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July Income Report, Other Business Updates, and My Local Startup Community

So, for the past several months, I have been reporting the income of a couple of niche sites that I purchased at the beginning of this year.  I’m going to do that again today, but will also be sharing a few highlights from other parts of my business. Let’s make these monthly reports a bit [...]

June Income Report and a New Authority Project

If you have been following along since the beginning of the year, then you know that I have been sharing the earnings each month of 2 sites that I purchased in January. I am going to share the earnings of those 2 sites again for June; however, I’m also going to start morphing these monthly [...]

Should I Sell? May Income Report and Thoughts

Believe it or not, its already time for another monthly income report for 2 sites that I purchased earlier this year.  The reports are in fact rather close together due to the fact that I published the last one on the 12th of last month and now this one much earlier.  I hope you don’t [...]

How I Made $261,225 in 20 Days Selling a Software Product Even Though I’m Not a Programmer

If you’ve been hanging out on my blog for a while, you know that I talk a lot about building niche websites; including the recent massive income report for niche site project 2. However, I haven’t discussed other parts of my business quite as much; including Long Tail Pro.  As you may know, Long Tail [...]

Niche Site Project 2: Income Report for March 2014!

If you have been following the Niche Site Project 2, you know that each month Perrin and I post an income report for  This is the niche site that we developed from scratch, and we’ve seen some awesome success! So, today, I’m excited to share the income report for March.  The earnings from March [...]

How to Be a Family Man and Still Bootstrap a Successful Business

I frequently discuss my business on my blog here, and I absolutely love my business.  But the truth is, that I’m a family man to the core. If you’ve read my About Me page, you’ve probably picked up on that fact.  You see, I’ve been married for just over 11 years to an amazingly beautiful, [...]

Pinterest Case Study Update: How I Achieved a 38% Increase in Earnings

A couple of days ago, I posted an update for an Adsense based site that I purchased.  Today, I am going to share the details of a second site that I purchased earlier in the year. As you may recall, both of these sites are ones that I am using as “case study” sites.  I’ve [...]

Adsense Case Study Update: Increased Traffic and Earnings Review

One of my goals this year was to complete 2 new case studies.  One of those case studies is Vylo (a web based chat software project), and the other one is related to buying and selling sites. So, today I wanted to give an update on one of the sites that I purchased.  I’ve written [...]

Niche Site Project 2: Income Report for February 2014!

So, believe it or not; its time for another income report for! As you may recall, is the site that Perrin created as part of Niche Site Project 2.  I simply coached Perrin along the way, and he’s done all the actual work and built a pretty impressive site! I know that I [...]

Niche Site Project 2: Income Report and Podcast for January 2014!

The January income report for is here!  This is one that I know a lot of you have been anticipating, because of how well the site did last month. After earning over $650 in December, the big question was whether December was so big mostly due to Holiday shopping.  The clear answer is NO!  [...]

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