Content Creation Group – Goal Tracking

If you are anything like me, then you know that in order to accomplish a goal, you need to set up some sort of accountability.  When I’m able to plan my goals and follow up on my progress, I’m able to accomplish much more.

That is the purpose of this page.  This is the Content Creation Group (explained here); goal tracking page.  As you will see from the chart below; we have a large number of participants already!  The individuals listed below are the ones that have given me their goal amount of content for the month of November.  In addition, there are nearly 100 participants who have signed up on the email list, but have not publicly disclosed their goals.  If you still want to participate, its not too late!  Simply leave a comment below before Nov. 5th, and I’ll add your information.

Purpose of the Content Creation Group

The purpose of this group is simple.  We want to motivate each other to accomplish our content creation goals during the month of November!  For example, I’ve set a goal to write 16 blog posts in the month of November on  This is almost twice what I typically do.

However, the real reason, is to see some results from our content marketing efforts!  I personally expect to see more Google traffic, return visitors, and referrals by increasing my content production.  All of us participating will have slightly different end result goals; but in a nutshell, we hope these efforts will lead to more traffic, more subscribers, more referrals, or more sales.

I have personally always noticed increased search traffic to my site the couple of days immediately following my blog posts.  In addition, I found an interesting case study that backs up these claims as well.  Kuno Creative did a study showing the results of increasing post frequency to 5 to 10 times a week (yes, that is a lot).  Take a look at this graphic to see what increasing your post frequency can do:

Obviously, you can’t just throw up junk.  Each post needs to be high quality and relevant.  Or if you are posting on news or events occurring in your industry, they should be timely and thoughtful (perhaps not as much depth or analysis is required for rapidly developing news items).

The Goal Chart

This page and chart will be updated throughout the month.  The chart is fairly simple and self-explanatory.  The final column is one that will be updated throughout the month.  I have decided to update it 3 times on: Nov. 11th, Nov. 21th, and at the completion of the month.  So, come back here to see the progress of everyone participating throughout the month!!

NameWebsite URLNov. GoalActual Completed (as of 11/13/2012)
Spencer HawsNichePursuits.com16 posts6
Steve EasonIngeniousInternetIncome.com15 posts6 posts0
Kirildoublekgk.com4 posts3
Quinncubiclefree.com4 posts2
Aleshia Greenundisclosed8 posts? posts?
Thomasmobileapptycoon.com4 posts + 2 Podcasts1
Andrearearviewmirror.tv20 posts?
Tomgoldandsilverpassiveincome.com25 posts?
Paulmicrobrewingcorner.com12 posts2
Lynnthemagichost.com15 posts3
Deveshundisclosed6 posts?
Kyle Proctorthewebauthority.com12 posts3
Akbar Sheikhhealthandautoinsurance.org17 posts6
Suelivewellforall.com12 posts1
Treverundisclosed30 posts?
20 posts2 posts3
Andy posts?
Jeffleangainsguide.com20 posts10
Jonyou-quit-smoking.com7 posts?
Tonitonithea.com30 posts?
Edgarbinaryshift.com8 posts?
Chetanmatchscholarships.info4 posts?
Mike Vespiantestosteroned.com20 posts2
Miggypinoymoneytips.com24 posts12
Justinundisclosed30 posts?
Matthew Allen posts4
Matthew posts2 posts2
Alain posts3
Mitjapeople-ask.com4 posts3 videos0
Steve Carmichaelmarathontrainingplan.com12 posts1
Sean posts1
Eric Gainesslowcarbdietexperiments.com7 posts3
Churchill Madyavanhu posts?
Derek Smithwildernesstracks.com20 posts?
Latif Ramadanskrol.net15 posts3
Nicolasyoueverysecond.com8 posts3
John Bakken15gadgets.com8 posts?
Triaggressivewealthbuilding.com10 posts2
Andytacticalprojectmanagement.comconvert to Wordpress?
Andyamakar.com4 posts1
James Camersoneducational site5 posts?
Ben Hebertbenhebert.com10 posts4
12 posts8
Richard Billiesamericanteapartypolitics.com2 posts0
Richard Billiesbfinfosystems.com2 posts1
Richard Billieswastefraudandabuse.org4 - 8 posts2
Richard Billiesnorthangainstsouth.com12 to 20 posts5
Triextremelyefficient.com10 posts1
Connor Psmartsteroids.com50 posts4
Seanprimalkid.com15 posts1
Jasonundisclosed2 Youtube Videos + Submit iPhone App?
Jasonlazybastardlife.com2 posts0 posts2
Kevincreateaprenup.com15 posts13
LaTushatheparalegalsite.com10 posts0
Jason Hilllearninghowtoforgive.blogspot.com20 posts8
Nathanseoflipper.com5 posts0
9 posts?
Timmotionworkspt.com6 posts + 1 video?
Dawnnepapets.com8 posts1

Follow Up

I need as much motivation as anyone else, so I will be posting my own progress more frequently on the Facebook page.  I will be at least during the weekdays on the Facebook page.

In addition,  I’ll stay in touch at least once a week via email.  Finally, I’m also considering a Webinar or 2 for the challenge; just to keep us all on task.

Overall, if you haven’t joined yet – you still have a few more days to add your info (until November 5th)!  Just leave a comment below with your monthly goal and website.  Finally, please feel free to join the group email list, so I can stay in touch throughout the month.

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71 Comments for this entry

  1. Sarah says:

    Hi Spencer, thanks for the great posts recently. You have inspired me to focus on producing some more quality content for my site. I have been a little busy lately.


  2. My goal for November is 12 posts. My post counts dropped off when I started podcasting, and found that my visitors started to listen to the podcasts so much that they rarely come to the site. So adding more (non-podcast) posts will be critical going forward!


  3. Miggy says:

    Hi Spencer, thanks for tracking the progress of those who decided to take on the challenge. :) Since I want to focus on the social media marketing side of things, I have decided to write all the articles and then then just schedule them via wordpress. I’m more than halfway through the articles, thankfully.

    The webinar would be a really great motivator, too! :D
    thanks for taking the time to do this! rock on!

  4. Sean Spurr says:

    Sounds like a good way of getting content written for a future authority site. I recently moved to London so I’m planning on making a blog about things to do in the city, the URL is A post a day average seems reasonable as I already do content writing for others which amounts to more than this – so I’ll put my target at 30 posts. If anyone needs any help with reaching their target let me know and I’ll provide a content writing quote.

  5. Kyle proctor says:

    My website is I already signed up for the challenge just put my website with my name

  6. Hey Spencer,

    Count me in!

    Here’s my site:

    My goal is 7 posts for November.


  7. This looks like a good way to stay on track. Count me in. My target for November is 10 posts. This will be a serious achievement for a newbie like me, if I manage to make it happen.

  8. Hey Spencer,

    Thanks for this post…def is putting in perspective how soon November is coming and I still have yet to accomplish anything…time to get on the ball…I have been doing so much research this year..its time to put much of my learning to work and start building my confidence..def need more confidence!

  9. Derek Smith says:

    Just started my hiking blog

    Shooting for 20 posts in November.

    Love this thread Spencer.

  10. Thanks spencer, Now, I just starting new blog with local language, this is time for me to filled up the blog with quality content to attract more visitor. The blog is, online journal about business, entrepreneurship and investment. I have goal to create at least 15 blog post on november.
    But, whether this opinion relevant with Google ‘penguin’ update?

  11. Yes, can’t wait to get going. I have trouble concentrating on content creation, with all these shiny little technical things to do.

    Hopefully this will keep me on the right track!

    Thanks for the great initiative, Spencer!

  12. After seeing the graph on this post from Kuno Creative, I kind of wish I set my goals a little bit higher. Let’s just say that my other goal will be to exceed my goals!

    Joining this group will help me to stay focused on actually writing content, rather than playing around with different plugins and layouts (which I love to do). Thanks again Spencer.

  13. Kiril says:

    Hi, Spencer , just to let you know that I already published 1 of 4 posts which I suppose I can handle in 30 days time – hopefully I can do better than that, since most of the info which I will be writing on will be an Authority Site Case Study.

    Please kindly have a look and it will be really nice if you leave one comment beneath.

    Best Regards

  14. i saw some 30 post goals for Nov. certainly nice to see and all the best.

    the info graphic is interesting . . . curious how the results are impacted once one reverts back to a less frequent schedule.

    i.e. if one does 5-10 posts per week for 3 months and then cuts back to 1-5 posts per week, how will the traffic and indexing/ranking of existing pages/posts be impacted. this would be an interesting experiment.

    • Spencer Haws says:

      I don’t know if it was in the same case study that I linked to, or another article I was reading on the same topic. But essentially it said that traffic levels would be sustained for a prolonged period of time after that kind of posting schedule. It also makes sense because of all the backlog of articles you would have = more opportunities for readers to find you.

  15. Nicolas says:

    Hi Spencer,
    Count me in!!
    The site is under creation but since im going right now on holidays, i didnt want to lose the window for getting on this list.
    My objective is 8 posts this month, which might be a bit ambitious since this will be my first site ever (and i have to set up everything, WordPress, plugins, on-site SEO, off-site SEO, …).
    Anyway, i’m taking action and i’m happy :-D

  16. Shay says:

    Hey Spencer, we can change my website from undisclosed to I am definitely going to be checking in and doing videos. I’m super excited to see what the outcome is going to be with posting.

    Thanks for creating this! I’m so excited!!!

  17. Tri says:

    Hey Spencer, mind if I add another blog to the list? :D

  18. Connor p says:

    Hey, I’d like to join on the content creation group

    My goal is 50 articles in Nov

  19. Sean says:

    Sounds like fun… count me in!

    Going to shoot for a goal of 15 new articles on an essential brand new site:

    Thanks for setting this up!

  20. Miggy says:

    Good news for me! I’ve just scheduled 21 articles at my blog for the whole of November. As soon as I finish writing the 15 articles for December, I’ll start adding blog posts for November. :D

    This group is motivating me! thanks Spencer.

  21. Jason says:

    I’m in! For my product site, I will post two new YouTube videos and finish/submit my iPhone app.

    For my blog (, I will finally post my income report for September within the week and then October’s income report toward the end of the month.

  22. Connor p says:

    Sorry didn’t leave my domain before

    Would love to join

  23. Joe says:

    Hey, great idea! Can I get in on this?

    My details are:

    Joe,, 10 posts for November.

  24. Kevin says:

    Spencer, can you add me? That’d be great, thanks. My goal is 15 posts.

  25. LaTusha says:

    Hi Spencer

    I’m just starting a new site. It’s I would like to do 10 posts this month. Thanks for the extra motivation.

  26. Jason Hill says:

    Oops, forgot to add my url. This is barebones at the moment as my goal is to write 20 posts and launch the blog at the end of November. I know most people use wordpress, but as I am new to this, blogger is free and I would like to test out a few sites on blogger before making the switch to wordpress. Anyone have any thoughts on blogger? Can I still rank first page using long tail keywords with a blogger blog as apposed to a wordpress blog? Thanks.

  27. Kiril says:

    There is nothing to hide. Moving along 2nd Post. Hope you will like it – Any comments will be much appreciated

  28. Nathan says:

    This seems like a great idea; sometimes I suffer from analysis paralysis when it comes to putting out blog posts, so being forced to put out content no matter what will be helpful.

    My goal is 5 posts for the month of November, at a rate of at least 1 per week.

    It’s not much numbers wise, but given that I’ve averaged less than 1 post per month over the last year, it’ll be a significant improvement.

  29. Nathan says:

    Almost forgot to add, but the domain is

  30. Jimi says:

    Can I still get in on this Spencer?

    If yes, pls add me.

    31 posts

  31. Nikki says:

    Hi! I am going to start a website and I want to post 10 posts in November.

  32. Jason Hill says:

    Ok…so I got really motivated and have created 15 posts so far! I coudn’t wait to launch my blog so it is up with two posts and several pages. I have enough posts to get me through a week or so (plan to post at least one post per day). Please critique, advise, suggest etc. I have messed around with blogging but really am just learning so I welcome any and all advice. In addition to adsense, I created an amazon astore for one of my pages. Check it out at

  33. David says:

    I have read many posts but this is the first time I have posted a comment. I just started a blog that I have been planning for a while and would like to be added to the content creation group. My blog is

  34. David says:

    I forgot to mention that I will post 5 posts for the month of November.

  35. Nicolas says:

    Hi Spencer,
    I’m Nicolas. I told you that my website would be but at the end i decided to go for domain name – and actually already posted one article!
    Thanks for updating your table!!

  36. Hey Spencer,

    Thanks for the update here. I never disclosed my blog because I was in such a debate about whether to restart the blog I started earlier this year when I needed to move to another host or to start another domain I originally bought to create a freelance writing website which never came through due to client errors and taking all my money with no results…so sucks. Anyways, I have decided to turn that domain into a blog instead.

    Here is my blog:

    I am a little behind because I had to look for a free template that would really stand out..I hate plain things..and I am also in the process of starting up a Social Media Management biz, so the learning curve is taking all my time.

    I have installed the theme onto my just need time to learn it and customize it. I hope to get my content to it by next week even if that means catching up on what I am already behind.

    Looking forward to hanging in there..and by the way..I may need some encouragement to keep me FOCUSED!

    Have a good day!

  37. Jon says:

    Hello Spencer,
    I am writing webpages and so may be hidden unlike the blogs. However, I have uploaded 2 pages and will have 5 by Monday.
    This is very encouraging watching everyone else progress.

  38. LaTusha says:

    Hi Spencer

    I’ve completed all 10 of my posts and several pages. I’m so happy I’ve been able complete these posts in such a short time. I’ve already started to see traffic without doing any backlinking.

  39. Jason Hill says:

    Hello Spencer! Per our conversation, I went ahead and moved my webiste from blogger to wordpress. The url is
    Even as a newbie, I am enjoying wordpress and find new features or interesting plug-ins daily. I am also extremely happy with webhostingpad. My only suggestion for anyone is to register your domain elsewhere is it is quite expensive, but the customer service and available features is amazing!

  40. Nicolas says:

    Hi Spencer!! I made it!
    I have 9 posts and 2 pages on
    I have to say that this content creation group helped me alot, as i felt accountable to you :-)
    How is it going on your side!? I haven’t received any email or post from you for some days! Hope everything’s ok!

  41. Joe says:

    I’ve managed 7 (out of goal of 10) for my site:

    One more days to go…

  42. Hmm, what a surprisingly short month November has been.
    I had a really good start on my site at with 3 out of 6 done halfway through the month, but the last two weeks have been more challenging.
    I have done 2 guest posts so far, but they don’t technically count and I don’t even know whether they will still be published during this month.
    I finally got my email newsletter going, too, but other than that, I only worked on other websites, so it looks like I won’t be able to make it…
    But I’ll try to get at least one more post in! ;)

  43. David says:

    Hi Spencer,

    My goal was 8 posts, and I’m sitting on 7 right now, thinking about the one I’m going to publish later today :D

    This has been really good for me to have a goal to aim at, and I have other news too. I have made a couple of dollars with adsense this month, and a couple in October with a slowly growing amount of traffic. Very pleased with this progress. I’ve also just sold some advertising space on the blog for the first time, 3 months at a fixed €15 per month. Not a lot, but enough for it to pay for itself for the year, which was my first monetization goal.

    Thanks for helping keep me motivated!

  44. Chetan says:

    Hey Spencer,

    I must come clean to let you know that I have finished only 1 out of the 4 (still haven’t published on the site yet). Could have done better & feel guilty for not finishing what I started. No excuses here but I have learned a lot from this content creation group. I do hope that you continue this undertaking for next month also. Hopefully I can do better.

    Best Regards,


  45. dawn says:

    I reached my goal. My goal was 8 posts, I did 9 from the time I joined the challenge. Most were short quick posts, but my main goal was to get into the posting groove.

    Thanks for setting up this challenge!

  46. Jon says:

    Hello Spencer,
    I have written all 7 of my pages and uploaded 3 so far. I am on target just about. Still building my site so I have been adding bits and bobs and changing mistakes I have made.
    Hopefully I will upload all 7 tomorrow and definitely by Saturday. I am not at home as work is being done and 5 of my pages are on my home computer.
    My day job is flat out also, however I am so happy this group came about as I am getting inspiration and I am obsessed with finishing my task on time.
    Thank you

  47. Jimi says:

    Just posted my 31st blog post at and made my November target with 15 minutes to go.

    Thanks Spencer for the kick-butt email reminder. Jimi.

  48. Jon says:

    Got there in the end last night

  49. Tim says:

    We were able to post 6 articles in Nov, but didn’t finish the video. It turned out to be more technically challenging then expected. We still hope to get a video posted in early Dec.

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