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A Few Business Projects I am Working On Right Now

A Few Business Projects I am Working On Right Now

I tend to focus heavily on building niche websites on this blog.  However, I also have several other projects that I am currently working on that I have not discussed very much or not at all up to this point.

Because I am working full-time for myself, I have a lot of flexibility in the type and quantity of projects that I take on.  For all of you potential full time internet business owners out there; I guess this is what you have to look forward to!  I definitely have my plate full, and I’m actually looking forward to when I can complete a few of these.  I actually would prefer to focus a bit more on building niche sites than I have in the past month or 2!

Anyway, here are a few projects that I am working on right now:

Building Niche Websites

My niche site production has gone down a little bit with all of the other projects I am working on.  However, I have been able to get 2 new sites built that I am excited about.  Both of them are focused on bigger keywords that I hope will have a bigger return.

However, in the coming weeks and months, I hope to continue to find new niches and build additional sites.  This is still a passion of mine and plan to build my niche site portfolio for the foreseeable future.

I plan to take a 2 pronged approach for now.  I will still build some small niche sites (i.e. 5 pages or so of content) to hopefully find some quick winners that I can built out more.  However, I also plan to built maybe 2 or 3 larger sites (25+ pages of content) each month as I tackle head on either keywords with higher search volume or that are a bit more competitive.

Included in my niche websites are 2 “sub” projects that I have discussed:

Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites

I mentioned that I was going to start building Amazon affiliate niche sites, and I have.  The sites are up and running, but its really still too early to provide any sort of constructive feedback.  Essentially, I have chosen keywords, built the sites, added content, and started building links to the site.

Authority Site Project

I recently discussed the latest of my Authority Site Project here.

Long Tail Pro

My keyword research tool continues to do very well.  This is a project that takes up a lot of my time, but its well worth it.  My team of programmers and I are constantly updating the software and my number one goal is to make it the best keyword research tool on the market.

As many of you know, there have been some interesting happenings recently in the keyword software industry.  Market Samurai recently sent out an email that essentially said their rank tracker was no longer working and they would likely move it to a monthly fee service (for just the rank tracker).  They also discussed some other issues their software was having and how they would be moving to Bing data for things like SEO competition and SEO Title Competition.

I believe that that they have since gotten the software back up and running as it should; however, this has actually affected my Long Tail Pro business significantly.  Because people wanted to see what alternatives were on the market, many of them have discovered Long Tail Pro!

I’m happy to say that the software continues to function as expected and I have seen a significant increase in sales since Market Samurai starting having their issues.  So, if have recently joined the Long Tail Pro crowd…thanks for joining!  I only see this part of my business growing and getting bigger with time.  I have lots of things planned for this and expect big things throughout the rest of this year.

Adsense iPhone Application

As I have discussed on the blog here, I am in the process of building an iPhone application that will allow users to check their Google Adsense earnings – and a bit more.  I actually hired an iPhone developer off of about 2 weeks ago and they are busy at work.

I also hired a separate freelance graphics design person to create all the graphics for the app.  The graphics look really nice, so I know the app will at least look good!  I’m sure the developer will deliver a solid product as well.

I don’t expect the product itself to be completed for a month or so, and it will likely be another month before I get it up on the App Store…these are all just “guestimations” of course.

WordPress Theme

I and a partner have been working on building a theme for niche websites for at least 3 or 4 months now.  For those of you that didn’t know…surprise!  I haven’t mentioned it on my blog here, but I have on the NichePursuits Facebook page.

Its not an easy project!  My vision for the theme has been to create a highly customizable theme that could literally be used on tons of different niche sites; yet still have a unique look to each and every one.  As you know after reading my post about themes here, I have been trying for the most part to use a different theme on every single site that I build.  This can be very time consuming.

So, I decided to build a theme that would meet my needs for a different look for every site that I built.  This theme will allow you to choose from multiple different layouts, multiple different ad configurations, and give you COMPLETE control over all the different color variations.  No need to go into the stylesheet to change the background color or link colors – it will literally be point and click design on the backend.

I’m very excited about the project and its currently being beta tested by several people.  We are getting some early feedback for things people would like to see and finding those inevitable bugs that still lurk.  You will be hearing a lot more about this project as we expect to be releasing this one very soon.

Opt-in Product with a Partner

I also am working with the same business partner (as the WordPress theme) on a separate product.  I won’t go into the details at the moment, but it’s a product for blog owners or other webmasters that want to increase their email opt-ins.  It has a much cooler name than “Opt-in Product”, but I don’t want to give away too much at this point.

I expect this product to be completed in less than a month as well.

Software Application with My Brothers

A few of my brothers and I have been tossing around a small software application idea for several months.  It’s a product that is NOT internet marketing related at all, but is something completely different.

We even submitted a job to to find out how much it might cost to build.  The issue is really how to market the product and how big the market is.  The product is something that no other product quite does.  Some are close, but our idea would stand out we believe.  However, we have been hesitant to do anything because none of us are really involved in the market that its in and so we are having a difficult time figuring out exactly how we would market the product.

Niche Pursuits Blog!

Don’t forget that I have to keep up to date as well! Keeping up with my blog here is another is another significant on-going project.  I do my best to post helpful and informative posts as well as responding to as many comments as I can.

Overall, I have a lot going on and the projects definitely keep me busy.  I’m sure that some of these projects will not work out as expected or hoped for, but I also know that some of them will do better than expected…just like building niche websites.

Finally, I know this isn’t the most informative post as far as my typical “How to…” type posts; however, this gives you a good idea of how I spend my time day to day.  Its also may give you something to think about if you ever decide that you want to go full-time as an internet entrepreneur.  There are lots of opportunities and plenty of projects out there that you could potentially be working on as well.

Let me know what thoughts or questions you might have in the comments below!

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  1. Aleshia


    I think that is awesome…dont worry about this post being too was. I had actually came back to your site looking for some specific info and saw your new post and took the time to read it first. I believe all you do is great and you should never stop moving on to bigger and better things. I guess that is why the internet is so great…its flexible to meet anyone’s needs.

    • Spencer


      Thanks for the encouragement Aleshia!

  2. dave


    Nice. I look forward to hearing more about the theme. Of course if you need another beta tester….

    Keep up the good work.

    • Spencer


      Dave – I will definitely keep everyone posted on the theme. We are all set on beta testers right now though 🙁

  3. Anshul


    Some interesting projects there Spencer. Especially interested in the WordPress theme and opt-in projects.

    I started something similar last month but got too busy and just ended up customizing one of the existing themes for use on my niche sites.

    All the best with all your projects, looking forward to seeing, how it all turns out.

  4. Mike From Maine

    Mike From Maine

    It’s good to see that you are diversifying your income. I’m still adsense heavy on my income, but I plan to change that once I have enough revenue coming in. I really think you are taking the right path.

    • Spencer


      You have to start somewhere before you can diversify. I took the same approach – build up an income somewhere, then look to diversifying later.

  5. Lonnie


    Spencer, this post rocked! It’s always super motivational to hear how someone is genuinely finding success online and all your info is always spot on and honest.

    I’m still not convinced Market Samurai is back up and running completely, at least for its rank tracker module (the backlink data in the rank tracker module has been unreliable). Because of that, I plan on jumping on the bandwagon and making the switch to Long Tail Pro.

    • Spencer


      Yeah, I don’t really know how well Market Samurai is working or not. I only know what I hear from other people.

      Glad you found the post motivational!

  6. Dwayne@TWC


    I love how you are always working on something new, Spence. (Do you mind if I call you Spence?) I’m working a new niche site myself that seems to be turning into a much larger site than I had anticipated.
    I hope all that you have planned works out for you and if anything doesn’t it’ll teach you something and make you better.

    • Spencer


      Sure, call me Spence…its cool! That’s awesome that one of your niche sites is turning into something bigger than expected…congrats!

  7. ryan


    Glad to hear LTP was unaffected. Haven’t been doing much keyword research lately as half my day is spent job hunting and the other half building out domains I’ve already purchase. However I do use Samurai for the other functions and even though they say it is working, the rank checker is really buggy. You might have said it before but what do you use to start tracking your new sites as they get back links and climb the ranks? Or do you just wait a couple months and manually look?

    • Spencer


      I usually wait a month or 2 before I start checking ranks. However, I will use either Long Tail Pro to check ranks or the free plugin for firefox called Rank Checker by

  8. michael


    I love the information you give out on your site. And I just got LongTailPro on Sunday. I really like for a few reasons:

    Things I like

    1. I like to use allintitle operator as an indication of the level of competition. It takes me forever to check that manually. Your software makes that so painless.

    2. Searching multiple keyword phrases at once and then having the results laid out so I can tell if I want to look deeper into competition for a given kw on the first page of G.

    3. Automated domain check for the kws.

    And thank you for all the great inspiration.



    At the end of the day, I don’t care how high the allintitle is if I can beat someone on page 1 easily. This brings

  9. Muzi Mohale

    Muzi Mohale

    the cat is out of the bag Spence about your unnamed partner…you happened to talk about the wordpress project the same day on facebook…it’s safe to say it’s none other than Chris Guthrie from

    • Spencer


      Lol. You are a good detective Muzi!

  10. Yeok Heng

    Yeok Heng

    I always wanted to be like you in one day where you can have different types of project. But now I only focus on niche site and following almost all your How-to. 🙂

    • Spencer


      Best of luck Yeok!

  11. Sunil l Internet Marketing

    Sunil l Internet Marketing

    Good to hear buddy – congratulations on having a lot going on.

    It’s certainly not easy to juggle multiple projects and still put in the quality work that is needed to shine. Hope you are leveraging VAs. Looking forward to how each initiative evolves and develops.

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    January 2012 Monthly Income Reports | Monthly Income Report

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  13. Lyndsy Simon

    Lyndsy Simon

    I’m glad i found your site. I’m one of the people who found LTP after the issues Noble Samurai have been having. I ended up here, and love the content you’re putting out.

    With this sort of breakdown and transparency, your status in my mind has elevated quite a bit. There are a few people I follow regularly and read everything they post – Pat Flynn, Chris Brogan, Steve Scott, Tyler Cruz, and now you.

    • Spencer


      Thanks Lyndsy! Glad you found my site…thanks for the positive feedback!

  14. Andre Garde

    Andre Garde

    Hi Spencer,

    It’s great to know that a theme is in the works! The world of niche site creation needs something with flexibility and simplicity.

    A killer feature for me is if you add a widget that can control the 728×15 link unit in the header. As of now I have to edit it manually into each theme header and it’s a bit of a pain. Still haven’t seen a theme that can do it properly.

    I look forward to your product though even if it can’t do that. You always put out quality stuff!


    • Spencer


      Your “killer feature” will indeed be part of the theme. Adding a 728×15 header link will be a cinch.

      • Andre Garde

        Andre Garde

        Awesome, sign me up! If you need extra beta testers I’d love to try it out.

  15. aldo


    I love the idea on creating a WordPress Theme Just to make life easier to Niche Site Builders. This was on My Future Plans also to build the perfect Theme for me but I’m not ready on the income point to start new projects of this type since this need some budget to be spend on programmers.

    I hope you guys make the best from this theme and coming from people i trust spencer, Joe and justin i think this will be a very very nice Theme.

    • Spencer


      Thanks Aldo!

  16. Toki


    Thats great Spencer 🙂

    I can’t wait until I can earn enough from Adsense to be able to do anything else, especially diversify.

    Question: What parts of you niche site building process do you outsource?



    • Spencer


      Toki – I outsource, content creation, site building, link building. I pretty much do the keyword research and that’s about it. Then of course I manage the entire process and make sure its done properly.

  17. Casey Dennison

    Casey Dennison

    It look’s like a handful, but that’s cool though. Staying busy and product is really good. Great post – looking forward to these projects!

  18. Tim


    Hey Spencer,
    I have a very random question. Do you purchase domains with the company or product name in it? meaning sth. like,, etc. There are so many different opinions on the internet 🙂


    • Spencer


      I never purchased a branded domain until about 8 months ago or so. Its risky. I have had to give up about 3 or 4 of those branded domains due to cease and desist letters (essentially). Its actually a very painless process – I get an email, then just transfer the domain. However, I would recommend avoiding branded domains if possible to avoid the risk. If you decide to purchase them, just know that at any moment you can lose your site.

  19. James


    Really looking forward to the iPhone Adsense app. Do you plan on charging for it? I’ve always wanted a proper app on my iPhone for checking my Adsense earnings and also my Google Analytics. Found nothing good out there yet.

  20. Crystal


    So, I’m 28 years old and I have to say that I’ve never followed a blog, commented on a blog, or really even understood a blog before, but wow! you have me hooked. What you have to say is so much more interesting than the mineralogy exam I should be studying for. Thanks for all the great info!

    • Spencer


      Glad you found my blog more interesting than mineralogy!

  21. Samuel


    What’s Up Spencer!

    Would like to know your method for staying focused with all those projects. I had to cut out some of mine because it was paralyzing me. Yet I still feel the need to search out good income opportunities and and see them through.

    Keeping a good productive work day is something I struggle with. Would like to see a blog post maybe about how you structure your days and weeks. Also which projects takes priority over others.

    Good post though!

    • Spencer


      I don’t know how well I stay focused…I tend to bounce around on a few projects each day. However, I do have some techniques that I use to try and stay effective as possible. That definitely might be worth a blog post down the road.

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