My New WordPress Theme Release

My New WordPress Theme Release

I am happy to announce that my new WordPress theme for niche websites will be released tomorrow at 6:30pm PST!  This is a project that I have been actively working on since September of 2011.

UPDATE: You Can Now Purchase the Niche Website Theme Here!

I have mentioned this new theme a couple of times here and here, but I wanted to give a few more details on how the theme can help making niche websites easier.  And in addition, I wanted to announce the first ever webinar I am doing for the Niche Pursuits community in conjunction with the release of this new theme.

You can register for the Live Webinar right here that will be held on Tuesday March 6th at 5:30pm PST.

Creation of the New WordPress Theme

I wanted to give a little background as to why I decided to create a theme, and then discuss in a little more detail what it does.  As you are probably aware, I have created hundreds of niche websites over the past couple of years.  In fact, I created close to 100 niche websites in 2011 alone.

One of the struggles that I constantly run into (and perhaps you have to) is finding a different looking theme for each of my websites.  As I have discussed here, I feel that its best to try and not have each of your sites look exactly the same.  In the odd chance that a manual reviewer were to look at all your sites, its certainly a red flag if they all look exactly the same.

As a result, I have spent hours looking for new themes for each of my sites to accomplish a new look and feel for each of them.  This gets very time consuming.  In fact, I often am resigned to using the same theme on many of my sites, which is less than ideal.

So, the thought occurred to me: What if I had a theme that was easily customizable to create a new look and feel each time it was installed on a new website?  I wanted something that would allow me very quickly without any programming to change background colors, menu colors, link colors, and the complete look of the site.  In addition, I wanted to be able to specify how many sidebars it had; which side they were on all with a click.

Well, I couldn’t find anything quite like this, so I decided to create it myself.

Along the way, I discussed the idea with Chris Guthrie over at and we decided to partner up.  He brought some additional ideas to the table and knew a great programmer he had worked with previously.  So, now over the last 6 months we have been working together to create what we consider to be the ultimate theme for creating niche websites.

On Tuesday night, Chris and I will be holding a live webinar together to demonstrate the theme.

What is So Great About the Theme?

I won’t be able to include all of the features of the theme here, but here’s is a brief list:

  • Ability to create unlimited variations of site layout, ad positions, and color combinations.
  • Complete control over how your site looks without any programming required (Point and click stuff).
  • Test ad positioning, colors, sizes, and more.  In conjunction with using custom Google Adsense channels, the theme will automatically rotate different variations of ads for you to help you determine which ads earn the most and get the highest click through rates.
  • Easily upload custom logos, headers, or backgrounds without using the stylesheet or other coding.
  • Automatically turn dates off posts so Google doesn’t view your content as “old”.
  • Insert social links to make your content easier to share.
  • Many other features as well.

In a nutshell, the theme will save you hours of time from searching for a different theme for each site.  And will save you time from trying to figure out how to get your ads to show up in the right location, or trying to figure out how to edit the stylesheet just right to make your theme look the way you want.

And of course, you can really increase your earnings with the theme because of the built in ad rotation feature that can help you pick your best performing ads.

Learn More on the Live Webinar

Of course, its nice to read about the benefits of the new theme, but if you really want to see what the looks like, what it does, and how it can help you with your sites, you need to see it in action!  So, if you are at all interesting in checking out this new theme from Chris and I, please join us tomorrow – Tuesday March 6th at 5:30PM PST by registering here.

Not only will we be giving a live demo of the theme, but we will also be giving some great content on how to improve the performance of your existing sites…even if you are not using our theme.  In addition, we hope to have some time for questions if you have anything specific about niche websites, themes, or earning more with your sites.

UPDATE: You Can Now Purchase the Niche Website Theme Here!


If you have any pre-webinar questions or anything you would like to ask about the theme right now, go ahead and leave a comment below.  As this is my first webinar to the Niche Pursuits community, I hope to have many of you join me tomorrow!

Update: The theme is now available for purchase at!

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  1. Sounds great Spencer! I’m now off to find out if that time is in the middle of the night in Sydney or not lol :)

  2. Stevewyman says:

    Hi Spencer,

    Looking forward to seeing this new theme. Imsure it will be awesome and effective for some of my Adsense sites :-)


  3. Adem says:

    Can’t wait to see what it looks like!

  4. TRENDS says:

    Looking forward to it Spencer and to the results.

    Knowing you guys, it’s probably top notch, fully tested and ready to roll.

    P.S. make sure it doesn’t leave a blueprint like when the 100k adsense guys had a link in the bottom of their theme. Why “speculatively” made many of their students get whacked last yr some time.

    All the best!

    • Spencer says:

      Yes, we have been testing live on quite a number of sites and beta users already. And NO there will be no links hidden or otherwise in the theme.

  5. Daniel says:

    hi Spencer,

    I’m really curious about the webinar but unfortunately won’t be able to attend. Is it going to be recorded for later viewing?


  6. I’m all signed up and look forward to the webinar and the theme!

    See you there…

  7. JayDee says:

    Hi Spencer … I’d love to check into your seminar, but unfortunately I think the time difference here in Oztralia is going to mean that I will miss it. Are you planning a replay or similar for those that cant make it?


  8. Kate says:

    Hi Spencer,

    Looking forward to you showcasing the new theme but not sure I can stay awake for the webinar as it will be 01:30 here in the UK.

    Will it be recorded? I hope you will allow us non-attendees the special webinar pricing?


  9. Kyle proctor says:

    I was going to get ctr but decided to wait until after your unvailing of this theme. Great timing.

  10. Sud.L says:

    How much buddy?

    And the best thing I like to stress is
    please make sure about the rights we have!

    Can’t help in seeing your killer Adsense theme :-)


  11. This is something that I think a lot of us have been waiting for. I’ll be interested in checking it out.

  12. James says:

    Very cool that your theme is out! Will try and make the webinar tomorrow evening. Thanks.

  13. Andre Garde says:

    Sounds good, Spencer. Looking forward to pitting this directly against the more common AdSense themes.

  14. Matt says:

    Hi Spencer,

    Is this theme specifically for Adsense sites or do you think it would work well with Amazon style sites as well?

    • Spencer says:

      Matt – It will work well for Amazon style sites as well. The ad zones allow you to put any type of advertising code, including amazon or any other besides adsense.

  15. Desmond says:

    Hi Spencer,

    Sounds great, I will definitely be picking this one up.

  16. Gautam says:

    Hi Spencer:

    This will be a great flexible theme for sure…
    Is this just for niche sites (Affiliate, Adsense, Amazon, CAP etc.) or can be used for local business too?

    Also, if I recall, you mentioned that not to use the same theme (may be 4-5 site per theme) for all youe niche sites so that there is NO footprint!
    Is your theme address this issue by mixing (sort of spinning) the HTML markup or some other means?


    • Spencer says:

      Gautam – Sure you can use it for local businesses. Of course you are likely going to want to have a custom logo and/or header done for a local business, but the theme will make it very easy to implement.

      The key about the footprint is not so much using the same theme as it is with making all your sites look different in the chance of a manual review.

  17. A couple of things I would bring up, a) is the footer easily adjustable? Like for adding in a privacy policy link and a copyright? b) Can Google Adsense Search be used instead of the normal search for bringing in more money? And if so, can you set up a single search results page with no sidebars? (a problem I run into often with themes) c) Are you able to turn ads off on pages like About, Contact, Search and Privacy Policy? d) Do you have a static home page (like lifestyle) that can be used to show off your site and links? e) Is there a tool for doing interlinks quickly and painlessly? f) A placed to quickly drop in Analytics code.

    It’s a start! :) I’m sure I’ll be buying your theme. -Richard

    • Spencer says:

      a. Yes, you can use a footer wordpress menu to easily adjust what you want to display (pages, posts, categories, custom links, etc). Pages are in the footer by default.
      b. Yes, Google adsense search can be used. I’m not sure about the no sidebars for the results page.
      c. Yes, you can turn off ads on Pages, Posts, or Categories – whichever you select.
      d. You can have a static homepage.
      e. No special interlink tool – perhaps you can install a plugin.
      f. Yes, you can quickdrop analytics code.

  18. Shane says:


    I have the same concerns as @Gautam’s post. Is there a concern about using the same theme over and over again for sites?

  19. Stephen D. says:

    Sounds great Spencer, knowing your success rate, it should be very interesting, can’t wait to check it out.

  20. ade says:

    I cosign with Steve D., knowing your success rate with niche Adsense sites, I’m sure you have most of the bases covered.
    The frequent updates of LTP to keep up with changes in Google is a testament to that.

    All I want to know is, will there be a recording of the webinar, for those of us that may miss it, due to prior commitments?


  21. Desmond says:

    I look forward to purchasing the new theme, hopefully this can compete with themes like Thesis and Woo themes.

  22. Chris Guthrie says:

    Hey Spence,

    I probably can’t make the live webinar due to scheduling conflicts, but is there going to be a replay?

    If not I’ll set up a screen capture.


    • My mind is blown – I’m pretty sure I can make it on the webinar that I’m hosting with Spencer.

      Wow 2 Chris Guthrie’s and both working in this field :D

      • Yes there should be a replay barring any technical error.

      • Chris Guthrie says:

        Yup two Chris Guthrie’s. I’ve been asked many times if I am you when emailing folks… haha.

        • Mike Long says:

          Been there myself. There are at least two Mike Long’s working in IM, and I’ve been asked many times if I’m the guy that worked with John Reese and was involved in Magic” The Gathering.

          Nope, that’s the other guy. ;)

  23. looking forward to this one Spencer.


  24. Patrick says:

    Hi, I won’t be able to make the webinar so please email me when there is a live demo and a buy button.


  25. This is great timing for me! All signed up and ready to go :)

  26. says:

    Signed up already, hardly waiting to see new theme

  27. Hassan says:

    Hi there,

    I can’t help but wonder, is the theme going to be offered free?
    I’d love to attend the webinar and all, but I can’t since I’m overseas ATM.

  28. Federico says:

    Finally a webinar :)

    I was just thinking in purchase a theme , I’ll wait until tomorrow :)

    Man, will be too late over here in UK but I’ll do my best to attend it.


  29. David Dokken says:

    I’m looking forward to your first webinar and I’m very interested in your theme.

  30. Rudy says:

    Hi Spence and Chris,

    For the Theme Settings, is there any feature to “save” the layout and settings ? ( And restore the settings ? )

    This will be needed, if we need to move the blog ( Theme installed, setup and configure), which then when the blog moved to another hosting provider. This will reduce the time and effort to reconfigure the Theme on the new server.

  31. Dave says:

    Looking forward to the show tonight! I have a couple questions you may consider weaving into the discussion tonight if you can.

    1 – when creating a site, or batch of sites it’s easy to either keep tinkering and not moving on, or becoming distracted by other sites and not reaching a valid stopping point. Now, sites may never be truly 100% finished. But what is the marker for knowing when to step away and let a fresh site breathe on its own?

    2- with step 1 complete, what is a reasonable time to let the site sit before expecting to earn traffic and revs. I’ve seen you say 90 days. Is that still a good metric?

    Thanks again, look forward to the demo and theme.

  32. TRENDS says:

    Got The Theme… Webinar Rocked!

    A couple questions I had were…

    Will there be an option to 1. Remove the regular search box from the nav? 2. To add the google search box option from our ad sense account?

    3. Can you eventually provide different styles for the navigation box in the header? Even with the different layouts the current style still makes the theme look the same to me.

    Thanks guys, congrats on the launch!

    – TRENDS

  33. Sud.L says:

    Any update yet, Spencer?

  34. Andre Garde says:

    Thanks to Spencer and Chris for making such a great theme! Now I can retire CTR Theme.

    By the way, for those interested, the Niche Website Theme is compatible with ManageWP. I was able to install it successfully across a TON of websites in under a minute at the end of the webinar. I’ve activated it on two of my sites just to do an initial test run.

    Thanks again guys!

    • Spencer says:

      Awesome Andre! I saw your comment on the webinar, so thanks for sharing this!

    • Dencha says:


      How did you upload the theme folders to all your site using ManageWP?

      Were the theme folder zipped?

      I’m trying to upload them but I’m only allowed to select files to upload not whole folders (ex: Niche theme folder)

      BTW it’s the first time I heard of ManageWP… it makes managing all my niche site so much easier!!!

  35. susie says:

    Hi spenser,

    I’ve missed the webinar but that doesnt’ stop me from purchasing the theme from you. Just bought a while ago from this blog and can’t wait to install it tonite. Hope to listen to a replay or recording of your webinar. Thanks for all the inspirations….

  36. Dan says:

    Just wondering how the theme will be supported in the future and how users will get updates. Assuming that there will be updates in the future will they be free or will there be a fee.

    Thank you.

    • Dencha says:

      I’m not Spencer or Chris but during the webinar they did say that updates for theme will be free and auto-updates (like any other themes that need updating).

  37. doddy says:

    can i use this theme for amazon affiliate?

  38. Spencer,

    Do I need to put in my adsense code each time for every site I build, or is there an option to upload settings?

    • Spencer says:

      Mike: Right now you would need to input your adsense code on each new site; however, we are considering allowing users to save and upload settings as you suggest.

  39. Spencer,

    Yeah, the ability to upload settings would be a huge plus. That being said, it’s a great theme and I’ll probably be pulling out the credit card :-)

    Congrats on your success.

  40. Rod says:

    What theme(s) did you use before this?

    How do you backup your sites? WPTwin?


  41. Brenda says:

    I did it … and I’m thrilled. Thank you for making our lives easier.

    One question: can the header be adjusted size-wise?

    Thanks again Spencer and Chris … the webinar was excellent … who could resist?

  42. Josh says:

    Great theme, Spencer! I love the features! We bought it after your live webinar and we’re going to be using it to test out a ton of our niche sites.

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