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I'm Looking for Some Interns!

I'm Looking for Some Interns!

I’m looking for some interns to help with my business.  If you think you might be interested, then please read on…

The reason I’ve decided to hire a couple of interns is for a number of reasons.  First, I have several projects that have been sitting on the “back burner” that I would like to get to.  Secondly, the interns I hire will get an excellent education on niche sites and an intimate look at my business.

Here’s What I’m Looking For:

The primary responsibility of my new interns will be writing.  For that reason, I am looking for English speaking individuals that write well.  I don’t need award winning articles (that would be nice!), but I do need well thought out and comprehensible work on various topics.

  • I would expect around 5 articles a week is all.
  • An understanding and familiarity with WordPress is desired, but not necessarily required.
  • Minor link building tasks may also be required.
  • I’m looking for a commitment of at least 1 month.
  • You will essentially work on your own time, and submit completed work to me when you have a chance.  Its very flexible.
  • Location does not matter!  You can work from your home or wherever you want.

Overall, the interns will be helping me create new niche sites or build out existing sites.

What Do the Interns Get?

The individuals hired will have the chance to work directly with me on my niche site business.  For this reason, they will get to see what makes a successful portfolio and perhaps how they can implement these strategies in their own business.

In addition, I am willing to work with them via email or skype to answer questions about their own website or business.  (I have charged $200/hr many times in the past to consult individuals privately).

This is an unpaid internship.  However, you will have access to me and my business.

If you are interested in taking your own niche site business to the next level, this is an opportunity to work with me that you cannot get anywhere else.

How to Apply?

No Longer Accepting Applications (positions filled).

I look forward to hearing from you.  Feel free to ask any clarifying questions below in the comments. Thanks!

11 Comments for this Post

  1. paul


    i am actually a very good writer however having my own niche site business which i am improving day by day as well as my income, but as much as i would love an opportunity like this, im currently busy in my offline business so id just like to say thanks for the opportunity Spencer i hope you find who you need. if this comes up again in 6months in my winter season i would love a chance, cheers

  2. Charley


    Unpaid labour is not the most advantageous activity to partake in for me at this moment, but considering the benefits you mentioned above, I’m remotely inclined to opt for this since I am usually unoccupied after completing my writing jobs daily. But, I don’t know. I’ll think about it. If I don’t contact you tomorrow, then it would signify my lack of interest.

    Nevertheless, aside from the disappointing lack of payment, I’d love to work with/for a successful entrepreneur like you, especially because I am still struggling with niche sites. Consequently, thanks for this opportunity and I do hope that I will get accepted if and when I contact you to express my interest.

  3. steven


    I would like a shot. You will receive my email tomorrow morning.

  4. Tom


    Just want to clarify wrote you wrote. Can you expand on I’m looking for commitment of at least one month?

    • Spencer Haws

      Spencer Haws

      I’m looking for someone that can be my intern for at least one month. More is always welcome.

  5. Eddie


    Hi Spencer, you should throw a Long Tail Pro license into the deal 🙂

  6. Michelle


    Oh man! I finally got the rest of my life in order (finished my study for this year) and came back to see if this offer was still available… who was I kidding!?

    I think this is a fantastic opportunity and obviously some other people thought so too. Next time I’m gonna jump straight on this!

    Will there be a next time?? 😉

  7. Om Thoke

    Om Thoke

    Hey Spencer, I’d be interested for a long-term business relationship, and I’ve sent you a detailed email through the contact form. Do take a couple of minutes to read it, and respond (just a one-line response would be sufficient). My comments were going through my ID for some reason, so trying it through my wife’s ID now.

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