support! If anyone has any questions, please let me know. Cheers!

  13. Michal says:

    I never get enough of Pat Flynn’s success story and it might have been the umpteenth time he broke it for me in your podcast Spencer. He’s just such a likeable guy. And a model to follow, needless to say, although my take on things is a bit different. Especially when it comes to beginning bloggers / niche site devs.

  14. Rich Sabena says:

    i have site with revenue over $55 from adsense in last 30 days, iam looking for sale 10 x revenue, anyone interested ? contact me on rich.sabena@yahoo.com

  15. Rex says:

    Hey Spencer,

    Very useful app. Definitely worth a try.

    I would like to ask if there is any Android version for that?


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