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Top 7 Niche Business Ideas: What’s Working Right Now?

I love business ideas.  And even more than that, I love niche business ideas!  I of course was able to quit my full-time job over a year ago because of the niche business that I had built (of creating small keyword targeted websites). However, since then I have both launched and observed several other niche [...]

How I Was Able to Launch My First iPhone App Today!

As most of you are well aware, I have been working on getting my very first iPhone app for the past several months.  I don’t want to go over every single step that I went through or re-hash some of the bumps in the road, you see a compiled list of all the posts I [...]

Podcast 7: Building a Brand with Pat Flynn

I had the great privilege of interviewing Pat Flynn recently.  I’ve always respected what Pat Flynn is doing over on his blog, and enjoy the business insights that he is able to offer. Many of you are already familiar with Pat’s story, but this podcast interview certainly covers more than just his background and what [...]

3 Reasons You Aren’t Full-Time and What to Do About Them

This is a guest post by Nate at IMfuse. I think he offers some great advice on some of the more motivational aspects of being to becoming self-employed full-time.  As a caveat, obvsiouly being self-employed full-time is not for everyone.  However, these are certainly some great points that can help many of you stay motivated. [...]

Building Niche Sites After the Google Penguin Update

Ever since the Penguin update came out from Google just a few short weeks ago, I have basically taken a “breather” from building any new niche sites.  This has given me a chance to analyze my strategies, determine what sites were affected (and why the were affected), and consider my future of building new sites. [...]

Podcast 6: How Benny Hsu’s iPhone App Made $2,927.44 in 1 Day

I had the privilege of interviewing Benny Hsu just a short time ago to discuss his recent success with his iPhone App.  When I decided to finally launch my podcast, I knew that Benny was one of the people that I wanted to interview.  His story is incredibly inspirational, and due to my recent interest [...]

My Google Adsense iPhone App is Complete!

After several months, I can finally say that my iPhone app is complete!  I got the approval email from Apple late last week telling me that the app is approved and ready to be sold on the App store.  I am going to release it for sale on May 28th – 2 weeks from today. [...]

Webinar Replay: Niche Website Theme, Penguin Updates, and Niche Site Strategies

Last night Chris Guthrie and I held a webinar to highlight some of the updates we have made to the Niche Website Theme.  We actually spent about half the time talking in depth about the latest Penguin Updates and niche site strategies. Specifically, we covered how to do keyword research and analyze the competitors in [...]

Podcast 5: Building a Real Business with Fraser Cain

I am very excited to present the podcast interview I did with Fraser Cain recently.  Fraser is an internet entrepreneur that I respect quite a bit for his approach to business and the success that he has had. Fraser is the owner of, which he started back in 1999.  As revealed in the podcast, [...]

Podcast 4: Outsourcing and SEO Services with Tyrone Shum

I recently did an interview with Tyrone Shum about his business.  Tyrone has a very interesting background, and of course many of you may be familiar with him from the Niche Site duel that he and Pat Flynn did a while back. However, I wanted to get some of his history and what he is [...]

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