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My Latest Project: Building Niche Amazon Sites

As I write this post, I am over 1300 miles away from my home, and I’m enjoying lots of time with my family.  So, if you happened to notice a lull in my activity on the blog here, it was because I DROVE the 1300 miles and I haven’t had much time outside of enjoying [...]

38 Free WordPress Themes for Niche Websites

What’s the best WordPress Theme to use for niche Adsense sites?  Is there one theme that should be used all the time?  Or should a new theme be used for each site? These are some of the questions that you should consider when building sites.  If you are only building one or two larger sites, [...]

iPhone App Update #3

No video today.  I’m worried about how my hair looks and its just not working right today.  Okay, I could care less about my hair – its just quicker for me to type out an update! I think in the last update I gave, I was still debating exactly what iPhone app idea I was [...]

What You DON’T Know About the Requirements of Niche Site Success

Today I am happy to share a guest post from Tom Ewer, the owner of Leaving Work Behind, about some of the struggles associated with building niche sites.  I often post some of the successes that I have had with niche sites, but I also try to be very realistic about both the risks and [...]

November Income Report: 120-day Old Sites and Authority Site Earnings

I can hardly believe that it has been a full-month since I posted my most popular post on my blog ever; Income Report for 90-day old sites! That blog post totally took me by surprise as I was not expecting the response that it got at all.  As of right now, it has received 265 [...]