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Is it Time to Share Your Story?

Is it Time to Share Your Story?

If you are anything like me, you love reading about success stories.  The only thing that perhaps motivates more than reading about the success of others, is tasting that first bit of success in your own endeavors.

When I first got started building niche sites many years ago, I frequented many forums and blogs in search of finding “what worked”.    I absolutely LOVED hearing about the tactics that others used to find keywords, rank websites, and profit in their niche.

Some of these early motivational success stories most certainly helped me to take the small risks of trying new niche websites and strategies that eventually led me to being able to quit my job a couple of years ago.

Because I know how powerful these success stories can be, I’ve shared my own many times, and also created the public niche site project in hopes of teaching what works when building niche websites.

Are You Willing to Share Your Story?

However, I know there are TONS of other people making money in their own ventures, that have never had a chance to share their success story.  So, today, I am turning to YOU to share your story with the Niche Pursuits community.

The truth is, I don’t need your story to be big.  Even if you have only built one website that is making you a few hundred dollars a month, this can be inspiring to others.  So, whether you are doing this full-time or just staring your “passive” journey; I’d love to hear your story.

Answer These 10 Questions

If you feel like you have an interesting story to share, please contact me here with the answers to the following questions.

Important Note: I’m looking for successful stories from this year – 2013. We are looking for current success, and “what’s working” today.

1. What is your name and current job/profession?

2. How did you get started building niche websites?  How long have you been building websites?

3. Tell us about one (preferred) or multiple of your successful websites.  What is the URL and what niche are you targeting?   If you are not willing to publicly share your domain or niche, that’s just fine.

4. How much money do you make from this successful website(s) each month?

5. What is the reason for this website’s success?

6. Please briefly share your overall strategy for finding a niche, getting traffic to your site, ranking in Google, and making money from niche sites.

7. What link-building tips can you offer?

8. How has the success from this website impacted your life?

9. Do you have any additional tips or advice for others that would like to replicate your success with their own websites?

10. Do you have a blog or other place that people can following along with what you are doing?

You can be as detailed or as brief as you would like.  However, please be aware that your responses, name, website, or other details you reveal may be used in a future blog post by me.

I ask that you simply copy and paste these questions into an email, and then provide your answer below each question.

How These Stories Will Be Shared

I plan on creating a series of “success” stories where I post one of these stories at a time, along with my commentary.  I will also likely create a dedicated page of these stories so that you can refer back to them when you are looking for a little motivation when building niche sites.

Obviously by sharing your success, you can inspire others, but you can also potentially get some exposure to your personal blog or niche website (depending on what or how much you want to share).

As always, I look forward to hearing from you!  If you have found any success with niche websites, we would all love to hear about it!  Please contact me here with the answers to the above 10 questions.

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  1. Artur


    Great idea. Everyone loves stories and the inspiration they can bring about.

    • Kevin


      Arthur – I clicked on your link to your website and I must say the first thing that I noticed was the speed – Super slow. It took about 10 seconds or so and I don’t think it even loaded everything. Just thought you should know. All the best everyone!!

      • Dan


        That’s because there are a ton of big images on Artur’s home page. You can scroll down for a while and the images keep popping up.
        Artur, if you would like to make it faster, cut your home page a little shorter.

  2. Ibrahim


    I would love to share some of my stuff. I hope making public our keywords won’t affect our earnings.


  3. Carl Radley

    Carl Radley

    This is a fantastic idea and although I am probably not the most qualified to talk about success, I cannot wait to read the stories of others. This post is obviously going to attract all the people who are already making a good go of things so I wonder if any of our experts could answer my following question please?

    ” If you have a topic that has a long list of longtail keywords that have a lot of potential to rank for, however a very competitive and difficult to rank for seed keyword – how do you go about this? I will give an example to try and explain my point better. [Spencer if this is better placed elsewhere apologies in advance ;o) ]

    You find a lot of fantastic longtails relating to the topic of Seed keyword of Cakes. Chocolate cakes, how to ice cakes, best cake ingredients etc are all low competition, high CPC, between 1500-3000 monthly local searches…. A niche dream… However, the seed keyword “cakes” is going to take a lot of time and money to get to page 1 of google as it is a very difficult keyword to rank for. So my question is: Could you take your newly purchased domain which is not an exact match and then create a page for each keyword that you DO want to target (e.g – Where the keyword you want to rank for is “how to ice cakes”)

    My concern is that by not targeting a longtail keyword on the homepage that it will affect my ability to rank for the words I am trying to rank for on different pages.

    My overall aim is to build a site that is targeting between 10-20 longtail keywords that has a page or in some cases more than one dedicated to each keyword, rather than build a seperate domain and website for each one…

    All advice (good and bad) and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    • Rodolfo Oliveira

      Rodolfo Oliveira

      Hi there Carl!

      I believe you should target the low competition keywords and forget about the high competition ones! It is really common that people will search for the long tail keywords more than the normal keywords. I think that if you have that many long tail keywords that have a decent traffic and low competition you are in for a winner! If you look at Spencer’s Niche Project you’ll see the majority of his traffic comes from a lot of different long tail keywords other than the seed keyword so I believe it would be ok! Anyways, just adding my two cents, hope it helps!

      • Carl Radley

        Carl Radley

        Hi Rodolfo

        Thanks for your two cents, it´s worth a lot! I have read a lot about building niche websites and I guess I am trying to think of the long game on this one. The issue I faced was knowing what keyword to rank for on the homepage when I am looking to target a range of different ones throughout the site. I have had a think about it and believe I have the answer, but would surely appreciate anyone elses opinion!

        Thanks again


        • Maggie


          Hi Carl-
          I asked the same question at a couple places, and the respondents suggested going with the more general term (in your example, “cake”) and make it brandable (Carl’s Cakes). However, start by building out the low competition keywords first. They said the Google updates don’t give as much weight on EMDs, and the better approach in the long run would be to build the bigger more authoritative site. That’s the approach I’m going to take…adding two more cents.

        • Carl


          Hi Maggie

          Thank you very much for your advice. You have confirmed what I was wondering and I feel like I have a clear direction to pursue now!!

          Thanks again!

        • Phuong Le

          Phuong Le

          EMD shouldnot be a prolem, just need to provide best content for the reader and GG will benefit your niche site.

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  5. Arwin Adriano

    Arwin Adriano

    Can’t wait to read the those success stories, I hope someday I can say that just like anyone else I have a good story to tell. Good luck with your new project and I am sure a lot of bloggers will be inspired with your new series.

  6. Rodolfo Oliveira

    Rodolfo Oliveira

    Excelent idea Spencer! I think success stories are important as it shows it is possible for mere mortals like us to rank and make business in the internet as well! Sometimes you look so authoritative when you are talking about something that it just looks like it always have been natural to you lol! Seeing other people share their struggles and victories will sure give us a boost of confidence! I hope to start my business this year and maybe feature in one of your success cases! Love your blog man!

  7. Phil


    Hi Spencer,

    that’s a great Idea to share some success stories. I posted one of my passive income streams on my website today to share with others (nothing to do with niche websites) and it would be great to follow other people along the way.


  8. Jeremy


    Wow! It’s always great to share success story but not much people willing to share failure story and come back stronger again.

    In my perception, success is different meaning from people people. Some they make 6 figure a month is consider success, some of them making 6 figure yearly is consider success.. so what is the actual success mean to us?

    Quit your day job, able to run your own business and getting income from passive or active. Earn more and work less. These are just factors.. but I really don’t know what is success mean to you Spencer.. How do you think?

    I would consider success for me if I’m making 5 figure monthly consistently with passive income and able to travel around the world by flexible working time 😉

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  10. Chris Desatoff

    Chris Desatoff

    Sounds like a great idea! I love success stories I can relate to, so I’m glad you didn’t set the bar too high for people to contribute.

    After like 15 months of this Internet thing, I’m only making like $8.94 a month, so maybe I’ll have to wait for Round 2 to contribute a success story :/

    Can’t wait to read everybody’s stuff! I hope Tung contributes. His niche site project is pretty cool.

    Laters, Chris

  11. ray


    I’m pretty excited to read these as well! My first site was, well, a bust. Not that it’s really been long enough to judge, but I can tell that overall I’m not that excited about the niche, and having picked it before purchasing Long Tail Pro, I think I underestimated how competitive it was. That said, I’ve a new one in the works, and high hopes that I can get if off the ground! Struggling a bit with monetization, since NC doesn’t allow amazon affiliates, but it’s def. a subject I’m interested in, and I’m finding that that makes a HUGE difference.

  12. Dan



    How many of your loyal readers would you think are actually building niche sites themselves and what are the Top 5 countries that they’re building sites in?
    Sorry for this random question, but I wanted to ask you this ever since I started reading your blog.


    P.S. Great idea with the interviews. I hope that you’ll get enough people to share their sites without the fear of being copied.

  13. CarMen


    Hi Spencer!

    It is a very good initiation from you. I guess every person like to read success stories.
    I hope, you will share lots of motivation stories :)!

  14. Jae


    Great idea. I too loved and still do reading these stories. In fact that is what led me to start following you.

    I do have a bit of unrelated questions. On my niche sites, does it hurt my rankings any if I have more than of these niche with the same host i.e. bluehost?

    My most successful niche is getting tons of traffic from Bing and Yahoo but nothing from Google and I was wondering if that might be the reason.



  15. Rina


    I really can not wait for a special review of the success story of someone in blogging. I hope that a lot of bloggers willing to distribute their success stories so that I can get a lot of knowledge and motivation 🙂

  16. Naveen Kulkarni

    Naveen Kulkarni

    Great idea Spencer,
    I have started my niche website 2 weeks back and posted 8 articles of average 500 words.Created 2 dedicated pages. My main keyword has 5400 -11000 searches a month.

    I did struggle a bit in the beginning since Google didn’t index most of my site’s pages, but then doing lots of tweaks such as Sitemap submission, social sharing etc Google seems to show affection to my site 🙂

    18 pages of my site have been indexed (out of 23) and my site is coming in 9th page for the main keyword and in 2nd page for the secondary keyword. Seems some movement is happening 🙂

    I plan to add another 5-6 articles over the period of next 2 weeks. I am writing all articles myself. No outsourcing so far.

    At the moment, I don’t have any success story to share,,,but behold… I am on my way 🙂

    • mysql


      Are you outsourced your articles ? or you yourself writing all the articles ?

      • Naveen Kulkarni

        Naveen Kulkarni

        I have written all articles by myself. No plan for outsourcing since the site already has 10 posts and 2 pages.

        Good news is that 40 pages have been indexed (out of 52) by Google and close to 44 search queries (1000 impressions crossed) have been coming to my site. Search traffic seems to be picking up slowly.

        Now, let’s see, how is the conversion going to happen (amazon magic works?)

  17. Kris



    I’m really gladt to here. I like your idea, I honestly do. Successful stories motivate me a lot like others do. I am actually fond of reading successful businesses that has humble beginnings and all. My story is jut about to start and I must say it’s difficult but I’m willing to take chances. I’m excited to read the stories. Thanks for the lead.

  18. Jerrywhyte Obamwonyi

    Jerrywhyte Obamwonyi

    great idea Spencer, this will certainly go a long way helping others who have long desired to get success in niched sites creation and ranking

  19. D.T.


    Spencer, I submitted my info – but I’m not “successful” to me being #4 for a decent traffic keyword after one month is success though.

    Question: What is the click through rate and conversion for amazon?

    My pretty link lite says my links have a bunch of unique hits (probably 100+), but amazon says I’ve received only 4. I’m having a heck of a time figuring out this link cloaking thing I guess..

    • Mark


      D.T., I’ll try to answer this for Spencer.

      There is no definite answer for a right “click through rate” for any service, be it Amazon or otherwise. There are so many things to consider, for instance…

      1) How expensive are the products you are selling. Someone who is selling $5 items will most likely have a higher conversion rate than someone selling $200 items.

      2) How informative is the info on your website. Are people clicking on your Amazon links because they couldn’t learn enough about the product from your site? If so, this will reduce your conversion rate.

      3) Do your visitors need to click on your affiliate link to see the product price? If so, you will get more clicks than someone who lists the product price on his website simply because many people will be clicking it just to see the price, so your conversion rate will be lower.

      4) How “quickly” do you send your traffic to Amazon? If they land on your front page and click on a product name, are they sent immediately to Amazon or to a review first, and only from within the review they are sent to Amazon? The former will produce a higher conversion rate (though it necessarily mean it will produce more income for you).

      5) Amazon shows the conversion rate based on total affiliate links clicked, not based on unique affiliate link clicks. Depending on the nature of the product sold, some websites will receive more clicks from the same visitor than other websites. So for website X the average user may be clicking 4 affiliate links on average, while for website Y each user might only be clicking it twice on average. In this case, website X will likely have a lower conversion rate according to Amazon reports.

      And it goes on and on. This question just can’t be answered in my opinion, not unless you are building a copy of someone else’s site and you want to compare your conversions to his.

      As for your affiliate link redirects, it’s hard to tell without taking an actual look at the site itself. Could be a number of things:

      1) Amazon displays reports with a delay (24 hours usually, sometimes a little more), so it could be that you are comparing stats from two different periods.

      2) Perhaps your affiliate ID is not properly embedded in the URL for some reason?

      3) Maybe the majority of clicks on those links are coming from you (while doing some testing), and you are looking at the “Unique visitors” section in Amazon?


    • Mark


      One thing I’d like to add: conversion rate is in my opinion NOT the end-all-be-all metric for determining how successful your site is. What counts is your income. For example:

      Website “A” gets 100 affiliate link clicks per day and 3% of them convert into buyers, each of whom buys a product for $10. That’s 3 purchases = $30 in sold products.

      Website “B” gets 300 affiliate link clicks per day and only 1.66% of them convert into buyers, each of whom buys a product for $10. That’s 5 purchases = $50 in sold products.

      Website B will have maid way more money despite having close to half the conversion rate of website A.

      It’s not as black and white as it seems, and the issue is way more complex than simply “the higher the conversion rate the more you will make.”

    • Mark


      In point “4”, I meant the LATTER will produce a higher conversion rate, not the former. 🙂

      • D.T.


        I’ve only clicked my affiliate links a couple of times to see if it works and those are the only times amazon registers a click from my site. So Amazon says I have passed 5 visitors (my clicks) and my plugins say I have passed 100+ visitors.

        I have read multiple places that Pretty Link Lite no longer works for affiliate cloaking so I’ve switched to gocodes. It doesn’t seem to work either. Every article says that WP has banned all basic plugins from affiliate cloaking. Is this true? What the heck is going on?

        • Mark


          Try the plugin Simple URLs.

          Works fine for me and tracks stats correctly.

        • D.T.


          Tried Simple URLs also but that was actually worse. None of the redirects worked so they always resulted in a “what you are looking for does not exist” pages (or something along those lines).

        • Mark N.

          Mark N.

          This means you did not read the installation instructions for the Plugin.

          After you install Simple URLs, you need to go to your Permalinks page and click “Update” (don’t change any of the settings, just click update so .htaccess is adjusted accordingly). Once you do that, the redirects will work.

        • Spencer Haws

          Spencer Haws

          Pretty Link Lite works fine – I use it extensively. Click this link: . Did you end up on If you did, then the plugin is still working. (That’s my affiliate link for Bluehost…a redirect).

  20. Nathan Hartnett

    Nathan Hartnett

    Awesome stuff Spencer, it doesn’t matter where you’re at, it’s always great to read about other people’s successes and failures. The successes give people hope for the future, and the failures let others know that they’re not alone! We’ve certainly had plenty of both:)

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  30. Armaan


    Hi Spencer,

    I’m just starting to see some success with my niche site. I’ve just managed to hit Page 1 and averaging about 100 visitors/day but the Amazon earnings are still pretty low.

    My plan is to continue adding more content to capture more and more long tail keywords

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