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NSP Update 4: My Niche Website is Live!…Now What?

My niche website is now up and running with some content! As planned and discussed here, I wrote 1 in-depth article targeting my primary keyword of “best survival knife”. I have basically spent the past 10 days researching and learning about my chosen niche and then creating something useful. So, in my post today, I [...]

NSP Update 3: Niche Site Content Strategy

Now that I’ve found my keyword to target for this public niche site project, I need to develop a content strategy. I actually get a lot of questions all the time about how to target keywords in an article, how many articles to write, and so much more.  In my post today, I hope to [...]

NSP Update 2: My Primary Keyword and Domain Revealed!

A couple of days ago, I walked through the process of how to find a keyword to target for a niche site.  Now, I want to give you a very real demonstration of how I found my primary keyword that I will use for my niche site project! This is by far the most important [...]

NSP Update 1: Finding the Right Keyword to Target

Welcome to the first official update on my public niche site project!  Last week I held a live webinar to kickoff the project and to start researching keywords live in front of everyone. As of today, I have found my keyword that I will be using publicly, but more on that in a minute… I [...]

January 2013 Business Report

Did January fly by for you too?  I feel like I was just ringing in the new year in my brother’s basement (that’s how I roll), and now January is already over! I set several significant goals at the beginning of 2013, and so I’ve decided to do monthly reports on my progress. So, let’s [...]

Niche Site Project Webinar Re-play

Last night, I held a live webinar to kickoff the public niche site project!  The webinar was VERY well attended and I think it went pretty well. Essentially I was able to cover what the niche site project is all about, what you can expect, and how I will go about the process of finding [...]