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Do You Want a Lifestyle Business or a Real Business?

Are you trying to start a “Lifestyle” business or a “Real” business?  Over the past few years, the talk of starting a “Lifestyle” business has been all the rage. Guys like Tim Ferris of the “4-Hour Workweek” have made it sound like 4 hours is all you need in a week to obtain your hopes [...]

iPhone App Update: Almost Done! (Video)

I have been working on getting my iPhone App developed for the past few months.  I am happy to say that I have basically a completed version that I have been testing out for the past week or so!  As I’ve discussed previously, the app will allow users to check their Google Adsense earnings and [...]

Are Private Blog Networks Dead?

Last week, I wrote an update on my Authority Site Project.  I revealed that my site had dropped in ranking a few spots, but didn’t go into great detail as to why.  In the comments a few users brought up potential theories about the latest Panda Update.  Its very possible that some of the drop [...]

Authority Site Earnings Report for February 2012

I wanted to provide another update on how my authority site project is going.  This is a project that I started 6 or 7 months ago to try and build a large niche site, rather than the small niche sites that I typically build.  You can catch up on the project from the very beginning [...]

Webinar Replay and the Niche Website Theme Now Available!

Last night I held a live webinar with Chris Guthrie.  We had a HUGE turnout and we had some great interaction through questions, etc.  The purpose of the webinar was to go over some very real strategies that we use to dramatically increase the earnings of our sites.  In particular we went over exactly how [...]

My New WordPress Theme Release

I am happy to announce that my new WordPress theme for niche websites will be released tomorrow at 6:30pm PST!  This is a project that I have been actively working on since September of 2011. UPDATE: You Can Now Purchase the Niche Website Theme Here! I have mentioned this new theme a couple of times [...]