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2 Keys to a Successful Niche Site Project

I recently wrote about how building niche websites is a numbers game.  I think this is very true for those of you who may choose a similar business model to what I have; which is essentially building lots of small niche sites and then growing the ones that perform well. Using this strategy you can [...]

Good, Better, and BEST Niche Website Strategies for Long Term Success

After I made my last post about the recent Google Panda update, I received LOTS of really great comments about different strategies that people employ to keep themselves “immune” from updates by Google.  This has got me thinking about my own strategy and how I go about doing things.  Don’t worry, I’m not about to [...]

Did the Google Panda Update Kill Niche Websites?

On October 13th/14th, Google made some adjustments to their algorithm again that has effected lots of website owners.  I have gotten lots of questions and comments about how this has effected my own sites, and what this means for the future of niche websites; so I wanted to make a post dedicated to this question. [...]

How to Add Google Adsense to Your Niche WordPress Blogs

I often get asked how to add Google Adsense to a WordPress Blog or what plugin I use to perform the task.  Rather than trying to explain in words how I add Adsense units to my niche websites, I thought it would be easier with a video.  So, in this 10 minute video I tackle [...]

Authority Site Update #2 – Jump in Rank!

As many of you are aware, I have been doing a bit of an authority site experiment.  The plan was to do something a bit different than my normal niche site strategy.  Typically I pick a keyword that gets between 2,000 to 7,000 exact match searches per month (that’s my sweet spot), add 5 or [...]

Yes, Building Niche Websites is a Numbers Game

I was recently asked by a reader (and I’ve been asked before as well), “Is [building niche websites] a numbers game?”  Essentially, they were asking, do I just need to build a bunch of niche websites in order to make good money from these sites?  My answer in a nutshell is “Yes”, the more sites [...]

Year to Date Income Report – September 2011

I am going to divert from my usual monthly income report and actually post some year to date numbers.  I wanted to do this because I hit a MAJOR milestone with my Google Adsense earnings from my niche sites, and I wanted to share it all with you.  However, before I jumped into that, I [...]

Long Tail Pro Officially Launches + Exclusive Bonus Offer!

After well over a year of planning and development, and several months of beta testing, I have officially launched Long Tail Pro to the general public.  This is a very rewarding experience to be able to take an initial idea and go through the entire process of building, testing, and finally launching. I know that [...]

Turning Seed Keywords into Niche Website Keywords

First of all, I wanted to say THANK YOU to all the great seed keywords that were submitted on my previous post here.  I actually received 113 seed keyword ideas!  Obviously I was not able to use all of those, but I do appreciate the enthusiasm. The point of me gathering all of those seed [...]

I’m Looking for Some Seed Keywords…

I wanted to try an experiment on this coming Monday (October 3rd) related to keyword research.  But to make the experiment a bit more interesting, I wanted to use the input you provide for me in the first step.  On Monday I plan on posting a video of me hopefully finding a good keyword or [...]