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Why Blogging is a Great Alternative to Niche Sites

This is a guest post written by Tom Ewer from  I think this is a great post for anyone looking for an alternative to niche sites. Personally, niche sites have worked very well for me and continue to earn well for me.  They are a great business. However, Tom makes some very valid points [...]

Podcast 10: How to Find Valuable Expired Domains with Hayden Miyamoto

Last week, I released a podcast that I did with Hayden Miyamoto where he explained how he is pulling in $30,000 a month with small niche sites.  As suspected, people loved the podcast!  Hayden was able to share a lot of his “secrets” that he uses to build micro niche sites after Google Penguin in [...]

Succesful Content Marketing Strategies and Examples

If you happen to be a blogger, perhaps you understand the importance of content marketing already.  But, perhaps not.  Or maybe you are not utilizing the full potential that smart content marketing can provide you. In discussing content marketing, I want to expand beyond just how it can benefit bloggers; because content marketing if implemented [...]

Podcast 9: $30k a Month from Niche Sites Post Penguin with Hayden Miyamoto

I always love to hear the success stories from readers of my blog.  And this story is a big one. I am absolutely blown away by the success that Hayden Miyamoto is having with small niche sites.  In particular, Hayden has refined his process post-Penguin and is doing better now than before!  I certainly can’t [...]

How to Display Your Google Plus Author Profile Picture in Search Results

If you have been paying attention while you have been performing searches on Google recently, you will have noticed that some of the results have author pictures displayed below them.  So, if you are curious how you can get your Google Authorship picture to display next to your search results for your site, this tutorial [...]

Worried Your Business is Based on an SEO Loophole? You Should Be.

Let’s imagine for a moment a business owner named “Tim”.  Tim owns a construction business and is very good at what he does. Then one day he learns about the whole internet thing and decides to start writing articles around home improvement, construction, and related topics that he is very knowledgeable about. He builds an [...]

Income Report for My iPhone App

Last week I was able to launch my new iPhone app: Ad Alert for checking Google Adsense earnings. This is a project that I have shared from start to finish on my blog here, so its been an interesting journey! I began considering building an iPhone app about a year ago.  Then through multiple ideas [...]

Podcast 8: How to Launch an iPhone App with Andreas Kambanis

I recently launched my iPhone app (Ad Alert: Google Adsense App).  I was lucky enough to have interviewed a few iPhone app entrepreneurs before I released my app.  In previous podcasts I interviewed Benny Hsu and Pat Flynn.  I was also able to interview Andreas Kambanis which is the podcast that I’m sharing with you [...]