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Monthly Authority Site Income Report – December 2011

Monthly Authority Site Income Report – December 2011

Happy New Year everyone!  I had a wonderful Holiday season celebrating Christmas and New Years with my family.  As I mentioned in my last post, I made a 1300 mile trek to Arizona (where I grew up) to be with parents, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, cousins, and friends.  I enjoyed my time away thoroughly, but I’m ready to get back to work in 2012!  I hope all of you are ready to do the same…

Before I completely jump into 2012, I wanted to update everyone on how my Authority Site is doing that I created in September of this year. This is an ongoing project for one site that stands in stark contrast to many of my “small” niche sites.  The main purpose of this site is to grow it into a large site as far as content (rather than 5 or 10 pages) and eventually build it into an “authority” in the niche I have chosen.  In the month of November, I was happy to reveal that my earnings for this site was $118.98.  I am even more happy to reveal that my site has continued to increase in revenue in December; which I will be discussing in detail below.  However, I would first like to discuss what I have been doing to the site.

Updates Made to My Authority Site

I have actually done quite a bit to my authority site in the past month or so.  As you may recall, my first go-round at creating an authority site was not successful.  I had actually created an original site and created around 70 unique articles to be placed on the site.  You can read more details about my first try at an authority site here.  I made the decision to basically take that original site down and start over.  So, the old site has not existed for a few months now.  The 70 articles from that original site are finally no longer indexed in Google.

So, in the beginning of December I began placing those old 70 articles onto my new site.  Since they are no longer indexed in Google, they will be seen a fresh new articles on my new site.  This appears to be the case as I have seen throughout this month.  I certainly did not put all of the articles on my site at once.  Instead, I have scheduled them to be posted at a rate of 1 new article per day.  Once they are all posted, there will be approximately 100 articles on my authority site.

I also switched the theme to a new one.  I have been less than satisfied with the click through rate for my Google Adsense ads, so I have been testing a few things out.  I tested out some different colors and now I am testing out this new theme.  I have indeed seen an improvement with the new theme, but I am certain that I can still improve the CTR even more.

Rank for My Authority Site

In my last report, I revealed that my Authority site was ranking at position 14 in Google.

My site is now ranked 11th in Google.

The site did bounce up to position 10 on Google for a few days, but is currently residing at 11.  I feel like it is only a matter of time now before I start moving up and hopefully to the front of page one.

In order to move my site up the ranks I have done 2 things.  First, I have added lots of high quality content.  Second, I have done some link building.

The content on the site is very high quality.  I hired an independent author on Elance for the majority of the articles.

Also, for linkbuilding I have done quite a bit.  I had my VA build links using My Article Network to about 20 of the inner pages of the site.  I also had him submit a couple of additional articles pointing to the root domain using Unique Article Wizard.  Finally, I submitted 8 articles via the Build My Rank network in the month of December.

Overall, its not a big move from ranking 14th in Google to position 11, but I’ll take it!  The traffic has been slowly increasing and I expect it to increase even more in the coming month as more of my articles get indexed and as I move higher in the ranks.

Authority Site Earnings

  • In the month of November my Authority Site earned: $118.98
  • In the month of December my Authority Site earned: $211.34
  • Monthly Earnings increase of $92.36 (+77.6%)

All the income has come from Google Adsense.

More Authority Sites in 2012!

For the last 4 months of 2011, I had set a private goal for myself to build 20 to 30 new small niche sites per month until the end of the year.  I accomplished that goal.  I am already seeing the fruits of my labor, as these sites have added a good amount to my monthly income.  I love building small niche sites, and I have found some real gems by doing so.  However, in 2012 I am going to be focusing my attention on building larger sites and hopefully creating even bigger winners.

I see it like this:  I already have a large group of niche websites working for me that are essentially passive in nature.  These small sites have created an income level for me that is much greater than what I was making at my old day job a year ago.  Now, that I have these small passive sites working in my favor, I am going to venture out and start building some larger sites with larger potential.  Larger sites take a bigger time and monetary investment, so I will obviously not be building as many.  My plan is to build perhaps 2 larger sites per month.

So, instead of finding lots of keywords that maybe only get 2 or 3k exact match searches per month, I will be hunting for 2 or 3 low competition keywords that get 20 to 30k (or more) searches per month.  In turn, I hope to be building sites that have the potential to each make me over $1 to $2k per month.  Obviously, I am well aware that some sites will not perform well, but if I play my cards right, I should be able to build several large sites this year that pull in 4 figures a month each.  That’s the plan.

So, I am keeping my small niche sites and will be using some of the profits generated from these to build larger, higher quality websites.  Of course, my small sites will be helping me in other ways as well.  Because I have tried out so many different niches, I know exactly which ones tend to perform well and I have developed an eye for a good niche when I see one.  So, I will certainly be building larger sites in some of the same niches that I already have small sites built in (bigger keywords though), but I will also be exploring new fields to find some more low competition keywords.


I am excited about the increased earnings and Google ranking of my Authority site.  I am going to be hitting the link building a bit harder this month and have high expectations for the site.  In addition, I’m excited about building more larger sites over the next 12 months.  In fact, I actually already got started!  I bought 2 domains for some larger site ideas that I had last month.  I will building the sites out this month!

Also, as discussed last month, I am building some Amazon niche sites as well.  I have these sites up and running and will be focusing on building links and more content to hopefully start seeing a return on these.  I will keep everyone up to date on this Amazon niche site project as well.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my Authority Site Project.  Do you have any questions or comments that you would like to add?  Go ahead and share what you have to say below!

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  1. Vijay


    Hi Spencer,
    I’m sure your authority site project will cross $1000 in less than three months with the current progress.

    Once you set the momentum it doesn’t take time. This is what I learned from my personal experience.

    Also I just want you to update us on your Amazon project. I really want to see the tips getting into this income stream.

    Hope 2012 is the great year ahead for you!


    • Spencer


      Vijay –
      Thanks for the vote of confidence…I would be VERY happy if the site crosses the $1000/mth threshold in a few months.

      I will definitely keep everyone up to date on my Amazon project. Not much to report yet, just got the sites build and added some articles to the sites. I haven’t even added any amazon affiliate links etc.

  2. Manyu


    Wow Spencer! Great job and I really liked your detailed report on it. Gives me a lot to think about too!

    Congrats! Looks like you are going to have a handful!

    • Spencer


      Thanks Manyu!

  3. James


    Congrats Spancer for your Authority site success.I own couple of 10 -15 page sites and thinking about building authority sites.

    What you suggest ? building authority adsense sites or small micro niches sites ?Which one is better business model ?

    • Spencer


      Both strategies can work. The route I took was building smaller sites at first because its very low investment and you can often see results very quickly (if you target the right keywords). However, larger sites probably have longer staying power. The choice is really yours…determine what model best fits your own set of circumstances.

      • James


        Thanks for your honest answer … 🙂

  4. Troy


    Excellent post. I’ve been focusing on one site. I like your diversified approach. It seems like it would be less influenced by SEO changes.

    Happy New Year and all the best in 2012!

    • Spencer


      You are certainly better diversified with multiple sites. If one sites tanks in the rankings it doesn’t affect other sites.

  5. Jon Haver

    Jon Haver

    Really good progress Spencer especially considering you are on Page #2!

    Getting up to page 1 over the next couple months will be a nice boost in earnings.

    Do you plan on moving away from the backlinking tools and getting higher value links(guest posts etc) for your more competitive authority site?

    Good luck!

    • Spencer


      Thanks Jon – Yes, I expect once I am on page 1 the traffic will pick up quite nicely.
      I don’t have any plans to change my link building strategies at this point. But perhaps in a few months I may consider alternative/higher quality sources of links.

  6. Gene


    Hey Spencer,

    First of all, Happy New Year! Second, congrats on your authority site’s continued (and growing) success 🙂

    I was wondering about something: when you say “low competition” for keywords that get 20k-30k searches, do you mean these are keywords that have one or more PR0 sites ranking on page1? I know this is something you look for when choosing small niches, but I’d be a bit astounded if you’re still finding these huge keywords with low comp… is this the case? For example, what kind of competition are you facing on page 1 for your current authority site?


    • Javier


      I’m wondering the same thing. What parameters do you use to measure competition for these keywords?

    • Spencer


      Yes, I still hope to find PR0 and very few backlinks in the top 10 results for keywords that have 20 to 30k searches. It will be much more difficult – but they are out there. In addition, I will target some keywords that will be a bit more competitive, but not much. Low competition is the key.

  7. Tom Ewer

    Tom Ewer

    Sounds like a great business plan Spencer. Whilst AdSense-based niche sites have clearly been awesome for you, it must be uncomfortable having all of your eggs in Google’s basket.

    With authority sites, you can look to diversify traffic and income streams away from Google and create solid long term assets.

    I wish you all the very best!



    • Spencer


      Hey Tom, yes I am always looking to diversify income streams. However, relying on Google Adsense does not make me nervous at all. What makes me nervous is relying on natural search engine traffic from Google. Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done without Google traffic – its an inherent risk in the business. As such, I diversify with other “niche pursuits”. Hence my iPhone app project, long tail pro, and other business ideas I will be trying out in the future that have nothing to do with getting search engine traffic.

      • Kent @ Make Extra Money Online

        Kent @ Make Extra Money Online

        I agree on “What makes me nervous is relying on natural search engine traffic from Google.” Unless Bing and other engines get more market share like 50%?

        Google may have algorithm update every other year and they are considering more on Google+ social signal that concerns me the most.

        • Spencer


          True, if other search engines pick up some market share then things would definitely get even more interesting.

  8. Jessica


    I am currently working on an authority Adsense site and am super excited about it. I have a non-Adsense authority site and am pleased with it, so now’s the time to do it with Adsense! I currently make $30 to $50 a day with smaller Adsense sites and want to bump that up to over $100 a day in the next few months.

    Thanks for sharing — I always look forward to your blog posts!

    • Spencer


      That’s great that you are working on an authority site! Sounds like you are doing well at $30 to $50 a day…congrats! I wish you all the best in reaching the $100/day mark soon.

    • A newbie marketer

      A newbie marketer

      That’s awesome Jessica. I’m only making about $9 per day but I can now see the potential of Adsense now. I just read Spencers posts and implement what he does.


  9. Bryan @

    Bryan @

    I’m with Tom on this one. As your authority site starts to grow, I would looks at other monetization methods that you can add to it as well (unless you’re set on sticking to using Adsense and that alone). Always good to diversify things up, and authority sites help you do that a little easier (in my opinion).

    Congrats on the quick success with your first big authority site though. If you can keep up the growth, this will be bringing in some serious cash in no time!


    • Spencer


      Thanks Bryan! If I see any other ways to increase my income on the site, I will do so. But I doubt I will find another method that pays as much as adsense.

  10. warren


    Hi Spencer,
    sound like your adsense project is going in the right way, how many articles / pages do you think is the minimum for an authority adsense site ? I have seen people talking about them with way less articles than you have, and the small niche site of having just 2 or 3 articles on the one page.
    How big do the small niche sites get ?
    Be interested to hear your opinion on that.

    • Spencer


      A small niche site would be anything that has 1 to 20 articles.
      Medium site would have 20 to 50 articles.
      Larger sites have 50+ articles.

      I don’t know if there is a definition for an authority site as far as quantity of content. Its more about how your site is viewed in the niche. If its well respected and viewed by other sites as an authority on the topic, then its an authority.

  11. Quinton Hamp

    Quinton Hamp

    So far all of the sites I am working on are geared towards becoming an authority site with tons of content, lots of links, and even, perhaps some social traffic by becoming an “authority” in the niche (something I am still just starting to play with)

    For people just starting out, it does give the advantage of not having to buy and maintain a large amount of domain names.

    The biggest disadvantage I am dealing with, is that I am limited by how many backlinks I can send an authority site in a day.

    For example, if I had 10 separate niche website, I could send them 2-4 postrunner articles a day each.

    If the 10 ideas are all on the authority site, then it would take 20-40 links a day to match the same velocity — which would likely sandbox the site.

    Supposedly, these authority sites are going to need fewer links in the end, so maybe it will be “a wash”.

    Anyhow, keep us posted! I am still focusing on my authority sites for this year (and even starting a new one to go against Wes on our Niche Rivalry project).

    However, I eventually plan to come back around and try the small sites a la Spencer at Niche Pursuits 😉

    /end ramble

    • Spencer


      Thanks for the thoughts! You certainly don’t want to throw too many links at any one site too quickly. But I see this as an advantage of 1 larger site. It takes less links than 10 separate sites would…right?

      Best of luck with your rivalry!

  12. Thomas


    Hi Spencer

    Nice to hear from you again. You said you have switched theme on the site, and you saw an increse in earnings with your new theme. What theme did you switch to?

    And yeah, like Vijay said, an Amazon update should be nice to.

    • Spencer


      It was a theme I got from

  13. Bob


    Im curious about your niche authority site strategy from this perspective; are they niche “passionate community” sites that will have a strong self generating web 2.0 focus ie user generated content or are they niche informational sites? Lots of articles on a focused topic where repeat visits are motivated by the new articles as opposed to interaction. My personal experience and thinking is that the former have greater longevity but are harder to builder as a community outsider and the latter work best when built from a “Brides magazine” perspective, ie users only care about the community of bride stuff/issues for the time they are a brides to be. I think I would monetize and optimize them differently. Just some thoughts that came to me after reading your post.

    • Spencer


      These are more informational niche sites. I think you are correct in your analysis though.

  14. Steve Wells @ How to Pick up a Girl

    Steve Wells @ How to Pick up a Girl

    At the end of the day, what really counts if you want to improve the ranking of your site is the number and quality of backlinks (provided you have the keywords you use in the tag text on your site ;). It times a lot of time to make them on your own, so that’s where the outsourcing comes in. The crucial part is to find people what can create quality backlinks.

  15. Mike


    Hey Spencer,

    Can a site move up in serp ranking just from adding content? My site has about 8-9 articles and is on the bottom of page one. links are coming in at a steady flow. I didn’t really want to invest more time on content for this site but is this something that will help overall?


    • Spencer


      Mike – Links are usually more important, but more content can often garner more links and help round out your site as more authoritative in googles eyes. So this can help.

    • stevewyman



      For a given keyword phrase the only way addinging content to a site would cuase an improvement in the SERPS of the specific keyword phrase, would be if the new article better targetted that phrase.

      However if the original article had backlinks for the phrase then it probably would not.

      Another way to look at this question is

      “Would a greater number of highly targetted pages be a better strattegy that a few pages covering many keywords?”

      Then the answer would be yes.

      However the backlinking would be considerably more involved and the ROI from createing the extra pages and backlinking them may not be warrantted for the improvement in serps.


  16. Mike


    2012 is the year for me to really get my feet wet in Niche Sites. I have been dabbling and now have some funding to get things moving a little faster. I have a goal of 10 per month. As things start picking up (hopefully) I hope to add more. My question is about link building. I read your article on it but if you had one of the three (MAN, UAW or MLB) which would you choose. These posts inspire me thank you so much!

    • Spencer


      Mike, that’s a tough question. I might have to go with UAW.

  17. A newbie marketer

    A newbie marketer

    Hey Spencer,

    I was wondering where you were. I’ve been coming to NP’s and seen no new posts. But now you back that’s great. I hope you enjoyed your time with your family and now it’s time to get back into it. 2012 will be a good year for all of us.

    I’ve been dabbling into adsense on and off but not really made alot until one of my sites after adding quality content and backlinking for 3 months is starting to make money.Basically following what you outlined in your posts last year. So it definately works. My site is not earning much on avergae about $9 per day. Sometimes it’s $6, then $11, then $17 but on average about $9. I now can see the potential of adsense because of the predictablity and stability.

    I just bought another domain yesterday and trying a few new angles which if successful I’ll let you know. My goal is to build 4 sites per month obviously not as much as you though. Good to see you back and keep up the great work mate.


    • Spencer


      That’s great Nigel! Glad some of my information could help! And yes, I took a nice long break, but I’m ready to get going for 2012…

  18. David


    Spencer, what do you consider an authority site?

    Local Searches: ?

    CPC: ?

    Highest PR in the Top 10: ?

    Also, what have you found to be cheaper when it comes to articles? Hiring somebody on Elance to write your articles or ordering them yourself?


  19. Paul


    Yeah, the larger authority sites sounds like an excellent way to diversify your portfolio a bit with more avenues to monetize as well.

  20. ryan


    Would you say it’s easier to identify a topic for an authority site vs finding keywords for a niche site? Also what metrics would you use to qualify something as an authority site vs a niche site? I guess I’m not 100% clear where one ends and the other begins. If I already missed a post explaining this feel free to point me that direction.

  21. Casey Dennison

    Casey Dennison

    Hey Spencer! I’m glad you glad a great holiday. Me to, though I had to work the majority of it.

    I have been waiting for the post and its nice to hear of your further improvement on the site and it’s earnings. This should be a money maker when it grows and matures and the earnings should continue to keep rising. What a great asset to have in your arsenal of money making niche sites.

    I have finally started to earn with adsense after 6 months of failure lol and it is looking good for me and the motivation is great. With this new near I have goals set for growing my online business further. It’s great to finally see a return after spend so much on link building and having so many failures. My problem was selecting high searched niches with low comp. and no advertisers or not enough relevant advertisers therefor, I had such a low ctr.

    It sure is a numbers game though, I have a site targeting a 800 exact search per month keyword bringing me in $5-$7 a day and bouncing around in 3 and 4th position in the serps. That is crazy but I do pick up a ton of long tail keywords so that has to be the reason for the additional traffic that I am getting.

    Anyways, Great post and I will continue to follow along throughout 2012. It should be a great year for all of off us and I am exciting to see what new projects it brings for us in the internet marketing world.


  22. Ray


    Excellent job on your authority site. I’m planning on investing all of my current earnings back into the business, as it seems I’m not working as hard and spending the income I don make. I love your blog, I always get a kick in the pants when I see what you have done.

  23. Dave M

    Dave M

    Awesome news! Out of curiosity, do you feel My Article Network is doing as well theses days as it has in the past? I am seeing very few MAN backlinks being indexed, and as a result, getting really poor results in big G in terms of ranking.

    • Spencer


      It does seem like I am getting fewer articles indexed there…will have to keep an eye on it.

  24. Rob


    Nice info Spencer,
    How do you feel about root domain urls getting listed for searches that have no links or very little? In your training of LTP or some other video you made I believe you mention that pages are ranked and not home pages. I have noticed in my research that amazon, walmart, etc get ranked in the top 5 but no links whatsoever to the actual page. It seems Google is favoring these brand sites no matter of links to the actual page. Looks like they now include customers adwords dollars spent in their algo. Assumption of course but its interesting that many searches always look to plaster the first page of google with brands even with crappy content if any.

    • Spencer


      These sites rank because they usually match the query very well in my opinion. In addition, sites that actually sell the products tend to rank better in my opinion. I don’t think it has anything to do with adwords spending.

  25. Tim


    Hey Spencer, happy new year! What you would suggest for my linkbuilding strategy. I started three small niche websites a week ago and I want to start building links. I already submitted two articles for each website. Where do you outsource your linkbuilding? What kind of link packages do you normally use?

    I’m very thankful for every hint 🙂

  26. Ralph | Social Media Explained

    Ralph | Social Media Explained

    Hi Spencer,

    Happy New Year and hope 2012 is another smashing day.

    I do have a question for you in regards to building these sites.
    Can you elaborate more on the actual costs you have?
    (va, article writing etc).

    A revenue from of 200 bucks is great but if you send 300 that is obviously not really working.

    Hope you are able to share some thoughts on that.

    All the best,


    • Spencer


      I spent probably close to $1000 on articles. Then maybe $200 on my VA. Total spend is probably close to $1500. So, I’ve made back close to $400 so far. However, the expenses will be very little from here on out. I don’t plan on adding as much content until the site matures. If the site only earns $200/mth for the next 12 months I will have doubled my money. Of course I have much bigger plans than just doubling my money.

      • Kent @ Make Extra Money Online

        Kent @ Make Extra Money Online

        You just answered my question. I know you use Textbroker and $1000 on articles is quiet an investment.

        It’s nice to see $200 a month and it will grow and make your investment back soon.

  27. Mas


    Hey Spencer, great post. Question about adding articles to sites that are showing promise. This area has always been a bit fuzzy to me. Whether it’s a small niche site or authority site, how do you decide what type of keyword articles to target to add?

    For example, if I have a 2 page niche site about “ginkgo biloba” and it’s showing promise in the top 10 on google, should I add several articles targeting related niche keywords that are low comp, low exact search (1,000 or less) that I can rank for OR should I add related niche keyword articles that are higher comp, higher exact search with the thinking that them these have more potential since I got the reader to my site with my lower comp keyword in the first place? What do you normally do? Thanks!

    • Spencer


      Add articles on related keywords that are low competition.

  28. Matt


    Great stuff as always Spencer,

    I’m looking forward to seeing the progress of your authority/amazon sites!



  29. Miggy


    It sounds like you’re already having a happy new year Spencer!! Kudos to your authority site project. Keep it up. I’ll gladly follow your progress and learn from all that you have to share here. 🙂

  30. Neale


    It impresses me to read how lightly you and others throw around such large numbers 🙂 I really need to up the ante this year and start doing the same just maybe something will stick or as has happened to me before by aiming very high I arrive halfway which is still better than not aiming anywhere.

  31. Jason



    Great stuff as always. I have a question regarding when sites show promise and the plan becomes to try to make it an authority site. Do you ever add to existing articles? I’ve currently got a handful of sites with a few 800 word articles each. I’ve been hearing that google is starting to favor sites with longer articles. Instead of just adding more articles, my plan is to add to the existing articles making them 1500-2000 words long (as well as adding some additional smaller articles).

    Any experience with this?


    • Spencer


      I have never tried adding to existing articles. Although I think you are right that longer articles in general tend to be the way to go.

  32. Ben


    Great to see you back here again Spencer. Happy New Year!

    • Spencer


      No, its great to see YOU back here!

  33. Janaka


    This is a really good stuff. Keep it going. Also I’m willing to see you are crossing $1000 mark in a shortest time.

  34. Allen


    Happy New Year Spencer. Thanks again for the update on the sites. This is great for the motivational juices. I do have a question regarding both your smaller niche sites as well as your authority site. Do you set your homepage’s title and H1 tags to be your primary keyword and nothing else? It seems to me that the Hx tags are insanely important for Google and the internal linking seems to be almost as important as external links – do you link all your articles back to the main page of the site with a varying list of keywords?

    Thanks again for all the info and help, and congrats on the jump in income on your authority site!

    • Spencer


      No, the titles are descriptive that include the keyword. So if the keyword is “Best computers”, the title would be something like: “Where to Find the Best Computers”. I also do internally link most of my articles to either my homepage or at least to some other page on my site; with varying keywords.

  35. Kent @ Make Extra Money Online

    Kent @ Make Extra Money Online

    I love Authority sites as new post will rank right the way.

    One new post could rank on 2nd page without any backlinks in my experience (assuming it’s a low competitive keyword.)

    For me, I probably build out 5-10 pages mini-sites as you do and weed out a few as authority sites. (I could outsource and add a new post to rank each week afterward.)

    In this approach, do you think the domain name has to a little broad and brandable as authority sites?

    This year, google may have another panda or whatever update is, authority site approach will stay stable and even stronger regarding to ranking for sure.

    • Spencer


      I don’t think the domain name has to be brandable. Keyword domains are fine.

  36. Matt


    Hey Spencer,

    Welcome back and awesome work!!!

    We are all jealous of your success, but inspired to work hard and make 2012 kick ass!

    Quick question – do you monitor rankings for all of your sites? If so, what do you use to track them?


    • Spencer


      I use a combination of Long Tail Pro and Rank Checker for Firefox by (free).

  37. Samuel


    Hey Spencer,

    Dude your testing, tweaking and reporting on the progress of your sites has helped me out big time. I think you are moving in the right direction with building bigger high authority sites.

    I worry that these sites depend on Google primarily for traffic however if you have high quality content with good backlinking and throw in some social sharing, the big G cannot deny you.

    My question to you is will you create YouTube, Facebook, and orTwitter profiles for these sites to give it more authority in the eyes of Google and to drive more traffic? Do you think that is too much? Your thoughts on this?

    • Spencer


      I will create social media profiles if the money is there eventually. I’ll give a year or so probably and only do so if the site has big potential (more than $2k+/mth??)

  38. Desmond



    Congratulations on your new site, just a quick question, are you only using UAW for your link building methods or are you also doing other things such as social bookmarking, web 2.0, forum posting, comment post etc……


    • Spencer


      I am only using the methods I mentioned above in this article for linkbuilding.

  39. Matt
  40. Rahul


    I am eagerly waiting for your Amazon results.

  41. Mike


    Way to go Spencer…It looks like you’ve built another nice asset for yourself. The only downside (and it’s not really downside, but an important consideration) is to remember the extra time and new “fresh” content most authority sites require. Looking good though!

  42. Romain


    Hey man,
    After having followed your blog in the past few months, I’ve gathered that you have around 200 niches sites.
    I have read your Niche Websites Hub page in detail, but I still can’t figure out how you could create, let alone think of 150-200 different markets/niches.
    In the 3-4 months I’ve been doing niche research, after taking a look at my interests, skills, a look at Amazon bestsellers, and the whole Clickbank marketplace, and also random ideas taken from magazines/newspapers, I have only about 50 niche ideas, a majority of which are quite bad.

    My question is NOT about keyword research (I know how to dot that), because in order to do keyword research you must first have an idea of a market/niche. The way you find markets/niches, sometimes creating 30 websites at a time as you did recently, seems effortless;
    How the hell do you think of those markets/niches ?

  43. Kevin @ successful social media campaigns

    Kevin @ successful social media campaigns

    Congrats Spencer on reaching that important milestone in your life. I also like the idea of diversification away from Google Adsense. Cheers!


  44. Jenny Nassour

    Jenny Nassour

    Really interesting to read about your progress since the site was first penalized. Thanks for sharing your experiences, this site is looking very hopeful and I suspect it would not be successful without the crucial learnings you had in your first attempt at this site! Keep up the great work Spencer 🙂

    • Spencer


      Thanks Jenny!

  45. Wesley Banks

    Wesley Banks

    Glad to see your authority site is still climbing the ranks, though I gotta say I think I’m more impressed with the driving 1,300 miles. That’s insane!

    • Spencer


      It was indeed insane! I hope we never do it again!! I might try one of those airplane ride thingys next time.

  46. Tofik


    Wow Spencer! Great job and I really liked your detailed report on it.
    Gives me a lot to think about too! 🙂

  47. Federico


    Spencer is a big example of persistence, I remember how in 2010 his sites droped and he started over again getting new domains for the same keywords and trying in different ways.

    Now again with this authority site, he droped the domain and started over again…

    Many of us here don’t understand that Spencer is an adsense hero because he learns alot with mistakes and test he does…

    You’re gonna need some money to spend and believe in yourself to get there.

    Don’t give up and learn with mistakes, that’s the key.

    Spencer, I hope someday you post something like:
    “how to get another adsense account” the whole preocess, I mean, from how to open a business company to how to apply for adsense account.

    Did you hear anything about godaddy supporting SOPA????

    They lost thousands of domains and costumers in few days.


    • Spencer


      I suppose I might have to do a post on getting a second adsense account. I never realized people thought it was such a big deal…I just did it after I formed my new business without much thought!

      Yes, I’ve read about SOPA…actually godaddy no longer supports it…actually opposes it now.

  48. semir


    hi spencer
    i am stucked in the keyword research part! joe from adsense flippers says that informational keywords are not good. there will be nobody advertising on adwords for them! so avoid informational based keywords! he said this on a video chat with vic of smartkeywordresearch dot com which you can easily find on adsense flippers! but you are telling us that most of your sites are informational based and specially the 20 sites that you made in august are all informational based if i am not mistaken. if not please tell me which site is product based out of the 20 sites????!! and i have found a keyword from a root keyword i got from amazon! it gets 1600 searches local in us per month and has 1$ cpc plus full adword competion and very easy google first page competition! i beilve i can rank no 1 for it! but the downside is there are a ton of ads! when you search on google fot this keyword, you get a ton of ads and SHOPPING RESULTS too and you will have to scroll down to see the no. 1 ranked website, my question is will you go for this type of keyword? and i am sure you have some sites which are product based. doesnt google display shopping results when you search for those of your sites????? and if so doesnt it affect your earning? havnt you ever had a site you built in which the keyword shows half page ads and shopping results??
    please spencer help me as usuall it is my last stumbling block! i am on my way to join you!
    thanks in advance

    • Spencer


      I don’t think about keywords as either product based or informational…I think that is a bad way to think about keywords. Just look at keywords as profitable or not. Look at the CPC, number of advertisers, amount of competition…without looking at the “kind” of keyword it is. If it has a high CPC, lots of advertisers, and is low competition…then I go for it!

  49. Matt


    Everyone should watch this video that Rand from SEOmoz put up for whiteboard Friday:

    All about anchor text – what counts and what doesn’t….In Rand’s opinion.

  50. Cash


    Hey Spencer,

    Longtime reader, first time commenter here. Keep up the good work.

    Can you please explain how you got approved for 2 Adsense accounts? Did you use 2 separate addresses, proxies, etc or just created one business and one personal account?

    I have a LLC and separate Tax ID, do I need a separate address as well to get a business account?

    I cannot find a decent answer to this anywhere and would GREATLY appreciate some professional insight. Thanks!

    • Spencer


      You can have 1 personal account. But each business entitity can also have 1 account. So, I have a personal account and a business account for each LLC that I have. I used my same address on both personal and business as well as contact name, etc. Follow google’s rules! I’m not doing anything shady.

      • Cash


        Thanks for the response. That helped so much!

  51. Qaem


    Hi Spencer,

    I am planning to build a “authority” site for past 3 days and would like to ask you some questions.

    I have found 10 major keywords with low competition and they all get over 1k monthly exact searches ($3+cpc)

    I even found 1 keyword with 33000 global search and 8000 local search which i think i can rank with some good blacklinks.

    My problem is that mostly all keywords get traffic are global rather then “local usa” which most people say to go after.

    Do you think it is worth going after this because will I get paid less if someone who is not from usa clicks on one of adsense ads?


  52. Rob


    Any earnings updates on the sites created in August?

  53. Mike Thomas

    Mike Thomas


    I just wanted to drop a note and let you know that your Long Tail Pro software is AMAZING! I don’t know how I worked without it before. It is much better than Micro Niche Finder or Market Samurai.

    Thank you!

  54. Gautam



    Happy new year and kudos on 77%+ increase in Authority site revenue! Great job!

    Looking forward for a great 2012 building a portfolio of niche sites following lots of your tips!


  55. Peter



    Happy New Year from Belgium.

    I’m a real newbie and would like some advice. I’m very interested in the Authority Site/ Amazon Site models. Do you know of anywhere I can get some training on building such sites? eg What are the best niches? Where to get content? Keywords? Stepbystep?

    By the way I do have your keyword tool. Its great.


  56. RHC


    Spencer do you get any significant search engine traffic in positions 11 – 20? I know conventional wisdom is if you are not on the first page you might as well not exist but I have wondered if CPC and traffic were high enough, could a site in that range, for the right keyword group, possibly be viable? Not desirable but profitable enough to get a small site past break even. Just curious.

  57. Nicolaj


    Hi Spencer, Great to see your autority site ranking well.. I really like that you dont give up on the project, and just started again with a new domain..

  58. Simon


    Spencer for example if the exact emd has gone do you ever consider putting a word at the end of the domain and still do what u need to do??

  59. Evgeny


    which you yse method for link building?

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