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How to Avoid Getting Click Bombed on Google Adsense

Today, I’m going to write about a subject that was brought to my attention in an interesting way.  As you are well aware, I have created the Niche Websites Hub where I openly asked all readers to suggest topics that I should write about.  This page has been up for over 9 months and has [...]

How to Test and Optimize Google Adsense on Niche Websites

Today, I am going to focus specifically on how to optimize and test your Google Adsense ads on your websites; however, these general principles could be applied to any other type of advertising.  Monetizing your site with Google Adsense can definitely lead to some great earnings; however, the earnings can be ever greater if you [...]

iPhone App Update: Just Got the 1st Version from My Developer!

So, I have been planning and discussing building an iPhone app for a number of months, but I am finally happy to report that yesterday I got the 1st version from my developer!  Now with any project involving programming, there will be many more versions in the future…BUT I can finally look at something and [...]

Where to Find Content for Back Linking Purposes

A few months ago, I wrote an extensive blog post titled: The Ultimate Link Building Guide for Niche Websites.  This has since become one of the most popular posts on the Niche Pursuits blog.  In fact, I still get many questions about some of the finer details of link building, PLR content, article spinning, and [...]

A Few Business Projects I am Working On Right Now

I tend to focus heavily on building niche websites on this blog.  However, I also have several other projects that I am currently working on that I have not discussed very much or not at all up to this point. Because I am working full-time for myself, I have a lot of flexibility in the [...]

Income Report for 6 Month Old Sites and Authority Site

I can hardly believe that is was six months ago that I created a batch of 20 niche sites in August 2011.  I have been disclosing the earnings, rankings, and much more on these sites for the past few months.  You can see the earnings after 90 days here and 120 days here.  In addition, [...]