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How to Apply to Google Adsense and Actually Get Approved

I first applied to Google Adsense back in 2005 or 2006.  Since that time, I have applied and gotten approved many times for related business entities or helping others set up their own Google Adsense accounts.  Each time, my applications have been approved to start using the Google Adsense program, so I feel like I [...]

Clickbomb Defense: 3 Plugins to Prevent Clickbombing

So, in my last post, I explained that I have a new Adsense account and some of the things I am doing differently to keep it.  One of those things I am doing is trying to be less aggressive in my Adsense placement.  Having an extemely high Click Through Rate can be one reason why [...]

Welcome Back to Google Adsense!

I’m back in! I have a new Google Adsense account, and I have been successfully using it for the past couple of months and I’ve been paid twice! So, I have no reason to believe I will have another “run in” with Google. I have kept quiet about it on my blog up until this [...]

Can I Have Amazon and Adsense on My Site?

In the past, I have been a big user of Google Adsense. But lately (for obvious reasons) I have been trying a few more experiments with the Amazon Associates program among other things. Both can be great ways to monetize your site, they just serve slightly different segments.  The Amazon associates program tends to work [...]

I Can Only Handle 1 Authority Site, Back to Niche Sites!

I kinda feel like I need to give a “State of the Union” address like the President of the US does each year.  So this post is more like a State of the Niche Pursuits type post.  I have been on vacation with my family for the past 10 days, and this time has given [...]

Podcast 9: $30k a Month from Niche Sites Post Penguin with Hayden Miyamoto

I always love to hear the success stories from readers of my blog.  And this story is a big one. I am absolutely blown away by the success that Hayden Miyamoto is having with small niche sites.  In particular, Hayden has refined his process post-Penguin and is doing better now than before!  I certainly can’t [...]

Adsense Alternatives: My Performance After Google Adsense

I recently documented the painful experience I had with getting banned from Google Adsense just a couple of short weeks ago. The response I received from that post was huge with over 400 comments to date…but more importantly I truly felt as though many of you cared about my situation with the loss of income [...]

The Importance of Diversifying Your Online Income

As I wrote a couple of days ago, my Google Adsense account was banned.  This was the primary source of income for my niche sites.  Ouch! I received by far the most traffic and comments for that post than I have ever received on this blog.  For the most part, the comments were all very [...]

I Just Got Banned From Google Adsense! Now What?

I got a really depressing email last week that my Google Adsense account has been shut down! I received the same message for all of my business accounts as well; I no longer have any access to Google Adsense.  The news fell on me like a ton of bricks, and I’m still a bit dazed [...]

Monthly Business Report – March 2012

The past month or so has been a tumultuous one in the Google world.  In March, Google deindexed much of Build My Rank, and other blog networks as well.  In addition, lots of webmasters had their Google Adsense accounts closed including Zac Johnson and Gauher Chaudhry. (I also received a couple of emails from others [...]

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