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How to Calculate Projected Traffic and Earnings for a Niche Website

I’m an analytical guy by nature.  I probably spend way more time than I’d like to admit punching numbers on my calculator trying to find the answer to “what if!”  I dream about “what if” my new business ideas hit the big time; how much they would cost, how much money I can get in [...]

My Niche Authority Site Project

As many of you will recall from my previous blog post, I briefly mentioned that I am going to focus on building a larger authority site.  I typically have focused on building smaller niche sites – so I wanted to discuss more in depth what I have planned for my next big project and why [...]

What is a Long Tail Keyword?

Today, I am doing something a little bit different.  I thought I would bust out my wipe board and make a video on long tail keywords!  I’m not sure exactly what prompted me to throw this video together, but I was in the moment and just went for it.  So, I would appreciate any feedback [...]

How I Analyze the Google Competition – Video!

Yesterday, I made a brief video that showed the keyword generation function of my new software Long Tail Pro.  You can watch that video here.  Today, I made a follow up video to look at some of the keywords that were generated and to walk through how I analyze the Google competition for those keywords.  [...]

Finding Seed Keywords with Long Tail Pro

Today, I want to show you how I quickly and easily find seed keywords.  These seed keywords are just the beginning of the process for finding profitable niche keywords.  As you will see in the video below, its important to take these seed keywords and generate additional related keywords as part of the brainstorming process.  [...]

Article Spinning and Article Directories, Is it Worth the Effort?

A couple of days ago, I shared my general overview of how I do link building for my niche websites.  Now I wanted to go into a few more details about article marketing and article spinning.  Some people swear by it, and others detest it.  But the real question I want to get to the [...]

General Review of Link Building Strategies

I have received lots of questions about what sort of link building strategies should be used for niche websites, so this post is meant to answer some of those questions!  Just to be clear, this probably won’t answer all your questions, this is going to be one of several posts I do on link building.  [...]

Monthly Income Report for June 2011

Well, its that time of month again.  I know that many of you look forward to these income reports, so I am happy to share with you some specifics about my business.  I am sharing my income simply for the fact that I know it is motivating to others to see the potential of this [...]

The Real Risks Associated with Building Niche Websites

I and many others make our full-time living from building niche websites. I often talk about the benefits of this business and why my strategies are so successful.  However, the truth is that as with any business, there are some very real risks that you should be aware of if you are going to get [...]