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4 Niche Website Strategies Reviewed

When I get ready to write a blog post, I usually head over to the Niche Websites Hub and look at the planned posts that I have on that page.  Then I usually just find one that piques my interest and begin writing.  However, today, I just felt like I needed to write about 4 [...]

Where to Host Your Niche Websites

One of the primary steps to building a successful niche websites business is finding a good hosting service.  For many of you, this may seem like an elementary step, and in fact it is.  But its a critical one to ensure the long term success of your business.  Especially as you scale your business to [...]

Q&A Podcast + More of My Niche Websites Journey

As you all may recall, I recently asked you for some questions that you would like to hear me answer.  I took several of those questions and recorded this podcast.  However, to make it a little more interesting to listen to (rather than just do Q&A), I tried to weave in my own personal story [...]

Global vs. Local Search Volume for Keywords

I have been asked a number of times in comments on previous posts, whether the global or local search volume should be looked at for a keyword.  This is really an important question when you are basing the entire future of your niche website on these numbers, so I felt like it deserved an entire [...]

Monthly Income Report for July 2011

I am a little late about getting this income report out due to my week long vacation with my family to Seaside, Oregon!  We had a blast spending time on the beach, hiking the scenic trails, and hanging out in the small beach town.  Anyway, I’ve had a nice break and I’m ready to dive [...]

What Podcast Questions Do You Have?

Am I about to announce that I am starting a regular Podcast? No, I’m not.  But I might test the waters.  How’s that for an indecisive statement? Right now, I am on the Oregon coast on vacation with my family, and loving it!  So, I don’t really want to take much time away from my [...]